Let's help DARLING in the FRANXX Wiki grow!

Here are the tasks anyone can help out with! Don't be afraid to edit the pages, just remember to check Guidelines when adding new things!

All Pages

Sentence Structure

  • Shortening lengthy sentences
  • Changing awkward sentences


  • Try to break up paragraphs after every scene

Spelling and Grammar

Expanding stubs

Navigation template

  • Add the navigation template to the bottom of the page if the page doesn't already have it.

Character Pages

Adding Pictures

  • Try to add pictures which are already uploaded to the wiki.
  • If the picture is not already on the wiki, you may upload it to the character page.
  • See Guidelines for rules on adding pictures to the wiki.

Removing unnecessary written parts

  • Unnecessary parts under "History" where the character isn't present, eg Squad 13's interactions among each other on Nine Alpha's page.
  • Unnecessary characters under "Relationships". If the characters don't interact much, there is no need to add them under "Relationships", even if they are squadmates, eg Futoshi and Ichigo.

Characters which particularly need editing:

Adding the manga chapter they first appear in

Episode Pages

Adding "Appearances"

  • Characters who appeared in the episode.
  • If the character was only mentioned/seen in a flashback, add (mentioned) and (flashback) behind their names.

Editing synopsis

  • The synopsis should be translated from the synopsis given on the official website.
  • Often, google translate is used to translate the synopsis to English. Please try to follow the original synopsis as much as possible without rewriting it in your own words.

Adding transcript

  • Unless you happen to have the episode scripts, adding the transcript will prove extremely time consuming and tedious. Unless there is a part of the dialogue which is quite significant, eg the closing narration of Episode 24, please do not add any transcription.
  • The english transcript should be taken from the dubbed version of the show, not fansubbed translations.

Adding pictures (see "Character pages")

Manga Pages

Correcting chapter info

  • Many of them, especially those in Volume 1, have incorrect release dates. They will often say "January 14, 2018". Replace it with the chapter's shonen jump release date.
  • Also for Volume 1, the number of pages is also usually incorrect.