This is the thirty-fourth chapter of DARLING in the FRANXX.


Hachi reports that Delphinium is trapped inside the core of the Klaxosaur. Futoshi and Zorome are ready to go and rescue her but Nana says that won’t be easy. Hachi explains this is an explosive klaxosaur that vaporizes it’s own fluid until it self-destructs, and while it is still approaching the plantation, it is charging up and will explode upon impact. In other words, Hachi says their priority is to keep it away from the plantation and destroy it. Hiro asks if they will let Ichigo die, and Hachi says she has already agreed to it because, even by combining the FRANXX units and the plantation’s firearms, the klaxosaur devoured all the attacks. On the audio comm, Ichigo assures everyone not to worry and reminds them that their priority is to protect the plantation. Goro and Hiro are horrified. Ichigo says she is glad Goro is safe and hopes he will be happy with his new partner after she is gone. She turns the comms off and enters safe mode to save power. She then thinks if she could have talked to her friends more but she would have cried if she talked to Hiro after remembering their kiss on the beach. She also wonders what else she could have done as a leader.

Ikuno pleads for Nana and Hachi to let the squad save Ichigo. Hachi says the plan can’t change and Nana asks how the plan to save her. Hiro says there is a hole on top of the klaxosaur that one person can enter. Nana says it’s too risky and Hiro is about to offer himself until Zero Two interrupts him by saying he is her partner and Ichigo herself there is nothing they can do. To Hiro’s surprise, Goro agrees because Hiro is Strelizia’s stamen and Zero Two’s partner. However, Goro says he is Ichigo’s partner and he will rescue her. Goro asks for Hachi’s permission to rescue her without interfering with the plan.

Strelizia and Chlorophytum take Goro to the klaxosaur while Genista and Argentea will be the last line of defence. Hachi says if they break through the klaxosaur, the plantation will begin firing at it. Ikuno thanks Mitsuru for helping but he retorts he thinks it’s risky. Hiro tells Goro they will drop him in the highly pressured vaporizer to reach Delphinium. Zero Two says there is no guarantee Goro will be safe and if it were her, she wouldn’t do it. Goro says there is still a small chance and thanks Hiro and Zero Two for taking it. Zero Two replies she doesn’t mind. Chlorophytum throws Strelizia into the air and Strelizia drops Goro inside the hole. Ichigo breathes heavily as there is not much energy left and thinks of Hiro as she prepares for self-detonation. Goro swims towards Delphinium.

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