9'α (ナインアルファ, Nain Arufa) is a character in DARLING in the FRANXX. He was a Parasite and the official leader of the 9's, a special forces unit that APE directly controls. He was partnered with 9’ζ and piloted a FRANXX called 9 Model.


Nine Alpha is a rather short young man, his face framed by pale, honey blond hair, his long bangs low above his green eyes. He wears a special Parasite uniform emblazoned with white and gold, instead of the typical gray uniforms that other Parasite squads use. When in his FRANXX, Alpha, along with the others in his squad, sports a red battle suit. Like his fellow stamens, he appears with golden horns that appear to be holographic klaxosaur horns.

In the manga, after his first battle against the Klaxosaur Princess, he lost his right eye, and wears an eye cover over the right side of his face.


Nine Alpha initially comes off as calm and polite, if a little enigmatic. When he first meets Hiro, he exhibits an easygoing attitude and is shown to be highly intelligent. Like all the 9’s, he acts as APE’s special ‘police force’ to moderate and keep the parasites in line, as well as updating Papa and the APE council with information regarding the development and behavior of the parasites. That being said, he knows how to talk to the authoritarian Papa, and is able to listen to him and offer his own advice, handling all of the APE’s highly classified missions without complaint.

Alpha's smugness

When his carefree exterior is shredded, Alpha is shown to be sarcastic and has a smug attitude, considering Parasites who are not of the elite level to be good-for-nothings. He is also arrogant, frequently smirking and demonstrating condescension towards anyone who is not either in his squad, or a member of APE. As a nihilist, he strongly believes that anything that possesses gender and emotions is an inconvenience, and he looks down on the human race. Alpha almost never shows emotions, and is rarely undignified, always acting calm and collected.

Due to the emotional indoctrination, Alpha takes extensive pride in his duties, and believes laws and manners take the absolute priority over anything else, he reprimands Zero Two for fighting with him over him interrupting Kokoro and Mitsuru’s wedding so the two can be taken into custody, and he tells her not to resist Papa’s orders. He shows this side of him again when the subject of forbidden knowledge, such as emotion and reproduction, from the outside world is brought up. For example, he was visibly angry at Kokoro for having a baby book in her possession and hearing her openly question the ideals the parasites grew accustomed to. Alpha was utterly disgusted at her for rejecting APE’s ideals, and when he learned she and Mitsuru decided to get married and have a child, he promptly alerted Papa and APE of their ‘dangerous’ conduct.

As he was created for the sole purpose to fight on the front lines, Alpha has a passion for combat and relishes in it, to the point he frequently smirks and licks his lips. He openly admits how much he enjoys killing klaxosaurs and finds it to be exhilarating. He holds a deep respect for Papa and the APE council to the point of viewing them as deities. He has disdain towards humans and is openly confused of their behavior, such why they eat candy, sleep, and most of all why they kiss.

In the manga, after he is left half blind and seriously injured by 001, Alpha was prepared to accept his fate as a failure and be eliminated for becoming useless. However, he was surprised when Squad 13 put themselves in jeopardy to save him and Delta. Although he still felt confused of their human characteristics, Alpha felt in-debt to the squad and offered to give them medical care. During his time with Squad 13, Alpha demonstrates that he is not completely incapable of having emotions; Ikuno notes that even the 9’s can feel compassion when he worried for Delta after she went missing. Alpha demonstrates a kinder side by offering to help Squad 13 in the battle of Gran Crevasse to help Hiro reach Zero Two.

Alpha has a mischievous side. He demonstrates this by flirting with Ichigo, whom he finds cute and admired her pride and dignity. He also shows a major interest in Hiro for being the only stamen to survive riding with Zero Two three times. Although he was created from Zero Two’s DNA and is thus her genetic clone, they despise each other to the point Alpha openly refers to her as a monster and mocks her for trying to humanize herself in order to remain in Squad 13.

Despite his calm exterior, Alpha can exhibit violent behaviour when pushed to a breaking point. When he saw Delta and Eplison brutally murdered by VIRM, Alpha suffered a mental breakdown and began killing both VIRM and klaxosaurs in a moment of rage, no longer caring which group of monsters was the true enemy. Despite his indifference and inability to understand and/or show emotion, Alpha is capable of exhibiting sentimentality, as in the manga, he shed tears of sorrow when he learned his unit had been killed by the Klaxosaur Princess. Following Papa’s betrayal after revealing himself as the leader of VIRM and abandoning humanity to die, Alpha became visibly distraught. He exhibited signs of wanting to redeem his wrongdoings; firstly by offering to go with Squad 13 to rescue Zero Two, although he said he merely wanted to fulfil his duties, and second by sacrificing himself to save Hiro from the VIRM.


Episode 04: Flap Flap

Papa announces that Klaxosaur activity has increased, and large ones are showing up everywhere. One of the sages states that the 9's are dealing with them for now, but they still have other tasks to complete.

Episode 06: DARLING in the FRANXX

Some 9's watch the battle (Alpha, Beta and Gamma) and 9'α says that they're really hitting it off.

Episode 07: Shooting Star Moratorium


Hachi says that one of APE's special forces has become a plantation's exclusive parasite. Zero Two tells Dr. FRANXX that they didn't have to come all the way. Nana introduces Hiro to Dr. FRANXX, the creator of FRANXX. She begins to introduce Alpha, but he stops her, stating "we're sure to run into one another again soon." He approaches Hiro and says that he's the first person to survive Zero Two. He says that he has an interest in Squad 13. Hachi tells the doctor that Strelizia and Code 002 are transferred into Plantation 13's purview. He waves at him and says that the geezers already told him. When Hachi announces that Hiro and Zero Two are now officially partners, Zero Two hugs Hiro.

Episode 12: The Garden Where It All Began

Squad 13 bumps into the 9's at the garden when they return to take tests. While Kokoro wonders who they are, Miku suggests 9'α looks 'hot'. After Nana's introduction, 9'α explains the 9's were at the garden for maintenance and guesses that Zero Two is too since she is a former Nine. When 9'α marvels at how long Zero Two has coexisted for with a human squad, Ichigo retorts that the special forces 'have not been taught basic etiquette '. 9'α leans in and kisses Ichigo's hand without warning, causing her to blush and getting himself a ticking from Goro. As Squad 13 troops off to take their tests, 9'α states he would like to stay with them someday, to which Ichigo coldly replies the only free room they have in Mistilteinn is the attic, which wouldn't suit them. After the tests, Ichigo runs into 9'α again, just as she is about to head back to Mistilteinn. He tells her of Zero Two's history of using and discarding more than a hundred stamen and how Zero Two is pretending to be human so she can coexist with the squad. Ichigo pretends not to care but is really worried about Hiro and Zero Two.

Episode 14: Punishment and Confession

Hachi announced they must neutralize every klaxosaur inhabiting Gran Crevasse. Nana says that it is a joint operation with the 9's and FRANXX squads from several plantations. He says that Squad 13 is scheduled to be part of the sixth wave. Nana says it will be their most difficult mission and Ichigo raises her hand. She requests Zero Two be removed from Squad 13 as of that mission, if not Squad 13 will not participate in the operation. Nana says that Zero Two was set to return to the 9's as of the mission anyway. Zero Two protests, but the parasites stop her from seeing Hiro.

When Hiro gets up, he is stopped by Miku. Zero Two is also guarded and prevented from leaving her room. Ichigo comes in to see Hiro and they chat. Ichigo gives Hiro an apple and tells him that Zero Two is returning to the 9's the next night. She warns Hiro not to go anywhere, even if he hates her for not letting him see Zero Two.

Hiro apologizes and Ichigo cuts her thumb, so Hiro bandages it for her. Zero Two remembers what Ichigo said and realises she knew she could never be human. Ichigo leaves the knife and apple peels. Zero Two breaks out of her room as Ichigo returns. She roughly throws Goro against a window. Ichigo scolds Zero Two and asks if she wants to lie to him again. Zero Two says Ichigo is wrong and she just wants to talk to him.

Goro tells Ichigo to let Zero Two see Hiro again and Kokoro agrees, stating that it's sad to see them apart. Goro says that she can meet him, but they're all going to be there. When they enter the room, it's empty. Hiro had used the knife to make a rope out the curtains. He then tied the knife to it and climbed upstairs, escaping containment. Zero Two becomes enraged and thinks that Squad 13 tricked her when in fact they hadn't and Hiro himself had left for Zero Two's room.

Hiro asks through the door if Zero Two knew about their past. When he receives no response, he opens the door to find the room destroyed and everything covered with deep scratches. Hiro returns to the hospital to find all his teammates unconscious and Zero Two attacking Ichigo. Zero Two, with a devious grin, invites Hiro to "talk lots and lots". Hiro scolds her for being such a monster and Zero Two realizes the damage she'd done to him.

Zero Two leaves the plantation as Squad 13 watches her leave silently. She passes by Hiro without saying anything. When Ichigo suggests they go inside, she finds that Hiro is crying. He is about to go after Zero Two, but Ichigo stops him, saying he'll turn into a monster. When Hiro turns away again, Ichigo grabs his face and kisses him.

As Zero Two walks towards the ship she meets her former squadmates, the 9's. 9'α greets Zero Two and presents her with the stamen that Dr. FRANXX brought for her.

Ichigo says she doesn't regret the kiss she and Hiro shared during the mock battle and that she wants to be with him forever. Goro overhears this and sadly smiles. Ichigo says that he'd always been her everything and that she'd never been interested in anyone else. Hiro looks up to see Zero Two's ship.

Episode 15: The Bird that Shares Wings

At Cerasus's internal briefing room, Hachi explains that their objective is to take control of Gran Crevasse. Though another group is attacking, they aren't making headway. Squad 13 is to group up with squads from other plantations.

Kokoro asks what the Gran Crevasse is. Nana shows them a video where a large amount of klaxosaurs are. Hachi explains that taking over Gran Crevasse is Papa's long-standing wish and would be a turning point in humanity's history. On screen, a large group of FRANXX and the 9 Model FRANXX troop behind Strelizia in stampede mode.

At APE central HQ on Cosmos, Dr. FRANXX meets with the council. He finds that Zero Two devoured all of her stamens and he calls her a hellcat.

Alpha and Theta fighting at Gran Crevasse

One of them says that they may finally get their wish if they take over Gran Crevasse. Another says that Hringhorni's construction is proceeding smoothly. One says, if they have both, they can bury "those pests" once and for all. Papa happily exclaims that the time has come.

Dr. FRANXX begins to walk off and is when asked where he is going (referring to him as "Werner") he replies he wants to watch the battle from a front-row seat.

Hiro watches Zero Two attack a klaxosaur. Ichigo grabs his hand and squeezes it, but doesn't look up at him.

Squad 26 struggles against the klaxosaurs' immense numbers. 090 screams when one of his squadmates is almost killed. Strelizia kills it, saving the FRANXX, and 9'α appears to take out more of them. He compliments 090 saying he did well for human standards. 9'α says the 9's will take over and jokingly adds Squad 26 can go chill in the rear.

In Cerasus's command room, they receive a message from mission command saying they're prepared to sortie. Nana tells the kids to get ready. Squad 13 prepares to sortie with the exception of Hiro. Goro tells him not to be sad because they'll be fine. Ichigo says that she'll teach Hiro how to pilot from the ground up once she gets back. Hiro requests they come back alive, and they smile at him.

The 6th united FRANXX company begins marching together. The 9's take out a bunch of klaxosaurs. Ichigo is amazed, saying it's like having a bunch of Strelizias. 9'α warns that there's a lot of klaxosaurs. 9'β points out Squad 13 fighting. He jumps behind Ichigo and says that her FRANXX is adorable. She sarcastically thanks him. 9'β reports they're holding the klaxosaurs off fine, but they're not making any progress and that the Gran Crevasse has been sealed off inside a thick dome. 9'β adds need to strike from the inside to get rid of it. Hiro sadly watches from the control room.

Squad 13 takes out many klaxosaurs and Squad 26 notes that they're fighting well. 090 notes though they're still all over the place, he's happy they're there and tells them to regroup. They are about to enter the hole in the wall, but the klaxosaurs all flee. The control room detects magma energy readings underground ascertained to be super Lehmann-class klaxosaur. Dr. FRANXX walks in and is expresses his amazement that it was hidden underground. Hachi says he never heard of that class.

As it comes from underground the super Lehmann-class pushes Plantation 26 on its side and it begins to break. 090 reacts in horror as his home is destroyed. Vice Chairman says to get 090 on the line and tells him they're moving to Protocol 32. 090 replies it's a great honour. As the klaxosaur moves toward Plantation 13, Squad 26 lines up with bombs. 090 whispers that they're counting on Squad 13 before he and his squad self-destruct. The klaxosaur stops, but its face smashes through the wall of Plantation 13 and releases Conrad-class klaxosaurs inside. Zero Two runs in and begins attacking. The adults command Squad 13 to neutralize the Super Lehmann-Class while Papa and the rest will take care of the Gran Crevasse. Nana says that Dr. FRANXX should return to HQ and Hiro to Misilteinn. Dr. FRANXX asks if Hiro finds Zero Two more beautiful than any human, pure, proud, and more alone than anyone like a klaxosaur. Hiro says that she isn't a klaxosaur. Hiro says he thought Zero Two had finally found a partner and goes up to Misilteinn.

The FRANXX struggle against the klaxosaurs' large numbers. Zero Two takes out a huge amount of klaxosaurs. 9'β says that she's in a foul mood. 9'α says that the thought of getting on that unseemly beast's bad side gives him the chills.

In Zero Two's room, Hiro finds scratches and blood on the wall. In front of the window, he finds Naomi's mirror, which Zero Two taped back together after breaking it. Gulping, Hiro asks himself why he's holding back.

Kokoro says that they're being pushed back. Chlorophytum runs out of ammo, so they use a pillar to attack. Argentea is pushed back, and the Old Woman watches it walk forward from her window. Ichigo watches Strelizia and Goro tries to get her to focus. They notice a training unit zip by them, as does Argentea. They realize it's Hiro. The training unit is taken out, so Delphinium stops Hiro and Ichigo says that they won't let him see her. Goro suddenly stops. He says he can't stand watching Hiro and Zero Two like that anymore. He steps out and tells Hiro to get in. Goro says that Hiro has something to say and Ichigo is worried about her too, so he asks her to take him to Zero Two.

Hiro apologizes to Ichigo and they begin to connect. Finally connecting to him, Ichigo is disappointed to find that all his memories are of Zero Two. She cries as they head out, realizing he'll only ever have space in his heart for Zero Two, not her. Smiling, Goro quietly wishes them good luck. Argentea picks him up and Zorome and Miku ask what he's asking so cool for.

Zero Two thinks that, though she pretended, she wished to become human. Ichigo charges towards her. Zero Two begins attacking and says that she's sick of how Ichigo always toys with her. After Strelizia breaks her spear, Delphinium slaps her and says Ichigo wishes she'd never known her. Zero Two breaks Delphinium's helmet and Ichigo demands Zero Two get her act together as she headbutts her.

As the door opens, Hiro finds that Zero Two's horns have grown and branched and her eyes are glowing red. Hiro explains he came to see her. Ichigo commands everyone to protect Strelizia since it's the only one that can kill the klaxosaur.

As Genista and Argentea attack klaxosaurs, one of the cores crack in half and something falls out of the centre. Ikuno says it looks like a human. Suddenly, there is an explosion. As it is announced that the backup plan is almost complete, Papa says that they can let the plantation go now. The parasites are confused as to why they're making in plantations self-destruct. 9'ε and 9'a say that they're planning to end things without Strelizia's help. Dr. FRANXX is disgusted with their choice.

Hiro tries to connect, but he gets no response. He holds Zero Two's horns and asks to be taken to her. In Zero Two's memories, he sees an adult reporting that though 016's memories were erased, 002's couldn't be completely erased. The doctor tells them to continue to try and erase, regardless of the effects on her and orders Hiro back to the garden, saying he's probably useless now that he ingested her blood.

Zero Two cannot remember things at first but begins to when she recognizes familiar actions. She licks her wounds in a similar way. Seeing her book, she begins eating it. She learns the word "boku" and Zero Two, and "darling." She remembers him getting attacked and begins crying.

Zero Two's horns break and Hiro hugs her. She pushes him away and tells him not to look at her. They apologize and cry holding each other. Hiro says they can see the world together and kisses her as she cries. Strelizia transforms into a red version of it and easily takes out the klaxosaur. They confess their love for each other. Futoshi and Zorome cry and Ichigo says she's happy for them. The 9's begin attacking as well. The sages say that the door to Gran Crevasse has been opened and the day of humanity's liberation is upon them.

Inside the mountain klaxosaur, they find that its core is a collective mass of cores. A large klaxosaur hand suddenly shoots up from the Gran Crevasse. 9'a laughs and says that it reacted quickly. It smashes a majority of Plantation 13, leaving Mistilteinn in ruins.

Episode 17: Eden

9'α, β, γ, δ, and ε stand at the door of Mistilteinn. Ichigo asks why they're there. 9'α says they came to check on Papa's orders and that he had been worried sick about them. This is a great relief to Zorome and Miku. 9'β notes the problems in their environment and 9'γ agrees. 9'α asks for them to ready rooms for them. Ichigo is surprised that they intend to stay there, and he smiles and says that he'd taken a liking to them.

Ichigo is surprised to hear that all the surviving squads had been gathered in one place and sadly asks why they were the only ones left out. 9'γ says that it wasn't what Papa wanted and that Hachi and Nana should have told them about it.

Miku cries while eating, and 9'δ asks why. Smiling, she says that she's just relieved that they weren't left there to die. Zorome throws his arm over 9'β shoulders and encourages him to eat, though he politely refuses his offer.

Ichigo says that she assumed that they were there to take Zero Two back. 9'ε laughs and says they aren't her babysitters but her squad mates. Even though she didn't seem pleased to see them.

Smirking, 9'α smiles and asks Zero Two how long she's going to play human since she'll never be the same as them. Though they're unique, they're imperfect unlike she and the other nines. She tells him not to call her "Iota" but "Zero Two." He asks if she's throwing away the Special Forces code name that Papa gave her. She says that her darling gave it to her and it's important. He begins laughing at her as she walks away. He wishes her luck, again calling her "Iota."

Alpha discovers Kokoro’s baby book

That evening, 9'δ wanders around the boarding house and runs into Kokoro. In shock, Kokoro trips and drops her book. Luckily for her, 9'δ breaks her fall and explains she was exploring the place, telling Kokoro not to tell the other 9's about it. Kokoro smiles, promising not to tell on 9'δ and leaves. Just as 9'δ is about to leave too, she notices the book Kokoro dropped and picks it up. In a glass building, 9'δ brings the book to the other nines. 9'α notes that it covers things that Papa hadn't taught anyone. Kokoro smiles as she plays with a doll in her room.

The next day during duties, Hiro and Mitsuru have a chat at the lake. When they return to the boarding house and enter the living room, Miku says that Mitsuru has arrived, confusing the two boys. Smiling, Ichigo says that Zorome told them about him and Kokoro. Ikuno coolly says that she's not surprised. Zorome angrily explains that he just asked if a boy and a girl getting all clingy was the cool thing to do. Miku seems embarrassed and tells him to be quiet. Futoshi suddenly grabs Mitsuru's collar and asks if he and Kokoro had kissed. Kokoro looks down, embarrassed, realizing they had. This upsets Futoshi and he begins to cry, saying if they're happy he's happy. However, he is interrupted by the 9's entering the room.

9'α holds up the childbirth handbook and asks Squad 13 if they recognize it. From Kokoro and Mitsuru's reactions, he realizes that they do. He demands an explanation from Kokoro since was the one who dropped it. 9'α comments it's strange she has it since it wouldn't have been provided in the library, and it definitely doesn't belong to her. Kokoro apologizes for not telling them all.

Kokoro turns to her squad and admits she wants to make a baby. This confuses the other parasites. 9'α smiles and states Papa had banned that. Zorome comments that sounded bad. Goro asks Mitsuru if Kokoro had anything about that and he fidgets uncomfortably.

Kokoro turns back to the 9's and asks if it's really so bad since it's how all humans were born. Futoshi questions if she's saying Papa didn't create them. Kokoro admits that is so, continuing that they were born like any other animal and it had always been like that for all living things. She went on to explain that's why they have boys and girls. Kokoro confessed she wanted to leave something behind before she's gone. She happily explains that their purpose in life isn't just to ride the FRANXX into battle but to carry new lives and leave them for the future too. Kokoro shared that it made her happy learn so, but is interrupted by 9'α calling her disgusting for defying Papa.

Ikuno slaps Alpha

9'α explains that humans have evolved and cast their reproductive functions aside in the process. Reject that, and they all have to go back to conforming to one gender. He states gender is just a pain that's tolerated to operate the FRANXX. Kokoro has tears in her eyes as she hears this, prompting Mitsuru to say something, but stops Ikuno storms over and slaps 9'α. 9'γ whistles and the other 9's seem surprised, as is Ichigo. Ikuno asks what it matters if it's a pain. 9'α coolly adds that humans have also cast away their tendency to be ruled by emotions like her since it serves no purpose. He smirks and ridicules Squad 13 for not having done the same.

Ikuno is just about to lash out at 9'α again but Goro and Ichigo restrain her as they fear she might get herself into trouble. Just then, Nana and Hachi arrive and tell the squad to break up the fight.

Later in the evening, Nana exclaims the 9's were nothing but trouble and laments that they shouldn't have let them stay. Hachi calmly says that Papa sent them, so they couldn't just turn them away. She says that they should put an end to their test now. Kokoro is confused and asks what Nana means by 'test'. Hachi says that it was on Dr. FRANXX's orders that they didn't contact them over the past month and that it would be their final test. Nana added they still monitored them through that month and knew what Kokoro was trying to do with Mitsuru. Nana reprimands making a baby is no one is allowed speak of that, let alone do it. When Kokoro asks why they have organs for reproduction, Nana says they are solely for piloting the FRANXX. Not satisfied with her answer, Kokoro asks what her feelings are for then. This triggers a blurred flashback in Nana, who swipes at Kokoro before clutching her head in pain. When Kokoro asks what happened, Nana hisses for her to be quiet. Hachi tells her to return to her dorm and tells her they'll give her her orders in time. Kokoro runs out of the room.

Hachi asks when the painful flashbacks started and Nana says a week ago. She said watching Squad 13 go about their lives made her feel so irritated. 9'α asks if she relapsed into puberty. Nana denies this, but he smirks and asks if they didn't already undergo emotional indoctrination when they were parasites. 9'α tells Hachi they should have her replaced with a new Nana. He jokes he hopes Nana go back to doing their actual job instead of getting up to 'mischief with the doctor'. He says he'll be reporting to Papa.

Alpha and the 9’s infirm Papa

Papa and the Vice Chairman sit on Cosmos and Papa says that the Klaxosaur Princess chose to go down the path of annihilation. The Vice Chairman says they'll feel the pain of having their earth scorched by their own creation. The 9's that visited Cerasus appear and 9'α says there's something Papa needs to know.

Episode 18: When the Sakura Blooms

Hachi watches the wedding from the control room but an APE assault ship appears. Alpha greets him from the monitor and Hachi asks who authorized them. Alpha answers that Papa did. Hachi asks if they are going to force them into the parasite camp's re-indoctrination program when Squad 13 is exempt from it. Alpha says just two of them. Alpha tells him to just sit there and watch, like usual.

Futoshi tells the couple to exchange rings. After they do, Futoshi tells them to kiss. Before they can, they are interrupted by APE SP who tell them to freeze. When Zorome questions them, he is hit with a gun. Futoshi stands in front of them and tells them to run. They do, but are stopped by the nines. Alpha tells them that Papa said they were dangerous and need to be re-indoctrinated.

Zero Two leaps forward and Alpha asks if she's still playing human. She tries to attack him, but he jumps away. The other nines begin attacking her as well. They hold her down and Alpha tells her that she mustn't defy Papa. SP take the couple and tear them from each other. Hachi comes down the steps and watches.

Episode 20: A New World

On D-Day, at Bird Nest, Vice Chairman says that APE has always desired peace and prosperity for mankind. Marmoset tells them to offer all of themselves. Papa says they will finally prevail. 9'α watches the squad and becomes annoyed when he sees Zero Two yawn.

The 9's mock squad 13.

After the assembly, the 9's mock squad 13. Zero Two steps forward and says they're all stronger than them, since they have their eyes on the future. This angers Alpha and he says that Papa only treats them differently because they're his tools before they all walk away. The squad is thankful to Zero Two but are interrupted by a siren.

An announcer says that a klaxosaur pack is headed towards Gran Crevasse. The parasites all head out. Kokoro rubs her finger and Mitsuru says they were partners, so they should be able to connect.

Hiro asks how she can pilot Strelizia. She says it was originally one of their brethren. Her horns begin glowing and she sends a message to the pilots. Dr. FRANXX and Hachi hear as well. Dr. FRANXX says that he found that the klaxosaur split into two forms. One returned to the earth and became energy. Baboon says that the seal is an affront. Gorilla says that the magma energy is part of the planet's resources that saved humans from ruin. 001 says they're selfish and asks if they now want to steal her child. She says she will not allow it and that the child is a crystallization of their bonds.

Alpha becomes angry at 001's words.

Alpha tells her not to talk down to Papa. Dr. FRANXX finishes that the other form consumed that energy and evolved physically and stopped mingling with one another and lost their intelligence. Hachi asks what they are, and he says weapons built by the klaxo sapiens. They are composed of one male and one female klaxo sapiens. The female's soul connected to the weapon, and the male's soul took root in the core, the cockpit. Hachi says that it's similar to the FRANXX. Dr. FRANXX says they're an application of the klaxosaur system. Klaxosaurs that can be piloted by humans genetically modified to be similar. The parasites realize they'd been kept in the dark.

001 tells her child to awaken since they're nearly there. She begins the implanting process. Papa says that he was hoping it wouldn't come to this, but they have no choice. Vice Chairman says they wanted to take it and Hringhorni to space as soldiers. Papa says that, if they can't have it, then it can go down along with the planet and they will return to their original roles.

Klaxosaurs begin popping out from the ground and shooting into space. They shoot spaceships in the sky. Star Entity wakes up and Dr. FRANXX says its beautiful. 001 says that the humans made her ugly, but it's okay. She says a long time ago, when they were attacked by invaders from the expanse of space, they fought and drove them off and then holed up in the earth to prepare. They shoot at a VIRM fleet. They shoot back and 001 says that she won't let them touch their planet. It shoots back and destroys it. Papa says its futile and she asks what VIRM did to their child. The chairman and vice chairman's masks fall and the vice chairman says that Star Entity is a mass of life that could disturb the universe's peace. Papa says that if the klaxosaur princess took over the implanting process, they programmed it to explode. They say that the planet will explode and leave nothing behind. Papa says that they'll take them to eternal paradise.

Episode 21: For You, My Love

Vice Chairman announces that it is VIRM's will for star energy, which is a mass of life that could disturb the universe's peace. Papa says that if the klaxosaur princess took over the implanting process, they programmed it to explode. The other members of the counsel are confused and Papa explains that they have assimilated several lifeforms from all over the universe and helped them break free of the shells of their bodies. Vice Chairman says that the time has come for humans to embrace their evolution. They say that there exists a form of pleasure that is gentle and perpetual that they will experience. The three fall to the ground.

Hiro curses as 001 struggles. He connects to her consciousness. He asks if she's been alone since humanity existed. Zero Two walks along looking for Hiro. The other parasites watch as VIRM kills other parasites. They wonder who they should be fighting.

Dr. FRANXX says that the detonation stalled once Hiro connected, the explosion is triggered by stampede mode. Zero Two says that he bought them some time before collapsing.

The parasites wonder what they should do and worry about what the announcement said. They agree to return to Gran Crevasse to see for themselves.

Alpha is shocked when Delta and Epilson are killed by VIRM

001 says that VIRM got her and that it's no use. Hiro asks about VIRM and how long she'd been alive. 001 says that it has been more than sixty million years. They inhabited Earth as an advanced civilization. One day, VIRM arrived. They were a group mind with no physical bodies, and they wanted them to cast aside their bodies and join. During war, they forged themselves into immortal weapons and evolved into Klaxosaurs. By the time they fought off VIRM, fighting and warfare were all that remained of their civilization and they lost their ability to procreate. The enemy they fought off was VIRM's vanguard. To prepare for their return, they went underground and the weak turned themselves into energy, and the strong combined to evolve into even stronger weapons.

Zero Two wakes up and says that 001 called her a fake. Dr. FRANXX says that 001 is the sole survivor of the klaxo sapiens, and she is her clone. She was created to operate Star Entity on behalf of the human race. He says that she was the only success. He created the 9's using her cells too, but they didn't inherit the Klaxosaur blood. She says that she's going to save Hiro and she doesn't care about the rest. Dr. FRANXX says he'll go as well.

As Unit 13 continues, they run into the 9's. They command them to return and continue to follow Papa's orders. They kill more klaxosaurs, but are attacked and killed by VIRM.

The FRANXX break though and they go to help the two. Ikuno and Futoshi clear a path. Ikuno's turns grey. They let Zero Two go alone with Ichigo and Goro.

001 and Hiro continue to struggle. He relates to their want to fight but feels that he wasn't really living when he only wanted to fight.

Hringhorni begins flying. Alpha asks Papa to say something. Dr. FRANXX and Zero Two continue as they stay to fight VIRM. Dr. FRANXX sacrifices his arm to the door, as it contains 001's cells. Though he wanted them to turn him into a klaxosaur. The snake allows zero Two to ride. She asks him if he took her t Plantation 13 to reunite her with Hiro. He says he wasn't expecting them to rekindle what they had, just a whim. Smiling, she thanks him for creating her and helping her meet Hiro. After she goes, he wonders how she became so human.

As they break through the wall, the snake klaxosaur dies. She opens the door to Strelizia and tries to revive Hiro. She finds out that he's covered in blood and that they'd run out of time. Her horns break free and her skin turns red and she kisses him. 001 gives the rest of her strength to them. She stakes the planet on them.

The two reunite under a tree after keeping their promise. They kiss and the bomb disintegrates. It breaks their program and begins attacking VIRM. Dr. FRANXX finds her beautiful before a rock kills him. VIRM takes their lance and withdraws saying that they will bring back their army.

Panting, Hiro smiles and says to Zero Two that they did it. She doesn't respond, and her face is lifeless as her horn crumbles.

Episode 22: Stargazers

Alpha is sick

Ichigo is told by someone that something is wrong and she learns the Nines have fallen gravely ill due to “lack of maintenance”. She finds they have refused to eat since the day before. Alpha says they don’t need food but need maintenance. She leaves their food to them and leaves. Alpha throws his pillow on the floor and curses while panting.

The next night, Alpha walks to the control room to speak to Hachi.

The following morning, as Squad 13 prepares to leave for space to rescue Zero Two, the Nines offers to go as well. Alpha tells them not to get the wrong idea. The sole reason they were created was to fight and are only interested in fulfilling their duties, as they have chosen to make outer space their grave.

Episode 23: DARLING in the FRANXX

Alpha connects with Hiro

Hiro and Alpha are able to connect and Alpha explains the Nines can be both stamens and pistils. They battle the VIRM to reach Apus but after being cornered by a massive VIRM and unable to land a direct hit on it, Alpha says this is as far as he can go and ejects Hiro into Strelizia. He credits Hiro for teaching him what it means to be human but his home is the battlefield. He sends his regards to Zero Two before self-destructing, killing himself and the VIRM.

Alpha sacrifices himself



He shows major interest in Hiro, as he says in episode 7 that he is the first to have survived Zero Two. He rests assured that they will run into one another again, and indeed they do, as Squad 13 meets the entire 9's faction at the Garden. Eventually, Alpha credits Hiro for teaching him what it means to be human and doesn’t hesitate to sacrifice himself to save Hiro.


He shows an interest in Ichigo. During Squad 13's testing at Garden, he considers Ichigo as "proud and dignified" from the way she talks. He warns Ichigo that Zero Two is a monster and she would never properly bond with humans, which influenced Ichigo's opinion somewhat.

Zero Two

He indirectly shows his dislike towards Zero Two. Throughout Episode 12, he tells Ichigo facts about Zero Two. In Episode 14, when Zero Two was being escorted to her spaceship, he mocks Zero Two on her punishment. He often refers to Zero Two as 'Nine Iota', even after she told him to call her Zero Two in Episode 17. However, after Zero Two consciously merges with Strelizia to fight VIRM, Alpha offers to help rescue her and, before his death, he asked Hiro to give his regards to her.


Alpha shows disdain towards Kokoro upon finding her baby book and learning of her desire to have children. Vowing her opinion as treason against Papa’s ideals, he condemned her and called her disgusting, which left her crying. He later ruined her and Mitsuru’s wedding by informing Papa and their memories were erased. In the manga, they seem more amiable; Kokoro puts herself in harms way to save Alpha from being pruned by hiding him in Mistlilteinn.


Papa ordered Nine Alpha and The 9's to check on Squad 13. Alpha is extremely loyal to Papa and shows disdain towards those who question Papa’s intentions. However, his opinion of Papa changes after learning a series of revelations: Papa is a VIRM who has been using the children as tools against the klaxosaurs and he is willing to leave the children to die. Alpha ultimately turns against Papa and joins the fight against the VIRM.


Alpha is loyal to his fellow 9’s comrades, and they seem to be the only people he sincerely cares about. This was demonstrated when he flew into a rage after Delta and Epilson were killed by the Klaxosaur Princess. His relationship with the 9’s goes deeper in the manga; after all except for Delta sacrifice themselves to save him, Alpha shed tears of sorrow and mourned his comrades. He also exhibited deep concern for Delta while she was in a coma and then went missing.


Similarly to Zero Two, he received the name from Papa[2]. Alpha is a letter in the Greek alphabet.


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"Humans have evolved and cast their reproductive functions aside in the process. Reject that, and we'll all have to go back to conforming to one gender."—Episode 17; Nine Alpha says this to Kokoro's opinions on 'leaving a mark'.
"The gender is a pain, an annoyance that's only tolerated to operate the FRANXX? And that's all it really is."—Episode 17
"Humans have also cast away their tendency to be ruled by emotions like that because it serves zero purpose in life."—Episode 17; Nine Alpha replying to Ikuno's slap on his face.


  • Nine Alpha's hair and face shape very closely resembles Karina Milsa's, hinting that Dr. FRANXX could have used her DNA to create him.
  • In the manga, Alpha and Delta are the only members of the 9’s who survive the battle against the Klaxosaur Princess.


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