He is the unnamed second child and only son of Kokoro and Mitsuru. He is also the younger brother of Ai and the older brother of an unnamed sister and unborn brother/sister.


He strongly resembles his mother, as he has the same ashen blond hair and blue eyes as her, and his facial features seem to resemble her more. His hairstyle resembles his father’s when it was shorter except his bangs appear to be fluffier and longer than Mitsuru’s.


Not much is known about him, other than he appears to be a normal young boy. He seems to share a close relationship with his parents and siblings.


He was born shortly after Hiro and Zero Two sacrifices themselves to save the planet from VIRM. He is first seen as a baby and being carried around by Kokoro as she talks with Miku. When he starts learning how to walk, his parents and older sister, Ai, are seen encouraging him.

Eight years after Hiro and Zero Two’s deaths, he attends a school entrance ceremony with his family and sits on his father’s shoulders.




His mother. He appears to have a good relationship with his mother and Kokoro seems to be very affectionate with her son. She demonstrates this by carrying him around as a baby and appearing happy when he takes his first steps.


His father. He seems to have a close relationship with his father and Mitsuru is shown to be very doting towards his son. This is shown when he eagerly reaches out for his son while the boy is learning to walk and letting him sit in his shoulders.


He has one older sister and a younger sister, along with an unborn brother/sister. Not much of their interaction is seen. Ai appears to have a good relationship with her brother, as she is seen cheering for him when he learns to walk.


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