The timeline of the anime and manga are both shown.

Anime Timeline

Episode(s) Event
Episode 19

In 1998, Karina Milsa is born.

In 2025, Dr. FRANXX is asked to join APE. In 2030, they discover how to stop ageing but it leads to infertility.

In 2036, humanity's immortality rate exceeded 70%. 

In 2037, the klaxosaurs made their first appearance, destroying a mining facility and making landfall, only stopping after several nuclear missiles hit it. The eastern half of the Australian continent became an exclusion zone. 

In 2042, they hold the 13th startup trial for the FRANXX prototype. It hit a roadblock where it wouldn't start up. After rigorous testing, it was discovered that the pilot needed to possess reproductive functions. 

The Garden is built to nurture and raise children as parasites. At some point, Nana and Hachi are born around this period.

Several years before the events of Episode 13 February 27th: Zero Two is born
14 years prior to Episode 01 February 6th:Mitsuru is born

March 30th: Miku is born

June 6th: Kokoro is born

October 15th: Hiro is born

December 3rd: Zorome is born

Ichigo, Goro, Ikuno, Futoshi, and Naomi are all born the same year.

5 years prior to Episode 01 Hiro gives names to all the parasites. Mitsuru undergoes an Elixirs Injection. Hiro helps Zero Two escape but both are captured and their memories are erased.
Episode 06 Two years before the plantations' kissing, 090 fights alongside Zero Two and loses his partner.
Episode 01 August: Squad 13 is assigned to a capacity test in which all but Hiro and Naomi pass.

Zero Two arrives at Plantation 13.

A graduation ceremony for the parasites of Squad 13 is held. It is interrupted by a klaxosaur attack. The klaxosaur is neutralized by Strelizia, piloted by Zero Two and Hiro.

Episode 02 The day after the klaxosaur attack, the startup ritual picked up where it left off.

Kissing between Plantations 13 and 26 is scheduled to commence in 175 hours (1 week)

Hiro and Ichigo do a mock battle against Zorome and Miku, which yields no success for Hiro.

Episode 03 Squad 13 carries out it’s first mission against a group of klaxosaurs.

Chlorophytum is out of commission due to lack of synchronization, and Hiro is banned from piloting with Zero Two.

The missionalmost fails until Strelizia, piloted by Zero Two and Mitsuru, arrives to help. Mitsuru is then hosptalized after barely surviving the ride.

Episode 04 Squad 13 successfully defends their plantation from a worm-type Klaxosaur with the help of Strelizia.
Episode 05 The ceremony for the plantation's kissing is held. The next day, they discuss it. At 7:00, they have breakfast, and klaxosaur are detected. An hour later, a meeting is held. 33 hours from the meeting, the klaxosaur arrive.
Episode 06 Plantations 13 and 26 commence ‘kissing’ for magma energy refuel.

Squads 13 and 26 rendezvous, and Hiro is allowed to pilot with Zero Two.

Both squads fight against a Gutenberg class klaxosaur, which is eliminated after Hiro survives his third ride with Strelizia.

Episode 07 September: Squad 13 is awarded a trip to the beach.
Episode 08 Squad 13 goes through a gender conflict and split the house apart but they reconcile the same day.
Episode 09 Squad 13 receives their annual presents from Papa.

The squad battles a Gutenberg klaxosaur but they have to rescue Goro after Delphinium is captured.

Episode 10 Squad 13 is invited to the city to receive an award.

Zorome gets lost while venturing through the city and meets an old woman.

Episode 11 Janurary: From the kill chart displayed by Nana at 3:20, approximately 26 weeks have passed since episodes 1-3.[1]

The squad does a partner shuffle: Mitsuru and Ikuno split, Mitsuru pairs with Kokoro, who splits from Futoshi, who is paired with Ikuno.

Episode 12 Janurary 31th: Squad 13 is sent back to the Garden for tests before going into battle.

Goro mentions it has been six months since they left the Garden.

Zero Two goes rogue and attacks Hiro.

Episode 13 Hiro regains his lost memories of Zero Two from his childhood.
Episode 14 Hiro is admitted to the hospital on February 2nd[2].

Zero Two defects from Squad 13 afterHiro falls her a monster for hurting his friends.

Episode 15 Squad 26 self-destructs to stop a super-Lehmann class klaxosaur but fail.

Hiro and Zero Two reconcile and reconnect through Strelizia as Plantation 13 is being destroyed by the klaxosaurs.

Squad 13 and the 9’s defeat the klaxosaur and open the door of Gran Crevasse.

Parasite reserves drop to 60% due to the high number of casualties and more than a dozen plantations are destroyed. Plantation 13’s Mistilteinn survives.

Episode 16 March: Squad 13 is left alone at their boarding home and they learn to tend to themselves.

Zorome mentions it has been a month since the events from the previous episode.

Episode 17 Mid April: Kokoro and Mitsuru enter an intimate relationship.
Episode 18 Kokoro and Mitsuru hold a wedding ceremony but are taken away in the middle of it and their memories are erased.

Based on the blooming phase of the sakura trees, least two weeks have passed between episodes 16-18.

At the Bird Nest, Zorome comments a couple of weeks have passed since the wedding.

Episode 19 Early May: Papa agrees to release Squad 13 from their duties if they win the final battle at Gran Crevasse.
Episode 20 Nana's replacement says that they'll boot up the Star Enterprise the next day.

The VIRM, led by Papa and the Vice Chairman, invade Earth and fight the klaxosaurs.

The Klaxosaur Princess links with Hiro via Strelizia to fight VIRM, which invades Earth.

Episode 21 The princess sacrifices herself, allowing Hro and Zero Two to reconnect and force the VIRM to retreat.

Dr. FRANXX is killer in the ensuing chaos.

Episode 22 Kokoro is admitted to the hospital and learns she is pregnant on May 8th. Based on her hCG results, she is approximately four or five weeks pregnant.

Hiro chooses to go to space to rescue Zero Two.

Episode 23 Squad 13 and the 9’s battle the VIRM in space.

Kokoro and Mitsuru reconcile after deciding to keep their child.

Hiro and Zero Two leave through a warp gate to eliminate VIRM for good on May 10th.

Episode 24 July 19th: 70 days after the gate passage, Hiro and Zero Two fight an armada of VIRM.

July 21st: 72 days after the gate passage, the parasites begin cultivating a self-sufficient lifestyle.

January 10th: 245 days after the gate passage, Kokoro gives birth to her and Mitsuru’s first child, Ai.

July 1st: 783 days after the gate passage, Hiro and Zero Two sacrifice themselves to destroy the VIRM planet.

July 10th: 3705 days since the gate passage, Squad 13 reunites and reminisce Hiro and Zero Two during a school ceremony for their children.

Manga Timeline

Chapter(s) Event
Chapter 01 - Chapter 02 Zero Two arrives at Plantation 13

Squad 13 undergoes a capacity test; all but Hiro and Naomi pass. The others participate in a graduation ceremony.

The squad prepares for the startup ritual but it is interrupted by a Klaxosaur that is neutralized by Strelizia.

Chapter 03 - Chapter 05 A mock battle takes place between Delphinium and Argentea to test Hiro’s abilities.
Chapter 06 - Chapter 11 The squad has its first mission.

Chlorophytum is out of commission due to lack of synchronization and Hiro is allowed to pilot with Zero Two due to the operation turning into a rescue operation.

The mission almost fails until Strelizia, piloted by Zero Two and Hiro, arrives.

Chapter 12 - Chapter 26 Plantations 13 and 26 commence kissing. The parasites from both teams have a friendship ceremony.

Squad 13 meets the 9’s, who take part with the two squads to defend the plantations from a Gutenberg klaxosaur, which is killed by Strelizia.

The Klaxosaur princess makes her first appearance from the shadows.

Chapter 27 - Chapter 30 Squad 13 is awarded a trip to the beach.
Chapter 31 The 9’s holds a meeting at the Bird Nest.
Chapter 32 - Chapter 36 Squad 13 is sent to neutralized a Gutenberg Klaxosaur but then rescue Ichigo when Delphinium is captured.
Chapter 37 - The 9’s confront and fight the princess but she gives Delta Nine to link with her.


Hiro: "The day after the klaxosaur attack, the startup ritual picked up where it left off, but in much quieter circumstances."
-- in Episode 02

Announcer: "Kissing will commence in 175 hours."
-- in Episode 02

Kokoro: "Yesterday's ceremony was something else, huh? I was so excited, I had trouble getting to sleep last night."
-- in Episode 05

090 (to Zero Two): "The joint operation two years ago! Your reckless fighting style got us isolated on the battlefield, and I lost my partner!"
-- in Episode 05

Futoshi: "One month has already passed since we were given those orders."
-- in Episode 16

Goro: "It's been one whole month."
-- in Episode 16

Hiro: "Goro developed a fever last week, too. "
-- in Episode 16

Hachi: "It was on the doctor's orders that we didn't contact you over the past month."
-- in Episode 17



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