This is the twenty-third chapter of the DARLING in the FRANXX manga.


Strelizia joins in the fight, against orders. Hiro asks Zero Two why she fights the klaxosaurs, to which she replies it's because she is a monster. When she asks him why he fights the klaxosaurs, Hiro replies that he does it to protect Papa and the plantations.

Zero Two comments that the fight is boring and leaps off to fight the Gutenberg-class klaxosaur. Hiro and Zero Two yell as they attempt to strike the klaxosaur's core. Delphinium lunges for the worm-type klaxosaur. The klaxosaur dives underground, knocking Delphinium off its feet.

The ground rumbles and Argentea is caught off guard. Chlorophytum remembers the Gutenberg-class klaxosaur and Argentea asks whether Strelizia killed it off. In Strelizia's cockpit, Hiro pants as his veins expand dramatically, popping out of his skin. He states he "did it" and slumps onto the floor of the cockpit.

Watching from above, Nine Alpha realises Strelizia hadn't killed off the klaxosaur. The klaxosaur gets back on its feet, grabbing Strelizia and flinging it away. Delphinium watches in shock as the klaxosaur changes its form into a huge block. Strelizia deactivates and the klaxosaur, in its new form, charges towards it. Chlorophytum is shocked at the klaxosaur's transformation and Delphinium tells Hiro (Strelizia) to run.

The klaxosaur smashes into Strelizia, causing it to bounce off the ground and crash into the wall. Zero Two coughs out blood.

Hiro has a vision of snow and is confused. He wonders of his whereabouts and spots mistletoe. He asks himself why he feels as though he has seen the place before. A child Zero Two stands at the foot of the tree and says "You are..."

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