Nana (ナナ, Nana) is a character in DARLING in the FRANXX. She was the parasite manager of APE's combat headquarters' and in charge of the parasites in Mistilteinn.


Nana is a tall woman with long, wavy brownish-red hair that reaches to her upper back and teal-green eyes. She wears the standard APE senior uniform.

As a child and teenager, her hair was shoulder length.


Nana is shown to be a very caring and loyal person. As a caregiver to the parasites, she is committed to their safety and is available to them when they face professional and personal problems. She is well-liked and respected by Squad 13, who were excited to see that she will be in charge of them, as Nana has known them since their infancy. She also cares deeply for the children and worries about their welfare, which is seen when she gets worried when Ichigo and Kokoro try to pilot Delphinium and Genista respectively by themselves. When any of the children fall ill or show signs of being unwell, she shows concern for them by tending to them and offering to run tests on them to make sure they are in good health. Despite their initial short upcoming, Nana has strong faith in the parasites and believes the plantation will be in good hands because of them. However, while she is curious to why Hiro is only compatible with Zero Two than any other pistil, she hesitated to let him ride with her because of Zero Two’s reputation as the ‘Partner Killer’ and the third ride may result in his death. However, because Strelizia is necessary for the plantation’s security, she reluctantly relented but remained wary after he miraculously survived his third ride. She also has qualms about letting the children have any experience or knowledge of the outside world, as she is concerned the children will question the ideals of APE and forget what their priorities are.

Despite being close to the children, she is not above scolding them for misbehaviour and disciplining them for it, particularly with Zero Two, and seems to fill in the role as a mother figure. However, she also values her orders and the plantation to the point of resorting to make difficult, if not heartless, decisions, as shown in Episode 09, when she is willing to leave Goro behind to die in order to defeat the Klaxosaur and protect the plantation at the worst case scenario.

Despite her noble opinions and fondness for the parasites, she is not without demonstrating her personal opinions. After Squad 13 survives the battle of the Gran Crevasse and they are ordered to be left alone as part of an experiment on their human emotions, Nana worries the children will fall out of favour with Papa should they be allowed to demonstrate their true feelings. However, seeing them thrive in their brief period of peace irritates Nana and she strongly voices her disapproval over their behavior that is considered a violation against regulations. She demonstrates this by showing her angry disapproval towards Kokoro for wanting to have a baby and falling in love with Mitsuru.

However, she undergoes a massive change after witnessing the children’s brief peaceful lives; despite undergoing the procedure to become immortal and emotionless, she relapses into puberty and is briefly replaced with the New Nana. During this period, she has painful flashbacks from her time as parasite. It is revealed that, as a child, she was a happy young girl who always smiled. Upon becoming a parasite, she fell in love with her partner and she was in a happy relationship with her partner but she was devastated when he was killed, which, as intimacy between parasites is forbidden, resulted in her memories being altered.

After regaining fragments of her forgotten memories, Nana lost faith in herself as a caregiver and felt she has lost her purpose in life, and prefered to be abandoned. However, when she sees the dire situation the children are in due to the lack of guidance and affection from the adults before the children were betrayed and abandoned by Papa, she starts to feel remorse for how she treated them as tools for warfare rather than as individuals and she goes as far as to make amends to them by comforting them. She then shows a deeper understanding of the children and develops a desire to protect them and their future, as she no longer wishes to watch them hurt themselves any further for the sake of others who don’t acknowledge their existence. To encourage them as they make their first steps into adulthood, she supports all their dreams: when Hiro decides to go to space and rescue Zero Two, Nana doesn’t object his decision and not only expresses her amazement that he is right about the klaxosaurs being humanity’s ally against VIRM, but she accompanies him and the squad so ensure they survive the battle. When Kokoro and Mitsuru decide to keep their baby, Nana shows her support for their decision by being the one to help with their child’s delivery. She also supports Goro’s decision to leave in order to gather supplies and rescue survivors. As she sees the children grow up and work hard to restore society and the planet, Nana feels proud for their achievements and develops an obligation to continue watching the world.



Nana and Hachi as children

Sometime after 2042, after the founding of the Garden, Nana lived there with Hachi. She became a parasite as a teenager and was partnered with an unknown stamen, with whom she developed a romantic relationship. During a battle, her FRANXX was destroyed. Hachi opened it to find her injured and her stamen dead, which devastated her. The SP later forcibly took her away to re-indoctrinate her as her squad watched[4]. With her memories of her partner erased, Nana became one of the rare parasites to reach adulthood and underwent the procedure to become immortal. She later became a caregiver for children in the Garden and continued overseeing their development after they became parasites.

Episode 01: Alone and Lonesome

Nana first travels with Zero Two, Dr. FRANXX, and 081 to Cerasus. In their large ship, Zero Two says she wants to take a bath. Dr. FRANXX says to have some self-control. She leans over to 081 and asks if she smells. Dr. FRANXX tells her to leave him alone, since he's drained after the last battle.

She asks if Plantation 13 has an ocean because she wants to swim in it. Nana says there isn't and she can take a shower. As they begin to descend, Zero Two licks herself and says she hates how she tastes.

As the transport plane lands, Dr. FRANXX says that the seats are too hard for him. Nana says that they don't have many options when it comes to transporting large cargo. Dr. FRANXX says that he hasn't seen her in ages, but she's still as stiff as ever, though her body is "soft and yielding" as he gropes her. She turns and scolds him.

He asks if Hachi is well and Nana says that he'd been asked to speed up the children's training, as it will be the first trial run for the unit they're using. She asks Dr. FRANXX why run the test case there with such a makeshift team. He says that something's been bothering him, though APE might not understand it. After agreeing to attend the startup ceremony, he says that Zero Two is already missing. They look around and notice her going through a door. 081 angrily says that she's run off again.

Nana attends the parasites' welcoming ceremony where they are praised by Papa. The adults cheer for them. The other parasites begin the startup ritual but are stalled by the approaching fog. It is a Klaxosaur. The plantation begins firing at the klaxosaur and Strelitzia was caught in the crossfire. Dr. FRANXX notes it's a Maho class and Nana orders everyone to evacuate.

Strelizia easily destroys the Maho-class Klaxosaur core and defeats it. Other members of Squad 13 are shocked when it's revealed that Hiro was piloting it. Zero Two drops Hiro to the ground. Nana introduces her as a pistil with the special forces unit APE directly controls. Zero Two looks down and smiles at him, saying she found her darling.

Episode 02: What it Means to Connect

After the startup ritual is conducted, Nana comes in and announces that she'll be their caretaker, just like she was in the Garden. She says that APE HQ has assigned her to the 13th Plantation Corps. Ichigo asks what's happening with Zero Two, and she says they're awaiting orders from HQ on what to do. She orders Zero Two to move off of his chair.

Hiro asks her to let him ride in her FRANXX again. Smiling, Nana says that it's up to Papa and the rest to give him his orders. She follows Nana out of the room.

In the elevator, Nana says they can't have her running off as she pleases. Smiling, she says she wanted to eat with her darling. She says to avoid making contact with the parasites because she's too much for them to handle.

Nana later looks at Hiro's profile and discusses a startup trial in an actual FRANXX. Ichigo gets a call from Nana.

In the conference room, Hachi and Nana announce that Hiro will partake in a mock battle and, depending on how he does, will promote him to parasite. When he is asked to pick a partner, Zero Two volunteers. Ichigo says that she should instead. Mitsuru asks why it should be her since Goro is already her partner.

Nana says that HQ hadn't authorized the use of Strelizia, so Hiro will have to pilot with someone from his own squad. She says that her injuries haven't healed completely anyway. She mockingly asks that she take care of "her darling."

Hachi asks if anyone will volunteers as their opponents and Zorome quickly does. Miku is annoyed at him and asks why he's boss. Glaring at Ichigo, she agrees. Hachi says they'll do it the next day, but Zorome wants to immediately.

Goro cleans his glasses and Hiro apologizes for taking his partner. He receives a call saying they're ready. Goro says not to worry, since she never takes no for an answer.

The parasites along with Hachi, Nana, and Zero Two watch. Ichigo tells him to focus on connecting and she'll take care of the rest. Both Argentea and Delphinium manage to connect. They suddenly disconnect and Ichigo asks what Zero Two did differently. He says they kissed, so she tries it. Afterwards, he says he didn't feel anything.

Argentea suddenly attacks and Zorome says that he doesn't mind taking over as pilot for Delphinium either. This annoys Miku and she says not to hit on other girls and they suddenly stop.

Hachi says that the trust between partners has a direct influence on the handling. Ichigo pilots alone and smashes Argentea against a wall. Hachi announces that, since both FRANXX have been rendered inoperable, the mock battle is over.

Episode 03: Fighting Puppet

In the Plantation's inner city, Hiro comes out from being scanned to find Ichigo. He asks if anything's wrong and he says that they didn't find anything. She enthusiastically says that she's happy to hear that. Hiro is about to say something else when he is interrupted by Nana calling her and she runs away.

Nana says that Hiro is the first sample that piloted with Zero Two and taken so little damage. Hachi says that he failed to common connect with Delphinium, but was compatible with Strelizia, even though he was unconscious. They wonder is it's because of the special specimen.

Hachi later says they received sortie orders from HQ. Nana tells them that the Klaxosaur won't be as big as the one they already saw. Hachi says it's a Conrad-class klaxosaur, a bit smaller than a FRANXX. He says that they're attracted by magma energy reactions and appear in their vicinity. He says, lately, they had been showing up deep in a Level 8 mine on the outskirts and wreaking havoc. Nana says that Strelizia won't be a part of the mission. Because they'll have to defend Plantation 13 by themselves eventually, it will show if they can handle fighting them in the future. Nana says that Ichigo and Goro will have field command.

Goro asks if the mock battle is bothering Ichigo. He tells her to switch gears, since they're going into actual combat. She says she knows and is about to say something, but stops herself and says that she'll do her best as leader and they fistbump.

In the FRANXX, Zorome is excited, but Miku tells him not to go crazy by himself again. All but Mitsuru and Ikuno connect. Hachi asks what's wrong, Mitsuru says that it doesn't look like Ikuno can do it. Ikuno says that he's nearly there and to wait for a second. Mitsuru seems annoyed and tells her not to bother. Hachi announces that Chlorophytum will stay behind.

The three head out to a big hole. They marvel at it and say that they use the pipes to extract magma reserves. Hachi tells them to head down to the 8th floor. He says that, in order to completely neutralize a Klaxosaur, they must extract its core, and shatter it using their customized magma-energy weapons. He tells them to defeat it and the three head in.

Nana asks if Ikuno is not feeling well. She says that that isn't it. Nana says that she has always been a bit unstable and they'll run test the next day to make sure. Mitsuru asks if it could be that they have compatibility issues. Smiling, Nana says that a lot of parasites experience that at first and it isn't grounds to split them up. Mitsuru seems disappointed.

Ichigo says that they have visual on klaxosaur and they're spreading out. They run to it and begin slashing it. Before Zorome can finish it, it attacks and knocks them over. Miku is electrocuted and passes out. Futoshi shoots and exposes its core. Ichigo stabs it.

Zorome tries to check on Miku, as does Ichigo. Many more suddenly fall from the ceiling, so they plan on fleeing. Nana says that they attracted more because they released their magma energy. Zero Two says that she should have sent her from the start. She says they'll die. Hiro is alarmed and tells her to sent himself and Zero Two to help. Hachi refuses and says that he isn't an official stamen, so he can't give permission to board a FRANXX. Zero Two says that the plantation squad is going to be wiped out again and to let her pilot with Hiro. She says she won't be allowed to sortie.

Mitsuru says that he could pilot with her. Nana says that Strelizia is no ordinary FRANXX, if he isn't used to its connect. Mitsuru says that, if Hiro could, there's no way he couldn't. Zero Two says that she wants to ride with Hiro, but he asks that she just go with him. As Mitsuru walks by, he tells Hiro not to come crying to him when he regrets his goody-two-shoes act later because he's going to prove that he can pilot Strelizia better than he did.

Miku wakes up and Zorome hugs her. They begin piloting again. Hachi tells them that Strelizia is about to help. Ichigo is bothered by this and causes them to fall. This lets the klaxosaur to get in, so they flee. Many follow and a very large one is about to bite Ichigo. Strelizia appears and kills some. Mitsuru tells them to get back and Hachi tells them to evacuate.

Panting, Mitsuru says that he feels like he can do anything. He says that he's amazed changing partners could make such a difference, and he knew he wasn't the problem. He says that he's just as good as Hiro. He tells Zero Two that he wouldn't mind becoming her official partner, to the dismay of Ikuno. Zero Two says that she should go all-out for a bit.

Hachi tells her to stop, as the others had already evacuated. The three FRANXX are surprised what happened. Zorome apologizes to Miku. She says that it doesn't matter if it was his fault, since they're partners. He begins crying. Goro asks what's wrong with Ichigo. She lies and says she got careless after she found that help was coming.

When they retrieve Streliza, Zero Two walks out and smiles and waves at Hiro. Mitsuru is gravely injured and unconscious. She says that he isn't suited to be her darling, only Hiro is.

Episode 04: Flap Flap

Zero Two rides in the elevator with Hachi and Nana. He tells her that she doesn't have free rein just because she has to kill klaxosaurs. Nana says they almost lost Mitsuru because of her. Zero Two says that as long as she has Hiro she doesn't care and the rest are sure to die soon anyway. Nana says that they are her fellow pilots, even if they belong to different units. She smiles and says they're a nuisance. Hachi says they were specially chosen unit and she only feels that way because she's special.

She becomes annoyed and asks if he means that she isn't human. He says that he's talking about her abilities. He says that Hiro won't be given permission to pilot. Nana says that HQ ordered her back to the front lines.

Hiro trains and thinks about Zero Two. The other members of Squad 13 discussed Hiro and Zero Two, as well as the partner killing rumor.

To prepare for the kissing with Plantation 26, Plantation 13 switches to mobile setup. At the FRANXX dock, Hiro sees Zero Two and hides.

Hiro bathes and thinks about the rumor. Zero Two appears and says she found him. She walks into the water and rubs his chest. She asks that he run away with her. Seeing her horns, he gulps. She asks if he thinks she's a monster as well. Before he can respond, an alarm sounds.

They detect a worm-type klaxosaur heading towards Plantation 13. Mitsuru tries to get up, but struggled. Ikuno tells him to grab on, and he refuses. Eventually he leans on her anyway.

Hachi says that they've only detected one, but there may be more in hiding. He tells them to connect.

Mitsuru says he hopes Ikuno can connect. She says she can and they connect. The FRANXX advance forward.

Zero Two and Hiro go to the command room in their suits. Nana tells them they aren't deploying Strelizia. The FRANXX momentarily stop it, but another one grabs Argentea. Hiro and Zero Two watch and Zero Two says that they should help and asks who landed in the transport plane.

A group of escorts arrive and Nana says to do as they say. She says she's returning to the front lines. A man says they want to leave while the FRANXX are keeping the klaxosaur occupied. When he touches her shoulder, she sends him flying back. They begin aiming their guns at her.

She puts her hand on his cheek and says that she has to go, even though she felt like things would work out with him. When she puts her head against him, she hurts him with her horns. She says "Bye-bye" before following them out. Nana then says that the order was from Papa and the rest. He asks if the partner-killer rumors are true. She answers that she's a special pistil who must keep fighting on the front lines and that she takes a toll on the stamen who become partners with her. She answers that she isn't simply human. He suddenly runs out and Nana calls out to him.

As Zero Two walks through the hall, she turns and looks behind her. A soldier points his gun and asks her what's wrong. She answers nothing and keeps walking. Hiro comes to a passage he cannot cross and yells to her. She stops briefly but then continues. He says that he was afraid of riding together and he still is, but because he lacked resolve, not because she isn't human. When he first met her, he couldn't take his eyes off of her. Though he had been moping, he felt like he could fly with her. He realized that he never really cared about riding the FRANXX, but about riding with her. He asks that she doesn't leave.

Zero Two stops and smiles. Though two soldiers order her to keep going, she says she can't leave after that. She manages to take one of their guns and break through his glass. She stands close to him and says that nobody's ever said such embarrassing things to her before. He says it was a first for him too. Smirking, she asks if he wants to ride her and he answers, embarrassed. They dance through the gate together. Zero Two pulls him along and they board Strelizia.

Nana appears on screen and orders them off, but Zero Two ignores her and hangs up. She asks Hiro if he's okay and he is nervous about piloting. She encourages him and they successfully connect.

They fly through the air and Hiro is happy to be able to pilot. They discuss their feelings of connection and Zero Two says they're a perfect fit. They zip to where the other parasites are struggling and quickly save them. Ichigo is reluctant to rely on her. When Hiro challenges this, Mitsuru seems offended. Ichigo agrees and tells everyone where to focus. Strelizia rips it from the ground and reveals it was actually one long klaxosaur. Strelizia stabs its core, destroying it. Hachi announces that they neutralized it and to return to base.

Nana wonders if she was always planning it all along. Hachi says that the numbers prove that Hiro is compatible with Strelizia. He wonders how Papa and the rest will react. They plantation begins to move.

Episode 05: Your Thorn, My Badge

Nana says that Zero Two is going to remain there for a while and Papa gave her permission. She asks if Hiro's officially a parasite then. She answers that it's still being considered, but it'll probably happen. She tells her to make Zero Two feel at home.

Nana says that Hiro has abnormal yellow blood cell count and that she's amazed he's alive. Hachi says that it's the opposite reaction to the other parasites that rode with Zero Two. She says that it would be dangerous to let him ride again, but Hachi says that they need Strelizia in the next battle.

Klaxosaurs are detected and an hour later a meeting is held. Hachi explains that there are 100 to 150, and they're expected to arrive at 33 hours from then. He says that 13 will act as back up. Zorome and Miku become annoyed at the other unit as they speak down to them. When Hachi says that Strelizia will be placed closest to the pipe, the other team is horrified.

Nana comes in with Zero Two and Hiro. 090 says that they can't fight alongside Strelizia, since she doesn't care about her allies. She doesn't know what he's talking about. He says that they had a joint operation two years ago where his partner was killed under her fault. Zero Two coldly says that "weaklings die" and that it doesn't matter. He begins to walk closer to her, but Hiro steps between them and promises to keep her from going out of control.

Episode 06: DARLING in the FRANXX

A large Klaxosaur approaches with an arrival time of 0210 hours. Nana and Hachi stand in the control room. Hachi says that he never saw a large klaxosaur like it before.

Along with Nana and Hachi, Dr. FRANXX begins watching as well. They all begin attacking again to create another opening. Strelizia flies into its core as everyone watches in amazement. Dr. FRANXX says he might make her wish come true. Hiro tells her he found another reason to pilot so he can be her wings. She says she's sure he'll be fine.

Episode 07: Shooting Star Moratorium

Zero Two tells Dr. FRANXX that they didn't have to come all the way. Nana introduces Hiro to Dr. FRANXX, the creator of FRANXX. She begins to introduce a boy, but he stops her. He approaches Hiro and says that he's the first person to survive Zero Two. He says that he has an interest in them. Hachi tells the doctor that Strelizia and Code 002 are transferred into Plantation 13's purview. He waves at him and says that the geezers already told him. When Hachi announces that they're officially partners, Zero Two hugs Hiro.

After the successful kissing with Plantation 26, Unit 13 was given a special vacation. Ichigo tells Goro that Nana will pick them up the next morning. Goro wonders if it's some kind of training, but Ichigo smiles and says that they should enjoy themselves anyway. Goro blushes and agrees, turning away.

Hachi says that one of APE's special forces has become a plantation's exclusive parasite. Hachi says that foreign elements to adapt to their environment. Nana notes how strange it was that the doctor sent the children to the beach alone.

Episode 08: Boys × Girls

The girls begin splitting the area of the house between the boys and girls. Zorome begins to cross, but is threatened by Miku and stops. Dr. FRANXX, Nana, and Hachi watch all this from the control room. Hachi says that it's unprecedented for all members of a squad to hit puberty at once, as it is expected has alway expected at most for one or two to experience it together. Nana says that if they go by APE’s manual, they should intervene and resolve the issue immediately. Dr. FRANXX asks what would be the point of the test team if they did that. He tells them to observe and write for him detailed reports. He tells them not to interfere or tell "the geezers."

When the parasites continue to fight and end up in a heated dispute over Zero Two tricking the boys into walking in on the girls bathing, Nana suddenly interrupts. She and Hachi scold the group after they get dressed, with Nana saying they will never be able to team up like this if a klaxosaur attacks the plantation. Hachi reminds them to keep in mind what comes first in their lives. The children are sent to their rooms as Nana notes how different these children are compared to others. Hachi is amazed Zero Two joined them. In the girl's room, Zero Two tells them if they half-ass things, they'll end up adults. She says to say what they want because they'll all die sooner or later before leaving the room.

Episode 09: Triangle Bomb

Hachi tells the parasites that they've detected a Gutenberg-class Klaxosaur 2,000 from there. Nana says it's moving slowly. As she continues to talk, Hiro looks over at Ichigo but turns away when she looks at him.

The FRANXX approach the klaxosaur and Argentea approaches first. It is wrapped in tentacles and brought closer. It attaches explosives, which causes slight injury. Mitsuru notices the core and quickly charges at it. He only nicks it and it begins to multiply its jelly. Goro quickly pushes them out, but is stuck instead. Goro quickly launches Ichigo before it explodes.

Goro wakes up and turns off the alarms. Hiro begins messaging him. He says that Ichigo's fine but got knocked out by the ejection and is getting treated with Zorome and Miku. Hiro explains that he's inside the klaxosaur. They were ordered to retreat. Futoshi promises that they'll figure something out. Goro says that he's switching to safe mode to conserve power.

Ikuno says that you can't utilize a FRANXX's magma energy without its pistil. Mitsuru says that they are programmed to run their life support systems on backup power. Zero Two says he'll die if it runs out and they'll all be in danger.

Ichigo suddenly charges in with Miku and Zorome following. Though Miku tries to stop her, Ichigo asks what happened. Zorome says he told her that he tried to save them. She turns and asks why they aren't going to rescue him and how they could abandon him. She asks why he'd cut her loose when he's helpless alone. Zorome becomes uncomfortable and backs away from their argument. Miku sighs and calls her annoying and says that Goro's always looking out for her, like the time Hiro almost died when she broke down and Goro got her back on her feet. Ichigo asks what gives her the right to talk to her like that. Miku says that she's supposed to be the leader, but she loses her cool and lashes out constantly, and Goro must have a hard time with her as his partner.

Nana and Hachi enter and, smiling, Nana claps her hands and says that she's glad they're safe. Hachi explains that the klaxosaur vaporizes its bodily fluids to expand and explode. Kokoro asks if Goro's stuck in its fuel. Nana says that the fluid is harmless to FRANXX. Zorome says that they'll rescue Goro first, since he owes him. Hachi coldly says that their top priority is preventing the target from making contact with the plantation and explains their plan. Hiro angrily asks if they'll leave Goro to die. Nana says that if worst comes to worst. Hachi tells them to prepare to sortie. Ichigo asks to speak to Goro.

Goro says it's been 30 minutes since they radioed. Sweating, he tries to loosen his collar. In his hand, he holds Ichigo's hairpin. Ichigo calls out to him and he is happy that she came to. She suddenly shouts, scolding him, but he smiles. She sadly asks why he doesn't lean on her a little. Crying, she promises to save him. He says he came up with a plan and he's going to kill it and come home to her. He says he needs to go to conserve power.

Ichigo asks Hachi to be allowed to save him. Hiro agrees. Nana asks what they intend to do. Zero Two says that there's an exhaust hole on top of the klaxosaur.

Genista and Chlorophytum stand as the last line of defense. Ichigo sits in Strelizia's hand. Hiro says that, to get to Delphinium, she'll have to cross an area of highly pressurized vapor fuel. Zero Two says she wouldn't do it if she was her. Smiling, Ichigo says she believes in her. Zero Two smiles and says she doesn't dislike that. They throw her in and she swims to Delphinium.

Episode 10: The City of Eternity

Zorome and Miku argue about their previous battle. Hiro notices that Zero Two seems sad, so he asks her what's wrong. She replies that she was just thinking about something and they both leave together. Nana shouts that she has good news.

The parasites gather around her and she happily explains that they have to wear their formal clothing the next day as Papa is going to award them medals. The ceremony will be held in the Plantation Parliament HQ. Though the other kids are excited, Zorome doesn't understand and seems indifferent to the medals. Miku explains that it means they can go into the city. Zorome looks to Nana for confirmation and she smiles. He becomes overjoyed and yells, to the annoyance of Miku.

Zero Two looks indifferent and turns to leave. Before she can, Nana stops her and says that she'll arrange for her to undergo tests while there. Zero Two says that she hates the tests and always feels lousy after she takes them. She turns and smiles, saying that she's in great shape right now and will pass on the tests for a while. After she leaves, Nana says that she thought she'd grown more obedient since she teamed up with a certain someone.

The next morning, the kids stand at the door and they remark that Zorome looks cooler than usual. Zorome smugly agrees, but Futoshi teasingly says that he was checking himself out in the mirror the entire morning. Mitsuru asks how he didn't get sick of it, causing Zorome to become angry. Kokoro giggles and says that he does look a lot cooler, though, returning him to his positive mood. Miku tells Kokoro not to flatter him, causing she and Zorome to bicker again. Hiro notices that Zero Two is being standoffish, but Hachi and Nana open the door and they all leave.

At an ID gate, Hachi and Nana easily pass through. The children hesitate so Nana tells them to come along. Zorome suddenly throws himself through the gate, to the amazement of the others, but lands on the ground.

The children marvel at the city. At the ceremony, the mayor congratulates them and thanks them for their efforts. When he congratulates Ichigo, she says that it was everyone's effort. He tells Zero Two that their plantation is honored that a former Nine like herself has joined them. He turns to Hiro and says that he's lived up well to the expectations placed upon him. Hiro thanks him, but looks troubled and turns to Zero Two who still looks indifferent.

He thanks Miku and when the mayor thanks Zorome, he is overjoyed and offers his hand. The mayor seems confused and walks away.

Afterwards, Zorome stares at his hand. When Hachi says that he's leaving the rest to Nana, the children are disappointed with how the ceremony actually played out. The girls push Nana to let them walk back, and she reluctantly agrees.

The children look around as they walk back. Zorome happily looks forward to when they too can live there as adults. The others disagree and feel like they won't be able to become adults, though they don't know why.

The children marvel at the city's main energy source. When Goro asks Ichigo, she seems uncomfortable. He says that maybe he shouldn't have told her how he felt and says to not let it bother her.

Nana tells them they have to return, but Zorome wanders off and is separated. He looks at the energy source, but realizes that he's been separated and cannot contact the others. After being found again, Zorome rides the elevator with Nana.

Episode 11: Partner Shuffle

Ichigo reports that they killed 25 conrad-class klaxosaurs. Nana thanks her and says that the S-Planning in their area is proceeding smoothly, thanks to their efforts. Hachi tells codes 326 and 196 that they need to improve their kill count, and that their parasite score is dropping as well. Hachi dismisses the group, leaving him and Nana alone.

Hachi notes that they've now killed over 90 in their area. Nana smiles and says that their kills over the past fortnight are 3.7 times greater than in their first. She says that what would normally cause problems in a group are drawing out their full abilities. Hachi says that it would be a total refutation of their previous methods. Nana replies that it might be what Dr. FRANXX is after.

As the unit stands on guard, Zorome asks what "S-Planning" is. Hiro replies that it seems like they're digging for something, and Zero Two says that it's probably nothing good and she can smell klaxosaurs.

Futoshi tells Kokoro that they've grown stronger, as they're on a special mission. Kokoro says that it's thanks to him carrying her through. Futoshi says that she's his responsibility and she giggles and thanks him. Blushing and nervous, he asks thar she promise to be his partner forever. She again smiles and agrees. Futoshi is happy and promises to always protect her. Miku suddenly interrupts and says he's gross. Zorome agrees and says to cut off his comm. Kokoro giggles, but Futoshi reprimands them for listening.

An alarm suddenly sounds and Ichigo announces that seven conrad-class klaxosaurs are approaching. Goro wonders if they have a nest nearby. Ichigo tells them to get ready. Chlorophytum suddenly falls to its knees. Ikuno turns to see what's wrong, and finds Mitsuru sweating and panting.

As Mitsuru lies in bed, Hachi notes that his child fever came sooner than expected. Nana gives him an antipyretic as Hachi notes he had already had the procedure.

The next morning, Nana notes that he seems to be out of the woods for now. He asks to pilot a FRANXX. She is reluctant and thinks it over. When they test, his capacity is low and Hachi notes that he might become a pruning target. Nana thinks of what they should do.

She suggests that they try a "partner shuffle." She tells them that it's simply an option available to them. The children discuss their thoughts, and Futoshi says that they don't need to, since he promised to protect her forever. He asks if she agrees and she reluctantly agrees. Hiro asks Zero Two if something is bothering her and asks if she remembers when he asked her to speak her mind with him because he wanted to get to know her better. As he talks, she covers his mouth and says they can understand each other just fine by piloting Strelizia together.

Mitsuru watches Hiro from far away and Ikuno tells him to stop, since he knows what caused the mess. He asks what she's talking about. She tells him to drop the act and that it takes courage to face up to others and himself. He asks what her point is, and she says that he wants to be acknowledged, not by Papa or the adults. He suddenly shouts for her to shut up. Everyone turns to look at him, causing him to look ashamed. Ikuno smirks and says that it suits him better than acting cool and aloof. She says she's not like him.

Nana asks if there is anyone who wants to try piloting with a different partner. Ikuno asks to try a pistil-pistil connection as a backup plan when they've lost a stamen. She asks Ichigo to help. Ichigo is surprised by reluctantly agrees. Nana agrees to let them try and asks if there's anyone else. Kokoro shyly puts up her hand and asks to try with Mitsuru. This surprises everyone, and Futoshi is hurt. She apologizes, but he begins to cry.

Nana announces that 160 seconds have passed. Ichigo says she doesn't feel anything and they time out. Genista's score crossed the minimum required, though it is in the lower range, it is stable. Nana accepts this will do.

During a battle, Nana is alarmed when Kokoro attempts to pilot Genista in stampede mode and shouts that it’s too dangerous. However, Mitsuru stops her in time and the two reconnect in time to help Strelizia kill the klaxosaur.

Episode 12: The Garden Where It All Began

The episode starts with the members of Squad 13 looking out of a large window within a vehicle, seeing the Garden as they approach it. Zero Two is elsewhere within the vehicle, looking for picture books but to no avail. Squad 13 has been sent back to The Garden to undergo some tests, the place where they were raised. They are greeted by the Nines, Zero Two's former squad, and their leader Nine Alpha who wonders what Zero Two, formerly coded Nine Iota, saw in them. He also mentions all the parasites are being sent to one location. Ichigo looks at Nana, who says she will explain later. Hachi says Zero Two will undergo thorough tests but she refuses. Nana says they can’t delay it any longer.

While the squad undergoes their tests, Zero Two fights a few SP officers and Nana gives permission to tranquilize her. Zero Two attempts to charge at her before she loses her balance and is held down. Nanawarns her not to cause any more trouble.

Disobeying orders, Hiro, with the other members of Squad 13 visit the old facilities where they were raised in, hoping to meet Naomi again. Naomi is nowhere to be seen and the adults refuse to tell them where she is. They also discover that the children from Garden are being developed into Parasites at a much earlier age, in response to the increased number of Klaxosaur attacks. As the children return to the lab, Nana finds them and scolds them.

Shortly after, Ichigo eavesdrops on a conversation between Nana and Hachi in which they affirm with each other that the Saurification process in Zero Two and Hiro is intensifying, much to her horror.

When the second wave of the Klaxosaurs attack, Squad 13 sorties again and once more Zero Two turns rogue. Hiro is attacked by Zero Two whilst trying to stop her, and he receives visions of a past long forgotten.

Episode 13: The Beast and the Prince

Nana warns that Hiro's and Zero Two's consciousnesses will connect through Strelizia and merge. Delphinium's arm is ripped off and thrown along with Strelizia. Ichigo yells for Hiro to get away from Zero Two or he'd lose his humanity. Hiro, crying, says that she was the girl with the picture book. She looks back at him with tears in her eyes.

Episode 14: Punishment and Confession

Zero Two and Hiro realize they knew each other as children. Zero Two catches Hiro before he collapses and asks if he's her darling from her childhood and is horrified thinking of what she had done. Ichigo suddenly interrupts and throws her off of him and into Goro. He asks if she's alright as Ichigo tries to revive Hiro. The other FRANXX wait. When they return to the docking facility, Hiro is taken for treatment. Zero Two realizes what Hiro meant when he said he wanted to understand her better.

At an APE hospital room, Nana notes that his yellow blood cell count has gone far beyond what the human body can handle and his saurification could begin at any moment.

Hachi announced they must neutralize every klaxosaur inhabiting Gran Crevasse. Nana says that it is a joint operation with the 9's and FRANXX squad from each plantation. He says that Squad 13 is schedules to be part of the sixth wave. Nana says it will be their most difficult mission and Ichigo raises her hand. She asks that Zero Two is removed from Squad 13 as of that mission and, if not, Squad 13 will not participate in the operation. Nana says that she was set to return to the 9's as of the mission anyway. Zero Two protests, but the parasites stop her from seeing him.

Episode 15: The Bird that Shares Wings

At Cerasus's international briefing room, Hachi explains that their objective is to take control of Gran Crevasse. Though another group is attacking, they aren't making headway. Squad 13 is to group up with squads from other plantations.

Kokoro asks what Gran Crevasse is. Nana shows them a video where a large amount of klaxosaur are. Hachi explains that taking over Gran Crevasse is Papa's long-standing wish and would be a turning point in humanity's history. On screen, a large group of FRANXX walk behind Strelizia in it's stampede mode.

In Cerasus's command room, they receive a message from mission command saying they're prepared to sortie. Nana tells the kids to get ready. The parasites all walk away to battle. Goro tells him not to be sad, because they'll be fine. Ichigo says that she'll teach him how to pilot from the ground up once she gets back. He asks them to come back alive, and they smile at him.

The 6th united FRANXX company begins marching together. The 9's take out a bunch of klaxosaur. Ichigo is amazed, saying it's like having a bunch of Strelizias. 9'α says that there's a lot of them. 9'β points out Plantation 13 fighting. He jumps behind Ichigo and says that her FRANXX is adorable. She sarcastically thanks him. He says that they're holding them off fine, but they're not making any progress and that the Crevasse has been sealed off inside a thick dome. They need to strike from the inside to get rid of it. Hiro sadly watches from the control room.

The unit takes out many klaxosaurs and Unit 26 notes that they're fighting well. 090 notes that they're still all over the place, but he's happy they're there. He tells them to regroup. They are about to enter the hole in the wall, but the klaxosaur all flee. The control room detects magma energy readings underground ascertained to be super lehmann-class klaxosaur. Dr. FRANXX walks in and is amazed that it was hidden underground. Hachi says he never heard of that class.

As it comes from underground, it pushes the plantation on its side and it begins to break. 090 reacts in horror as his home is destroyed. Vice Chairman says to get 090 on the line and tells him they're moving to Protocol 32. He tells him that it's a great honour. The klaxosaur moves toward plantation 13. Unit 26 lines up with bombs. He whispers that they're counting on 13 now before the squad explodes. It stops, but its face smashes through the wall and it releases klaxosaur inside. Zero Two runs in and begins attacking. The adults say that they have to neutralize the Super Lehmann-Class and Papa and the rest will take care of Gran Crevasse. Nana says that Dr. FRANXX should return to HQ and Hiro to Misilteinn. Dr. FRANXX asks if he finds her more beautiful than any human, pure, proud, and more alone than anyone like a klaxosaur. Hiro says that she isn't a klaxosaur. He says that he thought she had finally found a partner and Hiro goes up to Misilteinn.

The FRANXX struggle against their large numbers. Zero Two takes out a large amount of klaxosaurs. 9'β says that she's in a foul mood. 9'α says that the though of getting on that unseemly beast's bad side gives him the chills.

In Zero Two's room, he finds scratches and blood on the wall. In front of the window, he finds Naomi's mirror, which Zero Two taped back together after breaking it. Gulping, he asks himself why he's holding back.

Kokoro says that they're being pushed back. Chlorophytum runs out of ammo, so they use a pillar to attack. Argentea is pushed back, and the Old Woman watches it walk forward from her window. Ichigo watches Strelizia and Goro tries to get her to focus. They notice a training unit zip by them, as does Argentea. They realize it's Hiro. The training unit is taken out, so Delphinium stops him and says that he won't let him see her. Goro suddenly stops. He says he can't stand watching Hiro and Zero Two like that anymore. He steps out and tells Hiro to get in. He says that Hiro has something to say and Ichigo is worried about her too, so he asks her to take him to Zero Two.

Hiro apologizes to Ichigo and they begin to connect. Finally connecting to him, Ichigo is disappointed to find that all his memories are of Zero Two. She cries as they head out. Smiling, Goro quietly wishes them good luck. Argentea picks him up and Zorome and Miku ask what he's asking so cool for.

Zero Two thinks that, though she pretended, she wished to become human. Ichigo charges towards her. She begins attacking and says that she's sick of how she always toys with her. After Strelizia breaks her spear, Delphinium slaps her and says she wishes she'd never known her. She breaks her helmet and Ichigo says to get her act together as she headbutts her.

As the door opens, he finds that her horns have grown and branched and her eyes are red. He says that he came to see her. Ichigo says to protect Strelizia since it's the only one that can kill the monster.

As Genista and Argentea attack klaxosaurs, one of the cores crack in half and something falls out of the center. Ikuno says it looks like a human. Suddenly, there is an explosion. As it is announced that the backup plan is almost complete, Papa says that they can let the plantation go now. The stamen of the plantation are confused as to why they're making in plantations self-distuct. 9'ε and 9'a says that they're planning to end things without Strelizia's help. Dr. FRANXX is disgusted with their choice.

Hiro tries to connect, but he gets no response. He holds her horns and asks to be taken to her. A man says that, though 016's memories were erased, 002's couldn't be completely erased. The doctor tells them to continue to try and erase, regardless of the effects on her and orders Hiro back to the garden. He says that he's probably useless now that he ingested her blood.

She cannot remember things, but begins to when she recognizes familiar actions. She licks her wounds in a similar way. Seeing her book, she begins eating it. She learns the word "boku" and Zero Two, and "darling." She remembers him getting attacked and begins crying.

Zero Two's horns break and Hiro hugs her. She pushes him away and tells him not to look at her. They apologize and cry holding each other. He says they can see the world together and kisses her as she cries. Strelizia is attacks and transforms into a red version of it and easily takes out the klaxosaur. They confess their love for each other. Futoshi and Zorome cry and Ichigo says she's happy for them. The 9's begin attacking as well. The sages say that the door to Gran Crevasse has been opened and the day of humanity's liberation is upon them.

Inside the mountain klaxosaur, they find that its core is a collective mass of cores. A large hand suddenly shoots up from the ground. 9'a laughs and says that it reacted quickly. It smashes a majority of the plantation, leaving mistiltein.

Episode 16: Days of Our Lives

After their battle, the adults cut off all contact with the parasites, who are oblivious to what is happening and rely on their own skills and resources to survive.

Nana and Hachi call Dr. FRANXX. The doctor asks if they had made contact with the children. When Hachi confirms they hadn't, Dr. FRANXX is happy. He says that if they intervene with the children, the whole project will be ruined. Nana says she doesn't understand and that their efforts will have been in vain. Dr. FRANXX notes that she's inflexible and she's been down the road, too. He compliments Hachi and hangs up. Nana gets a headache after critizing the doctor.

Episode 17: Eden

When Hiro and Mitsuru enter the living room, Miku says that he's there. Smiling, Ichigo says that Zorome told them about him and Kokoro. Ikuno says that she's not surprised. Zorome angrily explains that he just asked if a boy and a girl getting all clingy was the cool thing to do. Miku tells him to be quiet. Futoshi suddenly grabs Mitsuru's collar and asks if they'd kissed. Kokoro looks down, embarrassed, and they realizes they had. This upsets Futoshi and begins to say that, if they're happy but is interrupted with the 9's entering the room.

9'α holds up the childbirth handbook and asks if they recognize it. With Kokoro and Mitsuru's reaction, he says that they do. He asks for an explanation from Kokoro, since she's the one who dropped it. He says that it's strange, since it wouldn't have been provided in the study there, and it doesn't belong to her. Kokoro apologizes for not telling them all.

She turns to her squad and says she wants to make a baby. This confuses the other parasites. 9'α smiles and says that Papa had banned that. Zorome says that it sounds bad and Goro asks Mitsuru if she said anything, and he fidgets uncomfortably.

Kokoro turns back to the nines and asks if it's so bad since it's how all humans were born. Futoshi asks if Papa didn't create them. She says they were born like any other animal and it had always been like that for all living things. She says that's why they have boys and girls. She says that she wants to leave something behind before she's gone. She happily explains that their purpose in life isn't just to ride FRANXX and that they could carry new lives and leave them for the future. She says that it made her happy to hear that, but she is interrupted by 9'a calling her disgusting. When she turns to him, he says that she's disgusting.

He explains that humans have evolved and cast their reproductive functions aside in the process. Reject that, and they all have to go back to conforming to one gender. He asks if gender isn't just a pain that's tolerated to operate the FRANXX. Kokoro has tears in her eyes and Mitsuru begins to say something, but Ikuno suddenly walks up and slaps him. 9'γ whistles and the other nines seem surprised, as is Ichigo. Ikuno asks what it matters if it's a pain. alpha says that humans have also cast away their tendency to be ruled by emotions like her since it serves no purpose. He smiles and tells them to look at themselves, though.

Ikuno attempts to attack him, but is pulled back by Goro and Ichigo. Nana and Hachi appear and ask them to stop.


Nana and Hachi co front Kokoro

Nana exclaims that this is why she didn't want to let the 9’s in. Hachi calmly says that Papa sent them, so they couldn't just turn them away. She says that they should put an end to their test now. Kokoro asks what she means. Hachi says that it was on Dr. FRANXX's orders that they didn't contact them over the past month and that it would be their final test. Though they still monitored them, and know what she was trying to do with Mitsuru. In regards to Kokoro wanting to have a baby, Nana says that no one can speak of that, let alone do it. When Kokoro asks why they have organs for reproduction, Nana says to pilot the FRANXX. She asks what her feelings are for then. Nana has a blurred flashback and then swipes at Kokoro before clutching her head. She tells her to be quiet. Hachi tells her to return to her dorm and they'll give her her orders in time. Kokoro runs out of the room.

Hachi asks when it started and Nana says a week ago. She says watching them go about their lives made her feel so irritated. 9'α asks if she relapsed into puberty. She denies this, but he smirks and asks if they didn't already undergo emotional indoctrination when they were parasites. He tells Hachi they should have her replaced with a new Nana. He says he hopes they go back to doing their actual job instead of getting up to mischief with the doctor. He says he'll be reporting to Papa.

Dr. FRANXX asks if Nana is useless now and Hachi answers that he believes continuing the test will be difficult. He agrees but says he gained some intriguing data about the development of humanity's original reproductive instincts.

Episode 18: When the Sakura Blooms

The cargo ship comes and picks up the parasites. Nana sits in a cell and Hachi asks what he could have said to them if he had emotions. The door to her cell closes and he wonders if she could have supported them.

Episode 22: Stargazers

The cargo ship arrives and the parasites are surprised to see Hachi and Nana, who is in a wheelchair. Nana remembers when she and Hachi found former parasites, including Naomi, who were deemed unfit to pilot, kept in a cryogenic sleep. Hachi says Dr. FRANXX left them a message before his death, asking them to become the new adults for the children. Nana doubts she can do this until Miku pleads for Nana to save them.


Hachi brings Nana back

Later, Nana finds a parasite girl crying in her room and forces herself out of the wheelchair to comfort her. The next morning, Nana waits at the dock with Squad 13 and Hachi as Hiro arrives to go to space and rescue Zero Two. Nana asks 007 to take care of things, such as Kokoro who is unable to go on the mission due to her pregnancy.

Episode 23: DARLING in the FRANXX

Nana and Hachi leave for space to observe Squad 13 and the 9's help Hiro reunite with Zero Two. Nana wonders if Hiro is right about the klaxosaurs leaving all th equipment behind for the humans. Hachi believes this means humanity has been allowed to join the battle to defend Earth but Nana wonders if they have that right. As Hachi works on the panels, Nana is curious how they are similar and Hachi says it means Klaxo Sapiens were not that different than humans and he projects their destination to Mars’ orbit. Nana admits she doesn’t want to watch the children hurt themselves any longer and expresses her desire to see the children prosper but she finds this odd because she has watched over them as tools for warfare for so long. Hachi wonders that feeling is not bad; the children’s sole purpose in life was to fight but if this is their final battle, she will be needed in their lives afterwards.

Their ship speeds towards the battlefield and Hachi orders the units to head out as backup for Hiro and Alpha. The ship eventually ends up getting hit by VIRMs’ attacks. Nana and Hachi attempt to move to another ship when the ship is hit again and Hachi is injured for protecting Nana. He asks her to leave him but she refuses and says it is his duty to watch over the children too. They escape to another ship and Nana sees the previous ship was equipped with a bomb. They suddenly hear Papa and Vice Chairman’s voices, who ask everyone to merge with VIRM as a single life form to eliminate the cycle of hatred and discrimination. Hachi says this would have been utopia to the adults. Nana says not to the children who have chosen their own paths.

They later watch Hiro and Zero Two enter the warp gate armed with the klaxosaur bomb to destroy VIRM.

Episode 24: Never Let Me Go


Nana and other caregivers have a meeting

After Hiro and Zero Two disappear with Strelizia True Apus, Nana and Hachi routinely update their disappearance and the maturity of the parasites. They suspend the code number system and assigne individual names to all the parasites as their first step into abandoning APE’s ideals.

72 days after the gate passage, Nana and Hachi return to Mistilteinn with the parasites to gather fresh soil and plants to begin cropping. She also rendezvous with other caregivers on how to help build a self-sufficient lifestyle to survive.


Nana helps Kokoro give birth to Ai

245 days after the gate passage, Nana helps Kokoro give birth to her daughter Ai, and she is seen happily smiling as Kokoro and Mitsuru bond with their newborn daughter. Shortly after, she and the others bid farewell to Goro as he is about to go on a journey to find survivors and gather supplies.

783 days after the gate passage, Nana joins with the former parasites in linking together and sending their prayers to Hiro and Zero Two, who sacrifice themselves to destroy the VIRM home planet.

Eight years after Hiro and Zero Two's sacrifice, Nana and Hachi observe the former parasites during a school entrance ceremony. The former parasites are now adults and many have children of their own. Nana asks Hachi what they should do for them but Hachi replies they should just watch the world go on together since they are immortal. Nana comments on how unyielding he is and he attributes this to him having no emotions but he wonders if he can change if she stays by his side forever. Before she can reply, two children ask Hachi to play with them and he agrees. Nana says both of them have changed and they will continue watching over the world.



Nana respects Dr. FRANXX and looks up to him. In Episode 01, Dr. FRANXX gropes Nana, upsetting and embarrassing her. Nana angrily questioning why he did that, with no reply. In Episode 07, Nana and Hachi wonder why Dr. FRANXX decided to send Squad 13 to the beach because they have never experienced the outside world before. In Episode 08, Nana, with Hachi, seek advice from Dr. FRANXX about dealing with all the Squad 13 experiencing puberty at the same time. Nana typically questions his every decision regarding the squad and she worries his whims will only cause the squad to lose favor with Papa, although she goes along with him out of sense of duty.


Hachi is Nana's colleague in managing the parasites in Cerasus. As shown in a flashback in Episode 18, Hachi rescued her when they were both parasites after her FRANXX crashed and he was forced to watch her have her memories altered. They seem to have a strong professional relationship but it is hinted that they are closer than it appears. Hachi comforted Nana after she relapsed into puberty and brought her to the Bird Nest to take care of the parasites. During the galactic battle with VIRM, Hachi used his body as a shield to protect Nana and she refused to leave Hachi, staying with him as the battle with VIRM ended. After returning to Earth, they devote themselves to helping the former parasites restore the Earth. It is strongly implied they stayed together to continue watching over mankind.

Squad 13

Nana shares a close relationship with the parasites of Squad 13, and she has cared for them since they were still in the Garden. Upon their discharge from the Garden, she is assigned to be their caregiver and they are all happy. She treats the children with kindness and shows them compassion, and often worries about them when they go into battle. However, she also doesn’t hesitate to discipline them for misbehaving like a strict mother figure. She will show them coldness if they violate regulation, and reminds them that they are not special and of their obligations. However, she later has an epiphany; after seeing them as tools for warfare for so long, witnessing their personal problems (such as Hiro’s despair at Zero Two’s catatonic state, Kokoro and Mitsuru‘s uncertainty of an unplanned pregnancy, and everyone’s struggle to survive without necessities) makes Nana regret for how she has treated them and allowed them to hurt themselves for the sake of others who don’t care for them. She becomes determined to protect them from further hurting themselves and she devotes herself to securing the safety of their future. Even when the members of Squad 13 become adults and have children of their own, Nana remains a major part of their lives and expresses pride in their achievements.


Nana is a feminine Japanese name. It is also the word for "seven". She is named after her code, revealed in Episode 20 to be 007.


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  • These children... They’re not like the others.
  • For some reason, I don’t want to see those children hurt themselves any more than they already have. Funny isn’t it? I mean... I’ve watched over them as tools for warfare for so long.


  • It isnt until Episode 24 when Nana reveals she is immortal.
  • Her code number, 007. It isn’t revealed until the third Drama CD.


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