This is the twenty-fourth chapter of the DARLING in the FRANXX (manga).


Strelizia goes into stampede mode and Hachi tells Nana that Hiro and Zero Two’s connection has severed, along with Hiro’s biological responses decreasing. Hachi says the time has run out and the klaxosaur is approaching the plantation. The klaxosaur begins crushing Strelizia into the wall and no one hears any response from Hiro, who lays dying in the cockpit. Delphinium’s connection severs as Ichigo breaks into tears that she couldn’t help Hiro and he may be dead. Mitsuru is horrified that Hiro may be dead and the worst case is the klaxosaur breaking through the wall. Ichigo blames herself for Hiro’s death but Goro tells her to get herself together.

Hiro has a vision of a girl with red skin and horns and wonders where he is. The girl runs away behind a tree and he follows her but finds Zero Two. He thinks this means he is dead and he thanks her for letting him ride with her and giving him a place to belong. She only stares at him and walks away, and he wonders why she looks sad. He regains consciousness and sees Zero Two erratically lashing out while in stampede mode and calling the klaxosaur a monster. She is injured and Strelizia keeps getting crushed and Hiro realizes they didn’t kill the klaxosaur. She says if she doesn’t kill it, she won’t be able to. Hiro mentally pleads for her to stop or she will die. Alpha watches the moment from afar and says being alone suits her.