He is the unnamed son of Futoshi and his unnamed wife. He has one younger sister and an unborn sibling.


He bears a strong resemblance to his father, as he has the same reddish-brown hair and is portly-built like his father.


Not much is known about him, other than he appears to be a kind young boy and is close with his family. He is taught by his mother to be polite and how his head when he visits Ikuno in the hospital.


He was born shortly after Hiro and Zero Two sacrifices themselves. He is first seen eight years after their deaths when he and his family go to the hospital to fetch Futoshi and attend the school entrance ceremony.

Futoshi Family

Futoshi and family.

He is seen holding his father’s hand as they leave for the ceremony.


Not much of his relationship with his family is seen, other than it seems to be a close one.


  • He appears to be a couple of years younger than Ai, so he is likely around 7-years-old
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