This is the thirty-eighth chapter of DARLING in the FRANXX.


Dr. FRANXX identifies the humanoid Klaxosaur as the princess of all Klaxosaurs. 9'α refers to her as 001. She is disgusted at the humans for calling her that and Alpha flinches from pain, which he tells Dr. FRANXX is due to him hearing her voice in his head. Dr. FRANXX asks 001 if she can still communicate through telepathy. In a flashback from when he was a young man, he remembers when he first encountered her. She sand they can call her whatever they want but there is one thing that waits for the humans - extinction.

Dr. FRANXX tells the 9's to not do anything careless and just analyze her moves, and if necessary, retreat. 9'δ chuckles at this and eagerly says that, as 001 is the long-awaited final boss, they have no choice but to fight and Papa is always happy when they kill klaxosaurs. Alpha calls out to her but she ignores him and charges at 001 and her klaxosaur snake. The snake effortlessly smacks Delta’s 9 Model away, and she retorts it hurts. 9'ε says it’s too fast and is a tough klaxosaur. However, they notice 001 has disappeared. Then she appears in front of the FRANXX and opens the cockpit entrance door. Delta is enraged at 001 for coming inside and tries to attack her but 001 overwhelms them both with her tentacles.

Alpha realizes those two are in trouble and says 001 won’t let them go. Delta is held by the neck by 001’s tentacle and she uses another tentacle to violently hit Epsilon’s stomach, causing him to near lose consciousness and cough up blood. 001 tells them to stop making a fuss because there is something she wants to know. To Epsilon’s shock, 001 is able to activate the FRANXX by linking with Delta. Dr. FRANXX realizes 001 is trying to get intel on the humans. 001 sees memories from Delta but then sees a memory of Zero Two, who insisted on being called by her name rather than her code name Iota. 001 recognizes her as the person the klaxosaurs have tried and failed to capture, and discovers that Zero Two is at Plantation 13.

A horn emerges from the head of the FRANXX and starts transforming into something different. Alpha realizes the FRANXX is merging with 001. Once the FRANXX’s transformation is complete, 001 asks that they address it as Model Klaxosaur, as she can get used to that because it sounds good. She has Delta bound by her tentacles and Epsilon is still aching in pain on the floor. Alpha shouts to her that he won’t let her take the FRANXX, along with Delta and Epsilon, with her. 001 responds she will annihilate their dignity.

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