Nawabari (縄張i) is a Klaxosaur serpent loyal to 001.


Nawabari is a giant black and blue snake with glittering blue scales and eyes.


Nawabari appears calm and on the sidelines as a servant of the Klaxosaur Princess. However he is shown to be a very dangerous creature and shares her hatred towards humans. He is very loyal to the Klaxosaur Princess and doesn’t hesitate to attack anyone who threatens her. However, it is shown he cares for her well being enough to compromise with the enemy if it will save her, as he helped Zero Two reach the core of Star Entity to save the Klaxosaur Princess after she became infected by a doomsday virus planted by VIRM.


Nawabari has been a loyal servant to the Klaxosaur Princess for tens of millions of years and went into hiding with her following the war with VIRM.

In 2042, Dr. FRANXX came into contact with the Klaxosaur Princess for the first time. Nawabari stood by to protect her but she bit off the doctor’s right arm after tasting the blood of her brethren on his hands.

A century passed, when two members of APE approached the Klaxosaur Princess and asked her to surrender but when she refused, Tarsier attempted to assainate her. She killed him and Nawabari proceeded to kill Lemur and several SP officers.

When the final battle took place at the Gran Crevasse, Nawabari burst through the walls of the facility, destroying a FRANXX in the process and the Klaxosaur Princess proceeded to attack Dr. FRANXX and force Hiro to link with her in Strelizia. However, Strelizia became infected by a virus implanted by Papa, setting off a detonation countdown. Nawabari offered to help Zero Two get to the core of Star Entity to save the two and she accepted. They pass through the narrow doorway towards the core and Nawabari dies in the process. Zero Two thanks Nawabari for helping her.


Nawabari is a huge and very powerful being able to crush anything and anyone in its path.


  • Nawabari (縄張), is the Japanese term for castle layout. During the Edo Period, the shape and structure of a castle were important factors in determining the victor of castle sieges, and the castle layout, or nawabari, was arranged with the intention of giving the defender an insurmountable advantage.
  • There is another serpent that serves alongside Nawabari for the Klaxosaur Princess but it is never named.