Ichigo (イチゴ, Ichigo) is one of the main characters in DARLING in the FRANXX. She is a former Parasite with the codename "015" of the Thirteenth Plantation, where she was partnered in boy-girl pair with Goro to pilot a FRANXX called Delphinium. She was the official leader of Squad 13.

Due to her feelings for Hiro, she struggles between her selfishness and her responsibilities as a leader. Out of the entire squad, she alienates Zero Two the most and almost succeeds in separating her from Hiro for good until she realizes Zero Two is the only one Hiro loves, which prompts her to give up on him for the sake of his happiness and she eventually finds a new love in Goro at the end of the series.


Ichigo has soft green eyes and a petite build, being the shortest among the parasites in Squad 13. She wears her straight and short blue hair in a razor-cut hairstyle, where her hair hangs lengthier on the right side of her face. She has free-falling bangs that mostly covers her right eye and one long strand of hair on the left side of her face. She also wears a white hair clip holding back the bangs on her left side, which was a gift from Hiro. From Episode 09, she loses it but later gets a similar one from Goro. She dons the standard Pistil Parasite uniform.

In Episode 24 when she has become an adult, Ichigo's hair is more evenly-cut and longer on the right side. Her fringe is also cleaned up and her bangs on the left side are completely held back by her white hair clip.


As a child, Ichigo was insecure and self-conscious about her identity, as she cried when the other children showed no emotion and she found it scary that she didn’t share these characteristics with them. It was not until she met Hiro and he gave her the name ‘Ichigo’ to cheer her up and explain the significance of having her own name that made her self-confident. Even when she was in the Garden, Ichigo was awarded a code number in the teens due to her high aptitude results, earning her recognition as an honor student and a natural-born leader. Because of her high aptitude, she was chosen as Squad 13's leader. While normally a very considerate and level-headed person, her crush on Hiro impairs her judgment, especially as regards to his possible partnership with Zero Two. She initially hated the possibility of a stranger like Zero Two becoming Hiro's partner. One of her motivations for agreeing to be Hiro's partner in the training match was because she believes she should be the one to bring out his full potential. When this did not come to be, Ichigo, while not blaming Hiro for their failure, couldn‘t hide her anger, not even when he tried to apologize.

As a leader, Ichigo is reliable, responsible and serious. Despite her serious disposition, Ichigo is capable of giving some notably snippy remarks, as seen in her interactions with Nine Alpha. She is also very considerate and caring for her friends. She tries to see everything in a good light, even if she herself doesn't want to. She can also be encouraging towards her squadmates and insist that teamwork is important for all of them to survive. However, she is strongly emotional and has always been impulsive and driven by her feelings. She is forced between acting as a leader and her own feelings, such as knowingly putting Hiro's life on the line while also acknowledging he's needed, this strain of commanding weighs her down. She would initially let her personal feelings get to her head when in a crucial mission, only to reflect over it when being placed in a dangerous situation. She would think about her poor skills as a leader and blame herself for her putting her friends in danger. She even goes as far as to stating Hiro would have been a better choice as the leader, but he rejects this and praises her positive qualities. She also expresses her anxiety more inside her FRANXX than she does outside of it and is seen breaking down, only to be supported by her FRANXX partner, Goro. She shares a close relationship with Ikuno, whom she never hesitates to encourage during difficult moments and even comforted her after Ikuno confessed her feelings to Ichigo.

She has admired and been fiercely protective of Hiro ever since childhood, and supports Hiro the best she can. She is not afraid to voice her own opinions and get people to follow her orders as a leader. She has been deemed by Zero Two on several occasions as "bossy". Despite that, Ichigo does sometimes not say what she truly wants to and is able to put her feelings aside for others if she wants to. This is shown when she lied to Hiro saying she always had seen him as a sibling for his sake and for the sake of the fact that he could only pilot a FRANXX with Zero Two, when in reality she didn't want him to due to the risks it carries. She is a straight-laced and straightforward person, and she always faithfully abides by the rules out of what she believes to be in the best interest of APE and Plantation 13. She held a deep respect for Papa and the adults. However, she seems to have a form of social awkardness, as she spoke louder than normal when praised by the mayor during a medal ceremony.

Due to her sheltered upbringing, Ichigo had no concept of love and she was utterly confused over her feelings for Hiro, as well as her jealousy of Zero Two. Ichigo initially tries to keep her feelings for Hiro in the sideline for the sake of him fulfilling his parasite duties with Zero Two, and she prefers to see him happy with Zero Two if he can’t be with her. She even goes as far as to disregard the rumors about Zero Two after Hiro survives his third ride. However, after learning Hiro’s Saurification process is intensifying due to piloting with Zero Two and she may suck the life out of him, Ichigo responds with intense jealousy and disdain towards Zero Two, to the point she bans her from seeing Hiro and forces the rest of the squad to go along with her. She even tries to have Zero Two removed from the squad and forces herself on Hiro, kissing him and begs him to choose her over Zero Two. Despite this, Ichigo couldn’t bring herself to hate Zero Two, as she was concerned for Zero Two continually operating in stampede mode during the Gran Crevasse siege. She also reluctantly agreed to help Hiro save Zero Two and she was disappointed to see his mind was all about Zero Two.

In the manga, her jealousy for Zero Two is downgraded to wariness due to the latter’s reputation. She is more mature in regards to her feelings for Hiro, as she kisses him because she insists she wants to have no regrets, knowing he doesn’t reciprocate her feelings. She also feels compassion for Zero Two after she is manipulated by 001 and leaves Squad 13 out of guilt for nearly killing Hiro; Ichigo goes as far as to suggest the squad join with 9’s to help Hiro reach Zero Two.

Over the series, Ichigo slowly learns to put Hiro's feelings and Squad 13's well-being before her own. She learns to accept and support Hiro and Zero Two's relationship, and become nicer to Zero Two to the point of considering her an integral part of Squad 13. She becomes just as fiercely protective of the others, including Zero Two and Hiro, and admits she is happy for their newfound romance. This is further emphasized when VIRM left earth and abandoned humanity; Ichigo becomes so dedicated to looking after the others and ensuring they have enough food, clean water, etc. for survival that she forgets to take care of herself, until she collapses outright in the fields. She also becomes a much better leader; she learns to see the big picture and not let her tunnel-visioned emotions consume her, making decisions that benefit the whole group rather than just Hiro or her designs for him, and she isn't as badly shaken when things go wrong. Although she continues to worry about Hiro and his actions, she resolved to support him no matter what and help him fight what is most important to him. She is saddened when Hiro sacrifices his life to save the planet but accepts his decision and vows to continue help rebuild society so him and Zero Two will have a home to return to. Although she initially didn’t feel the same way when Goro first confessed his feelings to her, her feelings for him gradually began to change after he kisses her, as they are seen to be happily married and expecting their first child.



Ichigo was raised in the Garden where she was trained to become a Pistil. Because of her high parasite potential, she obtained the codename "015" and received special treatment because her number was a double-digit number in the teens.

Ichigo as a child, receiving her name from Hiro.

One day, Hiro saw Ichigo crying and she wondered if she's strange, since the other kids had stopped showing emotion. She continued to cry, saying that she wanted to be like everyone else and asked if she should get more injections. Although Hiro tried to comfort her by saying that they were special from the start since their codes were in the teens, Ichigo stated that being different is scary. To cheer her up, Hiro said that he named himself "Hiro" and asked Ichigo if she wanted a name too. Hiro gave her the name "Ichigo" since that is how her codename is read, and he told Ichigo that having a name can make someone feel that it's okay to feel different since it's a unique name given only to oneself. Ichigo became very happy to have received a name and she asked Hiro to name the other kids in the Garden, to which he agreed. Ever since, Ichigo has admired Hiro.[1]

After that, everyone went along in Hiro's footsteps and began naming each other. Ichigo oversaw Code:196 being named "Ikuro" and being mocked for it. She didn't seem to particularly like the name either. Ichigo goes to her and instead names her "Ikuno", which pleases her.[2]

When Ichigo saw Goro who had been getting in fights with other kids in the Garden, she asked why he's fighting when he's so weak. Although he told her to stay out of it, he was defeated by the other kids. Ichigo lends Goro a helping hand and they win against the kids, to which Ichigo told Goro that even if they couldn't win alone, the two of them could together.

Ichigo, Hiro, and Goro in the Garden.

After that, Ichigo, Hiro, and Goro became very close friends and were often seen by each other's sides, growing up in the Garden together. One day, Hiro commented that Ichigo's bangs had gotten longer and that it would be hard to see, so when they got their annual presents from Papa, Ichigo received a hairclip from Hiro and had worn it ever since.[3]

When Ichigo was discharged from the Garden at age 14, she was accepted into Plantation 13's Squad where she was partnered with Goro. Though she passed, she was present as Naomi and Hiro failed to connect, devastating her.[4]


Episode 01: Alone and Lonesome

Graduation ceremony

Ichigo tries messaging Hiro about the graduation ceremony for tomorrow but he doesn’t respond. Goro asks her about Hiro and she says he isn’t responding. The squad discusses the ‘partner killer’ rumors about Zero Two. Ichigo mutters Hiro is an idiot if he doesn’t show up for he ceremony.

Escaping from Klaxosaur attack

The next day, Ichigo attends the graduation ceremony alongside the other parasites thus becoming an official pistil. She becomes distracted when Hiro doesn’t show up and Goro tells her to focus on the ceremony because Papa is watching. The squad then leaves for their startup ritual and again discuss Hiro’s fate. Ichigo is promoted as the leader of the squad, she and Goro were about to ceremonially pilot the Delphinium, when a sudden klaxosaur attack interrupted the ceremony. She, Goro and the Delphinium were almost vaporized were it not for the timely rescue of Strelizia. Nana orders the parasites to evacuate but Strelizia, after Hiro joins with Zero Two to help her pilot it, quickly kills the klaxosaur. Nana introduces Zero Two to the squad as an elite pistil under the special forces controlled by APE and she has klaxosaur blood. Ichigo realizes Zero Two is the ‘partner killer’ and she is shocked to see Hiro emerge from the cockpit with Zero Two.

Episode 02: What It Means to Connect

Ichigo plays with a cat

Ichigo and the others resume their startup ritual the next day and she shows concern for Hiro. Afterwards, Ichigo sits on the front patio playing with a cat when Hiro shows up and she talks to him about Zero Two. Although she doesn’t know much about her, Ichigo tells Hiro it is best to stay away from Zero Two due to the rumors about her and he shouldn’t pilot with her ever again. Hiro replies if he can’t pilot, he is better off dead. Goro tells them that Zero Two is in the mess hall. Everyone is confused by Zero Two’s behavior and Ichigo shows dismay when Zero Two calls Hiro ‘darling’. Nana informs the children she will be their caretaker like she was in the Garden and Ichigo asks about Zero Two. Nana says they are still waiting for orders on what to do with her and takes Zero Two with her back to HQ.

In the pistil’s changing room, Miku and Kokoro talk about how weird it felt connecting with someone else. Ichigo agrees. Miku says she wishes her number was higher like Ichigo and Goro’s and Ichigo is lucky. Miku then talks about Zero Two’s beh around Hiro and how she calls him darling. Ichigo slams her hand against a wall and storms off. The parasites begin connecting and activating their FRANXX, and Hachi says all field decisions will go to Delphinium as the leader unit. Upon connecting, Ichigo and Goro easily activate Delphinium. Afterwards, Ichigo asks Zero Two why she picked Hiro and says she appreciates her for saving everyone but Hiro belongs to no one. Zero Two asks what Hironis to her and Ichigo replies she is he squad leader. Zero Two licks her on the cheek and remarks she tastes sweet, much to Ichigo’s confusion. Ichigo later breaks up Zorome and Hiro from fighting after Zorome antagonizes Hiro.

When Nana is looking for volunteers to test Hiro's ability to pilot a FranXX in a mock battle, Zero Two volunteers As the leader of the Parasites, she vetoes Zero Two's proposition on the grounds Zero Two is not a member of the team, effectively taking her place as Hiro's temporary partner. During the mock battle. Ichigo and Hiro reach 100% on the compatibility rating, higher than any other pairing amongst the Parasites (even that of Ichigo-Goro). Due to unknown reasons, Ichigo and Hiro got "de-synced" shortly after making Delphinium walk towards Argentea. Ichigo inquires Hiro into what Zero Two did in order to "awaken his abilities". Hiro could not recall any of it, but he remembers the kiss.

Ichigo pilots Delphinium by herself against the orders.

Although previously unknown to the concept of a kiss, she orders him to close his eyes and kisses Hiro, which Hiro remarks "I don't feel a thing, It didn't work".

This puts Ichigo on the brink of tears only to be prevented by the Argentea's attack. This forces Ichigo to pilot Delphinium by herself against the orders of Nana. This leads to Hachi calling the mock battle a draw since both units are down although Nana calls it a reckless conduct and Hiro being grounded once again. Hiro apologises but Ichigo tells him not, implying it wasn't his fault. Ichigo breaks into tears and glances back at Hiro, silently telling herself "You were awful."

Episode 03: Fighting Puppet

Ichigo meets with Hiro after he is scanned and he reports the doctors didn’t find anything wrong with him. It has been awkward for both of them since the kiss. The squad discusses what happened rob hiro. Mitsuru downplays Hiro’s abilities and says he was simply taken along for the ride, but Ichigo inserts her belief in Hiro’s abilities.

Nana and Hachi order the squad to sortie against a horde of conr klaxosaurs and Strelizia will not be taking part in the mission because they have to learn to defend the plantation on their own. Before boarding Delphinium, Goro asks Ichigo if the mock battle bothered her and tells her to switch gears since they will be going into actual combat. She is about to say something but stops herself and says she will do her best and they cost bump.

When it is announced Chlorophytum will stay behind, Delphinium, Genista and Argentea set out to descend to the 8th floor of a drilling facility to neutralize the klaxosaurs nearby. They quickly eliminate them but their magma energy weapons attracts a horde of klaxosaurs, forcing the units to retreat. Hachitells themStrelizia is heading heir way as backup. Ichigo demands to know who is piloting it and remembers her kiss with a Hiro, which begins to cut off her connection with Goro. When their exit is blocked off by klaxosaurs, Ichigo regrets thinking of such unnecessary things and questions her responsibility as leader. Strelizia, piloted by Zero Two and Mitsuru, begins killing the klaxosaurs and gives the units time to escape. Ichigo and the others later see Strelizia being retrieved, and Zero Two emerges from the cockpit while Mitsuru is on the verge of death.

Episode 04: Flap Flap

After seeing Mitsuru injured and traumatized from piloting with Zero Two and telling a Hiro she tried to devour his body, soul and flesh, Ichigo becomes deeply concerned. She tells Hiro she can’t trust Zero Two after what happened with Mitsuru and questions Hiro’s decision to ride with her. She tells him that if the rumors are true, Zero Two will kill him. Despite this, Hiro persists on riding with her to fulfill his purpose in life.

The Squad later discusses Hiro and Zero Two, and the rumors about her. Ichigo sees Ikuno is sad at failing to connect with her FRANXX and touches her shoulder, saying she will connect next time. Ichigo reminds everyone that if things don’t change, they will all die at some point. She tells them they need to kill klaxosaurs without Strelizia and can’t mess up again to survive, and asks them to help her work as a team.

A worm-like klaxosaur appears near the plantation and Hachi orders them to sortie. They initially manage to hold it down but more klaxosaur begin appaearing. Strelizia shows up to help and Ichigo orders everyone to focus, and asks Hiro to help her. With Strelizia‘s aid, the squad eliminates the klaxosaurs with ease.

Episode 05: Your Thorn, My Badge

The squad witnesses Plantations 13 and 26 commence ‘kissing’ to transfer manga energy fuel. They are confused why it is called kissing and realize it will attract more klaxosaurs. Futoshi and Zorome say they will be fine as long as they have Strelizia and Ichigo sadly agrees. The two squads participate in a friendship ceremony the next day and are praised by the mayor.

The Squad discusses the ceremony and their fear of the upcoming battle but trust Strelizia. They express their relief that Hiro is functioning despite their uneasiness with Zero Two and he thanks them for his support. The next morning, Ichigo runs into Hiro during breakfast and she fixes his collar, which takes him aback and his response surprises her.

Ichigo discusses the upcoming battle and situation with Nana, who says Zero Two will remain there and Hiro being promoted to a stamen is likely. When Ichigo leaves, Goro is waiting for her in the hallway. On the elevator, they discuss Hiro’s state and how happy he has become since piloting Strelizia. They decide to focus on the upcoming battle since it will likely become the most difficult one they will face and Ichigo says they can only focus on their own lives.

Ichigo prepares a room for Zero Two and lays down the rules, which makes Zero Two call her bossy and Ichigo gets irritated. During a meeting, they rendezvous with Squad 26 and Hachi lays out their strategy for the battle, in which Squad 26 will be on the front lines and Squad 13 will be the last time of defense. Squad 13 expresses their distaste in being used as backups. Goro suggests Strelizia shouldn’t take part in the battle but Ichigo surprises everyone when she says they will need Strelizia.

Ichigo slaps Zero Two

Later that night, Ichigo takes Zero Two outside near the greenhouse. Ichigo tells Zero Two to stay in line and follow her orders. Zero Two calls her bossy and begins to walk off. Ichigo stops her and tells her not to be hard on Hiro. Zero Two says it was Hiro’s choice to ride with her and Ichigo warns her that he may die. Zero Two retorts then that he means he was no use after all, causing Ichigo to slap her and lash out she isn’t human. Zero Two’s limiter falls off and her horns and eyes turn red, angrily asking what being human means to her. Ichigo is frightened and walks away when Zero Two becomes distracted by the rain. Ichigo returns to the boarding house and is met by Goro, who puts a towel over her. She asks if he saw everything and he said he did. Ichigo expresses her frustration that she doesn’t understand why she feels this why and starts crying. Goro also doesn’t understand his feelings and doesn’t know how to comfort her.

Episode 06: DARLING in the FRANXX

Ichigo is in the bathroom while waiting for the battle to commence. After coming out of the position changing room, she meets with Goro, who advises her to talk with Hiro and pushes her towards him. They discuss the battle and Hiro praises Ichigo’s ability to lead them and she thanks him for being like a sibling to her and Goro before he leaves with Zero Two. In their FRANXX, Ichigo tells Goro that Hiro sends his regards and they will save Strelizia for late. The two squads then head out for the battle.

Squad 13 battles a horde of Conrad klaxosaurs. Delphinium saves Genista from being attacked by a klaxosaur. Ichigo tells Zorome to bait the klaxosaur without getting too close since Argentea is fast, and she tells Mitsuru to stay close to Genista and back it up. Strelizia begins to battle the klaxosaur but Hiro begins to show strain and Ichigo tells him to stay back but he persists. Target Beta reveals itself to be a Gutenberg klaxosaur and Hachi orders Squad 26 roll back so Squad 13 can deal with it. Although the group agrees they need Strelizia, Ichigo orders they stay put and it’ll deliver the finishing blow. Hiro then begins dying from the effects of riding with her for the third time and his connection with Zero Two severs, causing Zero Two to pilot Strelizia in stampede mode. Ichigo breaks down and disconnects with Goro, thinking Hiro is dead. Ichigo blames herself for not stopping Hiro from piloting Strelizia and Goro tells her they need to worry about themselves right now.

To everyone’s shock, Strelizia activates again when Hiro miraculously survives and reconnects with Zero Two. After eliminating the klaxosaur, the two squads celebrate and Ichigo tearfully hugs Hiro.

Episode 07: Shooting Star Moratorium

for the successful kissing, Squad 13 is awarded a trip to the beach. Ichigo tells Goro that Nana will pick them up in the morning and Goro wonders if this is a test. Ichigo doesn’t know but since there seems to be no klaxosaurs around, they should enjoy themselves. She is oblivious to Goro admiring her figure. Ichigo watches Hiro and Zero Two play in the water and reveals the two have been made as official partners and, although she still has doubts about her, Ichigo is thankful for Zero Two making Hiro happy. Ichigo talks with Ikuno for a bit before Ikuno tells her to go swimming for a bit.

Ichigo later sees Goro, Futoshi, and Zorome talking with Hiro and Zorome attempting to kiss a Hiro after Hiro explains what a kiss is to them. Futoshi asks her if she knows what it is and she blushes while denying it. Miku and Kokoro tell them that Mitsuru found something unusual. It turns out to be remnants of an abandoned town. As they explore it, Ichigo comes across an old bookstore and sees a poster of a couple kissing, making her recall her kiss with Hiro. Zero Two comes behind her and surprises her by saying she’s done it with Hiro. Ichigo is surprised and asks what, and Zero Two responds kissing. Ichigo says she has done it too but refuses to say with who. Zero Two clarifies it should be done with someone special to her. Goro and Hiro call out to them.

Ichigo annoyed by Zero Two

As the group sits around a campfire, they discuss humanity’s previous civilization before the plantations. Ichigo then finally welcomes Hiro and Zero Two into the squad. After everyone goes to sleep, Ichigo is awake and notices Hiro walking along the beach. She follows him and they walk together. She points out the Orion within the stars and says Hiro was the one who taught her about the stars, although he doesn’t remember. She asks him about the Ichigo Star, which he says if the fifteenth starfish Orion, the same as her code number. He also remembers they promised to look at the stars after leaving the Garden. Ichigo tells him she will do her best as the leader and tells him not to give all his attention to Zero Two.

Ichigo and Hito watch the stars

She says she sees their kiss as special but before she can confess her feelings to him, Hiro points out the shooting stars. He tells her that if she makes a wish to the stars, it will come true and asks her what she wishes for. Ichigo says she tried telling him and calls him stupid. She secretly says she wished for the night to never end.

Episode 08: Boys × Girls

During a battle, a klaxosaur spills goo on the FRANXX units and the girls’ parasites start melting in front of the boys. Ichigo orders the boys to focus on the battle, oblivious as to why they are distracted until Hiro finally tells Zero Two what happened. The girls wear towels to cover themselves while glaring at the boys. While the girls shower, they wonder if they boys were ogling at them at the beach too and Miku convinces then they should start living separately from the boys by splitting the house apart.

Ichigo, Miku, and Ikuno reprimand the boys for walking in their underwear after bathing in the lake. Ichigo is surprised Goro of all people suggested the idea. The girls are then dismayed that the boys have taken over the dining area. Goro suggests they drop the rules and eat together but Ichigo sees it as a trap and has to drag Miku away from joining the boys. The girls gather rations from the attic to eat and go to the first floor, where they find a set of doors sealed off and wonder what it means. They are met by Zero Two and demand to know which side is she in. Zero Two calls it a lame game but Ichigo retorts they are serious. Zero Two then agrees to join them. However, she makes things worse by tricking the boys into walking in on the girls bathing, causing the girls to throw supplies at the boys until Nana and Hachi intervene.

Ichigo asks Zero Two what she was thinking for doing that, and Zero Two says if they half-ass things, they will never become adults and they are going to die sooner or later anyway. Kokoro convinces the girls they need the boys for some things such as piloting the FRANXX and, without saying it, having children. Everyone but Miku regrets how things happened but Miku runs off and hides in one of the abandoned rooms that belonged to a former squad. Zero Two says the former squad was killed in combat some time ago, making everyone realize they need to get to know one another more and they reconcile. Ichigo and Goro shake hands as they make up.

Episode 09: Triangle Bomb

The squad receives their annual presents from Papa and Ichigo gets a stuffed plushie. Goro says she asked for something childish and she says it doesn’t matter. Zorome reads the letter Papa wrote for them and they are happy as the letter praises them. Ichigo watches Hiro give Zero Two a mirror as a gift. Goro looks at Ichigo’s hairclip and remembers when he tried giving her one but she already got one from Hiro when they were children. Goro later tells Hiro that he can tell only Hiro makes Ichigo happy and he has always been her hero, and Goro is starting to understand he loves Ichigo but tells Hiro she feels that way for Hiro, who is surprised. Ichigo later takes her hairpin off as she and Ikuno go to bed.

Hachi reports a Gutenberg klaxosaur has been detected 2000 meters away. Hiro looks at Ichigo but turns away when she looks at him. The FRANXX units approach the klaxosaur and Argentea charges straight towards it but is almost absorbed. Delphinium rescues it but is absorbed instead. Goro ejects Ichigo from the unit and detonates explosives to try to kill it but he fails and, without Ichigo, he can’t operate Delphinium. Ichigo recovers from being ejected but is angry at everyone for leaving Goro behind. Miku argues with Ichigo, berating her for calling herself the leader but breaking down when things get tough and Goro must be miserable as her partner. Nana tells them to break it up and they discuss new information on the klaxosaur. Hachi tells them to focus on keeping the klaxosaur away from the plantation and Hiro asks if they are willing to leave Goro to die. Nana says in the worst case possible, they absolutely will. Everyone, especially Ichigo and Hiro, refusing to accept this and Ichigo demands to speak to Goro. Via communications monitor, she first berates him for his reckless actions but vows to rescue him no matter what.

Ichigo reaches Delphinium to save Goro

Genista and Chlorophytum stay as a last line of defence while Strelizia and Argentea take Ichigo to the klaxosaur. Although they don’t know what will happen and Zero Two says she wouldn’t do it if it were herself, Ichigo insists she believes in Zero Two. Strelizia helps her enter the klaxosaur and she swims to Delphinium. Upon entering through the unit entrance, she says the air is thin and he is headstrong but weak. She also says they can’t win alone but together they can. They reconnect and drop a bomb in the klaxosaur before exiting the klaxosaur and all the units retreat and the klaxosaur explodes.

Afterwards, Ichigo tends to Goro and bandages him. He asks her where her hairpin is and she panics that she lost it. He gives her the hairpin he’s been wanting to give to her for a lobbying time and admits he loves her. She blushes but smiles and thanks him for being her partner. However, she doesn’t know how to respond to his confession and he says he wasn’t expecting a reply before collapsing in her arms.

Episode 10: The City of Eternity

For the squad’s achievements, they are invited to the city to receive medals and they are exited. They are amazed how beautiful and advanced the city as they arrive at the HQ parliament. They mayor praises a Ichigo for abilities as the leader and she embassingly thanks him. They convince Nana to let them walk around the city before returning to Miltisteinn and Zorome wonders if he will live there when he becomes an adult. Ichigo says she can picture any of them becoming adults. The squad worries when a Zorome gets separated from them but are relieved when he is found.

Episode 11: Partner Shuffle

Due to Mitsuru and Ikuno’s incompatibility, Nana suggests the group try a partner shuffle. Ichigo and Goro initially are reluctant to change partners but when Ikuno asks Ichigo to try a pistil-pistil connection with her, Ichigo reluctantly agrees. After 160 seconds pass, Ikuno asks if she feels anything and Ichigo says no, Nana announces Delphinium has timed out. Ichigo says she knew it wouldn’t work without a boy but Ikuno retorts she was serious.

A Gutenberg klaxosaur approaches the drilling facility and the group heads out to sortie. Strelizia starts to ignore commands and Ichigo orders Zero Two to hold back and stick to the plan. When Genista is knocked down, Delphinium and the other units try to hold the klaxosaur off long enough for Kokoro and Mitsuru to reconnect.

Episode 12: The Garden Where It All Began

The Squad returns To the Garden to undergo testing and Hiro suggests they use the chance to see Naomi, although Nana bars them from leaving the lab. Upon arriving, they are met by the 9’s and Alpha wonders what it is that Zero Two sees in them. Ichigo defends Zero Two, sayibg she prefers her over any of the 9’s. She introduces herself as the leader and Alpha is amused but surprised the girls by kissing her hand. Alpha also asks they’re scort Zero Two sage and sound. Ichigo asks what he means and he says all parasites being located to one location. Ichigo looks at Nana for answers but Nana says they will discuss that later. Alpha says he’s love to be part of her squad but she says they have no space other than the attic. Alpha notes how proud and dignified she is.

After the tests are done, they disobey orders and explore the Garden, and recall memories from their childhood. They are surprised to see the children are being developed into parasites at a faster rate due to the recent klaxosaur attacks. When a klaxosaur attacks the Garden, the squad is dispatched and Strelizia goes rogue from commands and the group is left shocked as Zero Two brutally slaughters the klaxosaur.

Ichigo later eavesdrops on Nana and Hachi discussing that the saurification process in Zero two and Hiro is intensifying and Hiro is likely to undergo a massive genetic mutation, much to her horror. When another klaxosaur appears, the group is horrified when Zero step begins attacking Hiro.

Episode 13: The Beast and the Prince

In a flashback, Hiro remembers when Ichigo cried for not being emotionless like the other children and she found being different to be scary. Hiro offered to give her a name and chose Ichigo because, as he explained, having your own name means it’s okay to be different and you’re own person. Ichigo was amazed and asked a Hiro to give the other children names, which he did before some of the adults told them they can’t change their code numbers without permission. Ichigo was with Goro and Hiro when they saw many children disappear and got no answered from the adults.

Back to the present, Ichigo uses Delphinium to restrain Strelizia and breaking her arm in the process. Ichigo orders Hiro to get away from zZero Two or else she will devour his humanity.

Episode 14: Punishment and Confession

Ichigo asks for Zero Two to be removed from squad

Zero Two and Hiro realize they knew each other as children. Ichigo suddenly interrupts and throws her off of him.

Zero Two goes to talk to Hiro, but is stopped by Ichigo. She blames her for his hospitalization and says she can't see him again. Goro and Miku tell her to calm down. When Ichigo reveals that Hiro will lose his humanity, the rest of the parasites don't believe her and ask Zero Two. She tells them to shut up and mind their own business. Ichigo stops her again from seeing him and says that she isn't a member of their team.

Hachi announced they must neutralize every klaxosaur inhabiting Gran Crevasse. Nana says that it is a joint operation with the 9's and FRANXX squad from each plantation. He says that Squad 13 is scheduled to be part of the sixth wave. Nana says it will be their most difficult mission and Ichigo raises her hand. She asks that Zero Two is removed from Squad 13 as of that mission and, if not, Squad 13 will not participate in the operation. Nana says that she was set to return to the 9's as of the mission anyway. Zero Two protests, but the parasites stop her from seeing him.

When Hiro gets up, he is stopped by Miku. Zero Two is also guarded and prevented from leaving her room. Ichigo comes in to see Hiro and they chat. She gives him an apple. She tells him that Zero Two is returning to the 9's the next night. She asks if he hates her and says that, even if he does, not to go anywhere. Hiro apologizes and Ichigo cuts her thumb, so Hiro bandages it for her. Zero Two remembers what Ichigo said and thinks that she knew she could never be a human. Ichigo leaves the knife and apple. Zero Two breaks out of her room as Ichigo returns, and she roughly throws Goro against a window.

Goro tells Ichigo to let her see him and Kokoro agrees. Ichigo says that she can meet him, but they're all going to be there. When they enter the room, it's empty as Hiro used the knife to escape. Zero Two becomes enraged and says that they tricked her. Hiro goes to her room. Hiro asks through the door if Zero Two knew about their past all along, but opens the door to find the room destroyed. Afterward, Hiro returns to the hospital to find all his teammates strangled with Zero Two attacking Ichigo. Ichigo tells him to run and Zero Two asks to speak with Hiro, who calls her a monster for attacking his friends.

Ichigo forcefully kisses Hiro

Zero Two leaves as everyone watches. As she goes away, Hiro cries and begins to go after her, only to be immediately stopped by Ichigo who begs him to not to leave before kissing him and confessing her love to him. Ichigo tells Hiro that she doesn't regret their kiss in the mock fight and that she wants to be with him forever, which Goro overhears. She says that she's always loved him whilst Zero Two's ship flies overhead.

Episode 15: The Bird that Shares Wings

Hachi tells Squad 13 that their objective is to take control of Gran Crevasse. Hiro still misses Zero Two as he watches her fight a klaxosaur in the monitor but Ichigo grasps his hand. Before the squad leaves for the battle, Ichigo promises to teach Hiro how to pilot when she gets back and smiles when Hiro thanks them for their support. Ichigo is amazed how the 9’s neutralize the klaxosaurs and compares them to Strelizia. She sarcastically thanks Alpha for complimenting her unit. The squad struggles to fight against the klaxosaurs and Ichigo watches Strelizia fight in stampede mode before Goro tells her to focus.

They notice a training unit and realize it’s Hiro. Ichigo tries to stop him but Goro suddenly stops her and says he can’t keep watching. He tells Hiro to get in because he knows a Hiro has something to say and a Ichigo can’t deny she is worried about Zero Two as well. Hiro apologizes to Ichigo and, when they connect, she sees his thoughts are all of Zero Two. She is sad that he will never have space in his heart for her and cries. Ichigo charges at Zero Two and admits she wish she never knew her. Ichigo demands she get her act together as their respective units fight and Hiro is able to enter Strelizia’s cockpit to reconcile and reconnect with Zero Two.

As Strelizia evolves, Ichigo cries and says she is happy for them. The klaxosaur is killed by it’s cores are still active and about to detonate until a colossal hand appears from the ground and stops the cores, soaring the squad and Miltisteinn.

Episode 16: Days of Our Lives

Ichigo accepts Zero Two

A month passes since the battle at Gran Crevasse and the squad has been left alone in their boarding house. The damage to the plantation restricted their access to water and maintenance, forcing them to develop a daily schedule for chores and eat rations to survive.

During breakfast, Ichigo asks Ikuno how she feels after coming down with a fever, and ikuno says she’s fine. Zero Two feels her forehead and says it’s normal, and asks her not to push herself. Everyone compliments Zero Two for keeping a meticulous schedule on their chores. Ichigo agrees and smiles.

The girls bath in the lake. The squad later meets to discuss five sources to get water but two of them are usable for filtering. They realize how easy it was when their caretakers provided necessities for them. Zero Two suggests they cook their own food and everyone agrees. Ichigo greets Hiro, Zero Two and Goro after they return from fishing and everyone laughs when Hiro admits he didn’t catch any. Goro asks Ichigo how she’s doing and she replies the mood has changed. As Zero Two teaches the others how to fish, Ichigo says Hiro was right about Zero Two being a normal girl and she never attempted to understand Zero Two, remembering how she comforted Zero Two after the battle at Gran Crevasse.

Everyone marvels how they made their own food. Ichigo is about to pray but Zorome tells her not to because they shouldn’t have to pray to Papa after doing all the work themselves. Ichigo tastes the bread Ikuno and Miku made and says it’s good. After dinner, everyone wonders if they have been casted aside by Papa and find the future to be scary but they all resolve to work hard to survive.

Episode 17: Eden

Ichigo and the rest of the squad is dismayed when the 9’s unexpectedly show up and announce they were sent by Papa, who has been worried. Miku and Zorome are relieved but everyone is again unhappy when Alpha says he and the 9’s will be staying with them, and Ichigo is surprised when Alpha says he’s taken a liking fro her. She is again surprised when he says all the surviving parasites have been gathered in one location and she wonders why they were left out. During breakfast, Ichigo tells one of the 9’s she assumed theyve come to take Zero Two back but he replies they are not her babysitters but her squadmates.

The next day, Ichigo tells Mitsuru she found out what happened between him and Kokoro after Zorome tells everyone he saw them in an embrace. Alpha comes in with a baby book Kokoro has been hiding and demands an explanation. Kokoro admits she wants to have a baby, which confuses her friends. Alpha says Papa banned that but Kokoro explains its how all humans, including themselves, were born and she wants to leave a mark for the future before she dies. Alpha calls her disgusting and says humans have casted their gender for evolution and it is a nuisance. Ikuno slaps Alpha before Ichigo and Goro hold her back.

Later that night, everyone discusses Kokoro’s words. Ichigo looks at Ikuno when she says everyone has things they can’t talk about and they all wonder if they can make babies but wonder how they were born if Papa didn’t create them. Zero Two says humans are wonderful because they have the ability to leave a mark behind.

Episode 18: When the Sakura Blooms

Ichigo meets with Hachi, who says the squad will be picked up from Mistilteinn soon and taken to the Bird Nest. She realizes, despite him and Nana ignoring them for so long, they have been watching them all along via monitors throughout the house. She meets with Hiro and Goro in the hallway. On their way back to Mistilteinn, Ichigo wonders if they can stay a little longer but Goro says they have a few rations left and Miltisteinn won’t last much longer. Goro also says their lives there weren’t that bad and Ichigo is sad they have to leave. Hiro stops them and says he wants to do something.

Hiro explains to everyone he wants to hold a wedding for Kokoro and Mitsuru, who have decided to get married before they leave. Everyone voices their full support and Ichigo looks at Ikuno, who appears troubled. Ichigo and Miku gather curtains from the rooms to make a wedding dress for Kokoro. In the room Kokoro and Mitsuru have been sleeping in, Ichigo notices a camera.


Ichigo checks on Ikuno and asks if she’s under the weather. Ikuno says she’s fine. Ichigo wonders if something is wrong because she’s never seen Ikuno so angry like she was with Alpha. Ikuno says it’s nothig and Ichigo apologizes for prying. Ichigo also thanks Ikuno for standing up for Kokoro and Mitsuru. Ikuno says she didn’t do it for them and sits up before asking Ichigo if she’s interested in her. Ikuno holds Ichigo down on the bed and says she hates the boy-girl pairing system and she slapped Alpha for that. Ichigo is surprised when Ikuno reveals she has been in love with her ever since Ichigo gave her her name when they were in the Garden, but she says her feelings are a mess because she doesn’t understand why she feels like this and she wants to keep Ichigo all to herself. Ichigo hugs Ikuno, who starts crying, and says there’s nothing wrong with being a pain because they all are.

Everyone paints the house and Ichigo pulls Ikuno outside to pose for a group picture. On the day of the wedding, Ichigo sits in attendance and remarks how beautiful Kokoro looks. However, the 9’s and an APE assault unit interrupt the wedding and take Kokoro and Mitsuru away. The others reluctantly leave Mistilteinn and worry about their two friends. A couple of weeks pass after arriving at the Bird Nest, when Ichigo receives a message and they reunite with Kokoro and Mitsuru. However, the two have no recollection of the wedding or each other, and Zero Two says their memories have been altered.

Episode 19: Inhumanity

Goro says Kokoro and Mitsuru have been implant with fake memories. Ichigo wonders if what they did was so bad to warrant such punishment. Hiro walks in and Ichigo asks about Zero Two, and he says she just needs some final tune-ups. He announces he plans to confront Papa, who justifies his actions because such unnecessary emotions would have hindered APE’s objectives. Everyone is enraged and Hiro demands they be released from duty since they no longer see him as their papa and he agrees as long as they win the final battle.

Episode 20: A New World

The new Nana tells the squad the Star Entity is under their control and they will have to boast it the next day. Everyone wonders where the original Nana is but she doesn’t answer them. Ichigo asks what Star Entity is and the new Nana says it’s a klaxosaur weapon. Ichigo says it’s risky but the new Nana simply smiles.

Kokoro becomes nauseous and runs to the bathroom to throw up. Ichigo, Miku, and Ikuno follow her. Ikuno says it’s been happening a lot lately and Ichigo suggests Kokoro not take part in the battle. Kokoro says she must fight for Papa even if she dies. The girls are deeply troubled and Miku says they don’t belong to Papa and have to leave a mark for future like Kokoro once told them.

The parasites attend an assembly meeting and they are later mocked by the 9’s. Zero two defends her friends because, unlike the 9’s, they look forward to the future. Ichigo holds Zero Two’s shoulder and shows her gratitude for standing up for them. They all then head to battle. Genista stalls when Kokoro and Mitsuru call each other by name and feel pain in their heads, and the other units come to help them. When the klaxosaur princess connects with Strelizia and forces Hiro to link with her, she sends her words to all the parasites and says klaxo sapiens are male-female pilots of klaxosaur s just like the FRANXX and the FRANXX were built by remnants of klaxosaurs, shocking the parasites that they’ve been kept in the dark about this. The klaxosaur s stop fighting against the parasites and look at the sky as an armada of ships appear, called VIRM.

Episode 21: For You, My Love

Everyone is confused on who they should be fighting as the klaxosaurs and VIRM start fighting. Hearing that VIRM are invaders and Star Entity will detonate as a bomb to destroy the planet, Ichigo orders everyone to return to Gran Crevasse to find out what is happening. They are confronted the 9’s and Alpha berates them from leaving their positions and ignoring Papa’s orders. Ichigo shots they can’t get in touch with him and have to analyze the situation to come up with their own decisions. The 9’s berate them for thinking they are special and begin brutally killing klaxosaurs.

They arrive at Gran Crevasse and rush to get Zero Two and Dr. Franxx to the entrance of Star Entity to save Hiro. The corridor is blocked off and VIRM soldiers confront them. Genista and Argentea hold the VIRM off while Chlorophytum blasts through the corridor in full power but shuts down when Ikuno becomes weakened and her hair turns white. Ichigo orders Genista and Argentea to take of Chlorophytum while she and Goro take Zero Two and the doctor to the entrance. Upon arriving, a VIRM soldier attacks and Delphinium fights it, but when the VIRM pushes it down and rips its arm off, causing Ichigo to scream in pain, Goro forces the FRANXX to push the VIRM down a shaft with it.

When the battle ends, Ichigo and the others are shown to have survived but Zero Two is left a catatonic state.

Episode 22: Stargazers

The Squad is put in charge of caring for the other surviving parasites and they attempt to grow crops to grow food to eat and survive. During a meeting, they discuss their limited access to water and maintenance and they can’t use magma energy, so they will have to keep farming. Ichigo asks Hiro about magma energy but he doesn’t answer. She smiles and says they have to survive any way possible. She also asks him to ask her for anything. A girl runs in and says they have a problem. Ichigo sees the 9’s have been refusing to eat since yesterday. Alpha says they don’t need food but maintenance. Ichigo leaves their food on the table and leaves. Ichigo sits in a bench when Goro gives her a hot beverage and says the new Nana refused to give him more supplies. Ichigo remembers an old saying Hiro told her, “No man can swim in the same river water twice.” Both are troubled how hard the outside world is.

Ichigo sad the crops died

Ichigo works in the field with the others and notices how tired Ikuno is, asking her not to push herself. Hiro then comes to work in the field despite looking exhausted from caring for Zero Two. A klaxosaur and VIRM soldier crash into the field after killing each other and more klaxosaur s fly into space. Ichigo is present in the infirmary when the new Nana announces Kokoro is pregnant and gives her the choice to have an abortion or give birth. Kokoro panics over what she do and Miku asks the boys to leave while the girls stay to comfort Kokoro. The next day, the squad finds that the crops have died and Ichigo says they followed the instructions. An aircraft lands and they are surprised to see Hachi and Nana, who is a wheelchair. Hachi surmises the crops died because years of magma energy drilling deprived the soil of life. Ichigo collapses and Ikuno tends to her. Goro gives Ikuno pills and Ikuno says Ichigo has been so worried about everyone else that she has been neglecting herself.

Ichigo is with the others when Goro tells them Mistilteinn has fresh soil that can used for growing crops and they are happy. However, Hiro announces he is going to space to rescue Zero Two, whose mind is linked with Strelizia and she is fighting the VIRM alone. Although told it is a suicide mission, Hiro refuses to change his mind. As Goro condemns him for disregarding everyone else‘s feelings running off to die while everyone is working hard to survive, Ichigo sheds tears when Hiro replies he is better off dead if Zero Two doesn’t smile at him and Goro punches him. Later that night, everyone sits outside and watches a meteor shower. Ichigo sits next to Goro and thanks him. He says it was not about everyone but himself and he is afraid of the world they live in. Ichigo recites Hiro’s old saying and they have to live their own lives.

The next morning, everyone meets with Hiro as he is about to leave. Ichigo tells him they’re going with him to rescue Zero Two. The 9’s offer to join them because they merely want to fulfill their purpose and plan to make space their grave. Ichigo says they don’t plan to die and will come back to grow more crops.

Episode 23: DARLING in the FRANXX

Squad 13 going to space

The units randomly fly thorough space and all agree they can move more freely before Hachi orders them to return to the ship. As Hiro looks at their group picture, Ichigo and Goro stand by him. Ichigo says they will get Zero Two back and reminds Goro he has something to tell Hiro. Goro apologizes for hitting Hiro, who laughs and says not to worry about it. Ichigo says if Goro was going to apologize, he shouldn’t have hit him in the first place.

When the ship arrives at Mars’ orbit, a massive battle between the klaxosaurs and VIRM is happening with Strelizia in the center. Hiro and Alpha rush into the battle with the others following to provide backup. A VIRM fleet forms a barrier to keep them from getting closer to Strelizia. Ichigo orders Hiro to head straight to Strelizia while they will cover for him. Argentea blasts an opening for Hiro, who manages to reac Strelizia after Aloha sacrifices himself. The battle becomes intense for the squad until Hiro and Zero Two reconcile and reconnect, causing Str to evolve into Strelizia True Apus and eliminates the the VIRM fleets. Two satellites appear from two rocks and create a warp gate. Hiro explains he and Zero Two will enter it and leave the solar system, much to their friends’ confusion. Ichigo tearfully asks why they have to go and Zero Two says to put an end to the war. After Zero Two takes a klaxosaur bomb and prepares to go throug it, Ichigo suggests they all go but Hiro says only Strelizia can withstand going through. Ichigo says she won’t let them but then says they better come back alive on her leader’s orders. She tells Zero Two to come back wand th Hiro and they will build a home and wait for them, moving Zero Two to tears. After they leave through the gate, Ichigo and Goro sadly bid them farewell.

Episode 24: Never Let Me Go

72 days after the gate passage, Ichigo and the other parasites return to Miltisteinn and find their former home destroyed, which saddens the. They also find plants are still alive. They begin harvesting the plants and start farming in the fields to grow crops. Ikuno begins researching and when Ichigo asks what the documents are needed for, Ikuno says there is something she wants to get done.

245 days after the gate passage, when Kokoro gives birth to her and Mitsuru's daughter Ai, Ichigo, Ikuno, Miku and other girls are present. Ichigo is emotional and happily watches as Mitsuru meets and bonds with his daughter. When the comatose children, including Naomi, are awakened and join the other children, Ichigo and the other girls tearfully hug her.

Ichigo is kissed by Goro.

When Goro later decides to go on a journey to gather supplies needed to help the parasites survive and to rescue any children left behind, everyone bids him farewell and Ichigo tells him to stay in contact with them. He then kisses Ichigo and leaves and she blushes furiously. During the winter, Ichigo finds Zero Two’s storybook and is baffled to see the last page blank.

Ichigo mourns Hiro and Zero Two.

783 days after the gate passage, while Ai plays near Zero Two’s statue, she begins saying "darling." Her parents overhear this and tell their squad mates about it. They surmise the statue can link them to Hiro and Zero Two in space. Ichigo and her friends link arms and shout to them their thoughts. After a while, more and more of the parasites begin joining. Their voices eventually reach the two; Ichigo and Goro reaffirm their belief the two will return. When Hiro and Zero Two sacrifice themselves in order to destroy VIRMs home planet, Ichigo sheds tears but states that they will improve their world and society so both of them can come home anytime.

The former Squad 13 reunite by the cherry blossom tree.

10 years since the gate passage, everyone has stopped using the magma energy and created a self-sufficient lifestyle. Ichigo finishes Zero Two’s book so future generations will know about them and she is amused how awful Hiro was at drawing. On the day of the school entrance ceremony, Ikuno, who is now a doctor, checks on Ichigo who is pregnant with her first child and married to Goro. Ikuno is amazed that Ichigo is going to be a mother and she wonders what the baby will be like. Futoshi comes in with his new bread recipe and they all talk about Ikuno’s research in keeping the former parasites’ accelerated aging process under control. When his pregnant wife and children come to get him, Ichigo tells him to go be with his family. Ikuno asks where Goro is and Ichigo says he will be here soon, as he is still traveling but has decided to stay for a while so he can take care of the baby. Ichigo later reunites with Goro when he returns from his travels and happily hugs her. The former Squad 13 later reunites at a cherry blossom tree and thank Hiro and Zero Two, speaking of the lessons they have learned from them and expressing their gratitude for their sacrifice to give them the freedom to live good lives.



Hiro and Ichigo are childhood best friends and are as close as siblings. Ichigo was the first parasite to receive a name from Hiro because he wanted to show her that having her own name meant it was acceptable to be different. Since then, Ichigo has had feelings for Hiro but didn’t fully understand them due to their sheltered upbringing. Ichigo constantly worries about Hiro and his future as a parasite when he fails his capacity test after being discharged from the Garden. She also shows intense jealousy when he meets Zero Two and spends all his time with her, especially when Zero Two refers to Hiro as her ‘darling’.

Ichigo tries to help Hiro awaken his abilities by partnering with him during his mock battle and they achieved a 100% synchronization, a percentage far greater than any other pair which reflects the deep bond of trust between them. However, due to Hiro’s growing attraction to Zero Two, their connection quickly cut off and Ichigo was willing to go as far as to kiss Hiro, even if she found it awkward, to help him. She was then left feeling angry when he says he didn’t feel anything but guilt.

She was willing to set aside her uneasiness with Zero Two after seeing how happy she has made Hiro, and gradually came to accept her as a teammate. However, Ichigo became overly irrational for Hiro’s safety to the point she tried having Zero Two removed from the squad and keep her away from Hiro. She even kissed Hiro and confessed her feelings to him in order to get him to leave Zero Two for her. Although Hiro understood her concern and was grateful, he still chose to reunite with Zero Two. Ichigo was able to see only Zero Two captivates his heart and mind, and she sadly accepted there was no space in his heart for her. She then admitted she was happy for them.

Afterwards, Ichigo and Hiro remained on friendly terms and she expressed her amazement how happy Hiro has been since he met Zero Two. When Hiro decides to risk his life to save Zero Two from VIRM, Ichigo was deeply saddened and cried but she resolved to support his decision and help him.

Ichigo tearfully mourns Hiro's death in Episode 24.


Goro is Ichigo's childhood friend and FRANXX partner. He often supports Ichigo's actions and decisions, and is able to calm her down whenever she has a breakdown. Ichigo cares for Goro's safety, as demonstrated when she desperately tried to save him from death after Delphinium was swallowed by a klaxosaur with him inside. Although Goro admittedly holds romantic feelings for her, and although she's grateful for his true feelings, she was surprised, as she had thought him as nothing more than her partner and a friend. Nevertheless, they made a good pair and continued their friendship. If anything, they grow closer; which is seen when Ichigo comforts Goro for lashing out at Hiro for choosing to risk his life rather without consideration for everyone else’s feelings but he later admitted his outburst was about himself and his fear of living.

In Episode 24, Ichigo sees Goro off before he departs to travel the world, but not before he surprises her with a kiss. They then get married during the eight-year timeskip, with Goro taking time off from his travels to care for their unborn child.

Zero Two

Ichigo first saw Zero Two carrying a limp Hiro out of her Strelizia. When she was told by Nana that she is a klaxosaur-human hybrid with the APE Special Forces Unit, she had warned Hiro to distance himself from Zero Two as she was rumoured to be the "Partner Killer", in that none of her partners ever survive more than 3 rides with her.

During breakfast, she was visibly uncomfortable with Zero Two being around Hiro and was in shock when Zero Two refers to Hiro as "Darling", although not knowing the meaning of the word. She later encountered Zero Two in the hangar. Ichigo warns Zero Two to "stay away" from Hiro so he doesn't get hurt. Zero Two retorts "What are you to my darling?", to which Ichigo replies she is the squad leader. Zero Two licks her and say that she is "sweet" and that she likes how Ichigo tastes.

When being allowed to take Hiro for a ride in the mock battle, Zero Two told Ichigo to take care of her "Darling", to which Ichigo reacted coldly.

Later it has been seen that Ichigo had grown to care about Zero Two, and even said she’s part of her team.

After hearing about Zero Two's past as a "Partner Killer", Ichigo starts to see her as a threat again. Her suspicions come out true as Zero Two tries to suck Hiro's life inside Strelizia. Ichigo later takes her away from him and their relationship rapidly deteriorates. Ichigo then pledges to separate her from Hiro and cast her out from the squad, calling her a monster for her actions. Zero Two almost broke into tears upon hearing this, telling Squad 13 (Hiro excluded) that they are all wrong. Kokoro and Goro, feeling sad seeing Zero Two and Hiro apart, convinced Ichigo to allow her to visit Hiro. She reluctantly accepts. But upon arriving at Hiro's treatment room, they were surprised to find that Hiro had escaped. Zero Two, thinking that she's been tricked, beats the entire squad unconscious. She then held Ichigo by the neck and throws her to the ground in front of Hiro. Hiro then scolds Zero Two for being such a monster while holding Ichigo. She was then deported as punishment.

After Zero Two got deported due to her aggressive action, Ichigo told Hiro that this is for the best.

In episode 15, It's revealed that Ichigo hostility towards Zero Two was due of Ichigo jealousy towards Zero Two as Hiro only had his eyes on her, and not Ichigo. Finally giving up on Hiro, Ichigo decides to support them and renews her friendship with Zero Two. Like with Hiro, Ichigo sheds tears of sadness upon realizing Zero Two’s death. She further honors Zero Two’s memory by finishing her picture book so future generations will know about Zero Two and Hiro.


The two have been good friends since they were children in the Garden and Ichigo was the one who gave Ikuno her name. Ichigo reassures Ikuno that she can connect and pilot Chlorophytum again after her first failure, and Ikuno blushes at the statement. She then recalls this moment before she connects and activates Chlorophytum before setting off to battle a Klaxosaur. Unknown to Ichigo, Ikuno is in love with her and wants to keep her all to herself. Whenever Ikuno confesses her feelings but admits how painful it feels, Ichigo comforts her. When Ichigo becomes pregnant, she goes to Ikuno for prenatal care and Ikuno is interested in knowing what her unborn child will be like.


Ichigo's nickname may use some of the numeral's readings from her real name "Code:015": ichi from 1 ( (いち) , ichi) and go from 5 ( () , go).


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"Maybe we can't win alone, but the two of us together can."—Ichigo, to Goro.


  • The name Ichigo means "strawberry" (苺).
  • Ichigo was the first parasite Hiro named during their time in the Garden.
  • Ichigo is also the only member of Squad 13 outside of Hiro to give another squad member a name, as everyone else’s name was given to by Hiro.
    • Ichigo was the one who gave Ikuno her name.
  • She likes cats and often plays with them off-duty.
  • She also likes stuffed toys and often sleeps with them. According to Goro, whenever they get their annual presents from Papa, Ichigo always asks for a stuffed toy.
  • She is fond of her hair clip, as it was a gift from Hiro. But after she loses it in Episode 09, she wears the one Goro wanted to give to her for a long time.
  • According to Ikuno, Ichigo is a good swimmer.
  • Ichigo’s English voice actress, Brittany Lauda, and Hiro’s English voice actor, Matt Shipman, are married in real life.
  • Ichigo placed well in popularity polls, reaching first place in best supporting female character at the 2018 Anime Winter Awards.


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