Miku (ミク, Miku) is one of the main characters in DARLING in the FRANXX. She is a former Parasite with the codename "390" of the Thirteenth Plantation, where she is partnered in boy-girl pair with Zorome to pilot a FRANXX called Argentea.

She is the most assertive and head-strong of the girls and is not afraid to clash with the boys. She is motivated to strive and she shares an attitude almost identical to Zorome’s, which makes them perfectly compatible.


Miku is a petite girl with auburn red hair and sea blue eyes. Her hair is done up in girlish pigtails, more commonly referred to as "twintails", with a small cowlick at the top of her head. She wears the standard Pistil Parasite uniform and when piloting Argentea, Miku wears a white bodysuit with pale pink accents.

In Episode 16, it is revealed that she has begun sprouting some gray hair on the top of her head.

In Episode 24 when she has become an adult, Miku leaves her hair untied and her hair is seen reaching her lower back. She has a few gray hair-strands on some places on her hair. She also wears a matching pink necklace together with Zorome.


Miku is a confident, blunt, spunky, and outspoken girl who tends to lash out at others if their personal habits bother her. She is generally motivated and strives to prove herself, a trait she shares with Zorome through his immaturity often irritates her to no end. She is very prideful of her appearance and refers to herself in third person, which gives her a "cute" impression. Like Kokoro, she has a fondness for flowers and enjoys making flower crowns.

Despite her assertiveness and brashness, Miku is compassionate and friendly with her squadmates. She has been best friends with Kokoro since their childhood and gets along better with her than the other girls. She generally dislikes Ichigo for her bossy and matter-of-fact attitude, to the point she was dismayed to learn Ichigo was promoted as the squad leader and Miku was eager to find any opportunity to start a quarrel with her. Miku even went as far as to condemn Ichigo for parading herself as the leader and ordering all of them around but then would break down when things would go wrong and had to be comforted by Goro to stop her from having a breakdown. She initially expresses skepticism towards Hiro‘s abilities but never holds it against him as she does worry about him once he starts piloting with Zero Two despite the rumors of her partners dying after riding with her three times. She is initially wary around Zero Two due to her reputation as the ‘partner killer’. She is further confused by Zero Two’s unusual behavior, such as her eating her food soaked in honey and flirting with Hiro, and her rebellious attitude towards the adults. However, she has a civil comradeship with Hiro and she gradually comes to like Zero Two. This is demonstrated when Miku made a flower crown for her to wear over her horns and Zero Two trusted Miku enough to wash her hair.

She has an interest in boys, as she found Alpha to be ‘hot‘ and she openly admitted to preferring to be paired with the stamen of Squad 26. However, she considers boys to be perverts but this is because none of the children understand the concepts of the physical and emotional changes in adolescence. Because of this, Miku didn’t understand why the boys would ogle the girls and why they kiss on the lips. Despite her frequent quarrels with Zorome, she cares deeply for him to the point she prefers to remain partners with him and admits she doesn’t mind if he ogles her a bit. Miku heavily implies she has feelings for Zorome, as she admits she cares about him the most in the manga, but her pride and lack of knowledge of love prevent her from realizing them. Miku acknowledges they have a strong bond and begin wearing identical pink fragments of Argentea on pendants and work together as teachers to make a difference for the new generation of children. However, Miku continues to berate Zorome for slacking on his responsibilities and she shares a close relationship with all the children, especially Ai, whom she tells stories about her parents to.


Miku places a flower crown on Kokoro.

Like her other unit members, Miku grew up in the Garden. She has been close friends with Kokoro since childhood, and as a child, she was seen making her a flower crown. She receives the name "Miku" from Hiro at some point

Several years later, at age 14, she is discharged from the Garden and she is sent to Cerasus to become a Pistil and is partnered with Zorome.

Episode 01: Alone and Lonesome

At Mistilteinn, Miku and the squad discuss the rumors of Zero Two being called the ‘partner killer’. Miku doesn’t believe them but Zorome says they are true. Ichigo tells Goro that Hiro is not responding to her messages and they worry for him after remembering he failed his capacity test with Naomi.

The next day, the squad takes part in a graduation ceremony where they are praised by Papa. They then prepare for the startup ritual with their FRANXX. However, a klaxosaur appears and begins attacking the plantation, forcing the parasites to evacuate until Strelizia appears and kills the klaxosaur after Hiro connects with a Zero Two.

Episode 02: What it Means to Connect


The squad prepares to resume their startup ritual. The next day, Zero Two shows up at Mistilteinn and eats breakfast with the squad. Zero Two pours honey all over her food and Miku nearly vomits at the sight. Everyone finds her to be a strange person and Miku says no ordinary person has horns when Kokoro mentions how much Zero Two likes sweets. Nana announces she will be their caretaker like she was in the Garden, which Miku very happy.

In the dressing room, Miku complains how tight their special underwear is and Kokoro mentions how weird it felt connecting compared to their previous training units. Miku fondles her stomach and describes it as your insides swirling around. They later talk with Ichigo how Zero Two flirts with Hiro and calls him ‘darling’, which flatters Miku in what it could mean. This angers Ichigo and she storms off. Miku is confused why Ichigo got irritated.

As the startup ritual begins, Hachi says Delphinium will be the commanding FRANXX as Ichigo is the squad leader, much to Miku’s annoyance. When the stamens and pistils connect, the girls make noises. Zorome tells her not to make weird noises and Miku retorts it’s a natural reaction. Once outside, Zorome tests Argentea out and nearly causes it to fall before Delphinium catches it. Miku criticizes him for his behavior.

Nana and Hachi announce they will hold a mock battle for Hiro to test his abilities and decide to promote him to a stamen. Ichigo volunteers to be his partner while Zorome and Miku volunteer to be the opponent due to Miku’s dislike for Ichigo. In the match, Delphinium‘s connection falters and Argentea overpowers it. Angry, Ichigo pilots Delphinium on her own and tackles Argentea to the ground, ending the match.

Episode 03: Fighting Puppet

Inside, Futoshi asks what happened with Hiro becoming a parasite. Ikuno says he could only connect for a bit at the start, so she doesn't like his chances. Zorome says that there's no way he'll get in. Mitsuru says that he doesn't know about the ones who only managed a draw against that, either. Zorome says that it was Miku's fault for randomly falling over. Miku angrily asks if he remember what he said when that happened. Kokoro warns them not to fight because it will affect their numbers. Ikuno says that she doesn't think Papa will accept a parasite who can't pilot. Futoshi agrees and says that so many kids disappeared from the Garden due to that. Miku says that Ichigo is no better. She says that she's too biased towards Hiro when she's supposed to be their leader. She says she doesn't understand how Goro's putting up with her as her partner. Ichigo asks what Goro has to do with it. Goro also walks in and asks what they're talking about. Annoyed, Ichigo says that, if Hiro becomes a parasite, he'll be a great help. Miku says that he might not even. Ichigo says that he still has a chance, and Miku disagrees. She says that he couldn't get it done with her, so I think it's over for him. She says that he piloted Strelizia, even if he was unconscious, and saved them, so she still believed in him. Mitsuru says that he understands why she wants to stick up for him, but he was only taken along for the ride. Ichigo yells that they don't know that. Mitsuru says that Hiro was special, even among the double digits, and they were all certain that he'd be their leader. But in reality, he couldn't become a parasite and he isn't what he used to be. He says that they should cut their losses because he doesn't want to see the pathetic side of Hiro anymore.

Hachi says they received sortie orders from HQ. Nana tells them that the Klaxosaur won't be as big as the one they already saw. Hachi says it's a Conrad-class klaxosaur, a bit smaller than a FRANXX. He says that they're attracted by magma energy reactions and appear in their vicinity. He says, lately, they had been showing up deep in a Level 8 mine on the outskirts and wreaking havoc. Nana says that Strelizia won't be a part of the mission. Because they'll have to defend Plantation 13 by themselves eventually, it will show if they can handle fighting them in the future. Nana says that Ichigo and Goro will have field command.

In the FRANXX, Zorome is excited, but Miku tells him not to go crazy by himself again. All but Mitsuru and Ikuno connect. Hachi asks what's wrong, Mitsuru says that it doesn't look like Ikuno can do it. Ikuno says that he's nearly there and to wait for a second. Mitsuru seems annoyed and tells her not to bother. Hachi announces that Chlorophytum will stay behind.

The three head out to a big hole. They marvel at it and say that they use the pipes to extract magma reserves. Hachi tells them to head down to the 8th floor. He says that, in order to completely neutralize a Klaxosaur, they must extract its core, and shatter it using their customized magma-energy weapons. He tells them to defeat it and the three head in.

Ichigo says that they have visual on klaxosaur and they're spreading out. They run to it and begin slashing it. Before Zorome can finish it, it attacks and knocks them over. Miku is electrocuted and passes out. Futoshi shoots and exposes its core. Ichigo stabs it.

Zorome tries to check on Miku, as does Ichigo. Many more suddenly fall from the ceiling, so they plan on fleeing. Nana says that they attracted more because they released their magma energy. Zero Two says that she should have sent her from the start. She says they'll die. Hiro is alarmed and tells her to sent himself and Zero Two to help. Hachi refuses and says that he isn't an official stamen, so he can't give permission to board a FRANXX. Zero Two says that the plantation squad is going to be wiped out again and to let her pilot with Hiro. She says she won't be allowed to sortie.

Mitsuru says that he could pilot with her. Nana says that Strelizia is no ordinary FRANXX, if he isn't used to its connect. Mitsuru says that, if Hiro could, there's no way he couldn't. Zero Two says that she wants to ride with Hiro, but he asks that she just go with him. As Mitsuru walks by, he tells Hiro not to come crying to him when he regrets his goody-two-shoes act later because he's going to prove that he can pilot Strelizia better than he did.

Miku wakes up and Zerome hugs her. They begin piloting again. Hachi tells them that Strelizia is about to help. Ichigo is bothered by this and causes them to fall. This lets the klaxosaur to get in, so they flee. Many follow and a very large one is about to bite Ichigo. Strelizia appears and kills some. Mitsuru tells them to get back and Hachi tells them to evacuate.

Panting, Mitsuru says that he feels like he can do anything. He says that he's amazed changing partners could make such a difference, and he knew he wasn't the problem. He says that he's just as good as Hiro. He tells Zero Two that he wouldn't mind becoming her official partner, to the dismay of Ikuno. Zero Two says that she should go all-out for a bit.

Hachi tells her to stop, as the others had already evacuated. The three FRANXX are surprised what happened. Zorome apologizes to Miku. She says that it doesn't matter if it was his fault, since they're partners. He begins crying. Goro asks what's wrong with Ichigo. She lies and says she got careless after she found that help was coming.

When they retrieve Streliza, Zero Two walks out and smiles and waves at Hiro. Mitsuru is gravely injured and unconscious. She says that he isn't suited to be her darling, only Hiro is.

Episode 04: Flap Flap

Miku is with the others as Mitsuru is hospitalized for his injuries and he tells Hiro not to pilot with Zero Two again. During a conversation, Kokoro thinks Hiro will pilot with Zero Two again and Miku criticizes her for saying that after what happened to Mitsuru. As Ichigo reminds them of the upcoming battle, Miku reminds her about how she choked up in the last sortie and Ichigo acknowledges her mistake, and vows it will never happen again. Ichigo tells them that they will have to work together because they could die any moment. Everyone agrees and even Miku grudgingly agrees.

The squad is dispatched to deal with a klaxosaur that appears. The squad has trouble fighting it until Strelizia arrives and kills it. They are then told to rendezvous with Plantation 26.

Episode 05: Your Thorn, My Badge

The squad watches Plantations 13 and 26 connect for magma energy transportation. They are confused why the process is called ‘kissing’. Miku acts like she knows what it means but doubles down when Zorome challenges her to explain what it means. She says it means they are moving magma energy. However, they know this will attract more klaxosaurs and will likely be their most difficult battle.

The squad later meets Squad 26 and they attend a friendship ceremony, where they are honored and praised by the mayor. The next day, as the squad discusses the ceremony, Miku says she prefers piloting with the stamen of Squad 26 rather than with any of the boys in Squad 13 and asks for Ikuno’s opinion. Ikuno replies she is not interested.

During a meeting, Hachi and Nana devise a plan for Squads 13 and 26 to defend the plantations although Squad 26 has misgivings with Zero Two due to how her recklessness caused the death of Code:090’s partner.

Episode 06: DARLING in the FRANXX

A horde of Conrad klaxosaurs approach the Plantations. Squad 13 will be the last line of defense while Squad 26 will be in the front lines. Miku and Zorome are displeased that Squad 26 is considered better than them. During the battle, both squads easily deal with the Conrad klaxosaurs although Argentea accidentally crashes into Chlorophytum until a Gutenberg klaxosaur appears. Squad 26 finds themselves struggling to handle it, forcing Squad 13 to intervene and save them. Argentea saves Code:090 from getting killed, and Zorome says he owes him.

Strelizia arrives but promptly deactivates when Hiro begins dying and Zero Two fights in stampede mode. Everyone fears Hiro is dead but are shocked when Strelizia activates again and they realize he survived. After killing the klaxosaur, Miku and the other smile and rejoice as Hiro and Zero Two emerge from the FRANXX alive.

Episode 07: Shooting Star Moratorium

After the successful kissing with Plantation 26, Squad 13 was given a special vacation. The kids seem happy and Futoshi and Zorome run to the water. Though Miku says that they're childish, Kokoro smiles and says that it's expected, as it's their first time seeing an ocean that's okay to swim in. Ikuno says that she didn't know a place like that survived on the surface.

Zero Two pulls Hiro to the water. Kokoro smiles and says she's glad he's all better. Goro says it's good that he's an official parasite now too. Ichigo narrates that she was uncomfortable about Zero Two, but could see that she was what he needed

Gorilla marvels at Hiro's ability. One notes that Zero Two's search for a man has finally ended. Marmoset says that she still needs to be monitored closely. Papa says that Plantation 13 is a top-priority surveillance subject. He says that Code 016 is tasked with bringing her to the Grand Crevasse.

Hachi says that one of APE's special forces has become a plantation's exclusive parasite. Zero Two tells Dr. FRANXX that they didn't have to come all the way. Nana introduces Hiro to Dr. FRANXX, the creator of FRANXX. She begins to introduce a boy, but he stops her. He approaches Hiro and says that he's the first person to survive Zero Two. He says that he has an interest in them. Hachi tells the doctor that Strelizia and Code 002 are transferred into Plantation 13's purview. He waves at him and says that the geezers already told him. When Hachi announces that they're officially partners, Zero Two hugs Hiro.

After Ichigo leaves, Ikuno begins to read. Mitsuru asks if she came there just to read. She says that she isn't interested in goofing around. Mitsuru says that the guy who looked suicidal now looks like part of the group. She tells him not to look to her for affirmation, since she's not like him. Smirking, he says he was merely talking to himself. She asks if they're done talking then, and he says that he found something odd.

Mitsuru leads the group through a thin pass. Kokoro says that she's a bit scared of the dark. Mitsuru coldly replies that she didn't have to come if she didn't want to. Futoshi is angered by this and tells him to be nice to her. He says that he can't guarantee their safety.

They're lead to what appears to be a city. Kokoro asks if people live there, and Mitsuru replies that he'd never heard of anyone living outside the plantations. Zorome spots a building that looks similar to their own boarding house. Ikuno says that they must have used it as a model to build the environment they live in. Futoshi wonders where Kokoro went.

Kokoro looks around and comes by a medical office. She finds a book about childbirth. Mitsuru calls out to her and pulls her back before a bookcase falls on her. He asks her not to run off alone.

Back at the beach, food had been delivered. Mitsuru watches Futoshi stuff food into his mouth. Miku teases Futoshi and Zorome by lying on Kokoro’s lap.

Mitsuru asks if he's doubting Papa and the rest. He says that they moved into plantations in order to protect mankind. This pumps Zorome up, to Mitsuru's disdain. When Zorome refers to Hiro as their teammate, Mitsuru looks annoyed.

When Zorome finds a crab, Futoshi wants to eat it. Mitsuru is surprised that he still wants to eat, causing the others to laugh.

The parasites all sleep close together, with Miku and Kokoro sleeping next to each other.

Episode 08: Boys × Girls

As the parasites are fighting a klaxosaur, it spews goo. It leaks into the cockpits and melts the girls' parasite suits. Though the boys begin spacing out, they don't tell the girls. Hiro finally tells Zero Two and the rest of the girls realize what's happened.

The girls cover themselves with a towel and glare at their partners. Besides Zero Two, who doesn't seem to mind. The boys look embarrassed, and Goro explains they only didn't tell because they didn't want to distract them during the battle. Zorome tells him that it's not like it hurt them to be seen, and Hiro says that Zero Two said it is better that parasites are a bit pervy, which Zero Two confirms. This annoys the girls further.

As the girls shower, they discuss what happened and wonder how long they had been ogling them. Kokoro says they're taking things a bit too far, but Miku declares she is done with the boys and decides the girls should live apart from the boys from now on.

The girls begin splitting the area of the house between the boys and girls. Zorome begins to cross, but is threatened by Miku and stops. Dr. FRANXX, Nana, and Hachi watch from the monitors. Dr. FRANXX contributes their antics to the children starting puberty. Hachi says that it's unprecedented for so many members of a squad to hit puberty at once, and Nana says the APE manual instructs them to intervene. He tells Nana and Hachi to observe and write for him detailed reports and to not interfere or tell Papa and the rest.

The girls talk about what's happened but notice that Zero Two is ignoring their split. As they go to reprimand her, the boys walk in from swimming in the lake wearing only boxers. Though Miku tells them to get dressed, Zorome says they can do whatever they like on their side and teases her, much to Miku’s chagrin. As they clean the bath, Ichigo says that it must have been Goro's idea and Miku is dismayed the girls are stuck with the cleaning.

When they go to eat, the boys are already there. Goro says that they've already taken over the area. Miku becomes annoyed, so Goro suggests that drop all the rules and eat together. Zero Two walks in and Miku attempts to follow her, but the other girls pull her back.

Miku, Ichigo, and Ikuno look for food and go to the first floor. They find spare rooms that are sealed off and say "keep out.”. Miku asks how long will this keep going and Ikuno replies she would like it to last forever. Zero Two licks her and says she tastes a secret. Zero Two begins to walk away, but Miku stops her and asks whose side she's on. Zero Two calls the fight a game but Miku and Ichigo insist they are serious. Zero zero then agrees to join along. She changes the girls only bath sign to allow boys and, when they enter naked, the girls are already bathing. They become angry and begin throwing bathing supplies at them. Zero Two runs out with their clothes and Hiro chases her. They meet on the roof where Hiro begins laughing after she throws their clothes in the air. She says she wanted to take part in a human fight.

The parasites are scolded.

The other parasites continue to bicker when Nana suddenly interrupts. She and Hachi scold the group after they get dressed. In the girl's room, she tells them if they half-ass things, they'll end up adults. She says to say what they want because they'll all die sooner or later. In the boys room, Zorome is mad and Mitsuru says that they must look down of the boys. Hiro says it was fun and got to see a more human side of Zero Two. Mitsuru says it's not the same for them, since they have normal partners. Hiro says she is a normal girl and that pistils let stamen handle all the controls, but they bear the brunt of each battle.

Kokoro says that they need to begin working together again after looking at her book. She says that they need them to pilot the FRANXX and, blushing but not saying it, having children. Miku says she's she'll continue no matter what and heads into one of the sealed rooms. There, she finds a picture of another group and panics. The rest find her and wonder what the room is. Zero Two says that it's probably one of the rooms the former Squad 13 used. Zorome questions what happened and Zero Two says they were obviously wiped out.

Zorome apologizes and says he won't leer anymore. Miku says that she's too cute, so a little bit's okay. Each partner apologizes, except Mitsuru and Hiro. Later on, Zorome and Miku are seen bickering before they enter their FRANXX. Hiro says that he wants get to know Zero Two better. She tells him to grab on and never let go of her,

Episode 09: Triangle Bomb

The squad receives their annual presents from Papa and Miku receives perfume. Zorome then reads the letter Papa wrote for them, praising them. They are later dispatched to deal with a Glutenberg klaxosaur. Zorome blindly charges Argentea at it and slashes it’s tentacles but it caught. Delphinium saves Argentea but starts to get obsorbed and Goro ejects Ichigo to save her. The squad is later told to return to HQ to develop a new strategy.

Ichigo demands to know why they left Goro behind and she gets into an argument with Miku, who berates her for calling herself a leader but breaking down when things go bad and Goro must be miserable as her partner. Nana tells them to break it up. Hachi tells them to focus on keeping the klaxosaur away from the plantation and Nana says if the worst comes then they will leave Goro behind to die. Everyone, especially Hiro and Ichigo, oppose this and develop a new strategy.

Strelizia and Delphinium take Ichigo to the klaxosaur and hold it off until Delphinium activates again.

Episode 10: The City of Eternity


Zorome narrates that he'd been having the same dream over and over again where he's surrounded by darkness and staring at a distant bright light, and crying. Gradually, the light grows larger until it envelops him, and he lets out a loud scream.

The FRANXX attack a klaxasaur and easily disarm it. Zorome and Miku deliver the final blow, but Zorome takes too long to pull out and it shoots blood all over Argentea.

The Seven Sages discuss the children. Tarsier suggests that they reward the children, and Papa agrees.

Zorome and Miku argue about their previous battle. Hiro notices that Zero Two seems sad, so he asks her what's wrong. She replies that she was just thinking about something and they both leave together. Nana shouts that she has good news.


The parasites gather around her and she happily explains that they have to wear their formal clothing the next day as Papa is going to award them medals. The ceremony will be held in the Plantation Parliament HQ. Though the other kids are excited, Zorome doesn't understand and seems indifferent to the medals. Miku explains that it means they can go into the city. Zorome looks to Nana for confirmation and she smiles. He becomes overjoyed and yells, to the annoyance of Miku.

Zero Two looks indifferent and turns to leave. Before she can, Nana stops her and says that she'll arrange for her to undergo tests while there. Zero Two says that she hates the tests and always feels lousy after she takes them. She turns and smiles, saying that she's in great shape right now and will pass on the tests for a while. After she leaves, Nana says that she thought she'd grown more obedient since she teamed up with a certain someone.

The next morning, the kids stand at the door and they remark that Zorome looks cooler than usual. Zorome smugly agrees, but Futoshi teasingly says that he was checking himself out in the mirror the entire morning. Mitsuru asks how he didn't get sick of it, causing Zorome to become angry. Kokoro giggles and says that he does look a lot cooler, though, returning him to his positive mood. Miku tells Kokoro not to flatter him, causing she and Zorome to bicker again. Hiro notices that Zero Two is being standoffish, but Hachi and Nana open the door and they all leave.

At an ID gate, Hachi and Nana easily pass through. The children hesitate so Nana tells them to come along. Zorome suddenly throws himself through the gate, to the amazement of the others, but lands on the ground.

The children marvel at the city. At the ceremony, the mayor congratulates them and thanks them for their efforts. When he congratulates Ichigo, she says that it was everyone's effort. He tells Zero Two that their plantation is honoured that a former Nine like herself has joined them. He turns to Hiro and says that he's lived up well to the expectations placed upon him. Hiro thanks him, but looks troubled and turns to Zero Two who still looks indifferent.

He thanks Miku and when the mayor thanks Zorome, he is overjoyed and offers his hand. The mayor seems confused and walks away.

Afterwards, Zorome stares at his hand. When Hachi says that he's leaving the rest to Nana, the children are disappointed with how the ceremony actually played out. The girls push Nana to let them walk back, and she reluctantly agrees.

The children look around as they walk back. Zorome happily looks forward to when they too can live there as adults. The others disagree and feel like they won't be able to become adults, though they don't know why.

Zero Two and Hiro walk far behind the group. Hiro asks what she meant when she said the city was lifeless. She says just what I said. Hiro says that she'd been acting weird, and asks if something happened. She says that she just couldn't care less about this place.

The children marvel at the city's main energy source. When Goro asks Ichigo, she seems uncomfortable. He says that maybe he shouldn't have told her how he felt and says to not let it bother her.

Nana tells them they have to return, but Zorome wanders off and is separated. He looks at the energy source, but realizes that he's been separated and cannot contact the others. When he is found shortly after, Miku, relieved he is safe but angry at him for making everyone worry, declares she will sentence him to a week of cleaning the bathroom. The two later argue when she accuses him of spacing out during cleaning.

Episode 11: Partner Shuffle

Ichigo reports that they killed 25 conrad-class klaxosaurs. Nana thanks her and says that the S-Planning in their area is proceeding smoothly, thanks to their efforts. Hachi tells codes 326 and 196 that they need to improve their kill count, and that their parasite score is dropping as well. Hachi dismisses the group, leaving him and Nana alone.

As the unit stands on guard, Zorome asks what "S-Planning" is. Hiro replies that it seems like they're digging for something, and Zero Two says that it's probably nothing good and she can smell klaxosaurs.

Futoshi tells Kokoro that they've grown stronger, as they're on a special mission. Kokoro says that it's thanks to him carrying her through. Futoshi says that she's his responsibility and she giggles and thanks him. Blushing and nervous, he asks that she promise to be his partner forever. She again smiles and agrees. Futoshi is happy and promises to always protect her. Miku suddenly interrupts and says he's gross. Zorome agrees and says to cut off his comm. Kokoro giggles, but Futoshi reprimands them for listening.

An alarm suddenly sounds and Ichigo announces that seven conrad-class klaxosaurs are approaching. Goro wonders if they have a nest nearby. Ichigo tells them to get ready. Chlorophytum suddenly falls to its knees. Ikuno turns to see what's wrong, and finds Mitsuru sweating and panting.

Goro notes that he had always been frail, and Ichigo adds that he was the only one who received the injection and came back. Miku is confused, so Ikuno says that it was the Elixir Injection, a highly concentrated drug that induced yellow blood cell production and greatly increases parasite aptitude. Miku asks if he had always acted that way. Goro says no, he used to follow Hiro around. Futoshi says that that's shocking and Zorome asks how they ended up butting heads. Goro says he doesn't know, but it started not long before he took the injection. He says that Hiro changed a little back then, too. Kokoro says that the injection has only a survival rate of 15% and didn't know he had such a risky procedure.


She suggests that they try a "partner shuffle." She tells them that it's simply an option available to them. The children discuss their thoughts, and Futoshi says that they don't need to, since he promised to protect her forever. He asks if she agrees and she reluctantly agrees. Hiro asks Zero Two if something is bothering her and asks if she remembers when he asked her to speak her mind with him because he wanted to get to know her better. As he talks, she covers his mouth and says they can understand each other just fine by piloting Strelizia together.

Nana asks if there is anyone who wants to try piloting with a different partner. Ikuno asks to try a pistil-pistil connection as a backup plan when they've lost a stamen. She asks Ichigo to help. Ichigo is surprised by reluctantly agrees. Nana agrees to let them try and asks if there's anyone else. Kokoro shyly puts up her hand and asks to try with Mitsuru. This surprises everyone, and Futoshi is hurt. She apologizes, but he begins to cry.

A Gutenberg-class klaxosaur approaches and Hachi commands to set up a defensive line 500 meters from the S-Planning and neutralize the target. He says that Genista and Chlorophytum will act as rear support. As Kokoro and Mitsuru go to their FRANXX, Futoshi stops him and tells him to protect Kokoro. Mitsuru scoffs and says not to be ridiculous. Kokoro stops him and says she'll be fine. Futoshi tells her to be careful and says he'll do his best with Ikuno. Kokoro smiles and nods. Futoshi begins crying and rushes into the cockpit, causing Ikuno to sigh.

Zero Two suddenly attacks, and Hiro says that its core is too deep. She rushes in again and is trapped, forcing Miku and Ichigo to save her. She tells Ichigo to mind her own business and charges at it again. The pieces cut off turn into the Conrad-class klaxosaurs they'd been fighting. Before she can attack again, Hiro stops her and she tells him not to get in her way. He asks Ichigo what they should do. Kokoro says they need to shoot at it. Futoshi cries as they talk.

Three get past and Futoshi goes after it. He tells Ikuno that she's too tense, but they manage to kill it. Mitsuru struggles as well, and Kokoro says that there's no need to rush. Strelizia kills it for them and Hiro asks if they're okay. Kokoro thanks him, and he tells Mitsuru to hand in there before rushing back. Mitsuru becomes annoyed and charges blindly at the klaxosaur, causing them to smash into it. An operator announces that Genista's positive pulse is dropping below minimum. Though they are about to be squished, Chlorophytum protects them. Ikuno asks if they're okay. Kokoro thanks both of them. Miku and Ichigo cuts its back legs, but it begins stretching in place towards the S-Planning. Ichigo says she and Miku will stop it. Miku tells Chlorophytum to take care of Genista. Futoshi says that he'll protect her as they shoot into its foot.

Genista reconnects and they all work together to kill it. Afterwards, Futoshi asks why he was so reckless, and Kokoro is about to stop him but Mitsuru stops her. He punches him in the face and Kokoro rushes to care for him. He asks why he didn't dodge it. Mitsuru asks if he realizes how unreasonable he's being. Futoshi shouts at him before Mitsuru slowly says that he promises to protect her. Futoshi falls to his knees and says that he loved her. Hiro sadly looks on from his FRANXX and Zero Two embraces him from behind. She tells him that they'll be together until they die.

Episode 12: The Garden Where It All Began

The Squad arrives at the Garden to undergo tests and they decide to use the opportunity to see Naomi though Nana bars them from leaving the lab. Upon arriving, they are met by the 9’s and Alpha introduces himself as the leader of the 9’s. Miku wonders who he is but says she thinks he is hot, much to Zorome’s dismay, and Ikuno says she is not interested when Miku asks for her opinion. Alpha kisses Ichigo’s hand, shocking the girls, especially Miku, and irritating Goro.

After the tests are completed, they venture into the Garden and Miku remembers when she gave Kokoro a flower crown. They find the children are being developed into parasites at a faster rate due to the recent klaxosaur attacks and learn from a caregiver that a parasite never returns to the Garden when they ask about Naomi’s whereabouts.

A klaxosaur appears and the squad is ordered to sortie. Zero Two strays from the plan and brutally slaughters it, shocking everyone. When another klaxosaur appears, everyone is horrified when Zero Two goes rogue and begins attacking Hiro.

Episode 13: The Beast and the Prince

Miku and the others watch Ichigo use Delphinium to hold Strelizia down.

Episode 14: Punishment and Confession

Ichigo orders the squad to prevent Zero Two from seeing Hiro, although they go along with it reluctantly. Miku is tasked with guarding Hiro’s hospital room. Hiro attempts to leave his room to find Zero Two but Miku tells him to stay.

Fed up with being banned from seeing Hiro and guilt-ridden for hurting Hiro, Zero Two attempts to see him and Goro, with everyone on his side, convinces Ichigo to let her see him. However, they find his hospital room empty and he escaped. Zero Two accuses them of tricking her and she attacks them. Seeing his friends hurt and unconscious, Hiro calls her a monster and she decides to leave as Miku and the others look on.

Episode 15: Jian

The Squad is ordered to sortie with Squad 26 and the 9’s as part of the 6th United Company, as a horde of klaxosaurs surround Gran Crevasse. Despite being outnumbered, the parasites perform really well against the klaxosaurs. However a Lehmann Super klaxosaur appears and begins rampaging on the Plantations and Squad 26 performs a suicide attack in it but fails.

Squad 13 also struggles against it as it begins attacking the plantation and sends a horde of Conrad klaxosaurs inside it. Hiro rushes into the battle to save Zero Two as she pilots Strelizia in stampede mode and is taken to a Strelizia by Ichigo as Goro convinces her to help Hiro. Argentea retrieves Goro and both Miku and Zorome tell him not to act cool. As Hiro tries to activate Strelizia, the rest of the squad begins running out of arsenals and fight out of pure willpower. Miku comments she has never killed so many klaxosaurs before and sees a humanoid gold form fall out of a core. Miku says it looks human but Ikuno tells her that’s impossible.

After Hiro and Zero Two reconcile and reconnect, they neutralize the Lehmann Super klaxosaur and profess their love to each other, which moves the squad. However, the cores remain intact and are about to detonate until a giant colossal hand appears from the ground and crushes the cores and plantation, but miraculously spares the parasites and Mistilteinn.

Episode 16: Days of Our Lives

A month passes since the battle at Gran Crevasse and the squad has been left at their boarding house alone. As the damage to the plantation restricted their access to water and electricity and their caretakers have disappeared, the group relies on their rations for food and they develop a daily routine for chores. Miku was bathing in the river with other pistils and she washes Zero Two's hair saying it was beautiful. When she spoke of Hiro mentioning the sakura buds were of the same color. Rinsing her off Miku says they always talk corny stuff and Zero Two playfully tackles her. When Zero Two tries to her hair Miku declines the offer and the two continue to play.

They discuss five sources with water but two are usable for filtering. They realize how easy it was when their caretakers provided necessities for them. Zero Two suggests they cook their own food and everyone agrees. Miku helps make break with Ikuno. During dinner, they enjoy their food and compliment one another.

After dinner, they wonder if they have been casted aside by Papa and are uncertain of the future but resolve to work hard to survive. Miku later sleeps next to Kokoro.

Episode 17: Eden

The 9’s arrive at Mistilteinn and say they were sent by Papa, whom he says has been worried about them. Miku and Zorome are greatly relieved and Miku cries because she is happy they were left to die. However the squad is dismayed when Alpha says they will be staying and asks for rooms to be prepared for them.

The next day, Zorome tells the others he saw Kokoro and Mitsuru in an embrace but Miku isn’t surprised but instead says she heard what happened. Alpha comes in with a baby book Kokoro has been hiding and demands an explanation. Kokoro admits she wants to have a baby. Miku asks if she means like how animals have babies. Kokoro explains they were not created by Papa as they were led to believe but are capable of having children like any other animal and she wants to leave a mark for the future before she dies. Alpha calls her disgusting and says humans have casted their reproductive systems and gender aside for evolution and gender is a nuisance, angering Ikuno and making Nana and Hachi come in to defuse the situation.

Everyone later discusses Kokoro’s words. Miku had no idea Kokoro was thinking of those things and wished she told her. Ikuno doesn’t blame Kokoro because they all have things they can’t talk about. Miku wonders if they really can make babies but Zorome doesn’t know.

Episode 18: When the Sakura Blooms

Hito tells the squad he wants to hold a wedding and explains it is a ceremony in which two people make a vow to be true to each other in sickness and health. Miku asks who will get married and Hiro says Kokoro and Mitsuru, who decided to get married before they have to leave for the Bird Nest. Miku voices her full support, as does everyone else and Futoshi insists on being the priest.

Miku and Ichigo gather curtains to make the wedding dress. As the gather curtains from the abandoned room Kokoro and Mitsuru have been sleeping in, Miku notices fresh flowers in the vase and Kokoro‘s baby doll on the bed. Zorome begins playing ball with Hiro and Futoshi, and Miku scolds them for slacking. The group later paints the house and poses for a group picture.

On the day of the wedding, Miku sits in attendance and decides to ring the bells as Kokoro and Mitsuru walk. However, the 9’s and an APE assault unit interrupts the wedding takes the two away. The others then are forced to pack their belongings and leave. A couple of weeks pass as they stay at the Bird Nest. Miku says she doesn’t like it because it reminds her of the Garden. Ichigo receives a message and they are then reunited with Kokoro and Mitsuru. Both have no memory of the wedding or each other, leading Zero Two to realize their memories have been altered.

Episode 19: Inhumanity

Everyone realizes Kokoro and Mitsuru were implanted with fake memories and wonder if what they did warranted such punishment. Zorome says Papa had his reasons and Miku condemns him, saying she expected better from him. Zorome replies all they’ve ever known is Papa. Hiro announces he plans to confront Papa, who justifies his actions because it would have hindered APE’s objectives. Everyone is angry and Hiro demands he release them from duty since they no longer see him as their papa. He agrees as long as they win the final battle at Gran Crevasse.

Episode 20: A New World

The new Nana introduces herself to the squad and Miku asks where Nana is. The new Nana explains she is now Nana and begins explaining they will have to boast Star Entity the next day. Miku eats with the squad until Kokoro becomes nauseous and runs to the bathroom to throw up. Miku and the other girls say it has been happening a lot lately and ask her not to take part in the battle. Kokoro says she must fight for Papa even if she dies. Miku hugs Kokoro, saying they don’t belong to Papa and they need to leave a mark for the future like Kokoro told them.

The Squad attends an assembly meeting and are later mocked by the 9’s, and Zero Two defends her friends, saying they are looking towards the future. During the battle, the klaxosaurs stop fighting with the parasites and they look at the sky as an armada of ships appear. Papa confesses they are VIRM and he is the leader, and he has been using humanity for his own benefit, leaving the parasites shocked.

Episode 21: For You, My Love

Everyone is confused on who they should be fighting but Ichigo orders them to return to Gran Crevasse to check on Hiro and Zero Two. They are confronted by the 9’s for ignoring Papa’s orders but they continue with their pursuit.

After reaching their destination, they help Zero Two and Dr. Franxx get to Star Entity’s entrance but the corridor is blocked off. VIRM soldiers start pursuing them. Kokoro offers to stop them but Miku refuses to let her throw her life away and Mitsuru tells Kokoro they need to be a team. Ikuno and Futoshi blast through the corridor in full power but Chlorophytum deactivates and Ikuno’s hair turns white. Ichigo orders Argentea and Genista to stay with Chlorophytum.

When the battle ends with VIRM retreating, Miku and the others are shown to have survived but Zero Two is left catatonic.

Episode 22: Stargazers

All the parasites begin attempting to grow crops to make food to survive and the squad takes care of the other parasites. During a meeting, they discuss their low amount of water and maintenance, and they can’t use magma energy. Miku compliments Kokoro for knowing a lot about plants but Kokoro says it’s nothing. She then gets concerned when Kokoro becomes nauseous and leaves to lie down.

The next day, they work in the fields when a klaxosaur and VIRM soldier crash into the ground after killing each other. Kokoro becomes nauseous again and faints in Miku’s arms. Miku is with everyone in the infirmary when the new Nana announces Kokoro is pregnant. Kokoro panics over what she should do and Miku tries comforting her and asks the boys to leave.

The next day, Miku is helping feed other parasites when Goro calls the girls to come outside and they find the crops have died. Miku doesn’t understand because they followed the instructions. A ship arrives and they see Hachi and Nana. Miku rushes to Nana and begs for her to help them. Hachi surmises the crops died because years of magma drilling deprived the soil of life, making Miku cry.

Goro later tells everyone he learned Mistilteinn has fresh soil and can be used to grow crops, making them happy. Hiro then announces he will be going to space to rescue Zero Two. Miku says she is in her room but Hiro explains Zero Two‘s body is here but her mind is with Strelizia in space battling VIRM. Although he knows it is a suicide mission and Goro condemning for disregarding everyone else’s feelings, Hiro doesn’t change his mind. Everyone later sits outside as they watch a meteor shower and Miku wonders if they will ever find something they will die for.

In the morning, Hiro is met by his friends who have decided to help him not just for his sake but because they want revenge against VIRM and Miku says their lives have just begun. The 9’s also offer to help them because they merely want to fulfill their duties and prefer to make space their grave.

Episode 23: Darling in the FRANXX

Zorome randomly flies Argentea through space and Miku asks him if he’s alright. She and Ikuno agree they can fly more freely. Hachi orders the FRANXX to return to the ship. Upon reaching Mars’ Orbit, they see a massive battle between the klaxosaurs and VIRM with Strelizia in the center. Hiro and Alpha head into the battle with the others providing backup.

A VIRM fleet forms a barrier to keep them from getting to Strelizia so Zorome flies into them to let Hiro and Alpha through. After Hiro and Zero Two reconnect and Strelizia evolves into Strelizia True Apus, a warp gate opens and they announce they will be going through it to stop VIRM and out an end to the war for good. Everyone is hesitant but demand they come back alive, which Zero Two says she and Hiro will as they leave through the gate.

Episode 24: Never Let Me Go

72 days since the gate passage, Miku returns to Mistilteinn with the others to gather soil and use it to grow crops. She later watches Kokoro teach some girls how to knit and appears irritated when Mitsuru asks her if she needs anything, and again when Zorome and Futoshi offer her healthy food to eat.

245 days since the gate passage, Miku is present for the birth of Kokoro and Mitsuru’s daughter, Ai. Miku sheds tears of joy with Ichigo and Ikuno as Mitsuru meets and bonds with his newborn daughter. Shortly after, Naomi reappears with the other missing children and welcomed back by Ichigo, Ikuno, and Miku, who hugs her in relief. Miku, along with Ichigo, Ikuno, Futoshi, and Zorome are present when Goro prepares to leave to gather resources for the parasites to survive and rescue any children left behind. After bidding farewell to Ichigo, he kisses her, shocking Miku and Zorome.

783 days since the gate passage, as Ai plays in the fields, she begins saying “Darling” and her parents inform the others that Zero Two’s statue may be able to link them to Hiro and Zero Two in space. They hold hands and send their prayers and thoughts to the two. Miku and Zorome both day they won’t let them outshine them any more. Everyone’s thoughts reach them and they succeed in detonating the bomb to destroy the VIRM planet but sacrifice themselves in the process. The explosion can be seen from Earth. Ikuno wonders if their prayers reached them in time and Miku is sure they did as everyone mourns their two friends.

Over the next eight years, the parasites have stopped using magma energy as part of their commitment to the planet and developed a self-sufficient lifestyle and were able to grow the food needed to survive.


Eight years after Hiro and Zero Two’s deaths, during a school entrance ceremony, Miku and Zorome have become teachers for the new generation and Miku berates Zorome for slacking and they argue, much to the amusement of their friends. The former Squad then reunites at a cherry blossom tree that grew from Zero Two’s ashes, remembering the things they learned from Hiro and Zero Two and expressing their gratitude for those two for their sacrifice to give them a chance to live good lives.



Zorome is her partner of Argentea. Ever since they first met after being assigned to Plantation 13 upon being discharged from the Garden, they have maintained a quarrelsome but amicable partnership. Miku tends to get irritated at Zorome’s immaturity and overzealous antics to prove his worthiness compared to those considered ‘elites’ with double digits. In turn, Zorome gets annoyed with Miku’s brash and opinionated attitude to the point she is not exempt from his bullying and name calling.

However, when they began their startup ritual, they were found to be perfectly compatible and easily synchronized to activate Argentea. Zorome tends to act out in his own when they pilot together and she scolds him for it. Arguments are frequent between them and they don’t hesitate to lash out insults at each other. However, despite this, they are actually closer than it appears and they care deeply for each other. As this was shown during the squad’s first battle and Miku was knocked unconscious, and Zorome was so relieved when she woke up that he hugged her but this embarrassed her. She was also worried about him when he got lost in the city and, when he was found, she punished him by ordering him to clean the bathroom for a week.

They were offered the choice to switch partners twice if they wanted to but both refused; Zorome says although things are complicated with Miku, he believes only he can tolerate her temper and admits the good qualities she possesses. Miku says she can’t picture herself pairing with another boy other than Zorome, likely because she is comfortable piloting with him. Zorome expresses a bit of interest in Miku due to his jealousy of her flattering other boys. Miku appears to reciprocate because, although she finds this to be perverted, she admits she doesn’t mind if he ogles her a bit, and she admits she cares about Zorome the most in the manga.

Although their relationship is left ambiguous, they work side by side as teachers for the next generation, and their quarrelsome antics continue. To maintain their bond, they both wear a fragment of Argentea on a pendant.


She doesn't seem to think as highly of him as the others once did, commenting on his lack of ability openly. However, unlike Zorome, she shows concern for him and his fate as a parasite, and welcomes him into the squad when he is officially promoted as a stamen. She takes delight in teasing him for his relationship with Zero Two and maintains a civil relationship with him. After his death, she mourns him and expresses gratitude for his sacrifice and everything he taught the squad.

Zero Two

She seems rather put-off by Zero Two's eating habits, even going so far as to bring up her horns and not refer to her as a person. However, after Zero Two reverts back to her original personality and becomes more accepting of her fellow comrades; Miku grows closer to Zero Two to the point where she where she happily helps Zero Two wash her hair, plays with her in the water and teases her about her relationship with Hiro.


In a mirror to Zorome's relationship to Hiro, she seems to have an inferiority complex to Ichigo, questioning her authority and openly talking behind her back. When Zorome challenged Hiro in Episode 2, she only agreed to go along with it after looking to Ichigo and pouring, and then claimed he didn't mind becoming Ichigo's partner, the reaction was enough to cut their connection.

Her envy over Ichigo being leader aside, in Episode 9 she calls Ichigo out on constantly letting her emotions overwhelm her every time things go even a little wrong, which is the opposite of how a leader needs to be. Even Ichigo can't argue with her. Miku was upset at her being inconsiderate of how Goro felt, as her partner.

Besides that, they seem to have a normal friendship and they can work together during missions.


Miku's nickname may use some of the numeral's readings from her code: 390. mi from 3 (三, mi), and ku from 9 (九, ku).


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  • Miku’s name can be translated as “long-time beauty” (美久), which reflects her fondness of anything cute and her need to be beautiful. With a different kanji, Miku means "future" (未来).
  • According to Miku, she finds Hiro as “excellent”, Goro as “reliable”, Mitsuru as “cool”, and Futoshi as “gentle”. With Zorome, she finds him useless but irreplaceable.
  • Miku is the only girl to openly exhibit her fondness for boys, as she found the stamen of Squad 26 and Alpha to be good-looking. However, she shows no interest in pursuing a relationship with any male characters, and this is likely due to her compatible partnership with Zorome.
  • Miku’s decision to become a teacher was provoked by Zorome’s inspiration to make a difference to the new children by giving them an education and when he gave her the pendant of a fragment of Argentea as proof of their bond.
  • In one of the MATO comics, it appears that Miku and Zorome's matching necklaces are made out of Argentea, which is to remember their FRANXX by and the memories they made together. This theory was confirmed in the Drama CD of Vol. 3.


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