This is the forty-ninth chapter of the DARLING in the FRANXX (manga).


As he synchronizes with Kokoro, Mitsuru says if it's with her, he can live in this world. Kokoro then asks Mitsuru to walk together with her as their minds connect. Genista prepares to fight as more Conrad class Klaxosaurs approach her. Chlorophytum is surprised to see Genista in light armor mode and Futoshi warns Mitsuru that although Genista's speed went up in light armor mode, the defense decreases. Mitsuru replies he knows. Four Klaxosaurs attack Genista but it instantaneously passes by them all and aims for a shot. Mitsuru declares to Futoshi that he will protect Kokoro.

In the control room, Hachi notes that Mitsuru’s yellow blood count has stabilized and Nana wonders if such a thing is possible. At Mistilteinn, Alpha says he doesn’t understand them as he watches the fight on his monitor tablet. Zero Two is amazed and wonders if this is what a human is. Hiro is equally surprised but Ichigo commands Hiro and Zero Two to attack at once. Delphinium and Argentea attack head on and slash the Gutenberg class Klaxosaur’s back legs to disable its movement. Genista is nearly ambushed by two smaller Klaxosaurs from behind but Chlorophytum kills them and tells Genista they should focus on the Gutenberg. Kokoro thanks Futoshi and Ikuno. The Klaxosaur expands its flesh towards the mining facility. Ichigo tells the squad the Klaxosaur is aiming for the facility. Genista rushes above the Klaxosaur and fires a shot through its back, exposing its core. Strelizia then rushes in and destroys the core, killing the Klaxosaur.

Nana is surprised that Mitsuru was able to recover. Hachi says it’s a good thing the squad defeated the Klaxosaur but they nearly got killed and he may have misjudged the situation. Nana replies that Hachi actually still wanted to take a chance with those kids and it’s just like when they were children.

In the greenhouse, Kokoro asks Mitsuru if he really wants her to cut his hair. Mitsuru says yes because if his hair becomes disheveled in battle, it will be a hindrance and he wants to minimize the risk even if its a little. Mitsuru bashfully adds that it's to protect Kokoro. This surprises Kokoro but she heartfully smiles as she begins cutting his hair. Mitsuru mentally tells himself that he doesn’t know if he can forgive Hiro but if Kokoro is smiling by his side, then it’s not necessary to live with a deception. As Kokoro begins to cut his hair, Mitsuru admits to himself that he likes Kokoro.

In the bathroom, Hiro looks in the mirror and says they’re getting bigger. He moves his bangs, revealing two tiny horns on his forehead.


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