Gorilla is a character in DARLING in the FRANXX. He is a member of the Seven Sages of APE.


Gorilla, like all the other seven sages, have made their appearance a mystery other than he was a male and a very large one at that. In episode 19, it is revealed that he was a man of African origin and is more than a century old due to the immortality treatment. In episode 21, he had his mask ripped off and it showed the face of a man of African descent.


Like all of APE, he has no emotions and has no qualms of resorting to drastic, if not heartless, measures to fulfill APE’s agendas.


Episode 01: Alone and Lonesome

At Cerasus, the parasites attend their welcoming meeting where they are praised by Papa. The adults cheer for them. Gorilla, along with the other Seven Sages attend as holograms as well.

Zero Two says that she can smell a klaxosaur. In the parasites' FRANXX, they begin the startup ritual. A fog rolls in and the ritual is stalled. Hiro begins to refuse to leave when Naomi's ship is hit by a klaxosaur. The plantation begins firing at the klaxosaur and Strelizia in its stampede mode. Dr. FRANXX notes it's a maho class and Nana orders everyone to evacuate.

Episode 02: What it Means to Connect

Hachi begins the startup ritual the day after the klaxosaur attack. Papa and the other adults don't attend.

At APE Central HQ Council, it is announced that one Mahorovicic-class klaxosaur at Plantation 13 appeared but Strelizia intercepted and neutralized it, but fuel stockpile down to 54%. They request kissing with Plantation 26. The Lamarck Club authorizes it and kissing commences in 175 hours.

Lemur says they received word that Strelizia has stayed back at Plantation 13. One says that Dr. FRANXX spoils her. One notes that it seems Hiro's a rare sample without signs of physical aging. Gorilla notes that with no established cause, mixing with the special specimen will taint her blood and must be recalled at once. Papa says that she shone in battle and they should wait and see.

Episode 04: Flap Flap

Papa announces that Klaxosaur activity has increased, and large ones are showing up everywhere. An APE says the Nines are dealing with them for now, but they still have other tasks to complete. One asks how long Strelizia will be allowed to goof off, now that Hiro's aptitude has been ascertained, they have no reason to leave it there. Marmoset says that it isn't wise to let her mix with tainted stamens any longer. One says that they'll have to ready a new stamen. The Vice Chairman says that there are many parasites who want to team up with her. They send escorts to bring Zero Two back to the front lines.

Episode 05: Your Thorn, My Badge

The seven sages discuss their plans for the children of Plantation 13 before the grand battle.

Episode 07: Shooting Star Moratorium

Gorilla marvels at Hiro's ability. One notes that Zero Two's search for a partner has finally ended. Marmoset says that she still needs to be monitored closely. Papa says that Plantation 13 should be their top-priority surveillance subject and says that Code 016 is tasked with bringing her to the Gran Crevasse

Episode 10: The City of Eternity

The Seven Sages discuss how Squad 13 is moving ahead compared to other squads. However, they are concerned individualized FRANXX giving a unique asset to the squad as a whole is creating an imbalance with APE’s ideology of calmness and informality, thus making the children imperfect. They decide to move on to the next stage of their plan, as klaxosaur activity has been detected in the depths of the Gran Crevasse recently and it is Squad 13’s duty to escort Zero Two to the Gran Crevasse. Papa agrees and says he will arrange for the squad to undergo maintenance at the Garden. Tarsier suggests that they reward the children and explains it has been custom since ancient times to reward soldiers as inspiration and their way of life reflects a bygone era. Papa agrees.

Episode 15: Jian

APE has a briefing with Dr. FRANXX over how Zero Two has devoured all of her stamen before the siege of the Gran Crevasse.

APE then orders the destruction of other plantations in order to break through the Gran Crevasse.

Episode 17: Eden

APE sends the 9’s to check on Squad 13. They then discusses the Klaxosaur Princess. The 9’s return to tell APE they have interesting information.

Episode 18: When the Sakura Blooms

APE sends the 9’s and an SP unit to arrest Kokoro and Mitsuru for breaking the rules on having a prohibited intimate relationship and possessing forbidden knowledge.

APE discusses what happened with the Klaxosaur Princess. Gorilla says he thought she would just surrender and asks why they weren't told she was to be assassinated. Marmoset says they seek a world where APE and humanity can live for all eternity. Vice Chairman says they predicted what happened and it won't be a problem since they already possess the replacement key. Papa tells them to look at the big picture and that they will be released from their bodies when they realize their ideas.

Episode 19: Inhumanity

Dr. FRANXX confronts APE in erasing Kokoro and Mitsuru’s memories without his consultation.

In a flashback, APE is shown to have hired Dr. FRANXX to lead a project on human immortality. They then initiated the plantation project after the planet began suffering from desertification.

Squad 13 then confronts APE on the memory erasure, and Papa agrees to release them if they win the final battle.

Episode 20: A New World

While discussing Star Entity, Gorilla says that they don't need to worry and Baboon says that that's why they modified it for so long. Another says that they're implanting Strelizia in Star Entity's core.

When the Klaxosaur Princess begins implanting in Star Entity, Gorilla says that the worst has come to pass and the work on Zero Two will be in vain. Marmoset says that if she connects to Star Entity, they'll be defeated. The Vice Chairman says they've already taken measures.

Episode 21: For You, My Love

As Papa and Vice Chairman reveal themselves as VIRM, the other APE members are confused and Gorilla demands to know what is going on. Papa and Vice Chairman proceed to absorb their souls, killing them instantly. Gorilla’s mask falls off as he lays on the ground.



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