The warp gate as seen from the front.

A Warp Gate ( ワープゲート, Wāpugēto) is a transport system that can facilitate instantaneous travel over interplanetary and interstellar distances.


The warp gate appears at the end of Episode 23. It has been present within Mars’ orbit for tens of millions of years but knowledge of it was nonexistent.

Satellites which open the warp gate in Episode 23.

The gate can open itself when two satellites, Deimos and Phobos, are activated and shoot laser beams to connect from the opposite of each other. The gate will remain open briefly and seal itself. Anything attempting to access the gate while it is open would be redirected to another location within space.

According to Hiro, Strelizia is the only structure capable of withstanding going through the gate due to it sharing a molecular link with it.


The warp gate was designed by the Klaxo Sapiens during the war against VIRM, as the battle on Earth reached space. They created two satellites that were implanted in two rocks in order to create the power to form a warp gate. When VIRM retreated and the remaining Klaxo Sapiens drove to Earth’s core, all knowledge of the warp gate disappeared.

The warp gate opening in Episode 23.

Tens of millions of years later, the warp gate re-emerged during humanity’s confrontation with VIRM. Zero Two, by unknown means, was able to discover the existence of the warp gate. The satellites activated and opened it. Hachi was surprised to see it while Zero Two explained to her comrades what it was. Hiro further elaborated that he and Zero Two would be travelling through the gate to leave the solar system and track down the remnants of VIRM to end the war for good.

Hiro and Zero Two, armed with a Klaxosaur bomb, travelled through the gate and it closes upon their entrance. The two later entered a deeper section of space.

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