Argentea (アルジェンティア, Arujentia) is a FRANXX from Thirteenth Plantation piloted by Miku and Zorome.


Argentea has a light pink head and bunny ear like twintails as modeled after its pistil, Miku. It has a white face with a dark pink visor, along with blue eyes upon successfully activating. The white upper torso area resembles a jacket or vest-like garment with a collar covering its neck, and its body is mainly a dark pink. Argentea wields orange, wolverine magma-energy claws called "Night Claw" mounted on large wrist cuffs that are used to defeat Klaxosaurs. Its legs have white and dark pink stripes going down to its knees, and from the lower knees onwards are light pink and resemble boots.


Argentea is first seen in Episode 2, where Miku and Zorome connect and activate it during the startup ritual. Upon connecting, their numbers steadily shoot up to the maximum level. After leaving the hanger, Zorome starts doing stunts in Argentea, which causes the robot to trip, but Delphinium saves it. Later, when Nana and Hachi ask for a pair to participate in a mock battle to test if Hiro can pilot a FRANXX, Zorome immediately states that he's going to participate in the mock battle. This angers Miku, but she decides to participate in the mock battle too because of her personal dislike of Ichigo, who is going to pilot Delphinium with Hiro. Hiro and Ichigo successfully link and activate Delphinium, and is about to battle against Miku and Zorome in Argentea, when Delphinium suddenly deactivates. Ichigo requests for a time-out to Miku and Zorome, who reluctantly wait. After a period of time, Delphinium is still unable to reconnect, prompting Miku and Zorome to finish it off. However, Ichigo stubbornly pilots Delphinium all by herself and rams Argentea into a wall, and Argentea disconnects and deactivates.

In Episode 3, Argentea is piloted by Miku and Zorome to go in their first Klaxosaur mission, deep underground in Level 8. Argentea, alongside Delphinium and Genista, encounter a Conrad-class Klaxosaur. Zorome laughs at how small the Klaxosaur is and attacks it with Argentea's claws. However, the magma-energy of the FRANXX robots attract many other Conrad-class Klaxosaurs, and while Argentea tries to face them, one of them attacks and shocks the robot, which injures Miku and causes Argentea to disconnect and deactivate. Zorome immediately rushes over to Miku, who has fainted. While Delphinium and Genista handle the situation, Miku soon regains her consciousness and she and Zorome reconnect Argentea. However, the amount of Klaxosaurs keep increasing, and the trio is in need of back-up help. Strelizia, piloted by Zero Two and Mitsuru, comes in to rescue them.

In Episode 04, Argentea and the other FRANXX are dispatched to fight a worm-like Gutenberg class Klaxosaur that was following an HQ aircraft. The mission nearly fails as they struggle to keep up with the Klaxosaur until Strelizia arrives. The others manage to restrain the Klaxosaur long enough for Strelizia to kill it.

In Episode 06, Argentea and the other Squad 13 FRANXX commence for the battle against a horde of Conrad class Klaxosaurs and a giant Glutenberg Klaxosaur. Squad 13 is positioned in the second defense line while Squad 26 is in the front lines, much to Zorome and Miku’s dismay. Four Klaxosaurs manage to pass by Squad 26 and Squad 13 starts to fight them. Argentea tries to charge at a Klaxosaur but it dodges and Argentea accidentally collided into Chlorophytum. Argentea then rescues 090’s FRANXX from being destroyed and Squad 13 climbs the Gutenberg Klaxosaur to disable its limbs.

In Episode 08, Argentea and the other FRANXX units are covered in a substance sprouted from a Klaxosaur, which enters the cockpits and melts the girls’ parasite suits. The boys get distracted by this, which causes the FRANXX units to momentarily stop moving until Hiro tells the girls what has happened.

In Episode 09, Argentea and the other units fight a tentacle style Gutenberg klaxosaur. Argentea attacks first and slashes its tentacles but is captured. Delphinium rushes in to save Argentea but Delphinium is absorbed, forcing Goro to eject Ichigo from the FRANXX. Argentea later joins Strelizia to help Ichigo get back to Delphinium and reconnect with Goro.

In Episode 10, Argentea goes against orders and kills a Klaxosaur by destroying it’s core in it’s mouth. But before Argentea can remove its claws from the Klaxosaur’s mouth, goo sprouts from the mouth and covers Argentea.

In Episode 11, Argentea and the others are dispatched to protect the S-Planning facility. A Gutenberg Klaxosaur that can copy and regenerate attacks the facility. Argentea and Delphinium try to protect the facility while Genista and Chlorophytum help expose the core and Strelizia kills the Klaxosaur.

In Episode 15, Argentea and the others take part in the battle to help APE take control of Gran Crevasse. However, a Lehmann super klaxosaur smashes into Plantation 13 and sends a horde of Conrad klaxosaurs jnto it, forcing the units to fight them within the city. The battle comes to an end when Strelizia neutralizes the klaxosaurs although the cores of the klaxosaur prepare to detonate until a giants colossal hand suddenly emerges from the ground and crushes the cores and plantation. All the parasites and their units miraculously survive.

In Episode 20 and 21, Argentea takes part in the battle to help Strelizia take control of Hringhorni. However, an alien species called VIRM appears and begins fighting with the klaxosaurs and kills numerous parasites. The units later help Zero Two in her mission to rescue Hiro. They are accosted by a few VIRM soldiers. Kokoro offers to use Genista to hold them off but Miku refuses and they need to work together. Argentea, Genista, and Chlorophytum stay behind while Delphinium takes Zero Two to the entrance of Star Entity.

In Episode 23, Argentea takes part in the galactic battle against VIRM to help Hiro rescue Zero Two. Argentea fights a VIRM on the front lines to make it easier for Hiro to get closer to Strelizia Apus. Argentea then plows throw a larger fleet that acted as a barricade to stop Hiro from getting any closer.

In Episode 24, Argentea becomes a monument and sits within the parasites‘ new community.



  • Unlike the other custom-made FRANXXs, the Argentea is named after the specific epithet of a species of flower (Celosia argentea) rather than a genus. It is also the only one named after an annual plant; the other FRANXX of Plantation 13 are all named after perennial plants.
  • Celosia from Celosia argentea is from the word ‘kelos’, which is the Greek word for ‘burning’ due to the flame-like flower heads.
  • Celosia argentea, commonly known as plumed cockscomb, or the silver cock’s comb, is a herbaceous plant of tropical origin, and is known for its very bright colors. 
  • The Celosia argentea represents joyous, uncomplicated affection and symbolizes immaturity.


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