Lilyxflower Lilyxflower 18 July 2021


Song for MitsuKoko

With You

(K/M) Until my heart stops, take my hand and let’s fly higher and higher in the sky

K) I’ll follow you , through the end of the planet

Don’t worry I’ll be by your side.

(M) I’ll follow you , while we’re passing through space

(K/M) I don’t care how long it takes

(K/M) I’ll be there, (K) When you can’t carry on,

(M)When the road’s way too long

(K)Know that you’re not alone

(M) I can carry you home

(K/M)If you hold on tonight

(K) Let our spring continue

I remember our every little meeting,

(M) I remember the redolence days

(K/M) Our love is eternal, right?

(K)Both for me, who believe it cannot be found and am giving up,

and (M) for you, who comfort me by saying that it can be found

(K/M)the meaning of life does not change or vary.


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Lilyxflower Lilyxflower 28 May 2021

Best Individuals of Anime

Who deserves the title of King of Anime? Osamu Tezuka, who is considered one of the founding fathers of anime and reportedly created more than 700 manga throughout his career. Or Hayao Miyazaki, the famous founder of Studio Ghibli who was responsible for the creations of masterpieces such as Spirited Away, Castle in the Sky, and My Neighbor Totoro.

All anime fans and Western VAs should show respect for the Japanese VAs and crew because without them, anime wouldn’t exist. No other person should take credit for the work they didn’t create from scratch (besides the voices) just because it makes them famous (as I hear so many people say Western VAs are the best VAs in anime and deserve all the credit).

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Snowyhime Snowyhime 26 March 2021

DARLING in the FRANXX Social Media AU - Incorrect Quotes

Disclaimer: All the quotes are not mine.

Please ignore the time, retweets and likes 😅

Warning: may contain harsh/rude language.

Updates may be slow

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Bbow73 Bbow73 10 March 2021

DitF review on Amino

[1]wow, I do not know what I'm doing. There's a link to one of my amino DitF reviews.

My last episode review, episode 12. I was too intimidated to tackle ep 13:

EP12 Addendum | Darling In The FranXX Official AminoDarling In The FranXX Official | aminoapps.com

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Snowyhime Snowyhime 19 January 2021

Modern Day AU

Darlifra, modern day edition. The Parasites are high school students, and the caretakers are their teacher. Dr. FRANXX is the school principal. Papa and the others are the school directors. But they don't meddle in the students' lives. But he wants their students to be the best in Japan. Because of that, the competition between the students is very tight, to be praised by Papa is the greatest honor.

  • 1 Squad 13
    • 1.1 Hiro
    • 1.2 Zero Two
    • 1.3 Goro
    • 1.4 Ichigo
    • 1.5 Zorome
    • 1.6 Miku
    • 1.7 Mitsuru
    • 1.8 Kokoro
    • 1.9 Futoshi
    • 1.10 Ikuno
  • 2 Teachers
    • 2.1 Nana
    • 2.2 Hachi
    • 2.3 Nana
    • 2.4 Werner Frank
    • 2.5 Papa
  • 3 9's
    • 3.1 Alpha
    • 3.2 Beta
    • 3.3 Gamma
    • 3.4 Delta
    • 3.5 Epsilon
  • 4 Others
    • 4.1 Naomi
    • 4.2 001 Princess

Our main characters. They are in Class 1-3 and currently in the second semester of their first year. They are well-known i…

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Snowyhime Snowyhime 16 January 2021

Characters' Trivia

(A personal profile compliation for me + trivias)

  • 1 Team Strelizia
    • 1.1 Hiro
    • 1.2 Zero Two
  • 2 Team Delphinium
    • 2.1 Goro
    • 2.2 Ichigo
  • 3 Team Argentea
    • 3.1 Zorome
    • 3.2 Miku
  • 4 Team Genista
    • 4.1 Mitsuru
    • 4.2 Kokoro
  • 5 Team Chlorophytum
    • 5.1 Futoshi
    • 5.2 Ikuno
  • 6 Others
    • 6.1 Naomi
    • 6.2 Ai

Strelizia (ストレリチア) ; Birds of Paradise, meaning: splendour, faithfulness, pretentious love, almighty, tolerance, bright future, shining heart, good luck, passion, "the brilliance of the queen", future.

Resembles how Strelizia is considered the most powerful FRANXX in Squad 13, Hiro and Zero Two's faithfulness towards each other.

Name: Hiro (ヒロ) // Code:016 (零一六 ; zeroichiroku)

Name meaning: Hero (ヒーロー) // (英雄 ; Eiyuu)

Birthday: October 15 (Libra)

Birthflower: There are many variations, but the most common for October 1…

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Snowyhime Snowyhime 11 November 2020

DARLING in the FRANXX Drama CD Volume 1 : Kiken na Yuuwaku Translation


Translation of the first drama CD, dialogue per dialogue translation.

*Bold-Italic=Action* (Thoughts/Monologues) ♪Singing♪

The crowd cheers*

Ichigo: Let’s say the name of the final song. Ready, set...


Kokoro: Miku! Hey, wake up, Miku!

Mitsuru: She’s not waking up at all.

Kokoro: I knew it, I should’ve stopped her…

Mitsuru: No, along with Zorome, she isn’t the type to listen to others.

Kokoro: Hmm..Oh! No, Mitsuru-kun!

Mitsuru: Eh?

Ikuno: You were always staring at Kokoro’s thighs.

Mitsuru: T-that’s not it! I was looking at the idiot who is leisurely sleeping at Kokoro-san’s lap-!

Miku: ♪ Sukaato no take sae… ♪

Mitsuru: She’s singing the same song as Zorome…

Goro: Seems like we cannot the deny the bond of partners.

Zero Two: Hey,…

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Lilyxflower Lilyxflower 20 August 2020

Red Oni and Blue Oni Symbolism

Red Oni and Blue Oni is a representation of two individuals (or occasionally, factions or civilizations) that are significantly linked together somehow (such as through a rivalry, friendship, being siblings, co-workers, competitors, etc.) that have differing personalities and, with it, often different approaches to the world in general, especially whatever they might be competing in/for/over. This, of course, gives them something to butt heads about, since their manner of acting may rub each other the wrong way and each is sure that their way of doing things is right.

Red Oni

Red Oni is associated with passion, wildness, and defiance. A Red Oni character is often more brawny than brainy, extroverted, enthusiastic, determined, and filled with…

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Lilyxflower Lilyxflower 15 June 2020

The world of DITF is a cult

The world in which Squad 13 lives in is identical to a cult because of the totalitarian government that controls the economy, arts, religion, education, and personal lives Of literally everyone who exists.

All cults need a specific cause to form, and in this case a global war against the Klaxosaurs that severally damages the agriculture and landscapes of the planet, and allowed APE to overthrow the leaders of individual Countries and form a single government that made APE the ultimate leaders. Papa, as the true leader of APE, has a cult of personality - he uses every means to portray himself ideally to the people as their savior and God to make them submissive and obedient to him at all costs. APE installs strict rules that are demanded to …

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Genista882 Genista882 17 April 2020

Group pic from vol. 8

It’s almost 2 weeks since the final volume came out but I still can’t stop grinning every time I see the group pic, which I also call as the epilogue pic. 😁

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Lilyxflower Lilyxflower 15 April 2020

Top 20 best Anime Winter 2020

Glad to see DITF getting the love it deserves! ^ U ^

Good to see Naruto, Shippuden, and Boruto on there too. Disappointed there is no Sword Art Online.

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Lilyxflower Lilyxflower 7 March 2020


I found this on pixiv and fell in love with it. Don’t fully know what is being said but the images make it obvious (I so wish I learned Japanese). Mitsuru is drying Kokoro’s hair while baby Ai is on her lap and Kokoro asks him to cut her hair. He nervously does so and has a flashback from when she cut his hair. Kokoro loves her new haircut.

So cute!😭😭😭😭

Special thanks to pixiv artist はち公.

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Lilyxflower Lilyxflower 17 February 2020

Messaging voice actors

I have yet to meet any of the DITF voice actors, although Austin Tindle came to a convention in my area in 2018 but I didn’t get to meet him. The most easy way of communication with people is social media but I am not a social media kind of person. However, very few voice actors give their personal contact info and I happened to come across Bryson’s email (baugusbryson@yahoo.com) on his twitter page (as he tends to give away free autographs sometimes). Plus, I’ve been wanting to leave a message to Vic M. (I met him also in 2018 at the same convention as Austin and he signed a drawing of mine, and he was great). On his fan group site because that’s where he mainly responds from.

As a victim of hacking/scamming in the past, I have severe anxi…

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Leilei.unicorn Leilei.unicorn 10 February 2020

Persistent Vandal

Hihi all!

I have noticed a persistent vandal on this wiki who keeps on vandalising pages and harassing people. thank you to those who have told them to stop, reverted their vandalism and or helped block them. Some people have asked for some pages to be protected, so I've created this blogpost to see whether y'all think it is necessary. the person has been ip blocked 4 times yet keeps returning so i suspect they might be using a vpn. hence ip blocking will not work.

there is no way to prevent them from creating new accounts because i dont think we can ban email addresses and ip bans wont work with vpns.

By the way, semi-protection means users not logged into a fandom account cannot edit only. it means anyone with a fandom account can edit. fu…

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Genista882 Genista882 30 January 2020

manga and anime and couple endings.

The manga’s ending left me wanting more. More Mitsukoko that is! But then I realized that the things I wanted was already shown in the anime so perhaps due to time constraints or whatever, Yabuki trimmed it off as there’s nothing really new to show or change. So he just altered what was needed, like the memory wipe. The rest, the anime supplied - the wedding, the babies. Yabuki just added more backstory and fleshed out their characters more. Their story is perfect as it is. 😆

Now Hir02 - to be honest, the manga is kinda underwhelming about this two. The chemistry they have in the anime is lacking, or it could just be me. The only good thing I can say about manga Hir02 is their ending, even if it ended rather abruptly, at least this time, th…

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Genista882 Genista882 25 January 2020

Mitsukoko family time

My latest mitsukoko family polymer clay figures. I included an old pic of my first mitsukoko family 😆 man those days were more about frustration than fun but I’m glad I didn’t give up and though I still have a long way to go, I feel more optimistic that my efforts aren’t wasted haha 😂

My next project is a recreation of the haircut scene. 😁

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Genista882 Genista882 15 January 2020

Mitsukoko - high school AU

I wanted to recreate a cafe scene but my attempts to make miniature bistro table and chairs is an abysmal failure 🙈 so I changed the ‘setting’ to a more simple lunch break.

I keep on wanting to improve on my mitsukoko wedding chibi so I’m sure I would be making more wedding versions until I get the results I wanted. lol

But I want to recreate a kitchen scene or dining area with the whole mitsukoko family first. >_<

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Genista882 Genista882 4 January 2020

Mitsukoko chibi wedding latest work

Finished this around dec 29 2019, but I added the watering can and flowers. The baby book isn’t noticeable but I had a hard time making that one as it’s too small >_<

My next mitsukoko project is high school AU. Already started the face but I will have to redo Mitsuru’s as I’m not happy how it turned out.

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Lilyxflower Lilyxflower 26 December 2019


The three part Escape To doujinshi looks interesting. I do t know 100% what is going on because the translation I used is a little messy.

Part 1: From what I was able to make out on the available pictures (not 100%), Kokoro is being harassed by two boys and Mitsuru comes to her aid and reminds her to be careful. Kokoro walls home as it starts raining and is lonely because she wants to be with Mitsuru. She goes to his apartment and he lets her stay but they feel awkward.

The other doujinshi, Missing Ring, by the same author is obviously about MitsuKoko post memory erasure.

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Lilyxflower Lilyxflower 22 December 2019

Immortality vs Mortality

Humans have struggled against the idea of mortality and the end of existence from the earliest times. Most people find it difficult to imagine an end to their existence. Many find the idea frightening. The loss of our personhood, our existence is something few can accept. The belief in an afterlife is ancient. Most ancient religions or cultures recognized an afterlife. The practice of burying the dead dates to early man and the practice of burying objects with the dead for use in the next life is also many thousands of years old.

By living as an immortal, one may remain youthful and watch the world change but they are left with the uncertainty of what their fates could have been (ex. The experience of death and the afterlife). Mortals are d…

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Lilyxflower Lilyxflower 22 December 2019

Flower Symbolism

The usage of flowers in the series are extended examples of how the children naturally progress from childhood to adulthood, and experience the natural instincts of being human.

Botanical imagery has been used symbolically in art, literature and cultural practice as metaphors for moral characteristics such as virtue and peace. Flowers have also been used as representations of gods and goddesses and symbols of natural processes, particularly those related to reproduction and death. Flowers symbolize many concepts depending on the context and the culture. Specific flowers correspond to culturally specific symbols.

Flower are often used in paintings as reminders of the bounty of nature along with a statement about life's transient nature. Flowe…

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Lilyxflower Lilyxflower 22 December 2019

Theme of birds in a cage

The children are compared to birds in a cage; trapped and losing the freedom to fly wherever they can go with no purpose or insight of the world that exists outside their caged surroundings.

Birds, with their ability to fly, are often symbols of freedom. They are also releated to inspiration and creativity, as being at one with the element of air. When caged then, the obvious symbol of a bird in a dream is that of losing freedom. But cages are often more complex than that. We can have ambiguous relationships with our cages. As much as they restrain us and hold us back, cages can also protect us and shield us from danger. If we dream of a bird in a cage, it is an opportunity to explore this ambiguity. To be caged may not always be a b…

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Genista882 Genista882 10 December 2019

Mitsukoko chibi wedding

I wanted to make Mitsuru carry Kokoro like a princess but I couldn’t figure out the body proportions >_< The background? It’s my laptop screen with a scene from Big Hero 6 lol

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Genista882 Genista882 25 November 2019

Mitsukoko family - polymer clay

Yeah that spot in Kokoro’s dress? I’m really not sure how it happened but somehow the dress burned in the oven :( another rookie mistake I guess. I need to find some really fine sandpaper to smoothen the figurines, but I decided to post the unpolished piece because I hope to recreate a new set of MitsuKoko family once my skills are highly improved >_< and then I’ll return to post a before and after pics. One day!

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Genista882 Genista882 17 November 2019

Rookie mistakes with polymer clay

First mistake is buying tools without proper research >.< Yeah I bought tools for pottery not polymer clay ugh!

Second would be not investing in a pasta maker to condition clay. Yeah I thought I was so badass I could do it by hand. Three days later I have blisters on my fingers.

Another badass wannabe mistake is buying only primary colors to mix for various shades. Yeah this one goes with no.2 about conditioning clay, in concept, it sounds fun to mix for your desired color, but in practice? Cue: blisters. But then I’m sure I’ll develop some calluses later so perhaps this isn’t really a rookie mistake. Lol

I had to change Kokoro’s head 3 times. First one I painted the eyes after adding the bangs so...Its, yeah, hard to navigate through the ha…

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Genista882 Genista882 11 November 2019

Practicing with polymer clay. Mitsukoko miniature.

The miniature was unplanned. >_< was only practicing sculpting faces and hands...and a bit of hair, when I thought to play with a miniature Kokoro. I didn’t expect it to be so much fun, had to do Mitsuru and Ai as well.

The colors are off because I had to use what was available to me. It was a sampler selection of clay with random colors, still waiting for my ‘real’ batch of clay. >_<

Haven’t baked this yet, so the clay is still soft. Will add eyes and mouth later. 😊

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Lilyxflower Lilyxflower 17 October 2019

Fan art

At Genista882’s request, these are a few of my artwork. I have too many that it would take forever to show them.

  • NOTE: No one is to use these images without permission.
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Genista882 Genista882 15 October 2019

Next Mitsukoko project

I adjusted Kokoro’s neck, it was too small before and wasn’t visible lol >.< I also added the bouquet, can’t believe I forgot to include it in previous pics.

My next project would be the kids. I want to craft their whole family. This means adult mitsukoko. I like this fanart, might use it as reference. Meaning I’ll include the onigiri :D

I plan to try out polymer clay. Unlike sewing, I have zero experience in sculpting, so not sure where this will lead to. But I already placed the order for a set of clay tools. I’ll know soon if it’s my thing or not. Yeah I’m mostly self taught so I expect this to be a long journey of countless hours of practice. >_<

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Genista882 Genista882 5 October 2019

Mitsukoko dolls finished! Well almost...

Well somehow I made it lol but to be honest Mitsuru is still not 100% finished. I’m sure I’ll find something to adjust later but for now I’m just happy I made it before oct 6, just in time for the mitsukoko cosplay wedding! :D

ETA: I added Mitsuru’s boutonnière and when I have time again, I’ll add the straps on his beret. >.< I only noticed it recently when looking for reference pics to add to my collage.

Yeah the fake Sakura was made from twigs I stole from the garden, and for the flowers I massacred a pink shopping bag lol

The violin is a real instrument not a toy but it’s size 1/4 for very young musician.

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Genista882 Genista882 4 October 2019

Dolls - quick update

Haven’t been able to post pics, I’ve just recovered from a throat infection. I had to pause my doll making because the dust from fabric made my throat hurt even more ugh. I wanted to be able to finish them before oct 6 but not sure I’d make it. Have to do Mitsuru’s hair, beret and paint his eyes. Then add his ears! Have to retouch Kokoro’s eyes as well as paint her lips. Lordy have mercy. :(

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Lilyxflower Lilyxflower 3 October 2019

MitsuKoko Cosplay Wedding?!

Apparently there is going to be a MitsuKoko cosplay wedding in Osaka, Japan on October 6th. This is based on this twitter page <期間限定>ミツココ結婚式@10/6日MPK4[N-1,2]. If so, I really, really, really wish I was in Japan right now >o

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Lilyxflower Lilyxflower 29 September 2019


A concert featuring XX:me and XX:you will be performing in Osaka, Japan on February 9th. It sucks to be anywhere but Japan for that event. fufu~ -_-

Also, there may possibly be a MitsuKoko cosplay wedding event on October 6 based on this twitter page (<期間限定>ミツココ結婚式@10/6日MPK4[N-1,2]). If it is, those who get to go are so lucky >o<

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Genista882 Genista882 19 September 2019

Mitsuru doll

Started working on Mitsuru. I can’t find his hair color in fleece or felt fabric :( still searching, but when his cape gets done and still no luck I’ll have to settle with this brown one. I was thinking of trying dark gray earlier but ehhh, it’s not the dark olive brown I’m looking for. :(

Yeah I didn’t go for short but pants instead >_< shorts on wedding day just...doesn’t look right. Even though it’s canon. >.< I’ll add black strips just to fool the eyes for the briefest instant lol.

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Genista882 Genista882 11 September 2019

Kokoro’s hair

Still experimenting with chiffon. I like how it drapes but needs more ‘body’ so I’m figuring out how to combine it with felt. Ugh I’ve forgotten how to make a skirt so studying some patterns online as well. >.< took me a while to cut flowers with neater petals. At first everything was so asymmetrical it was quite frustrating.

I’m such a slowpoke I hope I finish Kokoro soon so I could start on Mitsuru >.<

It took me days to make Kokoro’s hair, I keep readjusting and it still isn’t what I’m hoping for but if I don’t move on I’ll be stuck arranging her hair for who knows how long.

Next stop is the dress and veil. Still need to find a way to keep the organza edges neat and not stiff. >.>

Update: added gallery pics. Haven’t retouched the eyes and p…

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Genista882 Genista882 8 September 2019

Kokoro doll - progress!

It’s not yet final, the dress is made from felt cloth which is stiff. I wanted to use chiffon but having trouble with the edges fraying >.< So I want to find a finish I’m happy with, I tried burning with a candle, but I can’t move the edge fast enough so I end up with blackened bits ugh.

The eyes were painted with acrylics, I need to retouch as the fabric is a bit furry not smooth so it’s hard to paint on. I can’t find the same velour I used for ciel, I don’t even know what fabric this one is, it’s labeled koal in the store and I’ve checked online and no such fabric is named as such. Gwah >.>

Anyways I’ll update as soon as I figure out how to make a nice finish for the chiffon and veil which is organza and frays like crazy! :(

The last pic wa…

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Leilei.unicorn Leilei.unicorn 6 September 2019

Beta Designs?

Recently, I was browsing the darker side of the internet for Darlifra beta designs. I know they were sold at comiket 94 and 95 or something but I didn't have the means to get them. Anyway, I found the collection of beta designs in the weirdest place ever - some hentai site. I would love to post the link here but I know some people might not like that since it's a link to a hentai site and that might make them uncomfortable (reading on the hentai site kinda makes me uncomfortable since there are hentai game ads framing the top and bottom of the page). Also, the pages are posted in a way that makes it impossible to screenshot the entire thing without cropping something out.  So does anyone want/not want me to post the link to the beta designs…

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Genista882 Genista882 20 August 2019

Trouble with plushie Kokoro’s hair color

Yeah pardon the mess, it’s my small work table crammed with various fabrics. What you’re looking at is the doll body I’m making for my Kokoro plushie. No legs yet. I think I have to adjust the torso, it looks too long. lmao.

Been having trouble finding her hair color. I’ve tried to order online but I won’t know until it arrived if it’s the color I’m looking for. >.< I like working with fleece fabric when it comes to making hair because the fabric doesn’t fray so all I have to do is cut the shapes I want and stick them on the head. >_<

With the current color I’m using it looks alright if there’s a contrasting color, say her blue headband, but on its own I think it’s too dark :( if I still couldn’t find the right shade I’ll try coloring with …

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Leilei.unicorn Leilei.unicorn 19 August 2019

Changing design of the wiki?

Hello, all who happen to be reading this:)

Pageviews haven't been that good for the wiki recently. 

But besides that, I have been thinking of giving the wiki a makeover, like changing the background and things like that. Before I start changing anything, I'd just like to know if the fandom thinks this wiki needs a makeover!

Please help by doing up this poll!

02:13, August 19, 2019 (UTC)
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Genista882 Genista882 5 August 2019

What comes after doujinshi? Plushie!

Yeah my 4th doujin arrived! And I love it to bits! to describe it in two words: simply divine!

I plan to shop for fabrics soon and fiber fill, hopefully my mom’s old sewing machine is still working, I haven’t touched it in years. >_< Will update here once I begin my mitsukoko project :D

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Leilei.unicorn Leilei.unicorn 13 June 2019

Adopting the Wiki

Hello! Leigh here:)

This fandom's admin has been inactive for quite some time so I would like to adopt this wiki! I might not have made the most edits or been the best contributor but I would like to make this wiki a better place! :) I sincerely hope you all will support me in this decision! 

If you have anything you would to say regarding this adoption request, please feel free to drop me a comment in the comments section! Thank you for reading :)

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Genista882 Genista882 10 June 2019

MitsuKoko doujinshi pt.2

So after loitering around the net, searching for a way to buy doujinshi, I finally had the brilliant thought of contacting the artist herself directly in pixiv. Why I didn't do this sooner, don't ask, I'm pretty slow in some areas. lol

I have just sent payment to the artist through paypal. I bought all 3. The artist will have to print them first, so I expect about 2-3 weeks before I could get them.

Okay, so here's the unexpected perk - the doujinshi are UNCENSORED when bought directly from the artist. If that doesn't send my bp to the ceiling, I don't know what will. haha. >_<

I will update this page when the doujin arrives. It had been years since I collected doujinshi, but it seems with the advent of art sites like pixiv, it's easier to bu…

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Genista882 Genista882 13 May 2019


To all moms out there, Happy Mother's Day! I'd like to write about moms but it would be a personal anecdote about my mama, so yeah, let me just wish all moms and future mothers out there! >_< You're not appreciated enough, not thanked enough, mostly taken for granted, and yet your love remains unconditional. Every day should be mother's day!


I really loved that fanart, it's one I would have really loved to see in the series, that happy joyous smile...or even the manga. It always hit the feels whenever I think that instead of joy at the news of her being pregnant, Kokoro was filled with fear and anxiety.

I never liked the memory wipe, but these two have clearly trespassed so the memory alteration was more acceptable than have them pruned…

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Genista882 Genista882 8 May 2019

MitsuKoko doujinshi

Warning, This is a rabid fangirling post.

I want to buy these doujinshi! Dammit! I thought my doujinshi collecting days were over, but apparently, the doujin bug is back! ;_;

From the same artist, I often visit in pixiv. These are NSFW! Also it will take you to a hentai site, so yeah, if you don't have adblock or something, you'll see hentai ads floating around the page.

Doujin 1 This one is basically episode 17 in doujin form. :)

Doujin 2 While this one I used google translate to understand what's going on. Basically, Ikuno's cure has side effects, and for MitsuKoko they had temporary cat ears and tail and also umm, uncontrollable...urges. haha! >_<

This is her latest one, a modern high school AU. (Oh please my racing heart be still!) Damn, da…

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Genista882 Genista882 5 May 2019

Mitsuru and Kokoro 2

I know not everyone can tolerate 4chan's abrasive sense of humor. But if you're weird like me, you might see the appeal. lol

Anyways, that storyboard thingy was from an old thread in 4chan. Don't know where anon got it, so can't trace the original source, but apparently, this confirms that the boy holding Kokoro in the 5th ED is Mitsuru. (His name is written beside the sketch)

From the same post, if I remember correctly, it was mentioned that the theme of the 5th ED deals with loneliness.

I know, fans speculated about the ED, some said it raises death flags(Mitsuru will die) the consummation of MitsuKoko's relationship, Kokoro's pregnant and didn't know what to do. I can't recall the others.

It could mean many things, but to me, it's just show…

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Genista882 Genista882 2 May 2019

Why I think the writers made 02 sterile.

I loiter around 4chan for the Mitsukoko art. I had spent hours digging up old threads and came up with some art that I haven't seen elsewhere. So yeah, I think it was worth it. ugh. lol 

On some occasion, I'd post a reply or engage in a light discussion, but often times I just read when people start to shitpost. lol

So vol. 5 is out, originally, I was going to wait for the manga to finish before I get the whole set, but dang, that pic changed my mind. I'm going to get vol. 5 just because...

Anyways, I was going to continue fawning over MitsuKoko but from the thread where I snatched that image, someone brought up dino babies. Yes, they meant kids from Hir02.

The popular belief, at least as it appears to me, is that 02 can't have babies because …

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Genista882 Genista882 30 April 2019

Mitsuru and Kokoro

The last time I ever had a OTP I was crazy about, was almost 12 years ago, while I was still a hot-headed teenager lol. Glad this level of craziness is rare because I'm sure I would have died from overstimulation by now if it happened more often. haha.

The fact that I'm writing this, can't deny I'm approaching that level of mad. Hah!

Anyways, here goes:

  • The relationship between Mitsuru and Kokoro feels forced.

I'm guessing that when people say this, they're referring to Mitsuru as Kokoro was quite obvious she's interested in him. So, I'll focus on Mitsuru. He's a private person, likes to keep to his own, rarely interacts with others in the squad. 

In the beach episode, when Kokoro expressed her discomfort in exploring the abandoned town, he tol…

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Genista882 Genista882 29 April 2019

Picture Book

The first time I really had a good look on the wedding page of the picture book was episode 18, when Hiro talked about the ceremony with the group.

The first thing I thought was that the princess and prince in the picture looked like Kokoro and Mitsuru, because of their hair color.

Then I just forgot about it.

Until I saw the ending with a little nu-Hiro reading the picture book. How much more significance could the storybook have if the princess had pink hair instead of blonde? nu-Hiro could simply remark 'Hey! You look just like the heroine in the storybook!' But no.

Now, this is just a personal thought, but what are the chances the current generation would associate the picture book with Kokoro instead of Zero Two? Yeah, I'll stop here, not…

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Genista882 Genista882 23 April 2019

weird or cute? haha

And here I thought I was a rabid fan, hahaha. >_<

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Mai Is Me Mai Is Me 11 May 2018

May NewType

  • Moetron
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Sociophobia Sociophobia 28 April 2018

Some really small spoilers about the show's music

Hey there, I guess.

Anyway, to cut this short: one of the songs in the show's first soundtrack volume ("cÅGE", to be specific) was performed by Russian singer, Anna Pingina. So I've decided to google her out of pure curiosity and stumbled upon her website. There I found a post about her role in DARLING in the FRANXX. The post itself is pretty old, but the information in it actually isn't. Here's a link, if anyone is looking for a proof (it's in Russian, of course). The last line says that she performed two songs: "Cage" and "Disregards". "Cage" was already released, but we haven't seen a song called "Disregards" yet.

So, that's all I've got. Now we can speculate: ending songs will probably all be performed by XX:me, so "Disregards" is either…

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