The Klaxosaur Mothership (叫竜 母船, Kyoryuu Bosen) is the largest spacecraft built by the Klaxo Sapiens.


This spacecraft is a large vehicle that leads, serves, or carries other smaller vehicles, such as FRANXX units, and bombs, specifically a Klaxosaur bomb. It is also used to recover smaller craft, or go its own way after releasing them.

It possesses control manuals and technology similar to those used by humans but Hachi adds he can understand them a little because they are more technically advanced. It is shown to have faster speed than an average spaceship and uses deflector shields in defense mode.

Smaller spaceship


The Klaxosaur Mothership was discovered by Hachi and Hiro via satellite footage as Hiro asked to find any spacecraft that would be able to take him to Mars’s orbit, where Strelizia was battling VIRM. Hachi said he should have been able to operate it and, the following day, the parasites of Squad 13 left in the spacecraft. Despite Mars being so far away from Earth that it would have taken a long time to reach it, they were able to reach the planet’s orbit in less than a day due to the mothership’s advanced speed.

Upon reaching the proximity of Mars, the Mothership speeded close enough towards the horde of VIRM and the FRANXX were deployed. It stayed on the sidelines until it was destroyed by the intense fighting, prompting Hachi and Nana to flee in a smaller ship. Within the debris of the mothership, they spotted a Klaxosaur bomb that had been equipment with the ship.

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