The DARLING in the FRANXX Drama CD Volume 2 was released on September 25, 2018, as part of the DVD Volume 6. It consists of three stories - The Longest Night, Diet Strategy and Mistilteinn Environmental Response Test.


Squad 13 - The Longest Night

Squad 13 wakes up in the middle night after hearing strange movement inside their boarding house, starting with a cat’s sound. This, coupled with the tale of the Yōkai that Zero Two tell them, scares them further. One by one, the squad begins getting ambushed and left unconscious. They hurry to find out what is going on.

Diet Strategy

After Kokoro pairs with Mitsuru, Futoshi decides to go on a diet by eating less and working out as a way to impress her. However, this has a negative impact on his health and makes everyone worry about how he is hurting himself.

Mistilteinn Environmental Response Test

Nana and Hachi decide to try their own test on the squad via their response to Mistilteinn’s environment.

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