A list of quotes from DARLING in the FRANXX

Squad 13


"Our sole reason to exist is to become FRANXX and fight. We were born only for that purpose, raised only for that purpose. But to me, the failure of the group, that's something I can't forgive. With nowhere I can feel like I belong... that's when I met you."—Hiro’s first narrative in Episode 01 preview
"It was like I was put under a spell. Her two alluring horns, and my first ever look at a naked girl’s body, left me transfixed, unable to take my eyes off of her."—Hiro to himself, upon his first meeting with Zero Two
"I feel myself going deeper inside you!"—Hiro to Zero Two, piloting Strelizia for the second time
"Getting mocked for my lack of a partner would be one thing. But the fact that there was still a part of me that still hoped for one made me feel pathetic."—Hiro to himself after first meeting Zero Two
"The act of bringing two pairs of lips together, which we'd never heard of, was called a kiss, she said."—Hiro remembering what a kiss means from Zero Two
"My wings exist for you. I’m your partner. I'm not going to leave you alone."—Hiro promising to be Zero Two’s partner
"It’s only I met you, that I can stand here right now."—Hiro to Zero Two
"When we first met, I couldn’t take my eyes off you. You were confident, held your head high, and I found that beautiful."—Hiro as he confesses to Zero Two
"You and I; alone and lonesome. With the wings that I tore apart with my own hands, it will never be possible again to fly away. The days that I could spend as your wing, the sky that I dreamed we could take to some day. It has all started fading away, far, far away."—Hiro about wanting to fly with Zero Two
"And I called you a monster! Now we’re even!"—Hiro to Zero Two when they reconcile
"I feel the same! Zero Two, I love you too!"—Hiro declaring his love to Zero Two
"If Zero Two can’t smile for me, than I might as well be dead."—Hiro to Goro after announcing he is going to space
"Liar. If that were true, than why is your last page left blank? Don’t fly off on your own. Please, Zero Two, let me stay with you. Together...let’s rewrite that story."—Hiro to Zero Two before going into the warp gate
"The distant skies. Beyond time and distance. An overwhelmingly long journey just for the two of us. You're a part of me. I'm a part of you. I'll remember your warmth, along with the memories we've made together. I'll never let you go again!"—Hiro and Zero Two about their bond
"I love you!"—Hiro confessing to Zero Two
"Zero Two...we’re becoming one. Now you are me... We’re probably going to disappear soon but the path we walked on, others will take it from here... I love you, Zero two"—Hiro’s last words, to Zero Two before his death

Zero Two

"The Jian, also known as “the bird that shares wings,” only possesses one wing. Unless a male and female pair lean on each other and act as one, they’re incapable of flight. They’re imperfect, incomplete creatures. But, for some reason, their way of life, struck me as profoundly beautiful. It was beautiful, I felt."—Zero Two’s narrative debut
"I’m always alone, too. Thanks to these horns."—Zero Two talking to Hiro
"If you don’t belong here, just build a place where you do. If you don’t have a partner, find one you. And if you can’t, take one by force."—Zero Two after Hiro explains his lack of partner
"Your taste makes my heart race. It bites and lingers...the taste of danger."—Zero Two after licking Hiro
"I think I’ve taken a liking to you. How would you feel about being my darling?"—Zero Two to Hiro
"Let me get a taste of you. After all...you are now my darling!"—Zero Two declaring Hiro as her darling
"Its been a long time since I last saw a human cry."—Zero Two after seeing Hiro’s tears
"Found you, my darling."—Zero Two about Hiro
"Once we die, we’ll just become a statistic. It won’t matter what we were called. Just look at this lifeless city. There are no skies or oceans here. It's a one-way street to nowhere. A dead-end life."—Zero Two to Hiro while life looking at the city
"Darling, wanna run away with me? I can get you out of here."—Zero Two to Hiro as they look at the inner city
"You're mine. I love the way you taste. It's true: all the weaklings before died. That's to be expected. But you're special. Believe in me, okay, Darling?"—Zero Two about Hiro
"What is human to you people?"—Zero Two to Ichigo
"A kiss is something you share with your special someone. Is the one you kissed special to you?"—Zero Two talking about a kiss with Ichigo
"Don’t worry. We’ll always be together until we die."—Zero Two to Hiro after the partner shuffle
"The weak ones die. Big deal."—Zero Two to 090 after his confrontation
"If you have anything you wanna say, you better spit it out while you can. Because you’re all going to die sooner or later."—Zero Two to Ichigo, Miku, Kokoro and Ikuno during the Boys x Girls fight
"They're tiny fragments of memories. It's white, cold and filled with things unknown, but it's beautiful. In the outside world that I felt for the first time, I heard a voice calling to me from somewhere. And before my eyes, a warm hand was reaching out for me."—Zero Two about her childhood memories
"The leaving something behind part. My body can't do that. It's wonderful. You're all wonderful. You have the ability to decide your futures with your own hearts."—Zero Two to Squad 13
"The distant skies. Beyond time and distance. An overwhelmingly long journey just for the two of us. You're a part of me. I'm a part of you. I'll remember your warmth, along with the memories we've made together. I'll never let you go again!"—Zero Two and Hiro about their bond
"And you are me... It doesn’t matter how long it takes, as long as we have souls, I’m sure I will meet you again on Earth and we’ll pick up where we left off... I feel the same. I love you, darling."—Zero Two’s last words before her death


"Maybe we can't win alone, but the two of us together can!"—Ichigo to Goro after swimming in the klaxosaur to rescue him
"She puts a curse to drain the life out of stamen, the one who's not human. I can't consider her as one of us anymore. Even if she's considered as the key to save the world, even if as a result that I'm hated by the person that I consider the most important."—Ichigo about Zero Two devouring her partners
"I...I love you, Hiro!"—Ichigo to Hiro when she confessed
"I’m happy for them."—Ichigo about Hiro and Zero Two
"But, you know, no one can swim in the same river water twice. We must choose our own path. Until then, our lives have just begun."—Ichigo to Goro


"You are such a complete, utter fool!"—Goro to Hiro about Hiro choosing to keep riding with Zero Two
"Presents bring out special feelings. The feeling inspired by receiving something from someone. The feeling you get when you want to give something to someone. And then, there's that feeling when in the end, you couldn't give. I have been wondering for a long time what that emotion was, but it has finally hit me."—Goro about his feelings for Ichigo
"Things keep changing. Until now, food, shelter, a reason to live, even a place to die, everything was only given to us. But, that's over too. Now, we have woken up from that long dream and we will never go back to being CHILDREN. That choice, we made it on our own."—Goro after the parasites are abandoned
"What do you mean, you feel bad? What do you mean, you want us to understand? Have you ever spared a thought for how the people close to you feel? You've always been like this: you run off, make your own decisions, and never stop to think about us. Papa and the adults are gone, but forget freedom, we've got our hands tied on every single thing. Have you stopped thinking about how worried we are about this? When someone collapses, all we can do is watch. And yet we're trying our damnest hard to live on! But here you are, running off to die. There are people doing all they can to support you because they want you to live. And you're trampling their feelings as you leave! What the hell do you want us to understand about you?!"—Goro snapping at Hiro for wanting to go on a death mission
"That was never about how everyone felt. It was all about me. I'm the one scared of the world that I chose myself."—Goro to Ichigo, about his rant earlier on
"This is the path we've chosen in order to live. You don't get to fight it, either."—Goro to Hiro, after forgiving him


"I've never directly spoken with an adult. But they are always looking after us. If we do our best, they praise us and even give us rewards. If I continue fighting for them, I'm sure that someday I can also become an adult. I've been dreaming forever for this day to come."—Zorome about his dream of becoming an adult
"Hey! Nobody asked for a calm and composed analysis!"—Zorome to Mitsuru
"Whoa, Whoa! Did you guys just try to press your bodies together? Are you imitating Hiro and Zero Two?"—To Kokoro and Mitsuru
"We won't become ADULTS. We just keep on fighting until we die. That's what we were born and raised for. But, we're about to decide our own future. We're finally ready to take flight. Now is the time for us, nestlings, to leave the nest."—Zorome about the future


"No ordinary person has horns."—Miku to Kokoro about Zero Two
"Better than the boys we’re stuck with"—To Kokoro about the stamen of Squad 26
"The beginning of adolescence, it's just a small realization. You can't understand the others, and they misunderstand you. It seems to me there's such a huge divide between us. A change of heart like this makes a lot of things that were obvious, not obvious anymore."—Miku prior to the Boys vs Girls conflict
"Nana... Please help us?!"—To Nana when the crops die
"Do you think we will find that? Something that means the world to us, that we’d choose it over everything else?"—To Zorome, Futoshi, Mitsuru, and Ikuno


"I say Hiro's showing real integrity. It must be hard for him to face us after what happened, too. Spare a thought for how he feels."—Mitsuru speaking sarcastically about Hiro
"If you place your hopes in anything, they will be betrayed. Promises will go unfulfilled and faith will let you down."—Mitsuru to himself after dreaming about his broken childhood promise
"In a name, there's power. While we were still young, when all we had was code numbers, you could say we lacked individuality. The one who gave us names was the young Hiro. At that time, you were a guidepost to us. But that's in the past. Right now, I don't expect anything from you."—Mitsuru about Hiro
"Sure, Hiro was special. Even among the double-digits, he was a cut above. We were all certain that he'd be our leader and show us the way. But reality had other ideas. Hiro couldn't become a parasite. He's not who he used to be. We must give up and cut our losses. I don't want to see this pathetic side of Hiro anymore."—Mitsuru talking about Hiro to Ichigo
"Doesn’t it scare you to trust someone so much? You’re unbelievable."—Mitsuru to Kokoro during their first sortie together in Genista
"I promise to protect Kokoro from now on."—Mitsuru’s promise to Futoshi to protect Kokoro
"That’s what this is...I love Kokoro?"—Mitsuru realizing his feelings for Kokoro
"Don’t decide things on your own. I’m here. Lean on me more, Kokoro. I want to make you happy."—Mitsuru to Kokoro
"If I look up, I see thousands of lives shining deep in the sky. So far away and although I try, I just can't reach out. Yet, even with broken wings, we'll fly away once again. For the promise we must keep. For the future we must pass on."—Mitsuru and Kokoro about their future
"Please don't say you have nothing. If you don't have anything, neither do I! But that’s not true. I've found my reason to live...in you. I want to protect you and that baby's future. I'm a weakling! And I don't really understand what love is, I don’t. But if I’m with you, I can keep walking. That's what I've come to believe. Even without our memories, we can start over."—Mitsuru reconciling with Kokoro
"I read an old book that said how you two feel means you love each other. We want our child, our Ai, to inherit that bond."—Mitsuru to Hiro and Zero Two about Ai


"We were raised in an institution and now we live in the Bird Cage. There are so many things we don't know. Take the sea, for example. How it actually smells, the sound of the washing waves, the fact that sea water tastes salty. All those things that we'd only seen in books and all those scenes, it was all kept intact there."—Kokoro about going to the beach for the first time
"Do you know the language of flowers?"—Kokoro to Mitsuru during the Boys x Girls fight
"In the past, having a baby was the most natural thing."—Kokoro to Mitsuru about why humans stopped having children
"Mitsuru, you can rely on others more, you know. I'll believe in you, so believe in me too."—Kokoro trying to comfort Mitsuru during their first sortie in Genista together
"We lived our lives believing our only purpose was to ride the FRANXX into battle. But you know what? That might not be true! We could carry new lives and leave them for the future. When I learned about that, I was very happy."—Kokoro to Squad 13
"Is it wrong to create a new life? Are we not allowed to think of the future?"—Kokoro to Mitsuru about having a child
"Together, we’ll find happiness."—Kokoro to Mitsuru on their wedding day
"f I look up, I see thousands of lives shining deep in the sky. So far away and although I try, I just can't reach out. Yet, even with broken wings, we'll fly away once again. For the promise we must keep. For the future we must pass on."—Kokoro and Mitsuru about their future
"Why do you call my name even when it hurts you?"—Kokoro to Mitsuru during the thunderstorm
"Look, there’s your papa."—Kokoro to Ai, when Mitsuru arrives
"Thanks to Hiro and Zero Two, this planet go go back and start over from square one."—Kokoro after Hiro and Zero Two’s sacrifice


"If the Plantation has no magma-fuel, the city can't maintain function. That's why there's mining facilities everywhere, to keep digging out the fuel. It's the same with us and food. When we eat lots, it gives us strength. So, let's eat!"—Futoshi about magma energy providing necessities
"Will you promise to be my partner forever?!"—Futoshi to Kokoro
"The birdcage is still here. And so are we. The people we were supposed to protect aren't there anymore and our wings are still being repaired, but we believe that the ten of us will all be able to fly again soon. Until then, we'll make it through on our own."—Futoshi after Squad 13 is left to fend for themselves


"We're always fighting our fears. We might end up dragging down our partner. We might end up failing to move our FRANXX correctly. We might become unnecessary. Will we be able to overcome our fears someday?"—Ikuno about failing as a parasite
"Everything comes to an end. The only difference is whether it comes sooner or later. And even though we sense the end is near, we spend another day, idling in the cradle of our lives."—Ikuno about life
"A pain. Even if it is, so what?!"—Ikuno to Alpha after he berated Kokoro
"I love you, Ichigo."—Ikuno confessing her love to Ichigo
"We will leave the birdcage when the sakura blooms. Together, we had our laughs and we had our clashes. All these memories are as delicate as glass, but they're also the beautiful and invaluable testimony that we were here."—Ikuno before leaving Mistilteinn
"Its different for each person"—To Miku about finding the most important thing in the world to them
"Ive decided to make most of the time I have left"—To Hiro and Zero Two about her accelerated aging process



"These children...they’re not like the others."—Nana describing the squad after the bathroom fight
"Don't think you and your squad are special"—To Kokoro about her breaking the rules
"CHILDREN are usually obedient, docile and rational. They only live to fulfil their mission: fight the Klaxosaur and protect the ADULTS. Not these kids. Too many times, they don't know what to do with their emotions and get carried away. That's definitely not CHILD-like."—Nana talking about Squad 13


"The numbers conclusively prove Code 016’s compatibility with Strelizia"—Upon Hiro suffering no damage from his second sortie
"Code 016 is hereby appointed Code 002’s partner"—Declaring Hiro as Zero Two’s partner
"We call the training facility for Parasites, the Garden. There, CHILDREN are brought up to develop a sound mind and learn how to behave properly as CHILDREN, they are then pruned and only the Parasites who leave the Garden's nest with their heads high have the honor of defending ADULTS against the Klaxosaur threat."—Hachi prior to taking Squad 13 to the Garden
"That feeling...is having it that wrong? The children’s sole purpose in life was to fight and if this is truly their final battle, and in their lives after, Don’t you think they’ll need someone like you."—Hachi to Nana about the children’s future


"My children, you have had the good fortune to be chosen as parasites. Your great predecessors defended out cities and our people, and they splendidly took flight as our representatives. Turn your life into a blaze of glory and shed every last drop of blood you have. I pray that you will become a shining ray of hope for humanity."—Papa to Squad 13 During the graduation ceremony
"VIRM will not die. I’m certain we will face each other again in the apex of evolution. As long as this universe contains a flicker of life."—Papa to Hiro and Zero Two after the VIRM planet is destroyed


"Humans have evolved and cast their reproductive functions aside in the process. Reject that, and we'll all have to go back to conforming to one gender"—Alpha to Kokoro about her ‘leaving a mark’
"The gender is a pain, an annoyance that's only tolerated to operate the FRANXX? And that's all it really is."—Alpha criticizing Kokoro
"Humans have also cast away their tendency to be ruled by emotions like that because it serves zero purpose in life."—Alpha to Ikuno after she slaps him
"Meeting you guys helped me a little about being human, but my home is the battlefield and nowhere else. Tell Iota hi for me. It’s been kinda fun, I guess."—Alpha’s last words before his death


"Fate is cruel. In order to obtain something, one must lose something else. Humanity has searched and sacrificed a lot for what lies beyond life which is our limit. And then we met her, such a beautiful and perfect being."—Dr.FRANXX about humanity and 001
"You two become the children’s new adults"—Dr. FRANXX’s final wish upon his death

New Nana

"It is considered impossible for a pregnant woman to pilot a FRANXX. Past records indicate abortion, that is the removal of the fetus as one of the possible treatments. Please let me know what you decide to do."—To Kokoro upon informing her of her pregnancy



"I hope you find a good partner, Hiro"—To Hiro when she leaves

Klaxosaur Princess

"Damned human wannabes."— 001 about VIRM after killing Tarsier
"We are the defenders of this planet. Once upon a time, during a long battle, we turned ourselves into an immortal weapon. Except fighting, all was lost, so we went to sleep at the bottom of death, our bond was to prepare for the returning invader."—001 about the war with VIRM
"Perhaps some lives only shine when in unison with others."—001 about Hiro and Zero Two’s bond
"Decide whether you want to fight or accept your ruin."—001’s last words before she sacrifices herself and entrusts the world’s fate to Hiro and Zero Two


"Papa, Darling, darling!"—Ai to Mitsuru
"Mama?"—Ai to Kokoro

Old Woman


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