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This is the third chapter of DARLING in the FRANXX.


Ichigo remembers how Hiro piloted Strelizia and wonders why it was him. Kokoro asks about Naomi and Ichigo says she is alright and been taken to the hospital. Zero Two arrives at the boarding house. Hiro tells Goro he doesn’t remember piloting Strelizia but Goro tells him not to worry because the klaxosaur was defeated and is happy they were assigned to the same group. Zorome refuses to acknowledge Hiro as a pilot and Mitsuru thinks Hiro was just dragged into riding with Zero Two. Goro tells Hiro to ignore them but it angers Hiro.

They find Zero Two eating food covered in honey in the dining room. Zorome tried to talk to her while complimenting himself but he is horrified when she wipes honey on his uniform. She offers to feed Hiro, who asks her if he really did pilot that FRANXX and she says yes and he did great, much to Ichigo’s jealousy. Kokoro and Miku discuss how strange she is and Ikuno wonders how she has a code in the single digits. Nana comes in and announces she will be their caretaker like she was from the Garden. Ichigo asks if Zero Two will be working with hem and Nana says she is waiting for orders in what to do with her. She orders Zero Two to come with her and Hiro asks to pilot with her again but Nana says he has not been promoted to a stamen. Zero Two says her darling belongs to her, prompting Ichigo to shout Hiro doesn’t belong to anyone. Zero Two asks what Hiro is to her and Ichigo says she is the squad leader. Zero Two licks her and says she is sweet.

On the elevator, Nana chastises her for wondering off and Zero Two says she wouldnt have to worry if her darling lived in the city below. Nana reminds her that the squad exists to protect the adults and they reside in the upper facility called Mistilteinn with the necessary environments required. Zero Two considers herself an irregular member of those children and comments how he adults make her feel like she’s suffocating. Hiro starts practicing with a remote FRANXX unit to prove his worthiness as a pilot. At APE’s headquarters, the council reports Strelizia has stayed with Plantation 13 and Hiro shows no signs of aging despite riding with her. Papa is impressed and decides to put him to the test by having him fight in a real FRANXX battle.





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