This is the fifty-first chapter of the DARLING in the FRANXX (manga).


Hiro is training in a training pod as he remembers Zero Two’s words about her thinking she would become human if she was with him. Hiro wonders what he is doing and then he stops as he heard the buzzing sound. Meanwhile, the rest of the squad search the woods for Delta. Gorō notes that Delta is not here. Ichigo says she called out to her by the lake but got no response. Miku says this isn’t good and Kokoro wonders where Delta is. Futoshi suggests that Delta got scared because she woke up in a place she doesn’t know. Zorome retorts that doesn't sound like the 9's and sounds more like Futoshi, which causes them to bicker. Alpha is worried about Delta when he sees Zero Two jumping through the trees in a frenzy.

In the control room, Hachi is informed that Delta was spotted in surveillance footage. She managed to use the 9’s S-class ID to enter and was moving through the city in a trance. Dr. FRANXX notices Delta’s eyes and he instantly recognizes them as the eyes of 001, the Klaxosaur Princess. This surprises Hachi as the doctor explains 001 has high intelligence and psychic capability. By applying that, 001 has maintained control of Delta since they originally connected. Hachi is shocked, as he never thought such a thing was possible without using the FRANXX with a piloting system as a medium. The doctor replies it is possible because he’s had a taste of it before.

In a flashback, Dr. FRANXX and a group of scientists and SP officers arrived at the Klaxosaur volcano. However, as they descended into the core, everyone but the doctor was killed by a giant Klaxosaur snake. A voice told the snake not to kill and to bring him to her. The doctor was excited to see a foreign existence capable of affecting the mind and 001 was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. Now, he realizes she wanted him to see his sin.

In the hanger, Delta/001 looks at Strelizia and calls it pathetic that Zero Two has been using it to kill her brethren. An agitated Zero Two asks her what is she talking about, and who is she but adds she doesn’t care that Delta/001 can speak into her mind. Delta/001 knows more plantations are closing in on Gran Crevasse and she will use Delta’s body to send stronger signals. As Zero Two feels pain from her head, Delta/001 says Zero Two doesn’t know anything, referring to it as annoying and humans as sinful. She sends a signal to Zero Two that causes Zero Two’s horns to react and her body shakes. Delta/001 says she will guide her to the path Zero Two should take.

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