Futoshi (フトシ, Futoshi) is one of the main characters in DARLING in the FRANXX. He is a former Parasite with the codename "214" of the Thirteenth Plantation, where he was partnered in a boy-girl pair with Ikuno to pilot a FRANXX called Chlorophytum. He was previously partnered with Kokoro and the pilot of Genista.

Aside from his love for food, Futoshi is motivated to do his best through his feelings for Kokoro, whom he is determined to protect. However, after she reveals she doesn’t reciprocate his feelings, he continues to work hard for the sake of his friends.


Futoshi has a hefty build and a kind face. He is quite tall, being the second tallest next to Goro. He has short auburn-brown hair that hangs lightly over his forehead. His thick, stumpy eyebrows and round, playful eyes give him an approachable quality. Often seen by others as "fat", becoming the butt of many jokes on the subject. He is usually he is holding some article of food and dons the standard Stamen Parasite uniform.

In Episode 24 when he has become an adult, Futoshi has some graying hair and he has also grown a moustache.


Futoshi is a very kind, polite, and optimistic person. These characteristics make him an easily likeable member of the squad and he forms an instant friendly relationship with Kokoro. He gets easily motivated by his desire to do his absolute best. He has a strong love for food and he doesn’t hesitate to hide it, as he tends to keep pieces of food stashed away in his own bed and his locker to snack on later. He doesn’t take lightly when people tease him for his weight, as he tends to argue when Zorome calls him ‘fatty’. As an adult, he channels his love for food into becoming a baker so he can make delicious food for the next generation of children.

He never suffers from a lack of confidence in his abilities as a parasite and, even when emotionally troubled, it doesn’t affect his ability to pilot a FRANXX. He shows concern for his comrades in both professional and personal matters, including when Hiro’s fate as a parasite was uncertain and when he began piloting with Zero Two. He speaks respectively to others and rarely gives insults, unlike Zorome. As part of his keen sense of honour, he respects all those around him and doesn’t hold grudges. This is seen in his complicated comradeship with Mitsuru over Kokoro, whom Futoshi has feelings for but she is in love with Mitsuru, who initially was indifferent to her but eventually reciprocated her feelings after the partner shuffle. Futoshi initially lashed out at Mitsuru for his coldness and recklessness to the point his anger got the better of him and he punched Mitsuru for endangering Kokoro during a battle. However, after Mitsuru promises to protect her and Futoshi learns how happy Kokoro and Mitsuru are, he not only fully accepts their relationship but he reconciled with Mitsuru and become a genuine friend to him.

In the manga, he is less oblivious to Mitsuru’s budding relationship with Kokoro, but when he finally takes notice, he becomes jealous and he goes as far as to confront Mitsuru, telling him that they should fight and Mitsuru will have to leave her alone if he loses. However, his jealousy shifts towards concern once he learns of Mitsuru’s illness, which threatens his ability to pilot but Mitsuru’s main concern was to keep Kokoro in the dark about his illness so she won’t worry. Although he had feelings for Kokoro, Futoshi recognized that her concern for Mitsuru was actually affection for Mitsuru, and only she could help Mitsuru, which led to his own decision to propose Kokoro and Mitsuru becoming partners.

Despite differences in their personalities and Zorome’s frequent mocking of Futoshi over his weight, Futoshi and Zorome are good friends and hang out together. He also shares an amiable relationship with the rest of the squad and will help them out as much as possible. He used to look up to and respect Papa and the adults. However, after realizing parasites are not entitled to happiness and will use cruel means to take away that happiness, Futoshi grows to disdain Papa and the others, to the point he loses his temper at Papa.

From the moment they first met after being assigned as partners, Futoshi had a deep infatuation for Kokoro due to her beauty and kindness. Although she never reciprocated his feelings and saw him as nothing beyond a dear friend, she appreciated him for his hard work and support. He came to consider himself as her protector but when he asked her to be his partner forever, she initially agreed but this made her uncomfortable and provoked her to switch partners in favor of pairing with Mitsuru. Although this devastated Futoshi, he never blamed her for this and only wished for her to be happy, even if he couldn’t be the one to make her happy. He learned to put her happiness above his own, to the point he was adament about being the priest during their wedding so he could be the first person to congratulate them and he refused to go back to being her partner after her and Mitsuru’s memories were erased. He was also the most angry at Papa for having done so on the grounds it was for APE’s objectives and he lashed out at them. After all the turmoil and reconciliations, Futoshi remained close with his friends, especially with Kokoro and Mitsuru, as their children refer to him as ‘Uncle Futoshi’. He also has deep respect for Ikuno due her dedicated research keeping their accelerated aging process under control.


Futoshi as a child

Like all parasites, Futoshi was raised in the Garden and received the code number 214, which means he did not get special treatment due to his piloting skills.

Several years later, at age 14, he is discharged from the Garden and assigned to Cerasus, where he was partnered with Kokoro.[1].

Episode 01: Alone and Lonesome

Futoshi and the other stamen after passing final test

The squad discusses the rumors of Zero Two being called the ‘partner killer’ because her partners die after riding with her three times. Futoshi doubts the validity of the rumors but Zorome insists they are true. They then wonder about Hiro’s fate after failing to synchronize with Naomi and failing his capacity test to become a parasite. Futoshi believes Hiro is declining the offer to stay in Mistilteinn because he didn’t attend today’s briefing.

The next day, they attend their graduation ceremony and are praised by Papa. Futoshi and Zorome are amazed by the adults sitting in attendance. They then depart for their startup ritual and again discuss what will happen to Hiro.

As the startup ritual is about to begin, Futoshi and Kokoro give each other a thumbs up. A klaxosaur suddenly appears near the plantation and the parasites are ordered to evacuate. A stampede mode Strelizia fights it until Hiro is able to sychronize with Zero Two and activate Strelizia, and they defeat the klaxosaur.

Episode 02: What it Means to Connect

Futoshi and Kokoro’s first connection test

Zero Two sneaks into Mistilteinn and eats breakfast with the squad, much to their confusion. Futoshi says Shen looks nothing like the rumors said about her as he grabs a handful of buns. Nana then comes in to announce she will be their caretaker like she was in the Garden, which makes the children happy. He grabbed some buns to eat from his locker before going off to the startup ritual.

During the startup ritual, Futoshi and Kokoro easily and successfully synchronize, and activate Genista. As Genista takes its first steps, Futoshi asks Kokoro that he did okay and she assures him that he did a great job, much to his relief.

He later plays ball with Zorome when they discuss Hiro being able to pilot Strelizia. Zorome antagonizes Hiro for being weak and useless, causing a fight and Ichigo and Goro break the fight up. Nana and Hachi decide to have Hiro participate in a mock battle to test his abilities and decide to promote him to a stamen. Futoshi eats a snack as he watches the mock battle.

Episode 03: Fighting Puppet

A klaxosaur has been spotted near the magma energy drilling under the city and the squad is dispatched to eliminate it. Genista, Argentea and Delphinium Head to their destination while Chlorophytum stays behind when Ikuno and Mitsuru fail to connect. They quickly kill the klaxosaur but their magma energy weapons attract a horde of Conrad klaxosaurs and the three FRANXX retreat. However, their exit is blocked by more klaxosaurs. They are saved when Strelizia, piloted by Zero Two and Mitsuru, arrives and gives them time to get away. Afterwards they see Zero Two emerge from Strelizia and Mitsuru is near death.

Episode 04: Flap Flap

Kokoro tries to feed Futoshi

Mitsuru is hospitalized for his injuries and is traumatized. Futoshi shows the untouched tray of food and wonders if he should eat it so it won’t go to waste. Mitsuru tells Hiro not to pilot with Zero Two or else she will devour him before he faints. Futoshi helps Mitsuru lay back in bed.

The Squad later wonders if this means the rumors are true and worry about Hiro. They are dispatched to fight a klaxosaur. They struggle against it until Hiro and Zero Two pilot Strelizia and defeat it. They are then ordered to rendezvous with Plantation 26 for magma energy transportation.

Episode 05: Your Thorn, My Badge

Squad 13 watches the two plantations link to transport magma energy and are confused why the process is called ‘kissing’. The two squads later participate in a friendship ceremony and are praised by the mayor. During a meeting, Nana and Hachi decide to have Squad 26 in the front lines and Squad 13 will be the last line of defense. Squad 26 has misgivings about working with Zero Two due to her reckless conduct resulting in the death of Code: 090’s partner two years earlier.

Episode 06: DARLING in the FRANXX

A horde of Conrad klaxosaurs appear near the plantations. Squad 26 is able to neutralize several of them but four or five manage to sneak by. Squad 13 fights against them and Genista is tackled by two of them. As Kokoro reacts painfully to being attacked, Futoshi was angry at the klaxosaurs for hurting Kokoro and fights back. Both squads quickly catch on with eliminating the klaxosaurs until the larger one, a Gutenberg klaxosaur, grows larger and approaches the plantation. Strelizia goes stampede mode when Hiro starts succumbing to the tumor on his chest but his willpower to prove his worthiness enables him to survive and he reconnects with Zero Two to kill the klaxosaur.

Both squads are amazed Hiro survived and rush to him in relief.

Episode 07: Shooting Star Moratorium

For the successful kissing, Squad 13 is awarded a trip to the beach. Futoshi and Zorome are elated to see the ocean and admire Kokoro and Miku’s figures. They are surprised Goro is also interested in watching the girls, as they assumed double digits like Goro were too goody-shoes. They then see Hiro and Zero Two, who tells him a kiss is a declaration the person belongs to you and you should only kiss the one you live. They drag Hiro underwater and take him aside to ask what a kiss means. Futoshi is infatuated with what it could mean. Hiro explains its when two people put their mouths together. Futoshi is shocked mouths can be used for something other than eating and he is further amazed when Hiro describes the feeling as good.

Futoshi reprimands Mitsuru for speaking harshly to Kokoro

Miku and Kokoro call the boys to tell them Mitsuru found something. As they walk through a cavern, Kokoro says the dark spooks her out and Mitsuru coldly tells her she didn’t have to come. Futoshi tells him not to talk to her like that. Mitsuru replies he can’t guarantee their safety. They discover remnants of an abandoned modern city. Futoshi wonders through a mansion with Miku, Zorome, and Ikuno, and he realizes Kokoro is not with them.

After regrouping, Zero Two tells them humanity abandoned cities like these for the plantations. They later eat dinner and Futoshi eats a lobster. They then sit around a campfire and talk about the previous human civilization before going to bed.

Episode 08: Boys × Girls

Futoshi embarrassed for calling Kokoro beautiful

During a battle, a klaxosaur spills goo on the FRANXXs and the girls’ parasite suites melt in front of the boys. Futoshi has a nosebleed when he sees Kokoro‘s suite melt but tries to feign focus for the battle until Hiro reveals to the girls what happened. The girls later glare at the boys for not telling them. Futoshi says he wasn’t ogling at Kokoro but he found her to be beautiful, much to her embarrassment.

Miku convinces the girls to split the house from the boys. Because of this, Futoshi joins Zorome and Goro in swimming in the lake since they’ve been banned from the bathroom and the boys take over the dining room, which keeps the girls from eating. Zero Two makes things worse when she tricks the boys into walking in on the girls while they are bathing. Nana and Hachi defuse the situation and send the parasites to their rooms.

Both sides begin to regret their behavior but Miku refuses to change her mind and hides in one of the abandoned rooms that belonged to a previous squad that was killed in combat. Hearing this from Zero Two, they all reconcile. Futoshi gets on his hands and knees while apologizing to Kokoro.

Episode 09: Triangle Bomb

Squad 13 receives their annual presents from Papa and Futoshi receives a box of sweets. Delphinium is absorbed by a Gutenberg klaxosaur after Goro ejects Ichigo to save her. Genista and Chlorophytum serve as backup while Strelizia and Argentea help Ichigo reach Goro and hold off the klaxosaur.

Episode 10: The City of Eternity

Squad 13 is invited to the city to receive medals for their achievements and they are amazed how beautiful and advanced the city is. Nana allows them to ventur through the city on their way to the train. Zorome ends up getting lost and is shortly after found, much to the squad’s relief.

Episode 11: Partner Shuffle

Mitsuru wakes up from a dream and both Zorome and Futoshi note its unusual for him to sleep in late. During a meeting, the group is praised for their high killing numbers but Hachi says Chlorophytum‘s capacity has been declining. While the FRANXX guard a drilling facility, Futoshi and Kokoro talk. He praises her for how far along they have come and she thanks him for the compliment. Blushing, Futoshi promises her that he will protect her no matter what and asks her to be his partner forever. Kokoro appears hesitant but agrees. Zorome tells him to cut the communications off after saying such things, much to Futoshi’s embarrassment that everyone heard him.

Futoshi wants to be partners with Kokoro forever

While Mitsuru is hospitalized for falling ill, it is revealed he had an Elixir Injection as a child and he used to follow Hiro around. Futoshi and Zorome are amazed and wonder how Mitsuru went from admiring Hiro to butting heads with him over everything but Goro has no explanation. When Mitsuru recovers and it is shown his capacity is low, Nana suggests the group try a partner shuffle. Futoshi tells Kokoro there is no need for them to switch partners because he vowed to protect her. To his complete shock, Kokoro asks to try and partner with Mitsuru. She apologizes to Futoshi, who is devastated. He later cries into his pillow and doesn’t understand why this happened, asking Zorome if he is pathetic. Zorome and Hiro try to console him until Mitsuru walks by and says it’s no big deal over who their partners are. Futoshi tried to attack him but misses and hits the wall. He then tells Hiro that he feels pain in his chest that hurts but he doesn’t understand why. Hiro smiles in response.

A klaxosaur appears and Futoshi tells Mitsuru to protect Kokoro but Mitsuru brushes this off as nonsense. Futoshi gets angry and Kokoro assures him she will be fine. He also promises to do his best with Ikuno before tearfully running through the hallway, much to Ikuno’s annoyance. Futoshi cries in the cockpit as he hears Kokoro discuss a strategy to destroy the klaxosaur’s core with the squad. While fighting, Futoshi and Ikuno do really well against the klaxosaur until Mitsuru becomes reckless and nearly gets him and Kokoro killed. Futoshi uses Chlorophytum to keep the klaxosaur from crushing Genista and give them time to reconnect, vowing to Kokoro no matter what. When Mitsuru and Kokoro reconnect, Futoshi lets Genista blast an opening through the klaxosaur and Strelizia destroys it.

After the battle is over, Futoshi condemns Mitsuru for his behavior and punches him. Futoshi asks him why he didn’t dodge that punch and he tells Mitsuru that hurting a girl is the worst thing a man can do. Mitsuru then promises he will protect Kokoro from now on and Futoshi breaks down, saying he loved her.

Episode 12: The Garden Where It All Began

Squad 13 returns to the Garden to undergo tests and they decide to use this opportunity to see Naomi, although Nana bars them from leaving the lab. They sneak into the Garden and see the children are being developed into parasites at a faster rate due to the recent klaxosaur attacks. A klaxosaur appears and Squad 13 is shocked to see Zero Two brutally slaughter it. When another klaxosaur appears, Hiro tries to restrain her from losing control and she attacks him, shocking the squad.

Episode 13: The Beast and the Prince

The Squad witnesses Ichigo use Delphinium to hold down Strelizia.

Episode 14: Punishment and Confession

Ichigo orders the squad to prevent Zero Two from seeing Hiro, although they agree reluctantly. Futoshi and Zorome stand guard outside her room until she comes fed up and demands they let her see Hiro. Goro and the others convince Ichigo to let her but they find Hiro’s hospital room empty and he escaped. Zero Two accuses them of tricking her and she attacks them. Seeing his friends injured and unconscious, Hiro calls her a monster and she decides to leave, as the squad looks on.

Episode 15: Jian

The Squad is dispatched to a joint operation with Squad 26 to fight a horde of klaxosaurs near Gran Crevasse. They reaffirm their promise to protect Hiro and smile when he thanks them. A Lehmann klaxosaur appears and begins rampaging against the plantations and Squad 26 performs a suicide attack to stop it Full fails. Squad 13 also struggles against it until Hiro reconciles and reconnects with Zero Two. They defeat the klaxosaur but it’s cores are still active and set to detonate until a colossal hand appears from the ground and stops the cores, soaring Squad 13 and Mistilteinn.

Episode 16: Days of Our Lives

A month passes since the battle at Gran Crevasse and the squad has been left alone in their boarding house. Damage to the plantation restricted their access to water and electricity and they have to rely on rations for food and develop a daily routine for chores. Futoshi helps hang some sheets up when Zero two signals it’s time for breakfast. During breakfast, Hiro notices Futoshi isn’t eating and he says he is on a diet. Zorome is shocked and says dieting doesn’t suit him and tells him to eat but he declines.

They later discuss five sources to gather water but two of them are useable for filtering. They realize how easy it was when their caretakers provided necessities for them. Zero Two suggests they cook their own food and everyone agrees. Futoshi starts a fire and it briefly goes ablaze from the wind.

When dinner is ready, Futoshi still doesn’t eat and when he tries to, Zorome says he forcing himself to. Futoshi admits so and breaks down about this but when he calms down, he says he feels hungry. After dinner, they talk about the possibility they have been casted aside and how afraid they are of the future but resolve to work hard to survive.

Episode 17: Eden

The 9’s unexpectedly show up and say they were sent by Papa, who has been worried about them, much to the squad’s relief. The 9’s then announce they will be staying, much to the squad’s dismay. The next day, Zorome tells everyone he saw Kokoro and Mitsuru in an embrace and wonders if it’s normal for people to press their bodies together. Futoshi grabs Mitsuru and asks if he kissed her, which Kokoro realizes they have. Futoshi then says as long as they’re happy until Alpha comes in with a baby book Kokoro has been hiding and demands an explanation. Kokoro admits she wants to have a baby and says they are all capable of having children. Futoshi asks if Papa didn’t make them, which she says he didn’t. She explains she wants to leave a mark for the future when she dies. Later that night, everyone talks about Kokoro’s words

Episode 18: When the Sakura Blooms

Hiro gathers everyone to tell them he wants to hold a wedding for Kokoro and Mitsuru because they have decided to get married before they leave for the Bird Nest. Everyone voices their support but go quiet when they look at Futoshi. He quickly insists that he be the priest so he can stand beside them and wish them congratulatuons. Kokoro thanks him. Futoshi helps Hiro gather chairs for the ceremony and join Zorome in playing ball before Miku scolds them for slacking. They later paint the house and pose for a group picture.

On the day of the wedding, Futoshi claps and smiles as Kokoro and Mitsuru walk. He announces they will exchange rings. After the do, he tells them to seal their vows with a kiss. Before they can, the 9’s and an APE assault unit interrupt he wedding. Futoshi tells them to run but they are quickly apprehended and taken away. The squad then reluctantly leaves for the Bird Nest.

A couple of weeks later, they are reunited with Kokoro and Mitsuru who have no recollection of the wedding or each other. Zero Two says their memories have been altered.

Episode 19: Inhumanity

Futoshi wants Kokoro to stay with Mitsuru

Kokoro attempts to become partners with Futoshi again but he refuses because he wants her to stay with Mitsuru and says he is not changing his mind. Goro later tells the squad Kokoro and Mitsuru were implanted with fake memories. Hiro announces he plans to confront Papa, who justifies this because it would have hindered APE’s objectives. Futoshi is enraged and demands Papa apologize. Hiro demands they be released from duty since they no longer see him as their papa and he agrees as long as they win the final battle.

Episode 20: A New World

Futoshi tells Goro that Kokoro and Mitsuru took off their wedding rings and Goro is surprised he noticed and wonders if Futoshi isnt over her yet. Goro stops himself when Kokoro becomes nauseous and runs to the bathroom to throw up. They attend an assembly meeting and are mocked by the 9’s. Zero Two defends her friends because they, unlike the 9’s, look toward the future.

During the battle, the klaxosaurs stop fighting against the parasites and they look at the sky as an armada of ships appear. Papa reveals they are VIRM and he is the leader, and he has been using humanity as tools for his benefit. This leaves the parasites shocked.

Episode 21: For You, My Love

Everyone is confused on who they should be fighting but they decide to return to Gran Crevasse to see for themselves after remembering VIRM are invaders and Star Entity will detonate to destroy the planet. They are confronted by the 9’s who berate them for ignoring Papa’s orders but continue with their pursuit. After arriving at Gran Crevasse, they learn Hiro was forcibly linked by the klaxosaur princess and they rush to Star Entity with Zero Two and Dr. Franxx. They are confronted by VIRM soldiers and the corridor is blocked off. Futoshi and Ikuno blast through it in full power but Chlorophytum deactivates and Ikuno’s hair turns grey. Ichigo orders Argentea and Genista to stay with Chlorophytum.

When the battle ends, Futoshi and the others are shown to have survived but Zero Two is left catatonic.

Episode 22: Stargazers

Squad 13 takes care of the other parasites and they attempt to grow crops to survive. During a meeting, they discuss their low amounts of water and maintenance and they can’t use magma energy. Futoshi later works in the fields with the others when a klaxosaur and VIRM soldier crash into the field after killing each other. He wonders if this means Earth will be attacked again and more klaxosaurs fly into space. He is later present in the infirmary with the others when the new Nana announces Kokoro is pregnant. Futoshi stands by Mitsuru as he falls to the ground in shock of the news. Mitsuru later asks the boys what he should do and Futoshi tries to say something before Goro stops him.

The next day, they find the crops have died and are surprised see Nana and HachI, who surmises the crops died because years of magma energy drilling deprived the soil of life. This leaves the parasites disheartened. However, Goro tells them he found out Mistilteinn has fresh soil that can be used for farming, which makes them elated. Hiro announces he will be going to space to rescue Zero Two, who is mentally fighting VIRM in space with Strelizia. Although he knows it will be a suicide mission, he doesn’t change his mind. Futoshi later sits outside with Ikuno, Zorome, and Miku as they watch a meteor shower and wonder if they will find something they will die for.

In the morning, the squad meets with Hiro and tell him they will help him rescue Zero Two. Futoshi says they won’t let VIRM kill them or wait for them to die.

Episode 23: DARLING in the FRANXX

Everyone flies their FRANXX randomly through space and agree they can move more freely. Futoshi is impressed with their new weapons and says it feels like they’re a real team now. Zorome says they’ve always been a team.

When they arrive at Mars’ orbit, they see a massive battle between the klaxosaurs and VIRM with Strelizia in the center. Hiro and Alpha rush into the battle and the others provide backup.

As Hiro tries to reconnect with Zero Two, Goro and Zorome discuss how Hiro has always pulled through and Futoshi reminds them about Kokoro and Mitsuru trying to reconcile.

After Strelizia evolves into Strelizia True Apus and eliminates the VIRM fleet, a warp gate appears and Hiro and Zero Two day will be going through it to find and destroy the VIRM for good. Everyone is hesitant but agree to let them go when Zero Two promises they will come back.

Episode 24: Never Let Me Go

72 days after the gate passage, Futoshi returns to Mistilteinn with Ichigo, Goro, Ikuno, Miku, and Zorome. Their former home has been destroyed and they begin gathering soil and plants to begin farming. As Kokoro teaches some girls how to sew and Mitsuru looks after her, Futoshi and Zorome come rushing in and give her food they say has good nutrients. She thanks them and they drag a reluctant Mitsuru back to the fields with them.

Futoshi hugs Mitsuru for becoming a dad

245 days after the gate passage, Futoshi and a few other boys congratulate Mitsuru when Kokoro gives birth to their daughter. Futoshi hugs Mitsuru and congratulates him for becoming the first parasite to become a father. Soon after, Futoshi watches Goro leave to gather supplies needed for the parasites to survive. Like Miku and zorome, he is shocked when Goro boldly kisses Ichigo.

783 days after the gate passage, the squad learns Zero Two’s statue can link them to Hiro and Zero Two in space. They hold hands and send their prayers to them. Futoshi says the squad isn’t the same without them. After they sacrifice themselves, everyone mourns them. Futoshi and Zorome see Zero Two’s statue break and turn into ashes, leaving behind a small plant.

Futoshi’s family

Over the next eight years, the parasites have stopped using magma energy as part of their commitment to th planet and created a self-sufficient lifestyle from scratch. Futoshi becomes a baker and marries an unnamed former pistil, with whom he has two children and a third on the way. He visits Ikuno in the hospital while she checks on a pregnant Ichigo, and he asks her to try his new break recipe. Naomi teases him for not losing any weight. He blames Ikuno for helping him get his appetite back and credits her for keeping the accelerated aging process of the former parasites under control. He also mentions that Kokoro and Mitsuru are expecting their fourth child. Ichigo says he is one to talk when his pregnant wife and children come to get him for the school entrance ceremony. Ichigo tells him to go and be with his family and he says okay.

The former squad later reunites at a cherry blossom tree that grew from Zero Two’s ashes and thank her and Hiro, reciting the lessons they learned from the two.



In the beginning, it is shown they have a positive and friendly relationship towards each other, such as both complimenting the other and encouraging each other to do their best. Futoshi tends to prefer to spend as much time with her as possible and wasnt hesitant to express his feelings for her. For her part, Kokoro initially didn’t mind and played along with it, such as offering him to sit with her and imitating Hiro and Zero Two by holding his hand and feeding him. Zorome even describes them as having a lovey-dovey relationship. However, during The gender conflict in Episode 8, Futoshi admitts he wasn’t ogling Kokoro but he found her to be beautiful which deeply embarrassed her. However, when the group reconciles, he gets down on the floor to apologize which also embarrasses her.

Futoshi began exhibiting a stronger interest in Kokoro to the point where he vowed to protect her no matter what and asked her to promise to be his partner forever. Kokoro was visibly uncomfortable with this but reluctantly agreed. Due to Mitsuru and Ikuno’s incompatibility, a partner shuffle was offered and Futoshi said there was no need for him and Kokoro to switch partners because he made a promise to protect her. However, Kokoro quickly asked to become Mitsuru’s partner, which blindsided Futoshi. Kokoro could only apologize and he was completely devastated to the point of crying and wondering if he was pathetic in her perspective. However, Futoshi was willing to accept Kokoro’s decision to break their partnership as long as Mitsuru took her safety into consideration. Although she initially appeared content with the switch, Kokoro told Mitsuru she felt bad for it and would understand if Futoshi never forgave her because she hurt him. When Mitsuru promised to protect Kokoro, Futoshi was relieved and confessed he loved her.

In the manga, Futoshi was initially oblivious to Kokoro spending time with Mitsuru until Miku notes how weird those two were acting. He wished that they didn’t get so close but was told by Ikuno that only Mitsuru can say the words Kokoro needs to hear as comfort, which saddened him. When Kokoro became concerned for Mitsuru after he came down with a fever, Futoshi, although he really liked Kokoro and wanted to stay as her partner, recognized her concern as deep affection for Mitsuru and he felt only she can help Mitsuru. This leads to his decision to propose the partner shuffle.

Although he continued to have feelings for Kokoro, he only wanted her to be happy even if she wasn’t with him. He was surprised when he learned Kokoro and Mitsuru developed a relationship and they kissed, but again affirmed he only wanted them to be happy. Later, by his own volition, he insisted to become the priest for their wedding. When their memories of each other were altered, Futoshi was outraged at Papa for doing so for the sake of APE’s objectives and he was concerned the two permanently lost their feelings for each other. Futoshi refused to go back to being Kokoro's partner and insisted for her to ride with Mitsuru. When Kokoro found out she was pregnant, and she and Mitsuru struggled to decide whether to keep the baby or have an abortion, Futoshi believed the right thing was for Mitsuru to be there for Kokoro and the baby. He expressed his full support for them when they reconciled and decided to keep the baby, and Futoshi offered Kokoro nutritious food during her pregnancy. He was genuinely happy for them when their daughter was born. Futoshi and Kokoro remained close friends, and Kokoro teaches her children to call him ‘Big brother Futoshi’, altough Ai calls him "Uncle Futoshi".


Futoshi and Mitsuru had a typical squadmates relationship but rarely talked to each other. Mitsuru used to speak harshly towards Kokoro and this angered Futoshi who told him to never talk to her like that. Things between the two became heated when Kokoro asked to switch partners and pilot with Mitsuru. While he was devastated by Kokoro wanting to break off their partnership, he was angered when Mitsuru said switching partners was no big deal and he was indifferent towards the situation. This provoked Futoshi to attempt to attack him but he missed and felt he was pathetic. Futoshi adamantly demanded that Mitsuru promise to protect Kokoro but Mitsuru found this as nonsense. Mitsuru ended charging into the battle out of impulse and nearly got him and Kokoro killed, which angered Futoshi into punching him. However when Mitsuru promises to protect Kokoro, Futoshi was relieved.

In the manga, Futoshi was initially slow to recognize the meaning behind Kokoro and Mitsuru spending time together, but once Miku notes how weird those two were acting, he became jealous towards Mitsuru. He went as far as to challenge Mitsuru to a fight and if Futoshi won, Mitsuru had to leave her alone. However, once Mitsuru fell ill with a child fever and he asked Futoshi to keep it a secret from Kokoro, Futoshi began to think Kokoro could help him, which led to him choosing to become Ikuno’s partner and have Mitsuru pair up with Kokoro.

Things between them slightly eased. When Futoshi found out Kokoro and Mitsuru began a relationship, he was surprised and asked Mitsuru if they kissed. But then he backed down and reaffirmed that he only wanted them to be happy. Futoshi was adamant he play the priest for their wedding so he could stand beside them and wish them congratulations. Even after their memories were erased, Futoshi insisted the two remain partners and, when Mitsuru learned Kokoro was pregnant, Futoshi tried voicing his opinion on what they should do before Goro stopped him. When Kokoro gives birth to her daughter, Futoshi happily embraces Mitsuru, congratulating him for becoming the first parasite to become a father, showing they have become genuine friends.


They seem to have a good relationship. Futoshi is the first to ask about Hiro's health after his second time piloting with Zero Two. Like the other parasites, he mourns the deaths of Hiro and Zero Two after they sacrifice themselves to destroy VIRM.

Zero Two

He is wary of Zero Two at first but warms up toward her with the rest of the squadron, and highly regards Zero Two's involvement valuable to the squad. Like all the parasites, he mourns the deaths of Zero Two and Hiro when they sacrifice themselves to destroy the VIRM.


Zorome likes teasing and poking fun at Futoshi a lot due to his weight, often calling him “fatty”. This irritates Futoshi but he never gives back any negative responses other than to correct Zorome. Despite all that, they're good friends and often play with each other. In fact, Zorome was the first person to notice Futoshi was forcing himself to eat (due to his secret bulimia) and tearfully told him not to force himself.


Until they were declared partners after episode 11, they had little to no interactions with each other. However, they get along relatively well and it is shown their fighting skills improved significantly after they paired up. In the manga, they both become interested in the budding relationship between Kokoro and Mitsuru but for different reasons, and they are the ones who proposed the partner shuffle in order to pair Kokoro and Mitsuru up. As adults, Futoshi credits Ikuno’s hard work for keeping the parasites’ accelerated aging process under control.


Futoshi's nickname may use some of the numeral's readings from his real name "Code:214": fu from 2 ( () , fu), to from 10 ( (とお) , ) and shi from 4 ( () , shi).


  • The "Futo" in Futoshi can be written in kanji as 太, which means fat or thick, in what's most likely also a reference to his appearance.
  • Futoshi has the fifth highest code number in Squad 13.
  • Futoshi received a box of sweets as his annual gift from Papa.
  • Although parasites are required to remain composed while piloting, Futoshi is shown to still be capable of piloting with Ikuno after Kokoro’s decision to break up their partnership devastated him.
  • By his own admission, Futoshi finds girls to be beautiful and precious, and had no qualms about admitting it.
  • Along with his admiration for girls, Futoshi states that hurting a woman is the worst thing a man can do.
  • In Episode 16, he is shown to suffer from bulimia.
  • Futoshi’s decision to become a baker was to make delicious food for the children and have them grow up enjoying it.


"Hurting a girl is the worst thing a man can do!"—Futoshi
"I'll just eat it so it doesn't go to waste."—Futoshi
"I wonder If I'll be able to fight properly."—Futoshi



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