This is the twenty-sixth chapter of the DARLING in the FRANXX manga.


Strelizia quickly eliminates the klaxosaur and everyone sees wings created by Strelizia as the klaxosaur is destroyed. Squad 13 cheers for Strelizia winning but the underground klaxosaur returns and is about to attack them until Nine Alpha shows up and kills it. Alpha compliments Hiro and Zero Two, who asks him if he will still stop her. He says she has been ordered by Papa to return to the 9’s.

Dr. FRANXX appears on the intercom and says it’s a different story when Zero Two finds a partner. Hiro wonders who he is and Nana introduces him as the creator of the FRANXX. The squad is surprised by this. Dr. FRANXX tells Hiro he may already know that Zero Two is not an ordinary pistil because she has klaxosaur blood and is regarded as the savior of humanity, and since being her partner puts a big responsibility on his shoulders, he asks Hiro if he’s prepared to risk his life for her.

Hiro replies he was born to fight and protect the adults but he has found another reason since meeting Zero Two, which is to become her wings. Although he doesn’t know what the future holds, he wants to continue piloting with her and she says wants to as well as long as it’s with him. Ichigo starts crying and doesn’t understand why since Hiro is alive. Hiro and Zero Two exit Strelizia as the sun starts to rise. Meanwhile, under the Earth’s surface, the Klaxosaur Princess says they will feel it and much more for the blood of her siblings the humans have spilt. She calls them "foolish humans".