Mitsuru (ミツル, Mitsuru) is one of the main characters in DARLING in the FRANXX series. He is a former Parasite with the codename "326" of the Thirteenth Plantation, where he was partnered in boy-girl pair with Kokoro to pilot a FRANXX called Genista. Previously, he was the partner of Ikuno and the pilot of Chlorophytum.

Overtime, Mitsuru underwent a significant change and developed an intimate relationship with Kokoro. They had a wedding ceremony but were punished by having their memories altered. Despite this, upon learning she was pregnant with his child, they reconciled. Together, they have four children: a girl named Ai who resembles Kokoro, a boy who also takes after her, another girl who resembles Mitsuru, and an unborn child.


Mitsuru has a very clean and proper appearance with sharp features. He has vert paon[1] (piercing deep green) eyes and was 165 cm, originally being the second shortest stamen between Zorome and Hiro. He wears the standard stamen uniform. Due to having a risky injection when he was a child, his health has been fragile and it briefly worsens after he pilots Strelizia once, requiring him to take medication.

He has olive-brown hair which he wore slicked back. In Episode 16, after he asked Kokoro to cut it, his hair is shorter and a bit rough-cut. Prior to the haircut, and when it wasn’t slicked back, it was thicker and longer, and the bangs nearly covered his eyes.

When he has become an adult, Mitsuru grew taller and went back to having his hair slicked back, though it is slicked more to the side rather than completely slicked back. He wears a black and white attire, and his wedding ring.


As a child, Mitsuru was quite reserved and shy, but appeared to be very happy when he received a name from Hiro. He strongly looked up to him and would always follow him around. His admiration towards Hiro at that time made him want to pilot a FRANXX together with Hiro someday if he came back alive from a very risky injection to become strong enough to pilot. Hiro happily accepted his offer. However, Hiro forgot about their promise due to having his memories erased, and since Mitsuru was unaware of that, it shattered his faith in people and himself as well.

Mitsuru is full of pride and came to develop a strong arrogant, hammy, and cynical personality. He hates being pitied and Kokoro cites that he never liked leaning on others for support. Aloof and blunt, Mitsuru often had little to nothing to with his comrades unless fighting together, often looking down on his comrades and having little to no use for Ikuno. Mitsuru was also always depicted as being very closed off and always brushed aside any attempts from people to get to know him. He didn't have any interest on other people as well, so he didn't particularly bother with them. He also believed that discussing previous human civilization to be unimortant to the point he didn’t care to know why humans stopped having children and he didn’t need to live for the sake of others but to fulfill his duties as a parasite. He was initially very cold, harsh and held disdain towards Hiro for supposedly breaking their promise of piloting FRANXX together. He would berate Hiro and at the same time try to surpass him, boasting that he has always been better at piloting a FRANXX at him, to the point he would even get cocky.

Due to the broken promise, Mitsuru made it his goal to surpass Hiro in everything, including piloting with Zero Two once. However, as he became overcome by the power he felt, he succumbed to a brief moment of cockiness and violence, in which he brutally slaughtered countless klaxosaurs and paraded how he was more suited as her partner than Hiro. When he was left severely wounded by riding with her, he was deeply traumatized and became afraid of her, to the point he avoided her. Despite his calm and composed exterior, he is deeply scared, as he convinced himself that whatever expectations he would place on others and others would place on him, would be let down. He didn't want to believe in anyone again because he was afraid of being let down again. He also believed he was incompetent and had a severe lack of self-confidence due to everything that had happened with his failed attempt to ride with Zero Two, and his general feelings of inadequacy in comparison to Hiro. However, after being supported by Kokoro who helped him regain his fate in others and himself, as well as helping him begin to lean on others, Mitsuru underwent a significant change. With Kokoro’s support and learning it wasn’t Hiro’s fault for breaking their promise, Mitsuru began to slowly become more mature, considerate and kind to his comrades, and he begins to smile more.

Initially uninterested in romance, he begins to fall in love with Kokoro after they become partners and her honesty inspires him to change his own perspectives. Like all the kids, he didn’t know how to express his feelings due to his sheltered upbringing and he is deeply confused when Kokoro makes a sudden pass at him. However, once he takes the time to think about it, he realizes he loves her and admitts all that matters to him is that she is happy. After becoming a couple, he becomes very affectionate and devoted to her, to the point he starts to share her desire to have a family and he is more than happy when they decide to get married. After their memories are erased during their wedding, he is shown to be less stoic and cynical than previously but agrees to partner with Kokoro out of necessity to pilot Genista. However, he begins showing more emotion towards her when he experiences painful flashes over saying her name. He also grows concerned when she starts getting ill in Episode 22. Although he is shocked when he learns she is pregnant with his child, he develops a new sense of responsibility and a strong desire to protect his unborn child, which extends towards Kokoro as he witnesses her struggle with the options of abortion or keeping the baby. After concluding that the baby is more important to him than being a FRANXX pilot, Mitsuru advocates for Kokoro to keep the baby, explaining their child has given him a reason to live and he is finding himself growing attached to Kokoro. He also believes they can rebuild their relationship and find what love means as long as they are together, showing that he kept his wedding ring as proof of his commitment. After they reconcile, he becomes overly attentive and concerned for her, and seeing his newborn daughter for the first time brought Mitsuru to cry out of joy. The birth of their daughter ultimately brings them closer together. They are able to form a genuinely happy marriage and had three more children together. As a husband and father, he is shown to be loving and doting towards Kokoro and their children.



Mitsuru as a child

As children, 016 gave himself the name Hiro and 015 the name Ichigo. Mitsuru stood with his ball. Other children began asking for names as well. Though they waited for their parents, they never returned to them. Mitsuru shyly asked for a name too. Hiro smiled back at him.

Hiro sat beside Ichigo and asks if she wanted a name since he gave himself one. He said his name and said she would feel better if she had a name like him, so he named her "Ichigo." He said that having a name made it feel okay to be different. She was amazed and asked if he could name the others. He began naming the other children, including Mitsuru.

Two adults entered and said that they couldn’t change their designation without permission. Hiro politely asked what the problem was. The adults realized he was one of the teens and simply told him not to just do as he pleased before leaving. Hiro thought that they never answered his questions and no other children ever asked any.

When he was 9-years-old, Mitsuru walked off with an adult and Hiro asked if he was going to the lab and if there was something wrong. Mitsuru said he was going to get an Elixir Injection, as he would’t be able to stay if he didn’t. Mitsuru said he wanted to become a parasite with him. He asked if he came back alive, if he would pilot with him. He happily agreed and the two made a pinkie promise.

Mitsuru ‘betrayed’ by Hiro

After that, Hiro’s memories were erased. Hiro forgot his promise to Mitsuru, who upon returning, was horrified that Hiro didn’t remember the promise and called him out as a liar.[2].

Several years later, at age 14, upon being discharged from the Garden, Mitsuru was assigned to Plantation 13 and paired with Ikuno.


Episode 01: Alone and Lonesome

Graduation ceremony

The parasites discuss Zero Two in the living room. Mitsuru says that Hiro's showing real integrity and that it must be difficult for him, though, according to Miku, he says this without compassion.

At Cerasus, the parasites attend their graduation ceremony, where they are praised by Papa. On the train, the group discuss Hiro on their way to the startup ritual. At this ritual, they finally become official parasites. Before they can begin, a fog rolls in and a Maho class klaxosaur appears, and the parasites are ordered to evacuate. The parasites watch as Strelizia defeats it. They are shocked when it's revealed that Hiro was piloting it.

Episode 02: What it Means to Connect

The day after the klaxosaur attack, the startup ritual picks up where it left off, but in much quieter circumstances and without Papa and the other adults.

At the dining hall, the parasites watch as Zero Two drenches her food in honey. When Zorome offers to let her ride with him, Mitsuru seems unimpressed. He is confused along with the others when she calls him "darling." Nana says that she'll be their caretaker, just like she was in Garden.

Mitsuru during drill test

As the stamen get ready for their drill test, Mitsuru notices Futoshi eating bread, though he turns away. The parasites enter their FRANXX and are ordered to commence the connecting phase. Ikuno pants from the pain, though Mitsuru seems unfazed. They successfully activate Chlorophytum. The four FRANXX continue with their drill, leaving Hiro to train alone.

While Futoshi and Zorome pass a ball around, Mitsuru leans against a pole. Mitsuru says that he heard Zero Two can pilot a FRANXX alone, and asks if they seen its four legged form. He says that Hiro was just taken along for the ride. He doesn't interfere when Zorome and Hiro begin to fight.

Nana calls a meeting and the parasites all attend. They announce that Hiro will have a mock battle, possibly allowing him to be promoted. Though he's about to pilot with Zero Two, Ichigo volunteers instead. Mitsuru asks why it has to be her, as she already is partners with Goro. Mitsuru scoffs when Zero Two isn't allowed to pilot with Hiro.

The parasites watch as the two battle. Mitsuru is surprised when Ichigo pilots alone.

Episode 03: Fighting Puppet

The parasites discuss Hiro's current situation as he's not a Parasite and he could be a burden. Miku accuses Ichigo of being too biased towards Hiro. Mitsuru says that he understands why she wants to stick up for him, but he was only taken along for the ride. Ichigo yells that they don't know that. Mitsuru says that Hiro was special, even among the double digits, and they were all certain that he'd be their leader. But in reality, he couldn't become a parasite and he isn't what he used to be. He says that they should cut their losses because he doesn't want to see the pathetic side of Hiro anymore.

During a meeting, Hachi says they received sortie orders from HQ. Nana tells them that the Klaxosaur won't be as big as the one they already saw. Hachi says it's a Conrad-class klaxosaur, a bit smaller than a FRANXX. He says that they're attracted by magma energy reactions and appear in their vicinity. He says, lately, they had been showing up deep in a Level 8 mine on the outskirts and wreaking havoc. Nana says that Strelizia won't be a part of the mission. Because they'll have to defend Plantation 13 by themselves eventually, it will show if they can handle fighting them in the future. Nana says that Ichigo and Goro will have field command.

In the FRANXX, Zorome is excited, but Miku tells him not to go crazy by himself again. All but Mitsuru and Ikuno connect. Hachi asks what's wrong, Mitsuru says that it doesn't look like Ikuno can do it. Ikuno says that he's nearly there and to wait for a second. Mitsuru seems annoyed and tells her not to bother. Hachi announces that Chlorophytum will stay behind.

Nana asks if Ikuno is not feeling well. She says that that isn't it. Nana says that she has always been a bit unstable and they'll run test the next day to make sure. Mitsuru asks if it could be that they have compatibility issues. Smiling, Nana says that a lot of parasites experience that at first and it isn't grounds to split them up. Mitsuru seems disappointed.

Zorome tries to check on Miku, as does Ichigo. More klaxosaurs suddenly fall from the ceiling, so they plan on fleeing. Nana says that they attracted more because they released their magma energy. Zero Two says that she should have sent her from the start. She says they'll die. Hiro is alarmed and tells her to sent himself and Zero Two to help. Hachi refuses and says that he isn't an official stamen, so he can't give permission to board a FRANXX. Zero Two says that the plantation squad is going to be wiped out again and to let her pilot with Hiro. She says she won't be allowed to sortie.

Mitsuru says that he could pilot with her. Nana says that Strelizia is no ordinary FRANXX if he isn't used to its connect. Mitsuru says that, if Hiro could, there's no way he couldn't. Zero Two says that she wants to ride with Hiro, but he asks that she just go with him. As Mitsuru walks by, he tells Hiro not to come crying to him when he regrets his goody-two-shoes act later because he's going to prove that he can pilot Strelizia better than he did.

Miku wakes up and Zorome hugs her. They begin piloting again. Hachi tells them that Strelizia is about to help. Ichigo is bothered by this and causes them to fall. This lets the klaxosaur to get in, so they flee. Many follow and a very large one is about to bite Ichigo. Strelizia appears and kills some. Mitsuru tells them to get back and Hachi tells them to evacuate.

Mitsuru temporarily partners with Zero Two

Panting, Mitsuru says that he feels like he can do anything. He says that he's amazed changing partners could make such a difference, and he knew he wasn't the problem. He says that he's just as good as Hiro. He tells Zero Two that he wouldn't mind becoming her official partner, to the dismay of Ikuno. Zero Two says that she should go all-out for a bit.

Hachi tells her to stop, as the others had already evacuated. The three FRANXX are surprised at what happened. Zorome apologizes to Miku. She says that it doesn't matter if it was his fault since they're partners. He begins crying. Goro asks what's wrong with Ichigo. She lies and says she got careless after she found that help was coming.

When they retrieve Streliza, Zero Two walks out and smiles and waves at Hiro. Mitsuru is gravely injured and unconscious. She says that he isn't suited to be her darling, only Hiro is.

Episode 04: Flap Flap

Mitsuru traumatized from riding with Zero Two

Shaking in bed, Mitsuru says that Zero Two is a demon. Futoshi walks in and takes Mitsuru's food away. The other parasites wait outside. Futoshi says that he hasn't touched his food at all. Zorome says that he'd been like that since the battle.

Hiro walks in and asks what happened with Zero Two. He says that she tried to completely devour him. Though it was normal initially, she eventually was out to kill him. When Hiro reaches out to him, he suddenly grabs Hiro's collar and says that she had a smile on her face.

Kokoro yells out to Mitsuru and Futoshi tells him to calm down as he hands the tray to Zorome. Mitsuru says that it'll happen to Hiro too if he rides with her again. Futoshi holds him back and lays him back into bed where he seems to have fallen unconscious and pants heavily.

Hiro bathes and thinks about the rumor. Zero Two appears and says she found him. She walks into the water and rubs his chest. She asks that he run away with her. Seeing her horns, he gulps. She asks if he thinks she's a monster as well. Before he can respond, an alarm sounds.

They detect a worm-type klaxosaur heading towards Plantation 13. Mitsuru tries to get up but struggles. Ikuno tells him to grab on, and he refuses. Eventually, he leans on her anyway.

Hachi says that they've only detected one, but there may be more in hiding. He tells them to connect.

Mitsuru says he hopes Ikuno can connect. She says she can and they connect. The FRANXX advance forward. The FRANXX momentarily stop it, but another one grabs Argentea. Hiro and Zero Two watch and Zero Two says that they should help and asks who landed in the transport plane.

They fly through the air and Hiro is happy to be able to pilot. They discuss their feelings of connection and Zero Two says they're a perfect fit. They zip to where the other parasites are struggling and quickly save them. Ichigo is reluctant to rely on her. When Hiro challenges this, Mitsuru seems offended. Ichigo agrees and tells everyone where to focus. Strelizia rips it from the ground and reveals it was actually one long klaxosaur. Strelizia stabs its core, destroying it. Hachi announces that they neutralized it and to return to base.

Episode 05: Your Thorn, My Badge

Mitsuru watches the plantations kiss

Cerasus carries out the kissing with Chrysanthemum. The parasites watch as the plantations connect. Zorome asks what "kissing" is. Miku mocks him, but she doesn't know either. Kokoro points this out. Ikuno explains that it's a transfer of magma fuel reserves from one plantation to another through a large pipe.

Mitsuru explains that the fuel is essential for both the adults and them to live, and FRANXX can't be operated without it. Goro says that, since it's a large-scale transfer of magma energy, it should attract a large number of klaxosaurs. When Futoshi and Zorome seem nervous, Hiro reassures that they have Strelizia, so they'll be fine. Ichigo sadly agrees.

A grand ceremony was conducted with the utmost solemnity. The children of Plantation 26's FRANXX squad were also in attendance, and they seemed a lot more calm and composed that Plantation 13's.

The mayor says that the klaxosaurs are sure to attack in great numbers, and the fate of the two plantations rests on their shoulders. He says they're strong and will bring them to victory.

Kokoro says that the previous day's ceremony was so exciting, she couldn't sleep. Miku says that 090 seemed nice. Kokoro asks if she would like to ride with him. She says that it's better than the boys they're stuck with, and tries to get Ikuno's opinion. Ikuno says she doesn't care.

Zorome happily says that it's heartening to be supported by the adults. Futoshi agrees, and Zorome imitates the mayor's speech, making some of the parasites laugh. He finishes that he'll be the one who leads them to victory. Smiling, Ichigo says that Hiro will. Kokoro agrees and says that he shone in the previous battle. Futoshi asks how he's feeling, and Hiro says fine. Futoshi is happy to hear this, and Miku says that the rumors about Zero Two weren't true. Ikuno says that maybe he's extremely compatible with her, saddening Ichigo.

Hiro thanks them, and says that he had a hard time keeping up with everything happening, but their support let them win. Hiro happily asks if he can let him fight as part of the team. Goro observes him suspiciously.

Zorome becomes annoyed and tells him not to get cocky, since he only got through one time. Goro asks if he has to be a spoilsport. Hiro stands and tells him he'll do his best to not be a burden. He extends his hand and asks that they keep fighting together. Zorome is taken back, but tells him to keep it up as he shakes his hand. As Miku teases him, Mitsuru becomes angry and leaves. Kokoro notices him walk out.

At 7, Futoshi announces that it's breakfast. Zero Two runs over and pulls him away. She sits in Futoshi's seat, to Mitsuru and the other stamens' disdain. Ichigo tells them to take their seats so they can prey. Kokoro invites Futoshi to sit beside her.

Kokoro prays that Papa never thirst and that his heart be filled with peace for eternity. Though everyone bows their head in prayer, Zero Two pours honey over her food. As they eat, Zero Two begins feeding Hiro. Goro looks uncomfortable, and Zorome says that he wants to try something like that. Goro asks why he doesn't ask Miku then. He says that he'd rather ask a cute girl, like Kokoro. He notices that she is feeding Futoshi, to his annoyance. Miku teases that she's too easily influenced. Ichigo looks down into her cup.

In the greenhouse, Mitsuru panicky asks why him and not Hiro as he takes pills. He chokes on them and asks what the difference is between them. He notices that Kokoro was watching him. She says she saw him walk in and asks if he's okay, and says that she wants to help, since he doesn't lean on others. He interrupts and asks if she's pitying him. She says no, but he walks past her and tells her to leave him alone.

Klaxosaurs are detected and an hour later a meeting is held. Hachi explains that there are 100 to 150, and they're expected to arrive at 33 hours from then. He says that 13 will act as back up. Zorome and Miku become annoyed at the other unit as they speak down to them. When Hachi says that Strelizia will be placed closest to the pipe, the other team is horrified.

Nana comes in with Zero Two and Hiro. 090 says that they can't fight alongside Strelizia, since she doesn't care about her allies. She doesn't know what he's talking about. He says that they had a joint operation two years ago where his partner was killed under her fault. Zero Two coldly says that "weaklings die" and that it doesn't matter. He begins to walk closer to her, but Hiro steps between them and promises to keep her from going out of control.

As they walk home, Zorome expresses annoyance at being treated like dead weight. Mitsuru says that they are a makeshift team. Goro stops walking and says that Strelizia shouldn't be part of the mission. Hiro happily replies that they should show them what they're made of. Zorome agrees and tells Goro not to be so timid. Goro asks what Ichigo thinks and she says that they need Strelizia in the next battle. When he looks at Hiro, he notices Zero Two glaring at him.

Episode 06: DARLING in the FRANXX

A large Klaxosaur approaches with an arrival time of 0210 hours. Nana and Hachi stand in the control room. Hachi says that he never saw a large klaxosaur like it before.

The stamen walk through the hallway. Mitsuru says that they can't afford to be too optimistic, given the difference in numbers. Zorome says that he is on their side, so it should be fine. Futoshi says that, Zorome aside, they've got Strelizia. Annoyed at his comment, Zorome says that they won't let squad 26 hog the glory. Mitsuru says that shouldn't be why they're fighting.

Ichigo tells him that the operation starts late at night. They make small talk about their sleep before Hiro says they should make sure the operation succeeds. He says that being a leader isn't easy, but he knows she's up to the task and that he's counting on her. She says she counts on him lots too. Zero Two walks by and stops briefly before continuing. Ichigo says that she always thought of him as a brother. He agrees and says with Goro too. He pats her on the shoulder and encourages her as he runs to Zero Two.

In their FRANXX, Hachi announces that, beside from the Conrad-class pack, they've also detected a large, tightly packed unit. He gives 090 field command. He tells Strelizia to stay back.

Unit 26 takes out a few klaxosaurs. 090 tells them to deal with them calmly. Four get through and he asks that Squad 13 takes care of them and advises them.

The stamen comment on his attitude and Mitsuru agrees that they are really new to it. As battle begins, Argentea crashes into Chlorophytum causing Zorome and Mitsuru to bicker. Though Genista is almost attacked, Delphinium jumps in and kills the klaxosaur. Kokoro thanks Ichigo. Ichigo asks Zorome to bait the enemy without getting too close, since they're fast. She tells Mitsuru to stay close to Genista and back it up. Goro advises that she doesn't get too worked up.

Seeing Ichigo, 090 wonders what such a skilled teen code is doing in a makeshift team, along with Hiro. He is interrupted by the announcement of a second wave. Strelizia moves out and quickly defeats many klaxosaurs. 090 scolds her for ignoring orders. Hiro sasy that he's just there to help his squad. Though he begins to protest, Hiro hangs up. A member of his squad asks what to do, and 090 says to ignore them and take it out in one fell swoop. They begin attacking together.

Zero Two and Hiro begin to disconnect, so she turns to see him panting and clutching his chest. She asks if that's all he has. With blue veins popping out of his face, he sits up and she praises him. They continue to fight. Ichigo tells Strelizia to go back, but Hiro says it's fine. She says to get back again, so Zero Two calls her bossy.

Unit 26 begins attacking and the klaxosaur screams before becoming its Gutenberg-class humanoid form. 090 orders them to keep attacking, but they are roughly thrown into the ground. He orders them to get back, but he is unable to move as they're out of fuel. Before they are crushed, Argentea pulls them away.

Hachi orders all squad 26 units to fall back and Squad 13 will deal with it. Though the group agrees that they need Strelizia, Ichigo orders that they stay put. She says it'll land the finishing blow. Zorome becomes angry, but Goro says that only Strelizia's spear can reach its core, so they'll make an opening for it. Ichigo privately thanks him for his plan. They begin crawling up it.

Hiro pants and Zero Two asks if it's too painful. She says it won't end until they kill it. He begins fighting and they launch into it. Hiro things they got it, but it swipes them far away and changes form again. Hiro becomes unconscious. Their link is broken and Strelizia enters stampede mode. It continues to smash them against the wall.

Ichigo breaks down and disconnects from Goro, thinking he's dead. The other parasites worry and Mitsuru says it's bad if it breaks through the wall. Crying, Ichigo says that she couldn't tell him not to pilot. He angrily tells her to get it together.

Hiro stands where he sent Naomi off, realizing he died. Naomi appears and scolds him for giving up without listening to his partner. She asks if he's okay with that. Smiling, he says he doesn't care since he got to be of use. She calls him a liar as the elevator door closes.

Hiro sees Zero Two standing under a mistletoe tree. He thanks her for everything, but she sadly walks away.

He wakes up to see Zero Two struggling and that they didn't actually kill it. He thinks that she can't do it alone. He realizes that she fights alone after losing her partner. He says that his wings exist for her as his veins retract.

He hugs her from behind and she calms down. He says that he's her partner and he won't leave her alone. They begin fighting. They all begin attacking again to create another opening. Strelizia flies into its core as everyone watches in amazement.

They walk out together and the two groups celebrate. As Zero Two watches, she says she has to kill more klaxosaur.

Episode 07: Shooting Star Moratorium

After the successful kissing with Plantation 26, Unit 13 was given a special vacation. The kids seem happy and Futoshi and Zorome run to the water. Though Miku says that they're childish, Kokoro smiles and says that it's expected, as it's their first time seeing an ocean that's okay to swim in. Ikuno says that she didn't know a place like that survived on the surface.

Goro sets up an umbrella and tells Futoshi and Zorome not to go too far out. Ichigo tells him that Nana will pick them up the next morning. Goro wonders if it's some kind of training, but Ichigo smiles and says that they should enjoy themselves anyway. Goro blushes and agrees, turning away.

Zero Two pulls Hiro to the water. Kokoro smiles and says she's glad he's all better. Goro says it's good that he's an official parasite now too. Ichigo narrates that she was uncomfortable about Zero Two, but could see that she was what he needed.

Ichigo watches the other kids. Ikuno smiles and asks if she's distracted by the water. She asks if she is going to swim since she was always good at it. Ikuno pulls out a book and tells her to enjoy herself. She thanks her and runs off.

Mitsuru talks with Ikuno

After Ichigo leaves, Ikuno begins to read. Mitsuru asks if she came there just to read. She says that she isn't interested in goofing around. Mitsuru says that the guy who looked suicidal now looks like part of the group. She tells him not to look to her for affirmation, since she's not like him. Smirking, he says he was merely talking to himself. She asks if they're done talking then, and he says that he found something odd.

Mitsuru leads the group through a thin pass. Zorome says that it's exciting to explore. Kokoro says that she's a bit scared of the dark. Mitsuru coldly replies that she didn't have to come if she didn't want to. Futoshi is angered by this and tells him to be nice to her. He says that he can't guarantee their safety.

Goro asks if there's a relationship closer to being partners and that watching him and Zero Two makes him wonder. Hiro says he doesn't really get it either. He mentions his relationship with Ichigo and thinks he's different than them.

Ichigo looks down as she walks down the path. Ikuno touches her cheek and startles her. She asks why her face is all red. Mitsuru says that they can see it now.

They're lead to what appears to be a city. Zorome comments that it's nothing like the cities that adults live in. Kokoro asks if people live there, and Mitsuru replies that he'd never heard of anyone living outside the plantations. Zorome spots a building that looks similar to their own boarding house. Ikuno says that they must have used it as a model to build the environment they live in. Futoshi wonders where Kokoro went.

Mitsuru saves Kokoro

Kokoro looks around and comes by a medical office. She finds a book about childbirth. Mitsuru calls out to her and pulls her back before a bookcase falls on her. He asks her not to run off alone.

They walk back to the rest of the group and Miku says that she's exhausted. Kokoro agrees. Zorome wonders about the city and Ikuno says that they can be sure that it was part of civilization. Goro asks if people lived there in the past. Zero Two answers that they abandoned it and that humans used to live on the surface. She says that there are tons of places like that around the world.

Back at the beach, food had been delivered. They all begin eating and Goro hands Zero Two a shish kabob. Zorome roasts a marshmallow. Zero Two tells Hiro that she's going to go swimming before running off to the sea. Mitsuru watches Futoshi stuff food into his mouth. Miku teases Futoshi and Zorome by lying on Kokoro's lap.

Hiro asks why they think humanity abandoned the surface and wonders if humanity hadn't started extracting magma energy, if the klaxosaurs wouldn't have showed up. Mitsuru asks if he's doubting Papa and the rest. He says that they moved into plantations in order to protect mankind. This pumps Zorome up, to Mitsuru's disdain, and Futoshi as well. Zorome asks if he agrees and when he shyly answers, he asks why he's acting so aloof when he's their teammate. Miku says that they have to put in both his and Naomi's share of the work. Kokoro says that she finds it reassuring that they're with them. Futoshi and Goro agree. Ichigo stands and officially welcomes him and Zero Two to the squad. He thanks them all.

When Zorome finds a crab, Futoshi wants to eat it. Mitsuru is surprised that he still wants to eat, causing the others to laugh. Zero Two watches this from the water.

The parasites all sleep close together, with Futoshi and Zorome lying atop one another. Ichigo lies awake in her sleeping bag. She sits up and finds Hiro getting up.

Episode 08: Boys × Girls

Mitsuru is uninterested in Ikuno

As the parasites are fighting a klaxosaur, it spews goo. It leaks into the cockpits and melts the girls' parasite suits. Unlike the other boys, Mitsuru shows no interest in looking at Ikuno. Though the other boys begin spacing out, they don't tell the girls. Hiro finally tells Zero Two and the rest of the girls realize what's happened.

The girls cover themselves with a towel and glare at their partners. Besides Zero Two, who doesn't seem to mind. The boys look embarrassed, besides Mitsuru who seems to not care. Goro explains they only didn't tell because they didn't want to distract them during the battle. Futoshi says he didn't because he found Kokoro to be amazingly beautiful. Kokoro turns red and looks away. Mitsuru calls him an idiot and walks away, and Ikuno watches him leave.

The girls split the area of the house between the boys and girls. Zorome begins to cross, but is threatened by Miku and stops. Mitsuru again looks uninterested, but watches nonetheless. Throughout the rest of their feud, Mitsuru does not get involved. Neither he or Hiro go swimming to mock the girls, and he eats without acknowledging their argument.

Kokoro finds Mitsuru in the greenhouse.

When Kokoro enters a small greenhouse, she finds Mitsuru. He slips his medication into his pocket and she asks if he has an interest in plants as he tucks a baby book into her own pocket. He says no, and that it's a good place for being alone. Kokoro says she begged Nana to let her take care of the greenhouse. She tells him about the meaning of some of the flowers and then asks if he doesn't mind chatting with her when the girls and boys are "feuding." He says it's stupid and can't be bothered. Kokoro is amazed and says it takes a lot of courage to refuse to toe the line and she was too scared to say anything. When he walks closer to her, she panics and drops her book. He says that it doesn't matter to him and walks out.

When Zero Two changes the girls only bath sign to allow boys, Mitsuru enters along with the rest and find that the girls are already bathing. The boys are shocked and embarrassed, although Mitsuru has no reaction. The girls become angry and begin throwing bathing supplies at them. Zero Two runs out with their clothes and Hiro chases her. Mitsuru again doesn't get involved as they throw things back and forth, sitting alone at the side of the bathroom.

The other parasites continue to bicker when Nana suddenly interrupts. She and Hachi scold the group after they get dressed. In the boys room, Zorome is mad and Mitsuru says that they must look down of the boys. Hiro says it was fun and got to see a more human side of Zero Two. Mitsuru says it's not the same for them, since they have normal partners. Hiro says she is a normal girl and that pistils let stamen handle all the controls, but they bear the brunt of each battle.

After Miku hides, the rest find her and wonder what the room is. Zero Two says that it's probably one of the rooms the former Squad 13 used. Zorome questions what happened and Zero Two says they were obviously wiped out.

Mitsuru doesn't say anything to Ikuno.

Each partner apologizes, except Mitsuru and Hiro. Mitsuru briefly glances at Ikuno, but walks away without saying anything. Ikuno seems to understand his response and begins to smile.

Episode 09: Triangle Bomb

The parasites are happy to receive their gifts: Mitsuru receives a pen. Zorome shouts that he'll read Papa's message. The parasites smile as he reads it out loud. The letter congratulates and praises them, making everyone happy. Hiro notices that Zero Two is unfazed by the letter.

Hachi tells the parasites that they've detected a Gutenberg-class Klaxosaur 2,000 from there. Nana says it's moving slowly. As she continues to talk, Hiro looks over at Ichigo but turns away when she looks at him.

The FRANXX approach the klaxosaur and Argentea approaches first. It is wrapped in tentacles and brought closer. It attaches explosives, which causes slight injury. Mitsuru notices the core and quickly charges at it. He only nicks it and it begins to multiply its jelly. Goro quickly pushes them out, but is stuck instead. Goro quickly launches Ichigo before it explodes.

Goro wakes up and turns off the alarms. Hiro begins messaging him. He says that Ichigo's fine but got knocked out by the ejection and is getting treated with Zorome and Miku. Hiro explains that he's inside the klaxosaur. They were ordered to retreat. Futoshi promises that they'll figure something out. Goro says that he's switching to safe mode to conserve power.

Ikuno says that you can't utilize a FRANXX's magma energy without its pistil. Mitsuru says that they are programmed to run their life support systems on backup power. Zero Two says he'll die if it runs out and they'll all be in danger.

Ichigo suddenly charges in with Miku and Zorome following. Though Miku tries to stop her, Ichigo asks what happened. Zorome says he told her that he tried to save them. She turns and asks why they aren't going to rescue him and how they could abandon him. She asks why he'd cut her loose when he's helpless alone. Zorome becomes uncomfortable and backs away from their argument. Miku sighs and calls her annoying and says that Goro's always looking out for her, like the time Hiro almost died when she broke down and Goro got her back on her feet. Ichigo asks what gives her the right to talk to her like that. Miku says that she's supposed to be the leader, but she loses her cool and lashes out constantly, and Goro must have a hard time with her as his partner.

Nana and Hachi enter and, smiling, Nana claps her hands and says that she's glad they're safe. Hachi explains that the klaxosaur vaporizes its bodily fluids to expand and explode. Kokoro asks if Goro's stuck in its fuel. Nana says that the fluid is harmless to FRANXX. Zorome says that they'll rescue Goro first, since he owes him. Hachi coldly says that their top priority is preventing the target from making contact with the plantation and explains their plan. Hiro angrily asks if they'll leave Goro to die. Nana says that if worst comes to worst. Hachi tells them to prepare to sortie. Ichigo asks to speak to Goro.

Goro says it's been 30 minutes since they radioed. Sweating, he tries to loosen his collar. In his hand, he holds Ichigo's hairpin. Ichigo calls out to him and he is happy that she came to. She suddenly shouts, scolding him, but he smiles. She sadly asks why he doesn't lean on her a little. Crying, she promises to save him. He says he came up with a plan and he's going to kill it and come home to her. He says he needs to go to conserve power.

Ichigo asks Hachi to be allowed to save him. Hiro agrees. Nana asks what they intend to do. Zero Two says that there's an exhaust hole on top of the klaxosaur.

Genista and Chlorophytum stand as the last line of defense. Ichigo sits in Strelizia's hand. Hiro says that, to get to Delphinium, she'll have to cross an area of highly pressurized vapor fuel. Zero Two says she wouldn't do it if she was her. Smiling, Ichigo says she believes in her. Zero Two smiles and says she doesn't dislike that. They throw her in and she swims to Delphinium.

Inside, Goro pants. He remembers two kids asking why he always picks fights with them. The other says he's weak, so it doesn't matter. Goro says he was sick of the communal lifestyle and thought he'd get to be alone if he made everyone hate him. Ichigo asks why he keeps getting into fights when he's so weak. He tells her to mind her own business. They push him to the ground. She helps him up and they defeat the other kids together. She says they can win together. Goro smiles and thinks that he loved her since then. Hiro suddenly walks in and smiles at Ichigo and the kids all stand around him. Goro notices she is overjoyed to see him as well. Though he looks sad, he narrates that it was okay because Hiro was special to him in his own way too.

The klaxosaur approaches the line. Goro thinks that he used to think that he didn't mind if his feelings never got through to her. As Ichigo swims, her hair clip comes off. At 6%, Goro says that he has more than enough to self-destruct, and an extra pack. He says he wishes he could have told her. Ichigo suddenly bursts in and says that the air's thin. He asks why she came, and she says he's so headstrong, even though he's weak. She says that they can't win alone, but together they can. Goro smiles with tears in his eyes. He narrates that he though he was satisfied that she would cry for him, but he's happier than ever to see her smile. He extends his hand to her. They leave and Goro drops the bomb, causing it to explode once they're away from it.

Ichigo bandages him. He asks where her hair clip is. She looks around, distressed. He hands her his and she asks if he picked it up for her. He says that he waned to give it to her, but couldn't. Smiling, he says that he loves her. He says that he doesn't want to regret not taking action. She smiles and thanks him for being her partner, but she doesn't know how to respond to his love. He says he wasn't trying to put her on the spot. They hug and he asks if they can stay like that for a while.

Episode 10: The City of Eternity

Due to the squad’s high killing record, APE decides to invite them to the city and give them medals. The children marvel at the city as they arrive. During the ceremony, the mayor presents the medals and simply thanks them. At the children’s behest, Nana allows them to walk back to Mistilteinn and they venture trough the city. Zorome is amazed he may get to live here when he becomes an adult but everyone else, including Mitsuru, admit they can’t see themselves becoming adults.

Episode 11: Partner Shuffle

Mitsuru wakes up with a fever

Smiling, Hiro tells a group of children that he's been chosen to represent them. They stare back in admiration. Present-day Mitsuru tells himself to stop looking at him with admiration. He shouts that he's a traitor, causing him to wake up.

Zorome notes that it's unusual for him to sleep in and Futoshi asks if he was having a good dream, as his face is all red. They head off for breakfast as he rubs his forehead. He narrates that he chose to not expect anything from anyone, preventing his hopes from being betrayed. He slips out of bed and leaves the room.

Ichigo reports that they killed 25 conrad-class klaxosaurs. Nana thanks her and says that the S-Planning in their area is proceeding smoothly, thanks to their efforts. Hachi tells codes 326 and 196 that they need to improve their kill count, and that their parasite score is dropping as well. Hachi dismisses the group, leaving him and Nana alone.

Hachi notes that they've now killed over 90 in their area. Nana smiles and says that their kills over the past fortnight are 3.7 times greater than in their first. She says that what would normally cause problems in a group are drawing out their full abilities. Hachi says that it would be a total refutation of their previous methods. Nana replies that it might be what Dr. FRANXX is after.

As the unit stands on guard, Zorome asks what "S-Planning " is. Hiro replies that it seems like they're digging for something, and Zero Two says that it's probably nothing good and she can smell klaxosaurs.

Futoshi tells Kokoro that they've grown stronger, as they're on a special mission. Kokoro says that it's thanks to him carrying her through. Futoshi says that she's his responsibility and she giggles and thanks him. Blushing and nervous, he asks thar she promise to be his partner forever. She again smiles and agrees. Futoshi is happy and promises to always protect her. Miku suddenly interrupts and says he's gross. Zorome agrees and says to cut off his comm. Kokoro giggles, but Futoshi reprimands them for listening. An alarm suddenly sounds and Ichigo announces that seven conrad-class klaxosaurs are approaching. Goro wonders if they have a nest nearby. Ichigo tells them to get ready. Chlorophytum suddenly falls to its knees. Ikuno turns to see what's wrong, and finds Mitsuru sweating and panting.


Mitsuru testing his compatibility

As Mitsuru lies in bed, Hachi notes that his child fever came sooner than expected. Nana gives him an antipyretic as Hachi notes he had already had the procedure.

Goro notes that he had always been frail, and Ichigo adds that he was the only one who received the injection and came back. Miku is confused, so Ikuno says that it was the Elixir Injection, a highly concentrated drug that induced yellow blood cell production and greatly increases parasite aptitude. Miku asks if he had always acted that way. Goro says no, he used to follow Hiro around. Futoshi says that that's shocking and Zorome asks how they ended up butting heads. Goro says he doesn't know, but it started not long before he took the injection. He says that Hiro changed a little back then, too. Kokoro says that the injection has only a survival rate of 15% and didn't know he had such a risky procedure.

While dreaming in the hospital bed, he remembers telling Hiro that he wanted to be like him, fight in the FRANXX together. He sadly says that he can't because he's too weak, so if he takes the injection and comes back alive, he asks if he would pilot FRANXX together. Before he replies, Mitsuru suddenly wakes up, cursing.

The next morning, Nana notes that he seems to be out of the woods for now. He asks to pilot a FRANXX. She is reluctant and thinks it over. When they test, his capacity is low and Hachi notes that he might become a pruning target. Nana thinks of what they should do.

She suggests that they try a "Partner shuffle." She tells them that it's simply an option available to them. The children discuss their thoughts, and Futoshi says that they don't need to, since he promised to protect her forever. He asks if she agrees and she reluctantly agrees. Hiro asks Zero Two if something is bothering her and asks if she remembers when he asked her to speak her mind with him because he wanted to get to know her better. As he talks, she covers his mouth and says they can understand each other just fine by piloting Strelizia together.

Mitsuru watches Hiro from far away and Ikuno tells him to stop, since he knows what caused the mess. He asks what she's talking about. She tells him to drop the act and that it takes courage to face up to others and himself. He asks what her point is, and she says that he wants to be acknowledged, not by Papa or the adults. He suddenly shouts for her to shut up. Everyone turns to look at him, causing him to look ashamed. Ikuno smirks and says that it suits him better than acting cool and aloof. She says she's not like him.

Nana asks if there is anyone who wants to try piloting with a different partner. Ikuno asks to try a pistil-pistil connection as a backup plan when they've lost a stamen. She asks Ichigo to help. Ichigo is surprised by reluctantly agrees. Nana agrees to let them try and asks if there's anyone else. Kokoro shyly puts up her hand and asks to try with Mitsuru. This surprises everyone, and Futoshi is hurt. She apologizes, but he begins to cry.

Nana announces that 160 seconds have passed. Ichigo says she doesn't feel anything and they time out. Genista's score crossed the minimum required, though it is in the lower range, it is stable.

In the locker room, Ichigo smiles and says she knew it wouldn't work without a boy. Ikuno coldly says that she was serious before closing her locker and walking out. Both she and Mitsuru leave at the same time. She tells him to laugh if he must.

Futoshi cries into his pillow as the other boys are at his side. He asks if he did something wrong. Zorome suggests that maybe he annoyed her and that he should lose weight. Goro wonders why she would and Hiro replies that she must have felt she had to do something for Mitsuru. Zorome smiles and says especially since he's so miserable. Futoshi leaps out of bed and begins shaking him, saying clearly he's the most miserable. Goro tells him to calm down, as Mitsuru suddenly returns. They all turn to look at him. He begins to leave, but Futoshi angrily asks if he thinks he's pathetic. Mitsuru asks what it matters who their partners are. Futoshi easily throws the others off of him and says he has no idea how he feels. He tries to punch him, but misses and falls on his face. Mitsuru adjusts his tie and says he's annoying. Hiro tells him to try and understand Futoshi's feelings. Mitsuru clenches his fist and asks what right he has to say that. Hiro doesn't seem to understand and Mitsuru walks away. On the floor, Futoshi says that, when he thinks of Kokoro, his chest feels tight. Now, he says that the tightness hurts now and wonders why. Hiro smiles at him and says he understands.

In the greenhouse, Kokoro twirls around and hums. To her doll, she says that the flowers smell nice. Mitsuru suddenly asks what she's doing, and she throws her doll in surprise. They sit together and she asks why he thinks humans stopped having children. He says probably because they don't need to anymore. She says that it seemed having a baby was the most natural thing. He tells her not to waste time thinking about unnecessary things, as one look at the adults makes it clear: They don't need others to live. He asks why she volunteered to be his partner and that Futoshi hates him now. He asks if it was out of pity. She says no, and begins to suggest something, but is interrupted by sirens.

A Gutenberg-class klaxosaur approaches and Hachi commands to set up a defensive line 500 meters from the S-Planning and neutralize the target. He says that Genista and Chlorophytum will act as rear support. As Kokoro and Mitsuru go to their FRANXX, Futoshi stops him and tells him to protect Kokoro. Mitsuru scoffs and says not to be ridiculous. Kokoro stops him and says she'll be fine. Futoshi tells her to be careful and says he'll do his best with Ikuno. Kokoro smiles and nods. Futoshi begins crying and rushes into the cockpit, causing Ikuno to sigh.

Zero Two suddenly attacks, and Hiro says that its core is too deep. She rushes in again and is trapped, forcing Miku and Ichigo to save her. She tells Ichigo to mind her own business and charges at it again. The pieces cut off turn into the Conrad-class klaxosaurs they'd been fighting. Before she can attack again, Hiro stops her and she tells him not to get in her way. He asks Ichigo what they should do. Kokoro says they need to shoot at it. Futoshi cries as they talk.

Three get past and Futoshi goes after it. He tells Ikuno that she's too tense, but they manage to kill it. Mitsuru struggles as well, and Kokoro says that there's no need to rush. Strelizia kills it for them and Hiro asks if they're okay. Kokoro thanks him, and he tells Mitsuru to hand in there before rushing back. Mitsuru becomes annoyed and charges blindly at the klaxosaur, causing them to smash into it. An operator announces that Genista's positive pulse is dropping below minimum. Though they are about to be squished, Chlorophytum protects them. Ikuno asks if they're okay. Kokoro thanks both of them. Miku and Ichigo cuts its back legs, but it begins stretching in place towards the S-Planning. Ichigo says she and Miky will stop it. Miku tells Chlorophytum to take care of Genista. Futoshi says that he'll protect her as they shoot into its foot.

Kokoro says that they should start over and turns toward Mitsuru. They power down and he tells her that if she places her hopes in him, she'll only be let down because he's incompetent. She disagrees and Hachi suddenly orders them to reconnect. She enters them into radio silence, leaving Hachi confused. Kokoro says that he can rely on others more and that she believes in him. She tells him to believe in her too. He smiles and asks if she's joking.

As a child, he asks Hiro to pilot together. Hiro smiles and promises. After his injection, he approaches Hiro, who forgot all about it. He tells Kokoro that believing in someone will only get you betrayed. He says he was a fool for expecting anything from him and asks why he would make a promise if he was going to forget about it. He holds his head in his hands and cries.

Mitsuru saves Kokoro from going stampede

Kokoro says that must have deeply hurt him. She says that she acted similarly towards Futoshi and she isn't the nice girl they think she is. She says that if someone did something like that to her, she wouldn't have any right to complain or blame them. He angrily asks if he should forgive him, then. She says that they aren't perfect like the adults, but she wants to have relationships. She says she believes in him. She turns and begins to enter stampede mode. Mitsuru suddenly hugs her and she stops. He asks how she can trust someone so much. They smile at each other as he calls her ‘unbelievable’.

Mitsuru and Kokoro smile

Genista reconnects and they all work together to kill it. Afterwards, Futoshi asks why he was so reckless, and Kokoro is about to stop him but Mitsuru stops her. He punches him in the face and Kokoro rushes to care for him. He asks why he didn't dodge it. Mitsuru asks if he realizes how unreasonable he's being. Futoshi shouts at him before Mitsuru slowly says that he promises to protect her. Futoshi falls to his knees and says that he loved her. Hiro sadly looks on from his FRANXX and Zero Two embraces him from behind. She tells him that they'll be together until they die.

Futoshi punches Mitsuru

Mitsuru reflects that he doesn't know if he can forgive Hiro, but he agrees that he knows things will keep happening between them all. The next morning, his temperature returned to normal.

Episode 12: The Garden Where It All Began

The episode starts with the members of Squad 13 looking out of a large window within a vehicle, seeing the Garden as they approach it. Zero Two is elsewhere within the vehicle, looking for picture books but to no avail. Squad 13 has been sent back to The Garden to undergo some tests, the place where they were raised. They are greeted by the Nines, Zero Two's former squad, and their leader Nine Alpha who wonders what Zero Two, formerly coded Nine Iota, saw in them.

Disobeying orders, Hiro, with the other members of Squad 13 visit the old facilities where they were raised in, hoping to meet Naomi again. Naomi is nowhere to be seen and the adults refuse to tell them where she is. They also discover that the children from Garden are being developed into Parasites at a much earlier age, in response to the increased number of Klaxosaur attacks. When a group of Klaxosaurs attack the Garden, Squad 13 is dispatched, and Hiro notes that Zero Twos canines and horns have grown longer. During the battle, a hysteric Zero Two ignores direct orders and attacks alone, claiming that she must kill more Klaxosaurs in order to become truly human. After the battle, Hiro asks the meaning of her words, but she refuses to answer. Meanwhile, Ichigo eavesdrops on a conversation between Nana and Hachi in which they affirm with each other that the Saurification process in Zero Two and Hiro is intensifying, much to her horror.

When the second wave of the Klaxosaurs attack, Squad 13 sorties again and once more Zero Two turns rogue. Hiro is attacked by Zero Two whilst trying to stop her, and he receives visions of a past long forgotten.

Episode 13: The Beast and the Prince

As Hiro remembers his forgotten memories from the Garden, he remembers when he gave names to all the children, including Mitsuru who was happy to receive his name.

Some time later, Mitsuru was walking with an adult when Hiro called out to him and asked him if he was going to the lab. Mitsuru said he was going to get an injection or else he wouldn’t be able to stay. Hiro knew he was going to get an Elixirs Injection which would drastically increase a parasite’s aptitude results but had an incredibly low success rate. Mitsuru asked Hiro to promise him that they would pilot a FRANXX together if he came back alive. Hiro agreed and they pinky promised. Not long after, Hiro’s memories were erased and he forgot thenpromise, which explained why Mitsuru came to resent him

Episode 14: Punishment and Confession

Zero Two and Hiro realize they knew each other as children. Zero Two catches Hiro before he collapses and asks if he's her darling from her childhood and is horrified thinking of what she had done. Ichigo suddenly interrupts and throws her off of him and into Goro. He asks if she's alright as Ichigo tries to revive Hiro. The other FRANXX wait. When they return to the docking facility, Hiro is taken for treatment. Zero Two realizes what Hiro meant when he said he wanted to understand her better.

At an APE hospital room, Nana notes that his yellow blood cell count has gone far beyond what the human body can handle and his saurification could begin at any moment.

Zero Two goes to talk to Hiro, but is stopped by Ichigo. She blames her for his hospitalization and says she can't see him again. Goro and Miku tell her to calm down. When Ichigo reveals that Hiro will lose his humanity, the rest of the parasites don't believe her and ask Zero Two. She tells them to shut up and mind their own business. Ichigo stops her again from seeing him and says that she isn't a member of their team.

Hiro wakes up and is surrounded by his teammates. He asks where Zero Two is and Ichigo says she stopped her. Hiro has strangulation marks on his neck. They all leave, but Hiro stops Mitsuru.

Hiro says that he made a promise to him before he got an Elixir Injection. Mitsuru is surprised, but says to never mind and it was a long time ago. He says he'd forgotten about it before that. He says that any other stamen would've died long ago. He tells him to listen to Ichigo and stay away from her. Hiro says that he has something to ask her and thanks Mitsuru.

He says that after that day, his aptitude kept decreasing. Though he felt like he died, she gave him a new life. He thinks it must be because he drank her blood. Zero Two sits in her room, biting her nails.

Hachi announced they must neutralize every klaxosaur inhabiting Gran Crevasse. Nana says that it is a joint operation with the 9's and FRANXX squad from each plantation. He says that Squad 13 is schedules to be part of the sixth wave. Nana says it will be their most difficult mission and Ichigo raises her hand. She asks that Zero Two is removed from Squad 13 as of that mission and, if not, Squad 13 will not participate in the operation. Nana says that she was set to return to the 9's as of the mission anyway. Zero Two protests, but the parasites stop her from seeing him.

When Hiro gets up, he is stopped by Miku. Zero Two is also guarded and prevented from leaving her room. Ichigo comes in to see Hiro and they chat. She gives him an apple. She tells him that Zero Two is returning to the 9's the next night. She asks if he hates her and says that, even if he does, not to go anywhere.

Hiro apologizes and Ichigo cuts her thumb, so Hiro bandages it for her. Zero Two remembers what Ichigo said and thinks that she knew she could never be a human. Ichigo leaves the knife and apple peels. Zero Two breaks out of her room as Ichigo returns. She roughly throws Goro against a window. Ichigo scolds Zero Two and asks if she wants to lie to him again. She says she's wrong and just wants to talk to him.

Goro tells Ichigo to let her see him and Kokoro agrees, stating that it's sad to see them apart. Goro says that she can meet him, but they're all going to be there. When they enter the room, it's empty. Hiro had used the knife to make a rope out the curtains. He then tied the knife to it and climbed upstairs, escaping containment. Zero Two becomes enraged and says that they tricked her. Hiro unknowingly goes to Zero Two's room.

He asks through the door if she knew about their past. He opens the door to find the room destroyed. He returns to the hospital to find all his teammates unconscious and her attacking Ichigo. Zero Two, with a devious grin, invites Hiro to "talk lots and lots". Hiro scolds her for being such a monster. She realizes the damage she'd done to him.

Zero Two leaves the plantation as the other parasites watch her leave silently. She passes by Hiro without saying anything. When Ichigo suggests they go inside, she finds that he's crying. He is about to go after her, but Ichigo stops him, saying he'll turn into a monster. When he turns away again, she grabs his face and kisses him.

Episode 15: The Bird that Shares Wings

At Cerasus's international briefing room, Hachi explains that their objective is to take control of Gran Crevasse. Though another group is attacking, they aren't making headway. Squad 13 is to group up with squads from other plantations.

Kokoro asks what Gran Crevasse is. Nana shows them a video where a large amount of klaxosaur are. Hachi explains that taking over Gran Crevasse is Papa's long-standing wish and would be a turning point in humanity's history. On screen, a large group of FRANXX walk behind Strelizia in it's stampede mode.

At APE central HQ on Cosmos, Dr. FRANXX meets with the council. He finds that Zero Two devoured all of her stamen and he calls her a hellcat.

One of them says that they may finally get their wish if they take over Gran Crevasse. Another says that Hringhorni's construction is proceeding smoothly. One says, if they have both, they can bury "those pests" once and for all. One happily exclaims that the time has come.

Dr. FRANXX begins to walk off, and is asked where he is going (referring to him as "Werner"). He says he wants to watch it from a front-row seat.

Hiro watches Zero Two attack a klaxosaur. Ichigo suddenly grabs his hand and squeezes, but doesn't look up at him.

The parasites of Chrysanthemum struggle against the klaxosaurs large numbers. 090 screams when one of his squadmates is almost killed. Strelizia kills it, saving the FRANXX, and 9'α appears to take out more of them. He compliments 090 saying he did well for humans. He says they'll take over, so they can go in the rear.

In Cerasus's command room, they receive a message from mission command saying they're prepared to sortie. Nana tells the kids to get ready. The parasites all walk away to battle. Goro tells him not to be sad, because they'll be fine. Ichigo says that she'll teach him how to pilot from the ground up once she gets back. He asks them to come back alive, and they smile at him.

The 6th united FRANXX company begins marching together. The 9's take out a bunch of klaxosaur. Ichigo is amazed, saying it's like having a bunch of Strelizias. 9'α says that there's a lot of them. 9'β points out Plantation 13 fighting. He jumps behind Ichigo and says that her FRANXX is adorable. She sarcastically thanks him. He says that they're holding them off fine, but they're not making any progress and that the Crevasse has been sealed off inside a thick dome. They need to strike from the inside to get rid of it. Hiro sadly watches from the control room.

The unit takes out many klaxosaurs and Unit 26 notes that they're fighting well. 090 notes that they're still all over the place, but he's happy they're there. He tells them to regroup. They are about to enter the hole in the wall, but the klaxosaur all flee. The control room detects magma energy readings underground ascertained to be super lehmann-class klaxosaur. Dr. FRANXX walks in and is amazed that it was hidden underground. Hachi says he never heard of that class.

As it comes from underground, it pushes the plantation on its side and it begins to break. 090 reacts in horror as his home is destroyed. Vice Chairman says to get 090 on the line and tells him they're moving to Protocol 32. He tells him that it's a great honour. The klaxosaur moves toward plantation 13. Unit 26 lines up with bombs. He whispers that they're counting on 13 now before the squad explodes. It stops, but its face smashes through the wall and it releases klaxosaur inside. Zero Two runs in and begins attacking. The adults say that they have to neutralize the Super Lehmann-Class and Papa and the rest will take care of Gran Crevasse. Nana says that Dr. FRANXX should return to HQ and Hiro to Misilteinn. Dr. FRANXX asks if he finds her more beautiful than any human, pure, proud, and more alone than anyone like a klaxosaur. Hiro says that she isn't a klaxosaur. He says that he thought she had finally found a partner and Hiro goes up to Misilteinn.

The FRANXX struggle against their large numbers. Zero Two takes out a large amount of klaxosaurs. 9'β says that she's in a foul mood. 9'α says that the though of getting on that unseemly beast's bad side gives him the chills.

In Zero Two's room, he finds scratches and blood on the wall. In front of the window, he finds Naomi's mirror, which Zero Two taped back together after breaking it. Gulping, he asks himself why he's holding back.

Kokoro says that they're being pushed back. Chlorophytum runs out of ammo, so they use a pillar to attack. Argentea is pushed back, and the Old Woman watches it walk forward from her window. Ichigo watches Strelizia and Goro tries to get her to focus. They notice a training unit zip by them, as does Argentea. They realize it's Hiro. The training unit is taken out, so Delphinium stops him and says that he won't let him see her. Goro suddenly stops. He says he can't stand watching Hiro and Zero Two like that anymore. He steps out and tells Hiro to get in. He says that Hiro has something to say and Ichigo is worried about her too, so he asks her to take him to Zero Two.

Hiro apologizes to Ichigo and they begin to connect. Finally connecting to him, Ichigo is disappointed to find that all his memories are of Zero Two. She cries as they head out. Smiling, Goro quietly wishes them good luck. Argentea picks him up and Zorome and Miku ask what he's asking so cool for.

Zero Two thinks that, though she pretended, she wished to become human. Ichigo charges towards her. She begins attacking and says that she's sick of how she always toys with her. After Strelizia breaks her spear, Delphinium slaps her and says she wishes she'd never known her. She breaks her helmet and Ichigo says to get her act together as she headbutts her.

As the door opens, he finds that her horns have grown and branched and her eyes are red. He says that he came to see her. Ichigo says to protect Strelizia since it's the only one that can kill the monster.

As Genista and Argentea attack klaxosaurs, one of the cores crack in half and something falls out of the center. Ikuno says it looks like a human. Suddenly, there is an explosion. As it is announced that the backup plan is almost complete, Papa says that they can let the plantation go now. The stamen of the plantation are confused as to why they're making in plantations self-distuct. 9'ε and 9'a says that they're planning to end things without Strelizia's help. Dr. FRANXX is disgusted with their choice.

Hiro tries to connect, but he gets no response. He holds her horns and asks to be taken to her. A man says that, though 016's memories were erased, 002's couldn't be completely erased. The doctor tells them to continue to try and erase, regardless of the effects on her and orders Hiro back to the garden. He says that he's probably useless now that he ingested her blood.

She cannot remember things, but begins to when she recognizes familiar actions. She licks her wounds in a similar way. Seeing her book, she begins eating it. She learns the word "boku" and Zero Two, and "darling." She remembers him getting attacked and begins crying.

Zero Two's horns break and Hiro hugs her. She pushes him away and tells him not to look at her. They apologize and cry holding each other. He says they can see the world together and kisses her as she cries. Strelizia is attacks and transforms into a red version of it and easily takes out the klaxosaur. They confess their love for each other. Futoshi and Zorome cry and Ichigo says she's happy for them. The 9's begin attacking as well. The sages say that the door to Gran Crevasse has been opened and the day of humanity's liberation is upon them.

Inside the mountain klaxosaur, they find that its core is a collective mass of cores. A large hand suddenly shoots up from the ground. 9'a laughs and says that it reacted quickly. It smashes a majority of the plantation, leaving mistiltein.

Episode 16: Days of Our Lives

Futoshi says that, in the battle of Gran Crevasse, their plantation was left in ruins, but they're still living in Mistilteinn. They stand by and wait for their next mission. One month has passed since they were given those orders. He says that the damage to the plantation has affected the water supply system, and they had to restrict their electricity usage. Their caretakers are gone too. Though food supply is delivered once a week.

Mitsuru and Hiro check the water

Mitsuru and Hiro inspect Cerasus' water sources. Mitsuru says that it's turning foul as well. Hiro says they should try and filter it. Mitsuru says that their water supply could stop at anytime as he stands up. They're interrupted when Zero Two bangs on the pot and says that breakfast is ready.

Ichigo serves up their rations. When Zorome complains, Ichigo takes his rations and says he doesn't have to eat it. Ikuno enters and offers to help, but Ichigo says that it's fine and asks if her fever went down. Zero Two places her forehead on Ikuno and says that she's 36.7 degrees (a normal body temperature) but tells her not to push herself.

They pray for Papa before they eat, though Zero Two eats anyway. Zero Two lists off the chores and Miku, smiling, notes that she's meticulous.

As the stamen eat, Futoshi stops. Hiro asks if he's okay. Futoshi lies and says he's dieting. Zorome laughs and pinches his stomach, saying he isn't cut out for it.

Mitsuru went to the greenhouse and asked Kokoro to cut his hair. She was confused, questioning where that request came from but upon seeing Mitsuru timidly look down, she merrily accepted. As she cuts, Mitsuru wondered what he was hoping for with Hiro. He admitted that he was wrong and was probably using his grudge to carve out a niche for himself and now he has nothing. Kokoro tells him to look up and giggles when he looks. He asks if he looks weird, and she says he looks handsome. She says that, if he understand, he can start over.

Kokoro kisses Mitsuru

He smiles and says her saying that makes him feel like he can do anything, she's kind and gifted with her hands. Kokoro gets down on her knees and kisses him. Mitsuru is quite surprised and does not say anything. Kokoro, embarrassed, apologizes and runs away.

The parasites meet in their living room and Ichigo says that they have five sources they can use for drinking water. Mitsuru says that only two of them are only usable with filtering. Ikuno asks if they can repair the circulation system themselves. Hiro says that Mistilteinn doesn't have the equipment. Futoshi says that their access to the elevator is restricted too. Zorome asks why they don't send a letter to Papa and ask him to fix it. Goro says that he doesn't think there'd be a point. The parasites sadly reflect on their vulnerability, so Zero Two says that they should cook their own food.

Hiro agrees with her, and Mitsuru agrees with him, remarking how there are cookbooks in the library. Kokoro says that maybe they could do it then. They all agree, except for Zorome who pouts.


When Futoshi starts a fire, he tries to show Zorome. Zorome asks if he's not dieting. He eventually becomes enthused as well. Miku and Ikuno make dough. Kokoro makes a salad and Mitsuru reads a cooking book. Ichigo welcomes Hiro, Goro, and Zero Two back from fishing. Zorome and the rest are impressed with the 11 fish that she caught. Goro caught 9 and Hiro, awkwardly smiled and scratched his head, saying he didn't catch any. Zero Two says she'll teach him later. The others want to try fishing as well.

Goro asks Ichigo how she is, and she says that the mood really changed. She happily watches as Zero Two tells the rest how to fish. Ichigo says that Hiro was right about her being a normal girl. She says she wants whats best for her and Hiro.

Before they eat, they all marvel at how they were able to cook. Though Ichigo's about to pray, Zorome starts eating and says why should they when they did everything themselves. He says it's good as Miku tries Kokoro's salad. When she says it's good, Kokoro is happy and she and Mitsuru smile at each other.

Zorome is happy at what they've accomplished and tries to get Futoshi to eat. Futoshi accidentally drops the food and Mitsuru asks if he's okay. As he picks glass, Zorome tells him to quit forcing himself. Zorome begins helping. He says that he knows Futoshi is forcing himself to eat and throwing it back up. Though Futoshi denies it, Zorome grabs his collar and begins crying. He says he has to eat to survive. Futoshi forces himself to eat and Hiro puts his hand on his back.

Zorome asks why Papa isn't getting in touch as he cries. Miku begins crying as well.


Mitsuru says that as pilots, there's a limit to their lives. Miku cries as she says that she was worried too, but too scared to speak up. Ikuno and Goro agree. Goro says that he'd been writing to Nana and Hachi to let them know how they're doing, but they never accepted them. Hiro says it's fine if they were cast aside by Papa as long as he's with them and there's more to their lives than piloting. Futoshi starts crying and says he's hungry. They all laugh and Zorome says he suits being fat.

Episode 17: Eden

9'α, β, γ, δ, and ε stand at the door. Ichigo asks why they're there. 9'α says they came to check on Papa's orders and that he had been worried sick about them. This is a great relief to Zorome and Miku. 9'β notes the problems in their environment and 9'γ agrees. 9'α asks for them to ready rooms for them. Ichigo is surprised that they intend to stay there, and he smiles and says that he'd taken a liking to them.

Ichigo is surprised to hear that all the surviving squads had been gathered in one place and sadly asks why they were the only ones left out. 9'γ says that it wasn't what Papa wanted and that Hachi and Nana should have told them about it.

Miku cries while eating, and 9'δ asks why. Smiling, she says that she's just relieved that they weren't left there to die. Zorome throws his arm over 9'β shoulders and encourages him to eat, though he politely refuses his offer.

Ichigo says that she assumed that they were there to take Zero Two back. 9'ε laughs and says they aren't her babysitters but her squad mates. Even though she didn't seem pleased to see them.

9'δ looks through the hallway when she almost bumps into Kokoro. She holds her before she falls and asks if she's okay. Kokoro thanks her and asks what she's doing. She says exploring and asks that she doesn't tell the others. She agrees to and bows after saying goodnight. On the ground, she notices her baby handbook.

Kokoro brushes Mitsuru's hair in the greenhouse. She says that, since the nines are there, someone should be coming to get them soon. Mitsuru says that he'll be a bit sad to leave, since they only began spending time together after he came there. She smiles and begins patting his head. She slides her hand down the nape of his neck, to his confusion. She says that his body is much tougher than a girl's. She rubs his chest and says that boys and girls have such different bodies, and there's a reason. Mitsuru asks what she means. She says she read that boys and girls can create new life by joining their bodies together. She gulps and undoes his shirt, saying that it represents hope for them. He shoves her hand away and stands, asking what she's doing.

Before she can explain, Zorome asks if they just tried to stick their bodies together and if they're imitating Hiro and Zero Two. Mitsuru zips up his shirt and asks if he needed something. He says that he was supposed to be on water duty. When he asks again what they were doing, he says he'll get the water. He stomps off saying to hurry up then. Mitsuru asks why she did that out of nowhere. She says she'd been thinking about it for a long time.

Mitsuru stands motionless at a body of water. Hiro appears and they enter the water together. Mitsuru says he doesn't understand what Kokoro's thinking. Hiro smiles and says that he's changed. Before he'd only distanced himself from them. Though Hiro says that it was all his fault for breaking their promise. He says that he's probably in love with Kokoro, since he has similar feelings for Zero Two as he does for Kokoro. Mitsuru thinks to his self that he is in love with her. He says he can't be sure, but that it how it's for him as he stands up. Mitsuru stands as well and says that he's similar to Hiro and he's glad that he could have a nice chat with him after so long.

When Hiro and Mitsuru enter the living room, Miku says that he's there. Smiling, Ichigo says that Zorome told them about him and Kokoro. Ikuno says that she's not surprised. Zorome angrily explains that he just asked if a boy and a girl getting all clingy was the cool thing to do. Miku tells him to be quiet. Futoshi suddenly grabs Mitsuru's collar and asks if they'd kissed. Kokoro looks down, embarrassed, and they realizes they had. This upsets Futoshi and begins to say that, if they're happy but is interrupted with the 9's entering the room.

9'α holds up the childbirth handbook and asks if they recognize it. With Kokoro and Mitsuru's reaction, he says that they do. He asks for an explanation from Kokoro, since she's the one who dropped it. He says that it's strange, since it wouldn't have been provided in the study there, and it doesn't belong to her. Kokoro apologizes for not telling them all.

She turns to her squad and says she wants to make a baby. This confuses the other parasites. 9'α smiles and says that Papa had banned that. Zorome says that it sounds bad and Goro asks Mitsuru if she said anything, and he fidgets uncomfortably.

Kokoro turns back to the nines and asks if it's so bad since it's how all humans were born. Futoshi asks if Papa didn't create them. She says they were born like any other animal and it had always been like that for all living things. She says that's why they have boys and girls. She says that she wants to leave something behind before she's gone. She happily explains that their purpose in life isn't just to ride FRANXX and that they could carry new lives and leave them for the future. She says that it made her happy to hear that, but she is interrupted by 9'a calling her disgusting. When she turns to him, he says that she's disgusting.

He explains that humans have evolved and cast their reproductive functions aside in the process. Reject that, and they all have to go back to conforming to one gender. He asks if gender isn't just a pain that's tolerated to operate the FRANXX. Kokoro has tears in her eyes and Mitsuru begins to say something, but Ikuno suddenly walks up and slaps him. 9'γ whistles and the other nines seem surprised, as is Ichigo. Ikuno asks what it matters if it's a pain. alpha says that humans have also cast away their tendency to be ruled by emotions like her since it serves no purpose. He smiles and tells them to look at themselves, though.

Ikuno begins to walk up to him, but is pulled back by Goro and Ichigo. Nana and Hachi appear and ask them to stop.

Nana exclaims that this is why she didn't want to let the nines in. Hachi calmly says that Papa sent them, so they couldn't just turn them away. She says that they should put an end to their test now. Kokoro asks what she means. Hachi says that it was on Dr. FRANXX's orders that they didn't contact them over the past month and that it would be their final test. Though they still monitored them, and know what she was trying to do with Mitsuru. Nana says that no one can speak of that, let alone do it. When Kokoro asks why they have organs for reproduction, Nana says to pilot the FRANXX. She asks what her feelings are for then. Nana has a blurred flashback and then swipes at Kokoro before clutching her head. She tells her to be quiet. Hachi tells her to return to her dorm and they'll give her her orders in time. Kokoro runs out of the room.

Mitsuru hugs Kokoro

Mitsuru sits alone in the greenhouse, thinking. In the living room, Futoshi says that Kokoro is taking a long time to return. Miku says she had no idea she was thinking about that and wishes she would have told her. Ikuno looks down and says that everyone has things they can't talk about. Miku asks if they think they really can make babies. Zorome says he has no idea and Goro wonders how they were born if Papa didn't create them and asks what Hiro thinks. He says he doesn't know, but that they may have the potential to do something Papa hadn't told them about. They reflect that they may be able to leave something for the future. Smiling, Zero Two says she's envious, since she can't leave something behind. She calls them all wonderful since they have the ability to decide their futures themselves.

Mitsuru and Kokoro lie together

Mitsuru leaves the greenhouse and finds Kokoro crying in one of the abandoned rooms. She says she was wrong and apologizes for trying to force him to go along with it. He tells her not to and says she wasn't forcing him to do anything. She says he's lying and tells him not to try and be nice. She asks that he leave her alone. As she walks out, he grabs her arm and refuses. He pulls her into a hug and tearfully asks for her to lean on him more because he is here for her and wants to make her happy.

Mitsuru and Kokoro kiss

She asks if it was so bad to create a new life and if they aren't allowed to think of the future. He kisses her and she pulls him closer to her. They consummate their relationship and lay in bed together.

Episode 18: When the Sakura Blooms

Mitsuru wakes up after spending the night with Kokoro again. They look out the window together where sakura petals float in the wind. He says it's beautiful and she agrees.

Hiro explains to the parasites that he wants to have a wedding. As they don't know what it is, Hiro explains that it was a ceremony where two people would make a vow together. Miku asks who will get married. Hiro says Kokoro and Mitsuru. Kokoro says that Hiro told them about it and it sounded wonderful. Mitsuru says they decided to do it before leaving. Goro, Miku, and Zorome voice their support. Though they stop to check on Futoshi, he exclaims that he wants to play the priest so he can be right beside Kokoro and Mitsuru to congratulate them. Kokoro thanks him.

Zero Two shows Kokoro a drawing of a wedding dress. Kokoro asks what material they can use to make it. Miku and Ichigo collect curtains to do so. Ichigo looks around the abandoned room that the couple slept in and notices a camera. Mitsuru and Goro make rings for the wedding and Mitsuru explains what they're for. When Goro says that Kokoro will love it, Mitsuru blushes and says he hopes so.

Mitsuru and Kokoro’s wedding

On the day of the wedding, as the others wait outside, Mitsuru paces at the bottom of the stairs. Kokoro comes down in her wedding dress. Mitsuru looks at her and blushes but becomes embarrassed and looks away. She takes his hand and says they'll find happiness together. Ikuno runs down the stairs and gives them each flowers and then opens the doors. Zorome asks if they ring the bells now and Miku says yes. The parasites ring their bells as Mitsuru and Kokoro walk together as well as throwing petals. Futoshi cries.

After exchanging vows, Futoshi tells the couple to exchange rings. After they do, Futoshi tells them to kiss. Before they can, they are interrupted by APE SP who tell them to freeze. When Zorome questions them, he is hit with a gun. Futoshi stands in front of them and tells them to run. They do, but are stopped by the nines. Alpha tells them that Papa said they were dangerous and need to be re-indoctrinated. Both are restrained and separated. Kokoro cries out to Mitsuru and he shouts at the officers to let her go before they are subdued and taken away.

At the Bird Nest, Ikuno says the parasites are being summoned in order. Miku says that it reminds her of Garden. The stamen talk about how it's been weeks since their last mission. Ichigo gets a message and they go to the door. Kokoro and Mitsuru walk through and are greeted by their friends. Hiro apologizes for suggesting the wedding but Kokoro and Mitsuru have no recollection of the wedding or each other. Zero Two realizes their memories have been altered.

Episode 19: Inhumanity

Futoshi shouts at Kokoro and says that she isn't changing his mind and storms off. Mitsuru asks what they were talking about, and she says he doesn't want to be her partner anymore and that he'll team up with Ikuno and he wants her to team up with Mitsuru. They're both confused, and Mitsuru says that they keep telling them all this stuff that happened between them, but neither of them remember anything. He says he doesn't believe he'll develop feelings for her. She agrees.

Mitsuru and Kokoro don’t believe they will have feelings for each other again

Goro says that Mitsuru and Kokoro were implanted with fake memories. Ichigo wonders if their memories are lost forever. Futoshi asks if what they did warranted their memories being erased. Zorome says that Papa has his reasons. Miku asks if he's serious and Ikuno says they destroyed everything about the wedding they'd worked so hard for. Zorome says that they've only had Papa their whole lives. Miku says she thought he was better than that.

Hiro walks up and Ichigo asks about Zero Two. He says she just needs some final tune-ups. He tells the group that he's thinking of directly asking Papa to return them to normal.

Hiro asks that Misturu and Kokoro's memories be returned. Papa refuses and says that they removed the unnecessary information and there is no way to return them. The rest of the parasites are distressed and the Vice Chairman says that what they're doing is a severe breach of protocol and would normally be punished, but they'll let it off with a mere mention on their record. He says to return to their waiting quarters. Futoshi demands that they apologize. Zorome asks how many klaxosaurs they have to kill before they can become adults. They don't answer and Zorome asks what they're living for. Hiro says that they took away Zero Two and his precious memories as well as Kokoro and Mitsuru's. He says they can't see him as their Papa and to set them free once the battle is over. Papa agrees, as long as they fulfill their duties in next mission. Then they hang up. Dr. FRANXX tells them to show whether they can become real humans. Hiro says he saw him in Zero Two's memories and that he can't forgive him before walking out.

Episode 20: A New World

Futoshi tells Goro that both Kokoro and Mitsuru took off their rings. Goro is surprised he noticed and begins to ask if he's not over her, but stops and apologizes. Kokoro suddenly spills her water and runs to the bathroom to throw up. Miku, Ichigo, and Ikuno follow her and Ikuno says that it'd been happening a lot lately. Ichigo says maybe she shouldn't go along with the upcoming mission. She says she must for Papa, even if she dies. Miku hugs her and says that none of them are his and they have to leave their mark on the future, just like she said.

On D-Day, at Bird Nest, Vice Chairman says that APE has always desired peace and prosperity for mankind. Marmoset tells them to offer all of themselves. Papa says they will finally prevail. 9'α watches the squad and becomes annoyed when he sees Zero Two yawn.

After the assembly, the 9's mock squad 13. Zero Two steps forward and says they're all stronger than them, since they have their eyes on the future, which surprises Kokoro. This angers Alpha and he says that Papa only treats them differently because they're his tools before they all walk away. The squad is thankful to Zero Two but are interrupted by a siren. An announcer says that a klaxosaur pack is headed towards Gran Crevasse. The parasites all head out. Kokoro rubs her finger and Mitsuru says they were partners, so they should be able to connect.

Mitsuru is pained when he says "Kokoro."

At the Gran Crevasse ruins, the FRANXX attack the klaxosaur. When Mitsuru compliments Kokoro, he calls her by her code number but then says her name. He immediately has a painflu headache in his head. Genista struggles, and Kokoro gets the same pain when saying "Mitsuru.". This frightens them both and they stop fighting, causing their friends to help them.

Episode 21: For You, My Love

The parasites wonder whether they should be fighting the Klaxosaurs or VIRM but Kokoro doesn’t care because she feels obligated to keep fighting and this makes Mitsuru worried. As they discuss the situation, Mitsuru says he heard VIRM are invaders and Goro remembers hearing Star Entity will detonate to destroy the planet. They agree to return to Gran Crevasse to see for themselves.

As Squad 13 continues, they run into the 9's. They command them to return and continue to follow Papa's orders. They kill more klaxosaur, but two of the 9’s are attacked and killed by VIRM. Squad 13 continues towards its destination. Although Kokoro hesitates, Mitsuru convinces her to keep going.

The FRANXX break though and they go to help the two. The corridor is blocked off and VIRM soldiers accost them. Kokoro offers to hold them off but Miku refuses to let her throw her life away and Mitsuru tells Kokoro they must fight together. Ikuno and Futoshi clear the path in full power but Chlorophytum deactivates and Ikuno's turns grey. Genista and Argentea stay behind with Chlorophytum while Delphinium helps Zero Two reach the entrance of Star Entity..

Episode 22: Stargazers

Squad 13 struggles to survive on the limited amount of rations and they attempt to grow crops to make food to eat. During a meeting, they discuss having low amounts of water and maintenance and are unable to use magma energy so they will have to continue resorting to farming to survive. Mitsuru watches Kokoro with concern during the meeting. Kokoro becomes nauseous and excuses herself to lie down while Mitsuru attempts to get up to follow her but stops himself.

Mitsuru shocked to learn he is going to be a father

While working in the field, the parasites witness a VIRM and klaxosaur crash into the field after killing each other and then several klaxosaurs fly into space. Kokoro becomes nauseous again and faints while Mitsuru calls out to her. In the infirmary, the new Nana tells Kokoro she is pregnant. After the squad is explained what ‘pregnancy’ means, Mitsuru realizes he is the father of her unborn child and falls to the ground in shock. After being deemed unfit to pilot due to the pregnancy and given the choice to terminate the pregnancy or give birth, Kokoro panics over what she should do and Miku asks the boys to leave. Mitsuru, guilt-stricken for having caused Kokoro pain and confused over which option is right, later asks Hiro and the other stamen on what should he do. Futoshi tries to tell him something but Hiro doesn’t have an answer because he doesn’t know what is right and wrong anymore. Mitsuru tries to see Kokoro as she keeps to herself in her room but he again stops himself.

Later that night, as everyone talks about if they will find something so important they will choose it over everything else, Mitsuru has a determined expression on his face and is holding something in his pocket.

As Squad 13 gets ready to leave to save Zero Two, Mitsuru and Kokoro stay behind due to Kokoro’s pregnancy making her incapable of piloting FRANXX.

Episode 23: DARLING in the FRANXX

Kokoro rejects Mitsuru’s support

Mitsuru and Kokoro stay behind and look after Zero Two’s body as everyone flies to space. Mitsuru had told Hiro he would be staying behind and Hiro understood Mitsuru chose to for the sake of Kokoro and the baby. She asks him why he stayed behind and he says he wanted to because it’s his responsibility. She says she doesn’t expect anything from him because they don’t remember.

Mitsuru works in the fields while Kokoro bandages Zero Two’s injuries. A severe thundertorm appears due to the effects of the battle in space and Kokoro tries to protect Zero Two. Mitsuru asks her to get inside but she refuses because she wants to protect Zero Two. He tells her staying will be bad for her body but she breaks down, saying she is no longer a parasite and therefore has nothing left to live for but the least she can do is protect Zero Two. Mitsuru surprises her when he says he will stay with her.

Mitsuru and Kokoro reconcile

She pleads for him to leave her alone and she doesn’t hold him responsible for the baby but he insists he’s not trying to be responsible and if she has nothing left, then neither does he. However, he has found a reason to live, which is to protect her and their baby. He says he is a weakling and doesn’t understand what love is but they can find it together. He shows her his wedding ring and says even if they don’t have their memories, they can start over. He insists he will call her by name as much as she wants even if it causes him pain. Kokoro shows she also has her ring and they cry together with Mitsuru hugging her as they reconcile.

When the storm passes, they look at Zero Two as she smiles and begins to turn into a statue.

At the end, Mitsuru and Kokoro look at the sky, holding hands and wearing their wedding rings.

Episode 24: Never Let Me Go

When Kokoro enters the third month of her pregnancy and begins to show, the new Nana makes arrangements to get her maternity clothes and have her monitored, which Mitsuru is glad for. As her pregnancy becomes more obvious, he becomes very protective of her and asks her if she needs him for anything but she insists she is fine. Futoshi and Zorome give her food they say has good nutrients and they get ready to return to the fields, and have to drag Mitsuru with them because he is reluctant to leave her.

Mitsuru holds his newborn daughter’s hand

245 days since the gate passage, Mitsuru rushes to Kokoro’s hospital room and finds she has given birth to a baby girl. He begins crying as he sees his daughter for the first time and she grabs his finger. Kokoro tells the baby that Mitsuru is her papa. Mitsuru names his daughter Ai. In the hallway, everyone congratulates Mitsuru for becoming the first parasite to become a father, particularly Futoshi who hugs him.

Mitsuru with his daughter, Ai

Over the next two of years, he spends time working in the fields and taking care of Ai. One day, Ai looks at Zero Two’s statue and says “Darling”. Mitsuru and Kokoro, realizing Zero Two’s statue can link everyone to her and Hiro in space, tell everyone, who hold hands to send their thoughts to Hiro and Zero Two. Mitsuru says he and Kokoro chose the name Ai for their child because it means ‘love’ and Mitsuru found her name from an old book that taught him how Hiro and Zero Two’s feelings meant they love each other. He also states that he and Kokoro want Ai to inherit the bond Hiro and Zero Two have. After Hiro and Zero Two sacrifice themselves to destroy the VIRM planet, Mitsuru and Ai comfort a saddened Kokoro. Shortly after, Mitsuru and Kokoro have their second child, which is a boy.

Eight years pass and Mitsuru attends a school ceremony with Kokoro and it is revealed they have three children and are expecting their fourth child. Squad 13 later reunites at a cherry blossom tree and thank Hiro and Zero Two for everything they learned from the two.



Despite having grown up together in the Garden, Mitsuru rarely spoke to Kokoro, and when he did, he was harsh and cold towards her. He tends to have random walk-ins with Kokoro in the greenhouse. Kokoro finds Mitsuru sulking in the greenhouse and offers to listen to whatever isn’t bothering him and admits she admires how he acts tough and never leans on others. However, he misinterprets her concern as pity and coldly tells her to leave him alone.

During a vacation to the beach and the squad explores an abaonded city, Mitsuru speaks coldly to Kokoro for coming if she is afraid of the cavern and Futoshi reprimands him for talking to her like that. Mitsuru explains that he said so as he could not guarantee everyone's safety. However, Mitsuru later follows Kokoro and saves her from getting crushed by a falling bookcase. He notices Kokoro found a book on babies and reproduction but doesn't mention about it.

A few days later, while the boys and girls are going through a ‘gender conflict’ fight, Kokoro finds Mitsuru in the greenhouse and proceeds to tell him the names and meanings of the plants. She asks him if he has no problem talking to her because of the fight. He calls it stupid and wants nothing to do with it. Kokoro praises him for his honest and he is brave to speak of his opinion. Mitsuru then finds she brought back the book and told her it had nothing to do with him, meaning she doesn’t have to worry about him revealing her secret book although this is considered a violation of regulations.

Mitsuru is surprised when Kokoro volunteers to partner with him during partner shuffle. While they rendezvous in the greenhouse, she asks why he thinks humans stopped having children but he brushes the subject off as unnecessary. He asks Kokoro if she decided to be his partner out of pity but she denies this. During the battle, Mitsuru refuses to continue fighting after being unsuccessful in killing any klaxosaurs, plus disconnecting. He sees himself as a disappointment but Kokoro tells him she feels otherwise. She tells Mitsuru she believes in him and tells him to believe in her too. Kokoro is even willing to risk her life to pilot Genista in stampede mode. Mitsuru realises how much trust Kokoro has put in him and tops her from hurting herself further by pulling her off the machine. When he asks Kokoro how she could trust him so much, Kokoro simply smiles. Mitsuru calls her 'unbelievable' as she risked her health and strength to pilot Genista in stampede mode for him. This makes him respect and admire Kokoro and he even genuinely smiles for the first time. At the end of the battle, Mitsuru promises to Kokoro's former Partner to protect her whenever they ride Genista together.

In the manga, Mitsuru is the only person who agrees with Kokoro about hiding the 9’s from APE and he later discusses this with Kokoro. Both admit they don’t want to live just to die fighting, which Ikuno tells Futoshi is what draws the two to each other. Mitsuru quickly develops a deep attachment and concern for Kokoro as they continue spending time in the greenhouse, and he goes as far as to hide his illness from her so that she won’t get worried. Whrn he questions her decision to pilot with him, he is surprised when she confesses she likes him. Initially confused because he didn’t understand why looking at her smile made his heart feel warm, he realizes that he reciprocates her feelings and asked her to cut his hair so he could minimize future risks and protect her.

Afterwards, Mitsuru begins to show an interest in Kokoro as they spend time together. He asks Kokoro to cut his hair and he starts admitting how guilty he feels for how badly he treated Hiro for something that wasn’t his fault. Kokoro praises him for resolving the misunderstanding and Mitsuru compliments her handiwork, to which Kokoro reacts impulsively by kissing him. Mitsuru is surprised but Kokoro is deeply embarrassed and runs away while apologizing. However, they work together to make a salad for dinner and smile at each other when everyone praises them for their joint effort.

A couple of days later, they talk about how sad they are about leaving Mistilteinn soon, but Mitsuru says he is sad because they just got to spend time together, which touches Kokoro. This leads to a moment of sexual tension between them, due to their growing feelings and Kokoro’s desire to bear a child. Kokoro starts to initiate sex with him as she reveals about boys and girls are able to create a new life but he is confused and rebuffs her. Mitsuru Later has a conversation with Hiro, who says Mitsuru has changed and he wants to understand Kokoro more because he loves her. Thinking about this, Mitsuru realizes he is in love with her. After the 9’s confiscate her book and berate her for wanting to have a baby, Mitsuru comforts Kokoro and expresses his affection for her, leading to a passionate kiss and they have sex for the first time. They then begin secretly meeting in one of the abandoned rooms to spend their nights together.

Shortly after, Kokoro and Mitsuru decide to get married after learning the meaning of marriage from Hiro and have an outdoor wedding. However, they are detained by the 9’s and their memories altered on Papa’s orders. They are later reincorporated back into Squad 13 with no recollection of their past memories. They are told of their relationship but both don’t know what to believe because they don’t remember. Mitsuru tells Kokoro he doesn’t think he'll ever have those feelings for her, and it becomes apparent they want nothing to do with each other. They then took off their wedding rings. Kokoro begins suffering from morning sickness but both are unaware of the cause. They are able to pilot together, during which Mitsuru calls Kokoro by her name and feels pain in his head. Kokoro also feels pain when she says Mitsuru‘s name, leaving them fear-struck and they stop fighting.

Mitsuru shows concern for Kokoro as she continues suffering from morning sickness and is by her side when she faints. Kokoro then learns she is pregnant and Mitsuru realizes he is the father, leaving him shocked. After given the options of abortion or keeping the baby, Kokoro breaks down in despair and Mitsuru feels tremendous guilt for causing her pain. He also doesn’t know what choice is right, but he tries to comfort her though he can’t bring himself to face her. After some deep thinking, Mitsuru resolves to support Kokoro no matter what and he wants her to have the baby. When Squad 13 prepares to leave for space, Mitsuru stays behind because he is concerned for Kokoro.

Mitsuru tries to offer support to Kokoro but she rejects him because she thinks he shouldn’t have to be responsible since they don’t remember anything. He later tries to get Kokoro to safety when a dangerous storm occurs from the effects of the battle but she refuses because she has nothing to live for since she is no longer a parasite, all she can do is to protect Zero Two. Mitsuru suddenly tells her that if she has nothing then neither does he, and decides to stay with them. He confesses he is not trying to be responsible but he wants to protect her and their child has given him a reason to live, and he wants to start over again with her even though they don’t have their old memories. Showing her that he still has his ring, he says he wants to call her by her name because it’s too important for him to just let her go. Kokoro begins crying and shows her ring to him, and calls his name. They then embrace as they reconcile. At the end when the storm has passed they were seen holding hands wearing both of their rings.

Ad Kokoro’s pregnancy progresses, Mitsuru and Kokoro start to become excited at the imminent birth of their child. Mitsuru becomes very protective and supportive of Kokoro, and his concern for her reaches to the point he doesn’t want to leave her side and he has to be physically dragged away by his squadmates. When she gives birth to their daughter Ai, Mitsuru cries out of joy. Their relationship becomes more affectionate after the birth and they spend their time raising their daughter. After two years, it becomes apparent they have grown to love each other again as they tell Hiro and Zero Two about Ai. After ten years of marriage, they are still happily married and have three children with a fourth child on the way.


Mitsuru and Hiro have known each other since they lived together in Garden. Mitsuru admired him for being a genius and setting an example by giving all the parasites names, and he received his name from Hiro. Mitsuru chose to risk his life and get an injection or else he wouldn’t be able to stay in the Garden any longer; before going to get the injection, Mitsuru and Hiro made a promise to pilot together if he survived. Hiro’s memories were erased, causing him to forget about the promise and leading Mitsuru to resent him. He would often talk down to him and complain to others about him, calling him pathetic and worthless. Mitsuru also was overly determined to prove he was a better pilot than Hiro and he would lash out in jealousy and resentment whenever he felt he lost to Hiro. However, that doesn’t mean he is completely indifferent towards Hiro, as Mitsuru showed concern for him after Zero Two seemingly almost killed him and warned him to stay away from her.

After Hiro's memory was restored, Hiro attempted to apologize for breaking their promise but Mitsuru, who realized the truth to what happened, told him there was no need to apologize and he actually forgot about the promise until Hiro brought it up. Since then, their friendship was slowly rekindled and they began to talk. Mitsuru admitted to Kokoro that he actually felt guilty for how he treated Hiro, who did nothing wrong, but Mitsuru believed he used his grudge as an excuse to give himself a drive. It is Hiro who helps Mitsuru realize he is in love with Kokoro and Mitsuru is glad they were able to have a conversation after a long time. Hiro tells Mitsuru and Kokoro what marriage means and encourages them to have a wedding. When Mitsuru finds out Kokoro is pregnant, he asks Hiro for advice on what to do but Hiro, lost in concern for Zero Two, cant give him an answer. The last time the two see each other is before Hiro and the squad left for space, in which Mitsuru informed Hiro that he would stay behind with Kokoro.

Hiro's bond with Zero Two inspires Mitsuru to name his daughter Ai because, as it means love, he wanted her to inherit the bond the two shared. Like all the parasites, Mitsuru mourns Hiro and Zero Two’s sacrifice and is grateful to everything he learned from Hiro.

Zero Two

Mitsuru was a bit wary of Zero Two due to the rumors about her partners dying after piloting with her three times. When she began associating with the squad to get closer to Hiro, Mitsuru largely avoided her due to his lack of interest in her but he was surprised by her unusual behavior and her flirtation with Hiro. Despite knowing the risks, Mitsuru was willing to ride with Zero Two to rescue his squadmates from certain death but mainly to prove he could pilot with her better than Hiro could. He soon became overwhelmed by the power he felt and offered to become her official partner, and she in turn decided to test him. He was later found severely wounded and had to be hospitalized. He was left traumatized by the experience and called Zero Two a demon who tried to kill him and said anyone who rode with her was insane.

Following that incident, Mitsuru again avoided her and began seeing her as a monster. However, he held back voicing his feelings. Even though she saved the squad many times, he struggled to feel appreciation for her due to the incident with her. His opinion about Zero Two seems further justified when she goes rogue and tries to kill Hiro, as Mitsuru tells Hiro to never pilot with her again. However, he was against keeping Hiro and Zero Two apart because he had grown tired of it.

After she reconciles with the squad, Mitsuru‘s opinion about her begins to change. He begins socializing with her more and they begin to become genuine comrades and friends. This is evident by her help with planning his wedding with Kokoro and she angrily fought against the 9’s for ruining the wedding in order to arrest Kokoro and Mitsuru for violating the rules. When a catatonic Zero Two and Kokoro are in midst of a thunderstorm, Mitsuru stays with them to protect them. He further shows his appreciation to Zero Two by naming his daughter Ai, as it means love, a word she and Hiro taught him. After Hiro and Zero Two’s sacrifice, Mitsuru mourns them, fully recognizing Zero Two as a friend and comrade.


Ikuno is Mitsuru's former partner. Although they were assigned together as partners, they do not get along with each other and they don’t hesitate to show their dislike for each other. Mitsuru tended to blame Ikuno for their failure to connect and pilot together because of her disdain towards the boy-girl pairing system, although she ignored this and said the problem also lied with him because of his difficulty in trusting others.

He initially showed no regard for her feelings and seemed to look for any excuse to break up their partnership. His disdain towards her was visibly shown when he paraded how Zero two was a better partner and he wouldn’t mind becoming her official partner, which deeply upset Ikuno and made her feel like a failure. Despite their tumultuous partnership, they will act civil for the sake of their duties. They are not completely indifferent towards each other, as Ikuno will go out of her way to help him even if he rejects her and he will back down from mocking her if she is upset.

Things between them slowly start to ease after they switch partners due to their incompatibility. She noticed a significant change in his demeanor since he paired with Kokoro, as he went from being stoic and moody to smiling and being friendly. This lead her to suspect they had developed a romantic relationship and, once this was confirmed, she admitted she wasn’t surprised when she learned it was true. Ikuno defends Mitsuru and Kokoro against the 9’s for questioning Papa’s ideals. In turn, Mitsuru thanks Ikuno for helping with the preparations for his and Kokoro’s wedding. After the war against the klaxosaurs and VIRM ended, Mitsuru and Ikuno truly reconcile, as he shows concern for her health and asks her not to push herself with her research, and she admits she is happy for him having a new family and moving on with his life. Mitsuru also admits that, because she is always honest, he trusts her the most, which surprises her and she promises him to complete her research so everyone can live long, happy lives.


Initially, Mitsuru and Futoshi are normal squadmates but didn’t have much to do with the other. Futoshi helped look after Mitsuru when he was left wounded and traumatized from piloting with Zero Two. He later reprimanded Mitsuru for talking harshly towards Kokoro.

After the partner shuffle in which Kokoro breaks off her partnership with Futoshi so she can pair up with Mitsuru, Futoshi becomes resentful towards him and is bewildered why Kokoro would prefer Mitsuru over him after he already vowed to protect her. Mitsuru’s indifference to the situation only angered him further to the point of attempting to attack him but he felt he was pathetic for failing to punch him. Futoshi asked Mitsuru to promise to protect Kokoro but again Mitsuru brushes him off. After Mitsuru acts recklessly in battle and almost got him and Kokoro killed, Futoshi jumped into protect them. Afterwards, Futoshi punches him in the face and berates him for hurting Kokoro but Mitsuru promises he will protect Kokoro whenever they pilot Genista together. Futoshi is relieved by this but sadly confessed his feelings for Kokoro.

Things between the two began to slightly ease as Futoshi accepted Mitsuru as Kokoro’s partner. When he learned the two had begun a romantic relationship and had even kissed, Futoshi was shocked and questioned Mitsuru about this but relented because all he wants is for them to be happy. He demonstrates this further by playing the priest at their wedding, being the most enraged at Papa for erasing their memories, and insisting that Kokoro stay as Mitsuru’s partner. When Mitsuru learned Kokoro was pregnant, he was scared and confused, and Futoshi was about to tell him something before Goro stopped him. When Kokoro and Mitsuru’s daughter, Ai, is born, Futoshi happily embraced Mitsuru and congratulated him.


Mitsuru has three children (two daughters and one son) with Kokoro and, by the end of episode 24, they announce they are expecting their fourth child. Mitsuru is shown to be a doting father towards his children.

Ai is Mitsuru and Kokoro’s first child and eldest daughter. Because his memories were altered after his and Kokoro’s wedding, Mitsuru had no recollection of them trying to conceive a child. When he learns she is pregnant, he immediately realizes he is the father of the baby and is shocked to the point of almost fainting. Despite unsure of what he should do, Mitsuru starts to feel a deep attachment towards his unborn child and he decides to take responsibility, though he later admits to Kokoro that he truly wants her to have the baby because it gives him a reason to live. When Ai is born, Mitsuru cries out of joy and he proves to be a doting father who loves his daughter dearly.

Their second child is a boy, who was born shortly after Hiro and Zero Two’s deaths and he takes after Kokoro in looks. Their third child is another girl, who appears to be a toddler and greatly resembles Mitsuru. By the ten year timeskip, it is revealed Kokoro is pregnant with their fourth child.


Mitsuru's nickname may use some of the numeral's readings from his real name "Code:326": mi from 3 ( () , mi), tsu from 2 (ツー, tsū) and ru from 6 ( (ろく) , roku).


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"I say Hiro's showing real integrity. It must be hard for him to face us after what happened, too. Spare a thought for how he feels."—Mitsuru[3]
"Sure, Hiro was special. Even among the double-digits, he was a cut above. We were all certain that he'd be our leader and show us the way. But reality had other ideas. Hiro couldn't become a parasite. He's not who he used to be. We must give up and cut our losses. I don't want to see this pathetic side of Hiro anymore."—Mitsuru[4]
"I promise to protect Kokoro from now on."—Mitsuru
"Doesn't it scare you?"—Mitsuru
"You're unbelievable."—Mitsuru
"I understand... I love Kokoro."—Mitsuru


  • Mitsuru's name in kanji can be written as 満, meaning "fullness".
  • Mitsuru received a green pen as his annual gift from Papa.
  • Mitsuru has an interest in reading, which he picked up when he used to follow Hiro to the library as a child.
    • He is known to spend his free time in the library at Mistilteinn and he found his daughter’s name from an old book on emotions, such as love.
  • In the manga, Mitsuru admits that he loves the greenhouse where he spends time with Kokoro because the flowers help him forget his problems.
  • It was shown early in the series that Mitsuru was dependent on, if not abusing, prescription medication.
  • Despite the contrary, it is hinted Mitsuru has always been physically attracted to Kokoro: in the Drama CD, Ikuno says he always stares at Kokoro’s thighs, although he adamantly denies that.
  • He is the first parasite to have fathered a child.
    • Mitsuru’s codename "326" and Kokoro's codename "556" when added together, equals 882, which can be read as "hahani", which means “to become a mother”. It can also be read as “papani”, which means “to become a father” without diacritic. “Ha” and “pa” have the same Japanese letter in Hiragana without the diacritic.
    • With a different kanji, “hahani” can also mean “rebellion”. This stems from that Mitsuru, who was once loyal to Papa and APE, violates the rules by consummating his relationship with Kokoro and taking it further by marrying her and having children with her. In addition, their memories being erased as punishment provokes their friends to rebel against Papa.
    • In addition to being the first human to have fathered a child in close to a century, he is the youngest stamen to become a father, as he was 15 years, 2 months old when his daughter, Ai, was conceived and she was born one month before Mitsuru turned 16.


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