This is the list of episodes in the DARLING in the FRANXX anime.

Episode Number & Title Image Summary Release Date

Episode 01: 独りとヒトリ

Alone and Lonesome

"You are now my darling!".png After failing his parasite aptitude test, Hiro meets Zero Two by chance while skipping out on his squadmates' graduation ceremony. During his squadmates' start-up ritual, a klaxosaur approaches Cerasus. Zero Two pilots in stampede mode but is unable to defeat the klaxosaur, so Hiro offers to pilot with her. Together, they pilot Strelizia and defeat the klaxosaur. 13 January, 2018

Episode 02: 繋がるということ

What It Means to Connect

Genista, Argentea, Delphinium and Chlorophytum.png Squad 13, especially Ichigo, is shocked to hear that Zero Two will be staying at Mistilteinn for awhile. To retest Hiro's parasite aptitude, Ichigo pilots with Hiro against Zorome and Miku in a mock battle. It ends in a draw, leaving Hiro's future as a parasite uncertain. 20 January, 2018

Episode 03: 戦う人形

Fighting Puppet

Episode 3.png Delphinium, Argentea and Genista go on their first sortie, but the situation goes awry. As Hiro is not an official parasite yet and cannot pilot a FRANXX, Mitsuru eagerly takes the opportunity to pilot with Zero Two. At first, Mitsuru is amazed by the power riding in Strelizia, but Zero Two decides to go all out, leaving him critically injured after the sortie. 27 January, 2018

Episode 04: フラップ・フラップ

Flap Flap

Hiro and Zero Two running to Strelizia.png Zero Two's time at Cerasus is up, so APE sends troops to pick her up, much to Hiro's dismay. Hiro runs to stop her from leaving and yells he wanted to pilot with her again, moving Zero Two, who decided to fight the guards to come back to Hiro. They ride in Strelizia together and help Squad 13 defeat a worm-type klaxosaur. 3 February, 2018

Episode 05: キミの棘、ボクのしるし

Your Thorn, My Badge

TenseMeeting.png Goro notices Hiro is down with a fever and has developed a blue mutation on his chest after riding with Zero Two, so he tells Hiro not to pilot with her again. To prepare for defending Cerasus and Chrysanthemum's kissing from klaxosaurs, the parasites of Squad 13 and Squad 26 gather for a meeting. Squad 26 is horrified to see Zero Two again, especially Code 090. 10 February, 2018

Episode 06: ダーリン・イン・ザ・フランクス


Injured Hiro and Zero Two.png During their joint operation with Squad 26, Squad 13 struggles to eliminate the klaxosaurs. Strelizia joins them against orders, later attacking the Gutenberg-class klaxosaur by itself. Hiro succumbs to his injuries, and to everyone's horror, they find the klaxosaur has not been eliminated. However, Hiro manages to use his willpower to reverse the mutation, then finishes off the klaxosaur with the help of Squad 13. 17 February, 2018

Episode 07: 流星モラトリアム

Shooting Star Moratorium

Hiro and Ichigo stargazing.png After the successful kissing with Chrysanthemum, Squad 13 is rewarded with a special getaway at the beach. After frolicking in the sun, Mitsuru announces that he found an abandoned city, leading the squad to do some exploration. There, they discover the remnants of the past, leading them to reflect on their current situation. 24 February, 2018

Episode 08: 男の子×女の子

Boys x Girls

Episode 8.png After the girls of Squad 13 find their partners had been ogling them during battle when their parasite suits melted off, they announce a fight and split the boarding house into two. During the fight, Squad 13 discovers the rooms of the former Squad 13 and realises they have to put their differences aside and work together, otherwise they would perish. Following this, they apologise to each other and decide to start anew. 3 March, 2018

Episode 09: トライアングル・ボム

Triangle Bomb

GiftParasites.jpg When Squad 13 receives their annual gifts from Papa, Hiro realises Zero Two hasn't gotten a present, so he gifts her the mirror Naomi left behind. During their sortie, Delphinium gets trapped in the klaxosaur and is in danger, so Goro ejects Ichigo from the FRANXX, leaving himself stranded. After Miku scolds Ichigo for relying on Goro too much, Ichigo decides to rescue Goro, no matter what it takes. Following the successful rescue mission, Goro confesses his love for Ichigo. 10 March, 2018

Episode 10: 永遠の街

The City of Eternity

AmazedCity.jpg On a trip to the Inner City to receive medals, Zorome gets separated from his squadmates, then falls from a height and gets injured. When he comes to, he finds that he has been cared for by an Old Woman, a resident of the Inner City. He chats to her before being sent back, then realises life as an adult is not as fun as he thought it to be. 17 March, 2018

Episode 11: パートナーシャッフル

Partner Shuffle

Episode 11.png Due to Mitsuru and Ikuno's growing incompatibility, Nana proposes the option of a partner shuffle to the squad. When Kokoro decides to partner with Mitsuru, everyone is shocked and Futoshi is hurt, resulting in a lot of tension between him and Mitsuru. During the next sortie, Mitsuru loses hope and breaks down, revealing his childhood past with Hiro to Kokoro. However, with Kokoro's encouragement, he manages to pilot Genista and help defeat the klaxosaur. 24 March, 2018

Episode 12: ガーデン/始まりの庭

The Garden Where It All Began

Episode 12.png Squad 13 goes back to the Garden for testing, then bumps into the 9's, of which their leader Nine Alpha, lets Ichigo in into Zero Two's dark history as the partner killer. During their sortie, Zero Two claims she must kill more klaxosaurs to become human, reverts into her Red Oni form and starts strangling Hiro. She says she wants to become human so she can meet her darling from back then, triggering Hiro's past memories 31 March, 2018

Episode 13: まものと王子様

The Beast and the Prince

02Connects.png In a flashback, Hiro remembers meeting Zero Two as a child, then helping her escape from the Garden. He also remembers while on the run, they'd made a promise to get married after escaping. In present time, Hiro and Zero Two start crying as they realise they'd met before, while Ichigo yells for Hiro to get away from Zero Two, lest he lose his humanity. 7 April, 2018

Episode 14: 罪と告白

Punishment and Confession

Episode 14.png Zero Two and Hiro desperately want to see each other again, but Ichigo and the rest of Squad 13 do not allow them to do so. After Mitsuru and Hiro reconcile, Zero Two attacks Squad 13 when she sees Hiro's empty room, thinking they tricked her. Hiro returns and calls her a monster, so she obediently returns to the front lines. As her craft leaves, Hiro regrets his words and gazes at the sky, but Ichigo tells him not to go back to Zero Two as he'll lose his humanity, kissing him afterwards. 14 April, 2018

Episode 15: 比翼の鳥

The Bird that Shares Wings

Stampede Strelizia vs Delphinium.png Squad 13 is sent to fight at the Gran Crevasse, with the exception of Hiro. When the super-Lehmann class klaxosaur approaches Cerasus, Hiro takes out a training unit to reunite with Zero Two. With the help of Delphinium, Hiro reaches Zero Two and the two reconcile. Following this, they pilot Strelizia together and defeat the super-Lehmann class. 21 April, 2018

Special Episode 1: ダーリン・イン・ザ・フランキス プレイバシク特番

DARLING in the FRANXX Playback Special

Playback special 1.PNG The first interlude episode featuring director Atsushi Nishigori, Squad 13's Japanese voice actors and the manga artist behind the DARLING in the FRANXX (manga), Kentaro Yabuki. 28 April, 2018

Episode 16: ぼくたちの日々

Days Of Our Lives

HappyFish.png Left alone in Mistilteinn to fend for themselves, Squad 13 learns to be self-sufficient and does all the chores by themselves - cooking, cleaning, washing... In the greenhouse, Kokoro gives Mitsuru a haircut, and a kiss. Later, Squad 13 prepares dinner all by themselves and they enjoy the process. Following dinner, they reflect on their current vulnerability and wonder what the future holds for them. 5 May, 2018

Episode 17: 楽園


Episode 17.png The 9's arrive at Mistilteinn and announce that Squad 13 will be headed to a parasite facility called the Bird Nest, bringing relief to the parasites. Kokoro makes a move on Mitsuru in the greenhouse, but gets interrupted. Later on, Hiro helps Mitsuru realise he loves Kokoro. Back in Mistilteinn, the 9's berate Kokoro for wanting to bear children. When Nana and Hachi take her away for interrogation, Squad 13 think about their future. After this, Mitsuru finds Kokoro in one of the abandoned rooms, comforts her and spends the night with her. 12 May, 2018

Episode 18: 桜の花が咲く頃に

When the Sakura Blooms

Mitsuru and Kokoro's wedding.png Hiro explains to Mitsuru and Kokoro about a wedding, who decide to hold one before leaving Mistilteinn. However, their wedding is crashed by APE soldiers, who take Mitsuru and Kokoro away for re-indoctrination. When Mitsuru and Kokoro return to their squad at the Bird Nest, Squad 13 is shocked to find that all of Mitsuru and Kokoro's memories of each other have indeed been wiped. 19 May, 2018

Episode 19: 人ならざるモノたち


Episode 19.png A flashback delves into Dr. FRANXX's backstory, the history of the FRANXX and the Klaxosaur Princess. At this point, Squad 13 has become doubtful of APE's intentions, with Hiro going as far as to say they would no longer call Papa "Papa" anymore and demand Squad 13's release from duties after the next mission. Papa agrees, on the condition that Squad 13 performs well during their next mission. 26 May, 2018

Special Episode 2: ダーリン・イン・ザ・フランキス プレイバシク特番2

DARLING in the FRANXX Playback Special 2

Playback special 2.PNG The second interlude episode, featuring Atsushi Nishigori, Haruka Tomatsu (Zero Two) and Yuuto Uemura (Hiro), and the scenario writer as the show nears the finale. 2 June, 2018

Episode 20: 新あたらしい世せ界

A New World

Klaxosaur Strelizia.png During the battle at the Gran Crevasse, Kokoro and Mitsuru get a sharp pain in their heads after saying each other's names. Hiro and Zero Two promise to be together forever, but as they are about to sortie, the Klaxosaur Princess throws Zero Two out of Strelizia, calling her a copy. Following this, Dr. FRANXX reveals the truth about the FRANXX, shocking all the parasites. When the Klaxosaur Princess starts the implanting process, Papa and Vice Chairman reveal other plans. 9 June, 2018

Episode 21: 大好きなあなたのために

For You, My Love

Oni Zero Two kisses Hiro.png Papa and Vice Chairman reveal their identity as aliens known as VIRM, then announce their plans and absorb all the souls of the adults living in plantations. While Star Entity is rigged to explode, Hiro delays it for awhile. When Zero Two wakes up, she is determined to save Hiro, no matter what. When Zero Two tries to save Hiro, the Klaxosaur Princess is touched and sacrifices the rest of her strength for them. Following this, VIRM flies into space. Unfortunately, after the battle, Zero Two is left in a catatonic state. 16 June, 2018

Episode 22: スターゲイザー


Episode 22.png Squad 13 and the remaining parasites work in the fields to harvest crops, in hopes of increasing their food supply. When Hiro tries feeding Zero Two, he finds mysterious cuts all over her body. After falling out of consciousness, Kokoro wakes up and learns that she is pregnant with Mitsuru's child, shocking her as she had no recollection of spending her nights with him previously. Hiro realises Zero Two's mind is linked to Strelizia Apus in space and decides to rescue her, with Squad 13 and the remainder of the 9's accompanying him. 23 June, 2018

Episode 23: ダーリン・イン・ザ・フランキス


Chrome 2018-06-30 18-49-05.png In space, the 9's sacrifice themselves to let Hiro reach Zero Two. After Hiro successfully connects with Zero Two, Strelizia Apus transforms into Strelizia True Apus. On Earth, Kokoro and Mitsuru reconcile, with Mitsuru promising to protect their unborn baby, no matter how hard the journey. At the end, Zero Two's body on Earth turns into a statue. Hiro and Zero Two leave through a Warp Gate to defeat VIRM for good. 30 June, 2018

Episode 24: わたしを離さないで

Never Let Me Go

Episode 24.png Squad 13 and the remaining parasites start building a new community on Earth. Kokoro and Mitsuru have a daughter, Ai. In space, two years pass when Hiro and Zero Two reach the VIRM home planet, but have difficulties destroying it, so Squad 13 and the other parasites sent their prayers and thoughts to Hiro and Zero Two. This allows them to successfully destroy the VIRM home planet, though at the cost of their lives. On Earth, the statue of Zero Two breaks and a sapling sprouts from it. 1000 years later, Hiro and Zero Two reincarnated into two children, meet under the same tree. 7 July, 2018