FRANXX (FRANXX (フランクス) , Furankusu) are armor and control systems created by Dr. FRANXX to combat Klaxosaurs, usually piloted by children in boy-girl pairs. Those who can pilot FRANXX are called Parasites.

All FRANXX units are at the disposal of APE, the governmental body of this world.

The FRANXXs feature certain similarities to the flowers after which they were named.


FRANXX (mecha)

FRANXX units are bio-mechanical weapons built by Dr. Franxx and under the supervision of APE. They were built from klaxosaur skeletal remains that were excavated from Earth’s surface through a drilling process called S-Planning. They were specifically designed as defense arsenals against the klaxosaurs and are required for fertile male and female pilots to operate.

Below are the current FRANXX units from Plantation 13:


Parasites are children who are trained and tasked with piloting the FRANXX with the sole purpose of protecting the plantations and the adult population from the klaxosaurs. The male parasite is the Stamen and the female is the Pistil.

The 9's are capable of battling as either Stamen or Pistil, as explained by 9'a to Hiro in Episode 23: DARLING in the FRANXX.

Below are the names of the current Pistils and Stamen of Plantation 13.



Stampede Mode


Genista's Stampede form.

Stampede Mode (スタンピード・モード, Sutanpido Mōdo) occurs when a pistil pilots a FRANXX without substaining a synchronization with her partner. Because a FRANXX is is more operational by its Pistil, their negative factor will rise rapidly and the FRANXX will take on a more beast-like appearance. This will negatively affect the Pistil's health if continued for long periods of time.

This phenomenon is first shown with Strelizia. After 081 dies, Zero Two is forced to pilot alone, transforming it into its beast mode. According to Nana and Papa, this wasn’t the first time Zero Two operated Strelizia in stampede mode. In another example, when Mitsuru refuses to fight and Kokoro tries to pilot Genista alone, the lip of Genista's hat opens, revealing sharp metal "teeth" and two orange crosses for eyes appear, making an animal-like face. In the manga, when Ichigo tries to pilot Delphinium alone, it took on a beast like form almost identical to Strelizia’s stampede form.


Ep2 double100percent

The pilot system showing the para-capacity between Ichigo and Hiro in Episode 2.

Paracapacity (コネクト値(パラキャパシティ), Para Kyapashiti) is the numerical value indicating the degree of synchronization between FRANXX pilot and their FRANXX. There are three levels of paracapcity: high, median, and minimum range. The higher the paracapacity, better of a successful synchronization between the pilots.

According to Nana, a lack of compatibility between the co-pilots is common in the beginning. However, it is a necessity for a stable synchronization to be substained or else it would be impossible to operate a FRANXX and the parasites would be considered candidates for pruning (removed from duty and disposed of).

If a pair’s paracapacity falls in the lower range, they are given the option of a “partner shuffle”, or switching partners. If one pilot is deemed the cause of the low paracapacity, he or she will be the target of “pruning“, or will be deemed unfit to pilot and permantly removed.


  • The FRANXX units of Squad 13 have specific roles that makes their teamwork more authentic than most seasoned parasites.
  • Delphinium: the commander-use melee unit
  • Argentea: the melee scout unit
  • Genista: the siege artillery unit
  • Chlorophytum: the ranged fire-support unit
  • Strelizia: the ace unit


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