The DARLING in the FRANXX Drama CD Volume 2 was released on September 25, 2018, as part of the DVD Volume 6. It consists of three stories:

  1. Squad 13's Longest Night
  2. Diet Strategy
  3. 13th City Mistilteinn Environmental Response Test - Regular Report no. 28


01. Squad 13's Longest Night

Ichigo narrates that Squad 13 had done a partner shuffle, but they can still work as a team. Ichigo says they are acknowledged and got a medal from Papa, but wonders why 'that night' happened. Ichigo starts to tell the listeners about that night, Squad 13's longest night.

The story begins when the cat Ichigo kept as a pet let out a meow. Ikuno asks Ichigo if she heard something suspicious. They heard Miku and Kokoro screaming. In the lounge, Miku and Kokoro explains to everyone about what they saw. They speculate “it” has come to Mistilteinn. Zero Two is confused on why everyone is scared and asks who is “it”. Before Hiro can answer, Miku says that she is feeling uneasy. Goro asks her to calm down and he offers to look for what Miku and Kokoro had seen. Ichigo wants to accompany him but Ikuno doesn’t let her.

Goro agrees with Ikuno, concerned about Ichigo’s safety. Hiro wonders if Goro would be alright, Mitsuru says that if he worries that much he should’ve went with Goro. Futoshi assures everyone that Goro would be fine. Ichigo asks Ikuno why she had stopped her. Before Ikuno can answer, everyone hears a terrifying scream. Hiro wonders if that was Goro’s. Futoshi becomes scared, Zorome and Mitsuru are in disbelief. Miku and Kokoro are sure that “it” is there. Zero Two is confused and asks the squad once again about who is “it”.

Miku and Kokoro describes the creature, and Ichigo says that its name is cockroach. Zero Two laughs and says if it’s a cockroach, they can beat it up and eat it. Zorome and Miku are disgusted by this idea. Even Futoshi says it’s impossible to eat it. Hiro asks Zero Two if she have eaten cockroach before. Zero Two asks Hiro if he really wants to know, but Miku answers that she doesn’t want to know nor imagine it. Mitsuru says because the cockroach had gotten Goro, they should think about what to do next. Ichigo suggests they contact Hachi and Nana. Kokoro and Miku agrees. Ichigo tries to contact Hachi and Nana but they do not answer. Zorome wants to contact Papa for help, but Miku says it’s impossible. Zorome then heads back to his room, angry at everyone for not trusting Papa. Zorome forbids them to follow after him. Ikuno mumbles that this is a death flag for Zorome, and that he can’t be saved, making Ichigo worry. Miku hears the sound of the cockroach flying and panics. Kokoro says she heard it too. Mitsuru asks Miku and Kokoro where the sound from in a panic voice. Miku and Kokoro have different directions of where the sound from, which frustrates Mitsuru. Hiro suggests they should move to another room and Ichigo agrees.

Ichigo tells everyone to follow her. Futoshi asks Kokoro if she’s okay. Kokoro answers she’s fine, but she dreads about what is going to happen to them. Futoshi says after the cockroach is gone, he will eat many sweets and Kokoro should do the same. Ikuno mutters that Futoshi has a death flag. Ichigo starts to worry about Ikuno, but the cockroach flies to the squad’s direction. They start to run towards the bathroom, but Futoshi trips and falls. Kokoro shouts his name, and Futoshi shouts for everyone to not leave him behind. Kokoro is about to help Futoshi but Mitsuru stops her, saying that he doesn’t want her to meet the same fate as Futoshi. Kokoro gives in and starts running.

In the bathroom, Kokoro is crying because of what happened to Futoshi and Hiro is in disbelief. Miku whines that she wants to take bath because her body is covered in sweat. Mitsuru and Ichigo tells her it’s impossible and it’s not the right time to do that. Miku starts to argue and Hiro says that he and Mitsuru will stand guard outside while the girls take a shower. Zero Two offers to help Hiro stand guard. Miku wonders if they can sleep tonight, and asks Ichigo and Ikuno to take a shower, because if they don’t it would feel bad about the ones who stand guard. Ichigo is having doubts and worries about Ikuno’s condition. Ichigo asks Ikuno if it’s unwise to take a shower, Ikuno answers yes and both Miku and Kokoro have death flags. Ichigo wants to help Miku and Kokoro, but Ikuno says that it’s too late. Ikuno then explains about what death flags mean. After that Miku and Kokoro’s screams are heard, followed by Zorome’s.

Hiro opens the door and alerts them about Zorome. Ikuno says that she read in a book that if they see a cockroach, they should be prepared for 100 cockroaches. Mitsuru picks up an insecticide in frustration and planning to use it against the cockroach. Ichigo asks Mitsuru where did he get the insecticide from, but Mitsuru answers it doesn’t matter as they as humans should retaliate against the cockroach. Ichigo asks Ikuno if Mitsuru has a death flag now and Ikuno answers no. Mitsuru starts to use the insecticide, but Ikuno suddenly says Mitsuru has a death flag now. The cockroach flies to Mitsuru’s face and he faints. Hiro suggests that they leave the house and go outside because the insecticide didn’t work.

Outside, Ichigo mutters that it’s only the four of them are left. Zero Two starts laughing as she finds them funny for making a fuss over a single cockroach. Zero Two says she will protect Hiro and then starts teasing him. Ichigo asks Ikuno if Hiro and Zero Two have death flags. Ikuno says yes and Hiro puts an end to Zero Two’s teasing, realizing he has a death flag. Ikuno says that usually if a boy and a girl are acting lovey-dovey they have death flags. Ichigo asks Hiro if he knows about death flags, and Hiro says yes. Hiro says that he will not let his comrades’ ‘deaths’ to be in vain and they should work together. Ikuno interrupts him, saying that a person who says that has a death flag too. The cockroach flies to Hiro, making Hiro, Ichigo and Zero Two scream.

Ichigo starts crying and Zero Two becomes angry at the cockroach. Zero Two tells Ichigo and Ikuno to run, and Ikuno says this is a death flag for Zero Two. They then heard Zero Two’s screams. Ikuno apologizes to Ichigo because she doesn’t know to defeat the cockroach. The cockroach flies to their direction but Ichigo’s pet cat suddenly comes and kills the cockroach. Ichigo thanks the cat for saving them. Ikuno says the cat brings death flag to the cockroach. Ichigo doesn’t understand but is relieved that their battle with the cockroach is over.

Ichigo narrates the longest night for the Squad is concluded and dawn is coming.

02. Diet Strategy

Squad 13 are enjoying their meals in the dining room when Futoshi suddenly announces that he will go on a diet. Everyone looks at him, confused. Because Futoshi said that while eating, Zorome says the announcement means nothing. Futoshi replies that he will do it after eating. Ichigo asks why Futoshi wants to go on a diet all of a sudden, and he answers he wanted to do it since the partner shuffle. Hearing Futoshi’s answer, Ikuno remarks that he’s making Kokoro and Mitsuru uncomfortable and if he’s doing that to spite them, he should stop. Futoshi says that is not the case, as he really wants to become a full-pledged parasite and doesn’t want to leave any regrets. Futoshi asks everyone about their diet solutions.

The first solution is from Goro, who advises Futoshi to eat banana because it is good for his health, therefore can help lose his weight. Goro thinks this is a good solution because it’s better to start from the easy way rather than the hard one. Mitsuru remarks that Futoshi is eating a lot of bananas. Goro asks Futoshi how many he have eaten, and Futoshi answers he has lost count after thirty. Goro, Ichigo and Miku are shocked. Goro snaps at Futoshi, saying he has eaten too many. Futoshi pleads to eat one more, but Goro doesn’t let him and tries to take the banana. Futoshi eats the banana and it’s stuck to his throat. Everyone is worried and Goro calls Futoshi while he shakes him up.

The second solution is from Hiro, who suggest them to have a race and Futoshi have to catch up to Hiro. When Hiro and Futoshi reach the goal, Hiro says that’s enough for today and Futoshi should take a bath and rest. Futoshi refuses, saying that he will challenge everyone at Mistilteinn. Hiro disagrees, concerned about Futoshi, but Futoshi suddenly feels sick. Miku assumes that it’s probably because he ate too many bananas. Hiro shouts for everyone to get away from Futoshi, and Futoshi starts to throw up. Zero Two is amused by this and laughs.

The third solution is from Miku, who gives Futoshi a bottle of supplement pills. Ikuno says that it’s fishy, but Miku replies that he can lose weight by only drink the pills, so it doesn’t matter if it’s fishy. Futoshi takes the bottle and swallow all the pills, which worries Miku and Ikuno. Futoshi starts to feel sick again and Miku and Ikuno are panicking.

The fourth solution is from Zero Two, she ties Futoshi on Strelizia’s head while she and Hiro pilot it and begins to fly around in great speed. Hachi reprimands Zero Two, asking why she activates Strelizia when there is no Klaxosaur to be found. Zero Two replies it’s for diet. Ichigo asks why Zero Two thinks this is a good solution. Zero Two answers that by screaming hysterically, it will burn his strength and calories and will result in losing weight. Zero Two says this is the best solution, while Futoshi is screaming. Ichigo doesn’t think this is a good idea, but Futoshi says it’s okay and ask Zero Two to fly around. Zero Two is happy by Futoshi’s answer and starts to fly. Not for long, Futoshi loses consciousness. Ichigo starts to shout Futoshi’s name and Kokoro is also worried.

The fifth solution is from Zorome, who heard that parasite worms can cause weight loss. Futoshi accepts this idea and wants to buy some, but Goro doesn’t let him.

Finally, Futoshi asked Papa to give him liposuction equipments. The girls are skeptical but Futoshi activates it. Miku comments that the power is too great and Ichigo advises Futoshi to think again. Miku and Ichigo separate him from the equipment and Futoshi struggles to release himself from their grip and continue the liposuction, to no avail.

In the bathing room, Futoshi swims vigorously in the large bath, annoying Mitsuru who asks him to stop. Futoshi also swallow a whole bottle of supplement pills and Miku has to remind him that he should only take one pill a day. Futoshi then continues to do Zero Two’s extreme diet solution.

Ikuno narrates that it has been a month since Futoshi’s diet announcement. Kokoro asks Ikuno about what Futoshi meant by calling everyone to the lounge. Kokoro and Ikuno are worried for him but decide to go to the lounge. Everyone is shocked to see Futoshi has become slim. Miku compliments Futoshi, saying he has become a lot cooler, especially compared to Zorome. Zorome becomes irritated and starts arguing with Miku. Futoshi asks Zero Two to taste him, which she accepts. After licking Futoshi, Zero Two says his taste is one of relief, saying it’s not a bad taste. Futoshi is happy to be acknowledged by her. Zero Two says she also taste pain and Futoshi awkwardly says he doesn’t know what that means. Futoshi thanks everyone for their cooperation. Futoshi says he will become more manly from now on and will work hard for someone precious to him.

Ikuno points out his face looks sick, and she can’t bear to look at him anymore. Mitsuru says it’s probably because of his extreme diet. Futoshi denies this, and Kokoro shouts at him, asking him to stop. Kokoro says she can’t bear to look at Futoshi’s painful face and that she liked the Futoshi, who enthusiastically enjoys his food, better. Miku remarks Kokoro said it at the wrong time. Futoshi says in desperation that he only wanted to become Kokoro’s partner again. Futoshi faints and everyone rushes to him, worried. Zorome heard Futoshi mumbles something about food and starts to laugh even though he is unconscious, while Kokoro shouts his name worriedly.

Ikuno narrates it has been a week since that incident. Futoshi has regained his old body shape and apologizes to everyone for making them worry. Kokoro says she was really worried when Futoshi fainted and he tearfully says her name. Mitsuru says coldly that there are some things that will stay unrequited, even though he forces himself for it, because that’s how reality is. Goro scolds Mitsuru, tells him to stop saying those things. Mitsuru leaves the room and Futoshi assures them that he is fine. Kokoro offers to bring him some food and to call them if he needs something, Futoshi thanks her. Hiro advises Futoshi to rest and Zorome says they will call him when it’s supper time.

Everyone then leaves the room but Ikuno stays and Futoshi apologizes for causing trouble and worry her. Ikuno says she is not against Futoshi trying his best. She understands his desire to try his best for something, even it means forcing himself. Ikuno says that Futoshi’s partnership with Kokoro must means a lot to him, and he wanted to hold on to it. Futoshi starts crying and Ikuno says it’s okay to cry in front of her, even though she is not as gentle as Kokoro.

Ikuno says that from now on, she is Futoshi’s partner. Futoshi says he only wanted to show Kokoro his cool and manly side. Ikuno lends Futoshi a handkerchief to wipe his face. Futoshi thanks Ikuno and says he will do his best with Chlorophytum and asks her to take care of him from now on. Ikuno smiles and says she is in his care, too.

03. 13th City Mistilteinn Environmental Response Test - Regular Report no. 28

Hachi and Nana introduce themselves and contact Dr. FRANXX. Hachi reminds Dr. FRANXX that it’s time for their regular report. Dr. FRANXX says that Hachi and Nana’s way of speaking is too stiff, which Nana replies Dr. FRANXX is the informal one. Hachi says they have a duty to report on Squad 13's condition. Nana says that some of the children ask her for advice. Dr. FRANXX asks if one of them is Zero Two but Nana says no because she hasn’t opened her heart to them.

Nana asks if it’s okay reporting the children, one by one. Dr. FRANXX says he doesn’t mind and Nana starts her report with Futoshi’s condition.

Nana reports that Futoshi asked everyone for diet solutions and had regained his old body shape. Hachi says from the data he had read, Futoshi gained more than 20kg in span of two weeks. Hachi continues that Futoshi’s ability as a parasite is above average and acceptable. Nana says Futoshi’s reason for dieting was to polish himself as a man. Hachi assumes that it was because Futoshi wanted to polish his skills as a stamen. Dr. FRANXX says that is not the case, but because of puberty. Nana asks if Futoshi is still in that phase, with Dr. FRANXX replies yes, along with the whole children of Squad 13. Hachi asks what is the correlation between dieting and puberty. Dr. FRANXX answers it’s because Futoshi wanted to be popular. Hachi and Nana don’t answer, to Dr. FRANXX’s puzzlement. Hachi says he doesn’t understand the correlation. Dr. FRANXX retorts that Hachi is a boring man. Nana suggests to reduce the amount of Futoshi’s food and she also knows that Futoshi asked Papa to give him liposunction equipments. Dr. FRANXX tells them to leave Futoshi be. Nana wonders if that is okay, but Dr. FRANXX is asking for the next report.

The second report is from Miku, that she forged her body report by reducing 0.3 kg in her body weight. Dr. asks Nana if Miku eats mackerel. Nana doesn't know what a mackerel is and Hachi answers it’s the name of a fish that existed back then. Hachi asks Dr. FRANXX what is the correlation between false information and mackerel, and Dr. FRANXX answers it’s because of puberty. Hachi says that Miku is the same as Futoshi, they are concerned about their body weight. Nana asks if the same solution as Futoshi should be applied to Miku, but Dr. FRANXX says to leave her be.

The third report is from Ichigo, as Nana says Ichigo confided her secret in her. This interests Dr. FRANXX, and he asks Nana what is it. Nana reveals that Ichigo asked her on how to become like Kokoro. Nana continues that Ichigo is concerned about her bust size. Hachi is surprised that Ichigo is more concerned about bust size rather than her height. Hachi asks Dr. FRANXX on what does that mean, and the he says it’s because of puberty. Nana suggests to add pads to Ichigo’s bra, but Hachi objects, saying if Ichigo’s bust size increases suddenly, everyone will notice and probably will cause more trouble. Hachi and Nana asks Dr. FRANXX on what to do, but he says to let her be. Nana starts to get annoyed and Dr. FRANXX asks if Ichigo’s report is the last one, but Nana says she has one more.

The final report is from Goro, Hachi says it’s surprising because Goro seems to be the least problematic of all the children of Squad 13. Goro said to Nana that he has grown some hair. Dr. FRANXX says this is interesting, but Nana says she didn’t specify where. Nana wants Hachi to guess where, but Hachi says he should confirm it personally because if he doesn’t know where, he can’t find a solution. Nana insists that Hachi guess, and he starts to think about the possible place where the hair grows. Hachi starts to mention a few possible places, from head, armpits, legs and chin. Nana says it’s the place where Hachi’s isn’t erect. Hachi is silent for a few seconds before he understands where. Dr. FRANXX wonders if it’s too fast or too slow for Goro to grow hair now. Dr. FRANXX says he can’t deduce the average time of when the hair should have been growing and asks about the other children of Squad 13. Nana says she has not confirmed it, because the only one who reported to her about this was Goro. Hachi says it’s because reporting for hair isn’t mandatory. This interests Dr. FRANXX and he says he probably can create a statistic from the children’s data. Hachi asks what they should do, Nana asks if Dr. FRANXX wants to confirm it for himself. Dr. FRANXX says to leave them be and Nana says she knew he would say that. Dr. FRANXX says that’s enough for today and he is busy. Hachi says the next report is in a week and Dr. FRANXX cuts the connection.

Hachi concludes the report. Nana sighs, saying that Dr. FRANXX may look like he is thinking of something, but actually he is not thinking of anything at all. Hachi denies this. Nana wonders if the other children have grown some hair too.

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