I'm currently on break in real life due to the ongoing pandemic situation so I will be doing some maintenance on this wiki. Mostly clean ups and other tiny stuff.

Otherwise, I'm not as active as in the past due to some new responsibilities I've taken up in real life, but I will definitely check back every now and then to see how the wiki's doing :)

Feel free to comment on my message wall and I'll try to respond to you as soon as I can, but no promises :)

Have a good day :)

My favourite pages

Drew this a lil while back:) Please credit me if you want to use this hAhA

Another one of my MitsuKoko fanart!

we all know Goro is best bro though hahaha :)

i have a soft spot for IchiKuno though uwu

MitsuKoko Playlist:) Add a song if you want.. I guess ><

# Song Artist Notes
1 Endless Tears CLIFF EDGE ft Maiko Nakamura
2 Armour Landon Austin
3 Last of the Real Ones Fall Out Boy More of Darlifra vibes HAHA
4 I Wouldn't Mind He Is We
5 Starving Hailee Steinfeld, Grey ft Zedd
6 Sad Song We the Kings ft Elena Coats
7 Feral Hearts Kerli
8 We Found Love Rihanna ft Calvin Harris
9 Kataomoi Aimer Different lyrics resonate with different darlifra couples

DARLING in the FRANXX was my first anime by the way so I always go back to it even though it's not the best haha :)

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