She is the wife of Futoshi, though her name is unknown.


She has short dark brown hair that is slightly above her shoulders.


Not much of her personality is shown, other than she is shown to be respectful towards others and she appears to be a caring wife and mother.


She and Futoshi met sometime after the final battle with the Klaxosaurs and VIRM, and they got married. By the ten year time skip, they had two children and she was heavily pregnant with their third child.

During the school entrance ceremony, she comes to Ikuno’s hospital room with her children to fetch Futoshi, who is visiting Ikuno. They then leave for the ceremony, with her bowing farewell to Ikuno.


She seems to have a close relationship with her husband and children.


  • She is seen at the end of Chapter 60, as Futoshi is helping her walk through debris after the Gran Crevasse siege ends.
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