Magma energy is an energy source that humanity uses in DARLING in the FRANXX.


Magma energy appears as it does in real life. It is a yellow-orange substance that is retrieved from the Earth’s core and used as an energy/power source to operate the mechanisms of the plantations and cultivate food and medicine. Although humanity believed it to be part of Earth’ natural resources, it is actually the quantative physical property of the Klaxo Sapiens, who converted their weak bodies into energy


After the invasion of VIRM and the war against them that last for several hundreds of years, the Klaxo Sapiens dove into Earth’s core to recuperate and prepare for the inevitable return of VIRM. The stronger Klaxo Sapiens converted into Klaxosaurs in male-female pairs. Whereas the weaker Klaxo Sapiens converted their bodies into energy as a source of nourishment for the stronger one.

in 2025, APE introduced magma energy to society through highly advanced drilling technology and gained excessive political and economic privileges via the international government. Dr. FRANXX was hired to conduct a study in human immortality and he theorized immortality was possible if one was injected with magma energy, which proved to be successful but it caused those injected with magma energy to lose their ability to procreate.

By the 2030s, all of civilization abandoned traditional customs in exchange for relying on magma energy on anything trivial. This increased the drilling of magma energy and led to an international crisis when the planet became desertification. This coincided with the attack of the klaxosaurs in 3037, and led to the formation of the Plantations, which later became exclusively dependent on magma energy to operate. According to Hiro, without magma energy, humanity would never be able to survive.

After a century of relying on magma energy, the remnant of humanity eventually came to realize that magma energy is the symbolic bond the klaxosaurs share with the planet. The Parasites, realizing how APE has abused the use of magma energy and nearly caused the destruction of the planet, vowed to never use magma energy again and resorted to cultivate a self-sufficient lifestyle, gradually allowing the planet to heal and thrive.

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