This is the twenty-seventh chapter of the DARLING in the FRANXX manga.


After the successful kissing with Plantation 26Squad 13 was awarded a special vacation to the beach. Zorome and Futoshi run toward the ocean. Miku calls them childish but Kokoro says it be helped because this is the first time they’ve seen the ocean. Ikuno is surprised such a place survived on the surface. Goro sets up an umbrella and Ichigo says Nana will pick them up in the morning. She wonders if this is a test but Goro doubts it because there seem to be no klaxosaurs around. Ichigo suggests they enjoy themselves while Goro admires her figure. Zero Two drags Hiro into the ocean for a swim. Miku and Kokoro are relieved Hiro is behaving normally. Goro asks Ichigo if she is alright, and she asks why wouldn’t she be.

Ichigo narrates that, after the battle, Hiro and Zero Two were made official partners. However, Code:090 told her that he lost his partner two years ago due to Zero Two’s recklessness from a joint mission. She still had misgivings aboutZero Two but looking at Hiro makes her glad they have her with them.

Zorome and Futoshi admire Miku and Kokoro's body as the girls play volleyball. Goro admits it’s a sight for sore eyes. Zorome and Futoshi thought out loud that teen digits like Goro were goody-two-shoes and Goro retorts he is a guy too. Zero Two remarks how salty the water is and she notices him staring at her swimming suit. He gets embarrassed when she says he saw her naked once. She also credits him for getting her and she feels like she can fly anywhere when she’s with him. She licks his cheek and says his taste really makes her heart race and asks if he was expecting a kiss. She explains a kiss is a declaration that the other person belongs to you and you should kiss someone you love, and she asks if he’s done it with someone other than her. He recalls it with Ichigo but he is suddenly pulled underwater by Goro, Zorome and Futoshi.

Ichigo goes swimming while Ikuno reads her book. Mitsuru asks her if she came here just to read and she says forcing herself to frolic doesn’t suit her. He comments on how Hiro seems to be doing great after looking suicidal not long ago. She asks him not to ask her for confirmation but he says he was talking to himself. Kokoro notices Mitsuru walking alone and she follows him. She finds remnants of an abandoned town.