She is the unnamed daughter of Futoshi and his unnamed wife. She has one older brother and an unborn sibling.


She appears to be a couple of years younger than her brother and her looks seem to favour her mother’s, as she has dark brown hair like her mother.


Not much is known about her. She seems to share a close relationship with her father, as she smiles and laughs when she sits on his shoulders and she taught to show respect by bowing her head by her mother when she visits Ikuno in the hospital.


Futoshi Family

Sitting on Futoshi's shoulders.

She was born a few years after Hiro and Zero Two sacrifices themselves. She is seen visiting Ikuno in the hospital with her mother and brother. They have come to find Futoshi and attend the school entrance ceremony. She sits on his shoulders as they leave for the ceremony.


She appears to have a close relationship with her family.


  • She is a few years younger than her brother, who is also a few years younger than Ai, and her age might be around 5-years-old.
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